How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination

There are times of the day where people get tired. They can be tired or they may not feel like doing anything. Procrastination happens. A person will put off a task then rush to get it done. Alexander Djerassi knows all about procrastination and what a problem it can be. Djerassi has some tips on how a person can beat procrastination and get things done. These are some ways that a person can beat procrastination.

Make a List

A person should create a list of things that they need to do. This will help with organization and will help a person keep track of all of their tasks. Once they have completed the task they can cross it off the list. This will allow a person to feel some accomplishment and they can try to get everything on the list completed.

Set Deadlines

If a person can arrange tasks in the order they need to be completed they will need to get them done. If there is a due date it is important to complete them by the date and reduce the time for procrastination.

Break up Tasks

If a person has a big task to complete they should break it up into smaller parts. This way it does not seem as big of a task and it will look like a person can accomplish it without a problem. The smaller pieces of this task can have deadlines to make sure they are completed. This will allow a person to complete everything without feeling overwhelmed.

Get it Done

A person should tell themselves to get it done. When they begin to think that they can put something off until later they need to suck it up and push through it. This will help them get the feeling that they have gotten something done and they can get it off their mind. They will not have to worry about it later.


If a person needs to learn how to get things done they can add rewards after some tasks. They can schedule a specific task that they need to complete and then they can get a reward. A person can tell themselves what they need to get done at a specific time. After they have completed the task they can get the reward. For example, a person can clean their home during the day and get to watch TV in the evening. This will help get the task done and the person will not worry.

Plan Ahead

A person should work early because things can go wrong. If they wait until the last minute to do something and things get messed up they may be facing some trouble. This is why a person should get to work right away so they will always have time to fix mistakes. These are some things Alexander Djerassi thinks that a person can do so they can stop procrastinating. This will allow a person to get things done and stop putting them off at a later time.