4 Benefits of Using a 3D Laser Scanning in Manufacturing

4 Benefits of Using a 3D Laser Scanning in Manufacturing

Ever since laser scanning made its presence known, it has continued to grow and become an integral part of manufacturing. Having this technology in your corner is able to provide many benefits for a company and individuals who are working with laser scanning. The advancement of laser scanning allows it to be utilized in many different manufacturing scenarios. A few of the processes in which laser scanning plays a role include laser engraving or laser cutting, 2D drawings, or 3D modeling. These are just a few of the uses of 3D laser scanning that can be utilized in a variety of applications.

Chances are, you want to know why having 3D laser scanning would benefit you the most in manufacturing. Well, to assist, we have listed the 4 benefits of using 3D laser scanning in manufacturing.

1. Money and Time Can Be Saved

The 3D drawings that the 3D laser scanner produces is taken from the collected data from the scan. This helps decrease the amount of time and money it costs to develop manufacturing plans. For 3D laser scans, there is a high amount of data being collected in order to produce the 3D images. Because of this, the process of assembly is simpler because the details of where to cut or drill are shown.

2. Time for Cutting and Engraving Can Be Saved

If you want great things to be manufactured, then 3D laser cutting will be the way to go. Having the right equipment to make it possible also helps. When you have a good laser engraver and laser cutter, you will be able to make precise cuts and engravings specific to your needs.

3. 3D Laser Scanning Prevents Dimension Errors

Using 3D laser scanning helps eliminate any errors that dimensions may experience. The information obtained by the scanner is accurate so that the cut depths and engravings can be conducted precisely. You will also get an accurate 3D reading of your manufacturing area, which will help you conduct a renovation by having a view of the entire space.

4. Inspection is Effective

Regardless of what is being manufactured, the outcome is expected to be a great result and of the highest quality. In order for a manufacturer to achieve the desired results, there needs to be a certain amount of precision maintained. You will also need to have the prototype`s 3D features digitized for comparison against the designs created through CAD.

By having the 3D product compared this way, the inspection can be effective and fast. This fast method is capable due to the high amount of points that are obtained by the 3D laser scanner. When an inspection is completed it is usually completed faster than a probing. Besides that, with the probing being conducted, it is difficult to see what the points are experiencing. If a part has errors involving shape, then the number of problems may increase. If an error involving radius compensation occurs, then the probing stylus will touch a hole`s edge and cause different results.