5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney can make or break your case. Being charged with a criminal offense means you might face jail time and/or fines, and understanding your rights is important. A criminal defense attorney advises you of your rights, argues your case, and works to earn you a not-guilty verdict. This is why finding the right criminal defense attorney is so important, and it’s why you want to find an attorney with the following qualities.

1- Years of Experience in Criminal Defense

An attorney with years of experience defending clients in criminal court cases is preferred to an attorney with little to no experience. Your future is on the line, and an attorney who knows the ins and outs of criminal law through experience is preferable. Finding a criminal defense attorney specializing in the specific area of crime you’ve been charged with is beneficial.

2- A Reputation for Winning Cases

Not only do you want a criminal defense attorney with experience, you want a criminal defense attorney with years of successful experience. Look for a defense attorney who wins significantly more cases than they lose. It’s also helpful to ask a prospective attorney if they have any past clients who are willing to discuss their experience with you. Finding an attorney with a winning case history does not guarantee a win for you, but it does increase your odds of winning your criminal court case.

3- A Good Reputation in the Legal World

An attorney who their peers and clients respect is an attorney people prefer to work with. Reputation is important, especially when you’re dealing with an attorney who is helping you with a criminal defense. Look for an attorney who is reputed to follow the letter of the law and who has a good reputation with past clients and with their own co-workers. A criminal defense case is difficult enough without adding a difficult attorney to the equation.

4- An Attorney Who Doesn’t Make False Promises

An attorney who makes false promises is a red flag. You want an attorney who gives you a chance to consider every scenario and one who is honest with you from the start about how the case looks. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, you want a good attorney who is upfront about the case, the evidence, and what they will do for you. Someone who promises a win without seeing the evidence or digging into the case is not the criminal defense attorney you want to work with.

5- An Attorney Who is Professional

Looks can be deceiving, but working with an attorney who looks professional, trustworthy, and capable is helpful to your case. If your criminal case goes before a jury, you need the jury to form a good opinion of you and your attorney. If your attorney dresses poorly and doesn’t put much effort into personal hygiene, it can affect the outcome of your case. A criminal defense attorney with professionalism can help you win your case. This is because a well-presented attorney not only instills confidence but also conveys a sense of competence and dedication, which can positively impact the perception of the legal process.