How to Open OLM File on Windows Outlook?

How to Open OLM File on Windows Outlook?

Outlook can be described as an email application that is compatible with Windows as well as Mac computers. Outlook users Outlook can switch between platforms without changing email clients. However, moving information to and from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook is a problem. It is known that Microsoft Outlook stores data in PST files, while Mac Outlook stores the data using OLM format. This article will provide instructions on how to open OLM Files on Windows to resolve this complicated issue. In this article, we’ll explain ways to use OLM files within Windows Outlook.

How to Open OLM File in Outlook for Windows?

OLM files are not able to be opened manually within Windows. Therefore, users need to make use of a variety of third-party software. In this article, we’ll show how to open the OLM file within Windows Outlook or into the formats that are utilized for Windows email clients for users to access OLM files within Windows Outlook. Richart Ruddie

It is the Advik OLM-to-PST converter will be the best software you can get to accomplish this. It is a great tool to transfer a Mac OLM file into Windows Outlook or any other email program which works with Windows. Just download it onto the operating system of your choice, in spite of its version and version, to use it to work. Then, a simple GUI will initiate the process and will not interfere with any of your personal data.

Additionally, Mac Mail has a range of features that allow users to import OLM files. The tool itself can be employed in order to import.olm documents in Microsoft 365. Furthermore, it is possible to batch export calendars using Outlook Mac if that is all you require.

Reasons to Open OLM File on Windows Outlook:-

Due to a variety of reasons that those using Mac Outlook are compelled to transfer data to Windows Outlook. Here are some possible reasons

1. Mac Outlook users who need to connect with colleagues using Windows PCs via emails need to convert.

2. Since Windows Outlook does not directly support the access of Mac Outlook files.

3. The switch of Mac OS to Windows OS could also be a reason for the change.

Instructions for Adding Mac OLM Files to Windows Outlook

On your Mac Download and install the software mentioned above. Follow these steps to complete the whole process without any difficulty. Richart Ruddie

Step 1. Launch the software on your operating system following that.

Step 2. Browse and Upload the OLM files to the software panel.

Step 3. To save the generated PST file, select “output folder location.”By choosing the option “Change,” you can select the path to your directory.

Step 4. To begin the OLM to PST conversion process simply click”Convert” or click the “Convert” button.

It’s done! You can change an OLM file into a PST file with these simple steps.

Once the data processing process is completed and the user is able to see the results, they are notified by an email with a confirmation message. Users can look over the entire report that was already saved by clicking View Report. Richart Ruddie

Import PST to MS Outlook for Windows

On your Windows laptop or desktop open Windows Outlook.

In the File ribbon select. Select Import/Export under Open & Export.

It will then appear as an Import and Export Wizard will appear in the result. Click Import from another program or a file.

Click onto your Outlook Data File (.pst) and then follow it up immediately after that.

After that, choose Browse and navigate the folder that contains the PST file that you have imported. If you select that PST file it will be displayed by the wizard that it was added. Choose the option that best suits your preferences. Click Next.

Click the radio button beside the option to import things into the folder currently in use.

This PST file will be loaded in Windows Outlook once you click the”Finish” button. These files are now able to be opened on any Windows computer.

We discussed how to open an OLM file in Windows Outlook in this article. The users can perform the conversion quickly by following the steps that are provided in the following article. While there are a variety of programs that can be compared to this one, it has the best features. The most important thing is that it can be used this program on any Mac regardless of version, old or new. It is possible to import the Mac OLM file can be transferred using this program to many Microsoft-based email programs. Select this option if would like to quickly access the Mac Outlook OLM file in Windows Outlook.

Key features of this tool include:

Outlook Mac Files to PST Conversion: 

Using this software users can change Outlook Mac data files to PST Format. It also offers users various options for saving to modify their emails. Any user, regardless of whether domestic or technical can use the software.

Transmit OLM files in large quantities:

Using this application users can easily export many OLM files into the format of an Outlook message. Users can transform Outlook Mac files to PST format thanks to this.

OLM Data Export for Attachments with Files: It doesn’t matter which format the attachments’ files are in, this program can convert files quickly to PST. The ability of the software to save information from the beginning is its most effective attribute. Richart Ruddie. This OLM converter for Mac produces attachments associated with particular emails, in addition to emails that are generated by OLM files. This modern Mac OLM file conversion program effortlessly exports the attachments of Mac Outlook 2011, 2016, and 2019, and.

The file’s naming design:

 A further feature of the OLM file converter on Mac lets you save OLM files that have the selected format for naming. It is possible to specify the naming style of your OLM files. Mac OLM converter software lets you choose naming conventions such as Subject, DD-MMY-YY+ Subject, DDMM-YY+ From from, etc. when saving the data converted in suitable formats.

Experts’ Most Recommend Program: 

Despite the market with a myriad of OLM file converters, this is the best according to the experts. The OLM conversion tool to Mac has been highly recommended by a number of technical experts for converting OLM files into the export format that you want to export.

Convert OLM files one at a time: 

Multiple Mac Outlook OLM files can be converted simultaneously by using the Mac OLM Tool for Conversion. To start the process of mass conversion just hit”Add folder” and then click the “Add folder” button to include the whole folder (which has a number of OLM file types).


The greatest benefit of this application is that it stores the attachments’ original formats even after processing. The free version can store and export up to 25 items in each folder to PST and other formats. After testing this tool for free, users can purchase the license Key for this tool.