The Impact of Fashion on Other Industries

The Impact of Fashion on Other Industries

The fashion industry may not always be taken seriously. This industry is for more than people that someone would think. Helen Lee Schifter knows that the fashion industry is important and affects more than just the designers. She knows that fashion will affect various industries and will have an impact on all different places. Many industries are impacted by this industry and see work when it is doing well.

There are many industries that are impacted by the fashion industry. There are many professionals that go into making this industry. Marketing is one of the biggest industries that have been aspects of fashion. The fashion has to be able to reach people and there are many different areas. There are social media managers needed to make a social media campaign. They can develop campaigns for sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They need someone to interact with fans and take pictures. If the fashion industry is not doing well then this can harm those involved in marketing. These people will not be able to fulfill their jobs if there is nothing for them to market.

The fashion industry plays a role in engineering. Some material engineers will need to figure out how to bring the design to life. If clothes are not being designed or purchased the people will have no work.

There are other areas that fashion interrupts that most people would not think about. The clothing will need to be made out of material and the material needs to come from somewhere. The cotton farmers will be impacted. They will not have a demand for their cotton if not as many items are being made. This is true for other materials and fibers that go into making clothing. These people will be directly impacted.

Helen Lee Schifter also knows that distribution is impacted by the fashion industry. Fashion comes from all over the world. There are international designs that will send their fashion all over the place. If there is no fashion being shipped or purchased there is no need for shipping, trucking, and other distribution services. This will include pilots, truck drivers, and others that will bring the fashion to home or stores. If no one is purchasing fashion there will be no need for those people to begin to work.

In addition to the shipping services, there are many store employees that will not be working if there is a downside in the fashion industry. The store employees will be there to assist customers and will help check them out. If there is no fashion to put on the shelves all of the store employees from the manager to the cashiers and those there for assistance will be hurting for work.

These are some of the other industries that are impacted by the fashion industry. There is a lot more that goes into fashion than most people would think. There are people from manufacturers to marketers that are impacted by this industry.