6 Important Benefits of Having a Criminal Record Sealed

6 Important Benefits of Having a Criminal Record Sealed

Living your best life with a criminal record is not always easy. You can be denied many great opportunities. The stigma of being an outcast in society can damage your mental health. You might be wondering if it will be a hindrance for the rest of your life. Fortunately, having your criminal record sealed can make life easier for you.

1- Get a Better Job

Getting a job with a criminal record can be very difficult. Most employers want you to pass a stringent background check. You can be denied your dream job if you have a criminal record. Even worse, some criminal charges can hinder you from working in some industries. You might get stuck working menial jobs. Being denied a job can be devastating when you know you are qualified. You may not have to disclose the information when your record is sealed.

2- Get Accepted to Your Preferred University

A college degree can help you reach your financial goals. Nonetheless, a criminal record can make your journey to success a little difficult. You might lose your spot at the university to an equally qualified applicant. If you lose your spot, you might postpone your education indefinitely.

3- Improve Your Reputation

You might want to make some new friends. A criminal record can be an impediment when you are trying to join social organizations. Regardless of how much you have changed your life, some people will not let you forget your mistakes. You should not have to live with the stigma of having a criminal record. You can upgrade your social circle when your record is sealed. Your new friends may be able to help you find more opportunities to improve your life.

4- Live in a Better Neighborhood

Some property managers will deny your application if you have a criminal record. This can be extremely devastating if living in a safe neighborhood is very important to you. If you have children, they may not be able to attend a school in a good neighborhood. In a poor neighborhood, you might not be close to stores or restaurants.

5- Protect Your Privacy

You may want to disclose your criminal record to your spouse. However, you do not want everyone in your neighborhood to know about your past. If your record is not sealed, a nosey neighbor can spread rumors about you. Several of your neighbors might decide that they do not want you in their neighborhood. They can make you feel unwelcome and uncomfortable.

6- Car Insurance and a Commercial License

If your insurance company finds your criminal record, you may have higher premiums. The conviction might get in the way of you getting a CDL license. You might have to deal with additional hurdles when you are trying to get a job driving across the country.
An attorney can help you start the process of getting your record sealed. Start taking control of your life. You will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders when your criminal record is sealed.