How Wigs Can Update Your Look Without Major Change

How Wigs Can Update Your Look Without Major Change

To wig or not to wig? Umm, YES! Not only do wigs provide a protective solution for your tresses in harsh weather, but their versatility adds a new level of flavor quickly to any look.

Today, wigs are gaining in popularity, thanks to popular culture and mainstream artists who promote them. Long gone is the idea that wigs are outdated or make you look aged. With the help of some modern techniques, today’s wigs cover an entire spectrum from fun and funky to sleek and sophisticated. Short, long, medium, blonde, brown, red, black… the options are limitless! Whatever your mood, when you’re ready to change your style, a wig can be a simple, effective solution.

Let’s say you’re ready to switch up your look. The traditional route means booking a hair appointment, finding the color and style to show to the stylist, carving out time for the appointment (and, we’re talking hours), and hoping the outcome is what you had hoped. If you have a great stylist, chances are you will love the final look, but it’s a gamble. Sometimes a style we think we will like might not quite compliment us the way we had hoped. So, then you’re stuck with it until you want to do something new. You could run home and cry over the wasted money, or you can join the in-crowd the next time and go wig shopping!

A wig is such a great alternative to changing your look because all you have to do is slip it on. Wigs come with different closures, so they look natural on the hairline. No one even has to know you’re wearing one!

You can also choose the type of hair of the wig, synthetic or human hair. Synthetic wigs can be more cost-friendly and easier to maintain. Human hair wigs are generally more expensive and require extra care to keep them looking their best. Do note, though, just because a wig is synthetic does not mean it will not look natural. How often you plan to wear the wig, the time you can put into maintaining it, and your intention for getting the wig are some primary factors to consider.

Wig care is also far more manageable than updating your natural mane. Now that we know the harmful effects of over-bleaching and over-processing our hair, we can be more gentle with it and make better hair maintenance choices. Insert: Wig. Getting the perfect strawberry blond color has never been easier!

With a wig, you know precisely the look you’re getting and if you’re in love with it without altering your natural hair. You never need to worry about hair damage from stripping your hair follicles continuously again. Then, when you’re back home and ready to kick back and relax, slide the wig off and store it properly for the next wear. That’s it!

Your friendly wig professional can guide you in finding the right wig for you and instruct you on how to best care for it. So if you want to be brunette for the office, but blond on the weekend, no judgment here! You can add an entirely new character to your style without going through much trouble.