Does a Long Coat Make You Appear Shorter

Does a Long Coat Make You Appear Shorter

Your height changes as you age, and at times you might feel happy or sad. Your bones continue to grow during your childhood and adolescence and usually stop by the time you reach your early twenties. Just when you think you will remain the same height for the rest of your life, you hit middle age, and your body starts shrinking slowly at about 2 to 4 centimeters. This leaves many people wondering if a long coat will make them appear shorter. The good news is, you can find the perfect length coat to complement your height, whether you are short or tall.

Does a long coat make a tall person look shorter?

Any oversized clothing can make you appear to look shorter. If you are a tall person who wishes to appear a bit shorter, you can do a few tricks to accomplish this goal. The best tip is to wear a long coat that reaches below your knees and is a bit bulky. You can choose any color or style that suits your personality. Switching up your look with a variety of coats and jackets throughout the year will help you maintain a shorter-looking appearance.

Tips for Looking Shorter

* Here are a few tips to help you choose the right coat for you!

* Avoid short jackets, coats, and parkas.

* Choose long-style coats that are below the knee or longer.

* Choose a fur collar or bulky collar.

* Choose brighter colors instead of black or navy blue.

* Choose oversized puffy coats and jackets.

* Choose coats and jackets with long oversized pockets.

Does a long coat make a short person look shorter?

Long coats make a person appear even shorter. If you are short and want to have a taller appearance, it’s best to choose cropped jackets and short blazer-style coats. It’s also essential to select coats and jackets tailored to your body to create a longer illusion. Consider the following tips when choosing your new coat and jacket.

Tips for Looking Taller

* Choose dark-colored coats that are tailored to your shape.

* Consider small accents and trims such as thin fur.

* Choose vibrant colored coats to show off your personality and make sure they fit your body well.

* Choose coats and jackets that reach your thigh area or waist.

* Choose a vest with a fur-trimmed hood.

* Choose a belted style coat.

Choosing the right coat for you is easier than you think. You will find tons of different styles and lengths that will make you look and feel great. Do your best to follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you are complimenting your assets while at the same time creating a shorter or taller appearance.

Don’t forget to include color in your coat collection because it helps you build a more extensive wardrobe and create a variety of looks. In addition, investing in high-quality coats and jackets enables you to hold onto pieces longer and gives you the opportunity to add to your collection every winter season. Start shopping today!