How to support a loved one going through cancer treatment

How to support a loved one going through cancer treatment

Cancer can be rough on the family and friends of the loved one going through it. However, nobody is going through more pain than the person suffering from cancer. This has led people to wonder how they can support people through cancer treatment.

You’re not going to find a single solution that will work for everyone. Fortunately, you have enough solutions you can use to the point where you’ll be able to find something that will help your loved one get through this tough period of their life. Check out these ways you can support someone currently dealing with cancer.

Showing Up

When someone has to deal with going to the hospital weekly, it can be quite a lonely time for them. From the initial cancer testing to the actual treatments, the whole process can be terrifying and provoke uncertainties. This is due to them maybe getting help at home but not receiving any help when they show up at the hospital. You can help this feeling by showing up during their hospital treatments.

By showing up, you can lend an ear to someone who might want to talk about their treatment or just get distracted talking about something else. This type of relief can make a cancer patient feel a lot more relieved when they show up for their weekly treatment. To make a cancer patient feel more relieved, make sure you show up to their hospital appointments.


During the cancer treatment process, a patient is likely to have a lot of time where they just need to sit in bed. This time can easily become boring without having something to do. To fix this, you should think about giving gifts to cancer patients.

When considering a gift, think about something that would entertain a cancer patient. This could be a new movie, videogame, album, and more. If you have enough income, think about dividing your gifts so that cancer patient can end up receiving something that entertains them every time they go for cancer treatment. Think about gifts you can give to the cancer patient in your life if you want to support them.


These ideas are a great start to finding out how you can help out a cancer patient, but the best way you can help out a cancer patient is by asking what you can do for them. The reason for this is that cancer patients all come in different ages. For example, a kid might be able to get all of the support they need from their parents. This starts to become a lot more difficult when dealing with cancer as an adult.

For example, you might have a cancer patient tell you that they are having trouble getting chores done when they come from the hospital. Think about volunteering to clean up around their place and prepare food so they have something to eat when they come home.

A cancer patient might also need financial help to get them off their feet. This could be due to wanting advanced treatment or just needing money to pay for rent. Make sure you talk to a cancer patient to ask exactly how you can help them.