Favorite Musical Instruments to Play During Downtime

Favorite Musical Instruments to Play During Downtime

Diego Ruiz Duran has a vibrant life. He always wants to achieve his life goal and to support his family. He loves to change the world and has the spirit of it. He loves to make his country a better place for people to live and help his country’s people.

Duran studied and graduated from “Escuela Libre de Derecho” and started his career in 2007 with José Luis Nassar and took the experience from it. He once said that he collaborated with Nassar and learned so many things and gained experience from it. After that, he got an opportunity to study “Oxford in Criminal Justice” for his master’s degree. After returning, Nassar recommended that he start his own business and said that there are various clients for him to work for. In 2012, he started his firm named “Ruiz Durán Law Firm.”

Once Duran completed his studying career, he focused on the justice system in Mexico. When someone asks him about Mexico’s current justice system, he explains that the prosecutor’s system has much involvement in the justice system. The system in Mexico is a complex system when it’s time to deliver justice. This person’s objective was to be remembered as a competitive lawyer who fought for his trustworthy and loyal client till the end.

Duran is recorded as one of the best lawyers in Mexico. Besides his profession, he is also useful in his hobbies. His career is not an easy choice, but he figured out time for leisure and self-meditation activities. He loved musical instruments like saxophone, guitar, piano and placed these elements in his residential areas. He is used to playing piano in his spare time for the sake of self-meditation.

In the list of the issues he had dealt with, gender equality and domestic violence issues come at the top of the list. He had fought enough for the cases of domestic violence in the court and justice setups. Diego Ruiz Duran always stays determined and focused on the case in which he is involved. He resolved the issue entirely because he wanted the women and sufferers of Mexico to achieve their human and ethical rights.

Since the beginning of Coronavirus, domestic violence cases have increased much because of the houses’ economic issues and male dominance in the homes in quarantine. Duran also termed that the 911 calls for domestic violence have exponentially increased during this pandemic, and there is no one to take severe action.

With his passion, he believed in the purpose of his life. Duran is one of the influencers who set an example for many people who want to change their surroundings positively. Advocates like Duran face a lot of hardships on their roads. But through hard work and preference, we may achieve the goal of women’s safety and gender equality. The countries like Mexico take a long time to change, but nothing is impossible. The article tells us how a passionate and hard-working person comes out as the voice of sufferers of domestic violence. More people are needed in this society to make the world better.