Creating the Perfect Resume

Creating the Perfect Resume

Creating the Perfect Resume

While finding a new job is not a walk in the park, having a good resume can ease the process. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, a pain management specialist, a good resume with the right information introduces job seekers to potential employees and increases their chances of getting a job. Here’s how to create the perfect resume, according to Dr. Sudberg.

1. Include Name and Contact Information

This sounds basic, but many people actually forget to put their name and contact information in the resume. As a general rule of thumb, Dr. Sudberg asserts that job seekers should include their name and contact information at the top of the document instead of at the bottom. Ensure the details are in boldface and the information is full. Besides providing phone numbers and physical addresses, job seekers can also provide their email addresses.

2. Customize Resume to the Position Being Applied For

Another way to make a perfect resume is to tailor it in accordance with the position being applied for. The information on the resume should be customized to ensure job seekers provide information relevant to the position in question. Tailoring the information also allows job seekers to tell hiring managers why they are the best candidate for the job.

3. Detail Education, Experience and Skills

Information about job seekers’ education, experience and skills must be included in the resume. Job seekers should provide details about their educational achievements and where they studied. It is recommended that job seekers start with the latest educational achievement moving backward. The education part should be as brief as possible.

Concerning professional experience, job seekers should start by indicating their most recent work and move back to their first job. For each role, job seekers should provide information about the employer (company), the job title, start and end dates, job description and achievement attained in the roles. They should also indicate their skills. It is important to highlight relevant skills to the position in question to increase the chances of getting hired. The experiences and skills provided should be relevant to the vacant position.

4. Organize the Resume

A resume cannot be perfect if it is not well organized. Organizing a resume to attract the readers’ eyes involves leaving plenty of white spaces on the document to direct the reader to specific areas. Subheadings should be bold, and the font size and style should be legible enough. Job seekers should use the right keywords throughout the resume, as some hiring firms tend to use online recruitment tools to review resumes. The resume should also be written in simple language. It would help to avoid using jargon and complicated phrases. Be sure to use a format that is appropriate for the job industry.

Bottom Line
Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that these tips can help job seekers create a perfect resume that will enable them to land jobs in various industries. As such, job seekers should use them in their next job hunting activity.