6 Unique Marketing Ideas for Increasing Your Customer Base

6 Unique Marketing Ideas for Increasing Your Customer Base

Perhaps the most important thing a company, both small and large, can do is continue to increase its customer base. However, after doing the same thing over and over, the number of people coming to your store or website can begin to slow down. This is a critical point in every company’s life where they need to look at other ways of marketing their company. Read on to learn about six unique marketing ideas you can begin implementing today to increase your current customer base.

1. Increase & Improve Website Content

If you’re a small company, you understand how important it is to establish a positive reputation for yourself. Reputation is everything as it provides potential and existing customers with the peace of mind that they are shopping within a company that is professional and provides high-quality services/products. However, that can only be achieved by providing them with quality content. Content such as blogs and videos is a great way to become an authority in your industry. This is a lesser-known marketing tactic but one that can be very effective.

2. Create a Pop-Up Shop

If the customers don’t come to you, your business should come to them. This is a trend that has quickly risen in popularity over the years and is even used by the biggest brands in the world. This marketing technique involves setting up a mini-store at city functions or within heavily walked areas of your city. Fortunately, there are a variety of promotional services that offer guides and additional help to ensure that your first pop-up shop promotion goes off without a hitch.

3. Work with Other Companies

Contrary to popular belief, working with other companies is actually a good idea in terms of finding new customers. When you work with a company that compliments your services/product, you get exposed to customers who may not have heard of you. A perfect example of this technique includes a gym working with a supplement store. They do not compete with each other but rather sell complementary services to a similar customer base.

4. Donate Your Time & Resources to the Community

One of the best ways to earn some brownie points with your community is to donate your time or resources during city functions. For example, if your city is having a picnic day, you may have your staff (and yourself) volunteer to direct people to parking spaces or simply help promote the event for the city.

5. Create a Free Trial Program

Your services/products may be the best in the world, but without anyone really testing it out, your business is simply not going to grow. That is why so many companies are investing in creating free trial programs. This could involve everything from giving out free samples to choosing a few people to test out all your products and having them write reviews or be a part of your marketing videos.

6. Redesign Your Packaging

Branding is everything when it comes to business, but there tends to be a common habit of small companies to disregard the design of their shipping package. So, if your shipping packages are the dull brown box with a shipping label on top, redesigning it can potentially lead to an increase in customers. This is because now people will be able to spot your brand in the sea of brown boxes.

As you can see from the information above, there are a plethora of unique marketing ideas that you can begin to implement into your company. So, what are you waiting for? Start auditing everything from your website to your packaging and begin implementing the information above.