5 Benefits of Purchasing Your Headstone Before You Die

5 Benefits of Purchasing Your Headstone Before You Die

Many people will purchase a burial plot years before they pass away, but should you buy the headstone too? As awkward as it may seem to think about such things, it’s a big part of pre-planning for your final arrangements. You’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits by purchasing your headstone before you die.

1. Financial Security

Inflation affects everything, and this includes headstones. If you purchase yours now, you’ll be getting it at today’s prices. Waiting could mean that your family will spend much more on the exact same stone. While this may not seem like a big deal now, think about the long-term benefits. The money you save will become part of the estate you leave behind. Best of all, your family won’t be tempted to overspend on extravagant details you don’t want during what is an emotional time for everyone.

2. Personalization

Your headstone should reflect who you are. It’s a deeply personal memorial. You want it to remind your family of exactly who you were. There are a variety of options to choose from. Along with selecting the type of stone and inscription, you can have images of your favorite things added to the design. There may be things that are important to you that others won’t think to include on your headstone. For example, an animal lover may want an image of a dog or kitten on their headstone.

3. Peace of Mind

Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that your headstone will reflect you personally, but your loved ones won’t be responsible for this task. Rather than guessing, they’ll know your memorial is just the way you wanted it to be. It’ll bring them additional peace at a very difficult time in their lives. Instead of trying to handle a multitude of details at your passing, they can focus on being there for one another.

4. Ensure Your Legacy

If you don’t have a headstone already purchased, the funeral home or cemetery can provide a temporary marker for your grave. Unfortunately, some families never buy their loved ones a stone. It’s not always due to neglect. It’s a difficult task that is far too emotional for many. By pre-purchasing your headstone, it ensures that your final resting place is permanently marked. It’s a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.

5. Comfort

It can be a comfort for all involved to know your final arrangements are taken care of. This includes buying the headstone before you die. You’ll take comfort in knowing you helped your children, spouse, or any other loved one left behind through a difficult time. They’ll take comfort in knowing that your final wishes were perfectly honored. If you’re sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding whether or not to take this step, keep in mind that it’s a wonderful way to show your unconditional love for them one last time.

While your death might not be something you want to think about now, it’s important to spend time thinking about what you want and purchasing the headstone you desire.