Shalom Lamm Shares His Opinion on TV Game Shows

Shalom Lamm Shares His Opinion on TV Game Shows

Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur, is a simple and unbothered man with simple and concrete goals for his weekends: Sit down and enjoy the brightly colored flashes and confetti showers of a good old game show. How could one resist such entrancing patterns on spinning prize wheels? The roar of the crowd as numbers for high and low bids streak across the set of the show, pleading for the contestants to heed their words?

There are little thrills such as these. And yet, there are moments of hushed energy. Low murmurs that fill the silence between tensed negotiations, internal struggles that resonate inside of each and every participant: Will I be a lucky winner today? Only time may tell.

In these quiet moments of his home, he enjoys his time sunken into his well-worn furniture. There are too often times in our lives when we must sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of society and the conditions that sustain it. However, Saturdays and Sundays are for game shows in this particular home.

Contentment behind the television screen is something some may call The American Dream. And how boldly we declare ourselves, how triumphant one may boast when they stumble upon an excellent bargain or a discounted travel opportunity: Is a game show far from such events? Is a game show nothing more than encapsulating the fervor and conquest that belongs to these moments in our life times?

With a cold soda in arm’s reach and the warmth of the decorations that scatter across one’s home, game shows are a pleasant way to recreate the melodrama of discovering monetary eureka. There are cavalcades of beautiful vocabulary that one can employ to deliver the euphoria experienced inside of watching or competing in a game show, however, to feel such a sensation is divinity itself I believe.

Cast no judgements upon your fellow man when they discover The Price Is Right, for it’s enthralling allure is mighty and comforting all in itself. The siren song of its upbeat theme music in tandem with the soothing baritone of its host faces no resistance as it invades the serotonin receptors of the brain. Penetrating your deepest and thickest walls within your mental palace, game shows cast a wide and entrancing net across your entirety.

Game shows also deliver a myriad of gimmicks and celebrity guests, which is always a cheerful sight to behold. Whether they remained in the limelight from their conception or just recently discovered an audience for their craft, celebrities have become a centerpiece for the game show industry. Men and women of all ages gather around their TV sets in the evenings and mornings to celebrate all manners of games of craftiness and luck, and we all have game shows to thank for such times.

Truly, game shows are a staple of American entertainment and will remain as such for years to come.

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