4 Reasons Keto Can Help You Get Your Life Back

4 Reasons Keto Can Help You Get Your Life Back

If you’re like many others, the chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve felt tired and sluggish. A doctor may have even told you that you had low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Your doctor insisted that you take medication for it and eat sugary foods to raise your glucose levels.

Unfortunately, high blood glucose can create additional medical issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. But what if there was an effective alternative? It’s called the ketogenic diet–a type of eating plan designed to help keep blood glucose levels within a healthy range without causing spikes in insulin or other similar hormone imbalances.

In this article, we will discuss why keto diets work and how they might be able to help you regain your life.

First, it’s important to understand what ketones are and how they can help with weight loss. A ketone is a fuel source that the body produces naturally during fasting or when carbohydrate intake has been severely reduced. It’s also created as a by-product when fatty acids break down in the liver. Over time, dieters begin using these stored fat sources instead of glucose from carbohydrates for energy. This state of “fat adaptation” leads to improved body function, better digestion, improved mental clarity, and less insulin sensitivity.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet?

Weight Loss Support

The most obvious benefit to this eating style is that it helps to improve weight loss. Studies have shown that those who follow a ketogenic diet lose an average of 2-3 times more weight than those following other types of diets.

Because this type of eating plan is low in carbohydrates and sugar, it also creates an environment that supports improved body composition. In addition, keto can also help you drastically reduce cravings for foods high in sugar and refined starches, making avoiding unhealthy carbs easier.

Keto And The Brain

Many people feel sluggish or lethargic when they’re hungry—and with good reason. When the body doesn’t receive enough glucose from carbohydrates, insulin levels decrease, and fat stores begin breaking down to use as fuel. This process involves releasing fatty acids and ketone bodies and puts the body into a state of “ketosis.”

Unfortunately, most people’s brains run on glucose. So when glucose levels become too low (as can happen in hypoglycemia), the brain starts sending signals to the rest of the body, telling it that it needs more sugar immediately. But at this time, there is no more sugar to be had from any dietary source–and if you’re not eating carbs regularly, your liver and muscles will soon start burning fat instead.

Keto Can Benefit Digestive Health

Another amazing benefit of keto is its positive impact on digestion. Because this type of eating plan limits carbohydrate intake, it forces the body to start burning fat instead. Over time, this leads to improved body function as well as better digestion.

The best part about having good digestive health is that it makes overall health much easier to achieve. When your stomach and intestines work properly, you can avoid many common symptoms of poor digestion, such as heartburn, gas, and bloating. In addition, with fewer issues causing discomfort or pain in the gut area, there’s less distraction from your daily activities and more energy for tasks at hand.

Keto Can Be A Stress Reliever

The ketogenic diet helps to relieve stress in two ways. The first way is that it reduces the body’s production of glucose, which can cause a wide range of hormonal shifts that lead to feelings of worry and anxiety.

Another way in which keto aids with relieving stress is by helping you gain a new perspective on certain foods. As we mentioned earlier, cravings for carbs tend to be intense among those following this eating plan.