How to Comfort Your Dog During Holiday Fireworks

How to Comfort Your Dog During Holiday Fireworks

The holidays are quickly coming, and one of the most exciting parts is to celebrate with fireworks. However, many people seem to forget that dogs can easily become upset during a firework display especially since they don’t have a a full understanding of the noise that comes along with what is happening. Here are some ideas on how to comfort your dog during holiday fireworks.

Use CBD Pet Products

Consider giving your dog CBD products specifically for pets before the fireworks show begins. This will help them stay as calm as possible so that they can enjoy the festivities as much as you do. There are a wide array of products that you can choose from, and you should speak to your veterinarian about the best type of products for your specific dog.

Pet the Dog During the Show

Keep your dog close to you during a fireworks show. If possible, provide plenty of hugs and comfort, and speak to the dog in soft, soothing tones to let them know that everything is fine and that they are perfectly safe.

Provide a Safe Haven

Does your dog have a special, safe place in the home where he or she likes to go in order to relax or take naps? Guide the dog toward this space before the show starts so that they can have familiar surroundings and be comforted well in advance.

Make Sure That the Dog is Not Alone

Never leave the dog alone during a fireworks show. Have someone stay with the pet until the display is over, and if you have other pets, allow them to be with the dog as well.

Don’t Let the Dog See the Fireworks

Put your dog in a space where the fireworks aren’t visible. Being able to see the fireworks will only increase their anxiety, so close doors, curtains, and shades until the entire display is over.

Provide White Noise in the Background

Chances are, there are comforting sounds that your dog is already comfortable with and enjoys hearing. Provide these sounds while the fireworks are going on so that your dog can have a sense of calmness the entire time. Or, you can try keeping your dog in a familiar space, like a bedroom, and put a fan or the television on. Any sounds that the dog is already used to hearing will help tremendously in providing a sense of comfort.

Give the Dog Treats

Make sure that your dog has some treats to enjoy during the fireworks show. This will help them feel comfortable during an otherwise stressful situation.

Provide a Distraction

Divert the attention of the dog elsewhere during the course of the fireworks display. Perhaps you can throw a ball, or give the dog some toys to play with on their own. You can even surprise your dog with a new toy to enjoy. Chances are, the dog would rather play than listen to fireworks, so his or her attention will be on the game at hand rather than the noisy, stressful show.