Tips on Self Motivation

Tips on Self Motivation

Get Started! Six High Powered Motivation Tips. Get Going. Stay Going Today.

Agents of self-motivation, goals are capable of launching personal dreams and desires into reality.

When setting out on a goal-centered professional journey, our professional drivers and energies often become elevated, propelling us forward. Nothing can stop us now. Until the following day.

Devoid of ticker-tape parades, goals without the right tools often fall victim to disappointments, setbacks, and the grind of daily routines and demands; all are competing for attention.

Self-motivation becomes essential. Below are six ways to get it and keep it.

Ask Questions

Columnist and Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano believes work must be exciting and gratifying for professional motivation to remain high. This aspect is especially true during stressful and demanding work-based projects. While not advocating for working without compensation, Napolitano suggests asking what parts of professional work would be enjoyable if performed without payment.

Asking for more of the tasks we enjoy performing at work can maintain enthusiasm and motivation on the job while setting us apart from the rest of the pack!

Set An Objective

An objective is not the same as a goal. Goals are essential, but without understanding the result or a clear idea of what the end product should look like, goals often become meaningless.

Beginning with the result in mind, work backward until the objective becomes clear in mind.

Today’s professional environments are highly competitive and global. Recognizing our personal, professional objectives is critical to maintaining self-motivation during possible derailments or setbacks.

Take a Challenge

Andrew Napolitano enjoys a challenge, maintaining the importance of accepting professional challenges relevant to the objective or goal. Challenges must be ambitious but not impossible. While thinking about the end goal and purpose, anticipate challenges along the way, and prepare for them.

Additional and relevant opportunities stretching our comfort zone make excellent professional motivators and resume enhancers at promotion time!

Forget Pay Day!

No, this does not mean work for free; however, consider the benefits provided by the current employment position. These include medical insurance, life insurance, even a take-home car.

Other intrinsic benefits like helping others solve problems and mentoring new team members are examples of benefits that could disappear if the situation changed.

Of course, this does not mean eliminating goals or ambitions beyond a current situation; however, recognizing the benefits of where we are today can sustain motivation to perform to the best of our ability.

Establish Core Values

Choose actions that honor self-worth. Refraining from office gossip, taking no more than the designated hour-long lunch break, for example, while not celebrated or seemingly noticed, contribute to our core values.

Performing work that aligns with how we wish others to see or value us builds on and protects our self-esteem. Avoiding the office rumor mill and committing to avoid life-draining negative talk and gossip facilitates energy, focus, and professional motivation.


Where possible, building flexibility into our workday to take care of personal and professional development can help sustain motivation. The pandemic has created many work-from-home opportunities that professionals are not keen to give up.

Employers, having been forced to embrace work from home technology, are more open to hybrid home and office working arrangements. Staying motivated on the job is easier when employees enjoy flexible working arrangements.

Andrew Napolitano truly believes that getting and staying motivated with the right attitude is not hard. The key is knowing what resonates with our core values, creating choices around them, and gaining a fresh perspective over where we might find ourselves today. Simple steps such as the ones suggested above can prevent us from becoming sidetracked and pulled into energy-sapping negative thinking.