5 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing New Kitchen Tile

5 Design Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing New Kitchen Tile

When you remodel your kitchen, you may decide to add new tile to areas like the floor and backsplash. You may want this material to last for as long as possible and provide the aesthetics you want for your remodeled kitchen. You can get the use, look, and value out of your new kitchen tile when you avoid these five common design mistakes.

1. Avoid Pale Colors

When you pick out new tile for your kitchen, you may find light colors like white and eggshell to be very appealing. However, they can have drawbacks, particularly when you have children or pets. Pale colors show stains and damage like scratches more readily than tiles that contain darker colors. When you want to avoid putting in tiles that conceal such elements better, you should avoid choosing kitchen tile that comes in pale colors.

2. Be Careful With Mixed Patterns

You should also rethink choosing tiles with mixed patterns. Even if you have a quirky sense of style or simply want to save money by purchasing closeout mismatched tile, you may come to regret your decision to buy and install it. Mixed pattern tile can make the kitchen look jumbled and too busy and take away from the overall aesthetics that you want for it.

3. Ditch the Complex Patterns

Likewise, choosing tiles with complex patterns can give you just as much hassle. You have to take care to ensure you match up the pattern precisely to get the designed look. If you misplace a tile or line it up incorrectly, you could throw off the entire look of the room. Rather than risk it, you should avoid choosing tiles with complex patterns on them.

4. Skip Trendy Designs

As much as you want your remodeled kitchen to look its best, you should eschew trendy tile designs. Trends come and go, which can lead to your kitchen looking dated sooner than you expect. Rather than give into the temptation to buy tiles with the latest color or pattern trends emblazoned on them, you should choose a tile design that will hold up well over the years and look just as classy several years or longer down the road as it does now.

5. Rethink a Questionable Supplier

Finally, you should choose a respected and trusted tile supplier when you shop for new tile for your kitchen remodel project. It can be tempting to shop at fly-by-night businesses that holler about big savings in TV and radio ads. However, those businesses may not sell the highest quality of tile. They may not also uphold their price or quality guarantees, which can leave you with tile that you may have to replace sooner rather than later. You can save yourself time and money when you shop with a respected tile supplier instead.

These five design mistakes are some to avoid when you shop for and buy new tile to use in your kitchen remodel project. You can get tile that is worth your investment and will hold up well over time. You also get tile that will look its best and lend to your kitchen’s function and beauty.