Harmful Chemicals in Make-Up You Should Be Aware Of

Harmful Chemicals in Make-Up You Should Be Aware Of

Harmful Chemicals in Make-Up You Should Be Aware Of

Many people think that makeup is safe and will be used to help a person enhance their beauty. Helen Lee Schifter knows that this is not true. She knows a lot about the makeup industry and the harmful ingredients that go into these products. Schifter has done some research and wants people to be aware of the harmful ingredients that are being put into makeup.


These chemicals can interrupt the ability of the body to produce hormones. They can lead to nerve damage as well as issues with the reproductive system. These chemicals can mimic the chemicals that are found in the body. They are used in makeup products to make them more flexible and to be able to hold in color and scent. They have been found in everything from deodorant to lip balm and nail polish. They are often listed on the label under fragrance so it is best to avoid products with just this word listed.


Lead has been banned for some time but it is still showing up in makeup products. Lead has been linked to fertility problems. There was lead found in over 33 top lipstick brands. Lead is not added to the makeup but enters it through contamination. Color additives such as those in lipstick are found to contain lead.

Quaternium 15

This compound in makeup can release dangerous formaldehyde. It can lead to cancer in the human body. These chemicals are often used in maraca and pressed powders. In addition to cancer, this chemical can lead to skin irritation. It is often listed on the label under quats and has been used as a preservative and conditioning agent.

PEG Compounds

These compounds are petroleum based and can be used to make the makeup softer and thicker. They are often found in creams including foundations. These compounds can release toxins that have been known to cause damage to the nervous system. They are also releasing these chemicals into the environment.

Butylated Compounds

People may have heard of these in the form of BHT or BHA. They are put into the makeup so that they have a longer shelf life. These chemicals may lead to allergies and they have been known to damage organs including the organs of the productive system. These items should be avoided. Since they are commonly a person is at a higher risk if these compounds are in their makeup.


These are often used as a preservative and they can easily get into the skin. These chemicals mess with the hormones in the body and they can mimic estrogen. This has been linked to an increase in breast cancer. These chemicals also impact the nervous system and the immune system. There have been several warnings issued for parabens so it is best to avoid products that contain them. These are some of the harmful things found in makeup that Helen Lee Schifter wants readers to be aware of. When a person is shopping for makeup it is best to look for those that are all-natural.