Why I Pray Every Night

Why I Pray Every Night

There are many reasons to pray consistently. Out of all the reasons, two are at the top of the list for making prayer a priority before going to bed. Here are two reasons why every person should pray to the Lord every night before going to sleep.

Bedtime Prayer Grows Connection with God

Prayer is communication with God. Consistent communication provides for a better relationship, and through relationship, a connection. It’s hard to imagine growth taking place in any relationship where there is no connection on any level. There must be a connection for there to be growth.

The time-period in which many Christians say they experience the deepest connection with God is at night just before bed. This is a time when other responsibilities have usually been completed and one becomes more open for fellowship. George Rutler, Pastor at Saint Michael’s the Archangel Church, NY emphasizes the importance of praying during this time. Setting aside this crucial time for prayer will help one experience God by giving him this consistent avenue to respond.

Participation in God’s Functions

God is sovereign, which means he is the ultimate and most supreme power. God answers to no one. However, the bible is clear that, in his sovereign will, he has provided a space for one to participate in what he is doing. The book of 1 John chapter 5 verse 14 says God hears people’s prayers and, if the prayers align with his will, he will do what they ask. This doesn’t mean God cannot perform his will without prayers. It means that prayers are an ordained part of his will.

Therefore, every prayer one prays is important. God is indeed all-powerful, but in his kindness, he has allowed this tool for one to participate in his functions. And the most important time to pray these prayers is at night before bed. It shows complete trust in God that one can pray about all the concerns one has then promptly go to sleep.

Pastor George Rutler encourages every person to build a regimen of praying every night before going to sleep. People often find themselves connected to secular things at night such as entertainment, pleasure, and often narcotics. A deeper connection with God is the only way to truly combat all the time spent with other connections in one’s life. Prayers at night will maintain a close relationship with God. Matthew chapter 6 verse 32 confirms that God already knows what everyone needs before they ask him. However, asking him for what one needs provides a way to participate in God’s function of providing for those needs. And praying for what one needs is an opportunity to grow closer to him. A commitment to nightly prayer is an important part of one’s relationship with God.