7 Care Tips to Ensure a Swimming Pool is Properly Maintained

7 Care Tips to Ensure a Swimming Pool is Properly Maintained

Stay cool and have a great time with loved ones during the summer in your swimming pool. The key is to make sure that it is always ready for a swim. There are several things that you need to do to ensure that your pool is well-maintained so that you can take a dip whenever you want.

1- Check the Filter and Water Surface

You should skim your pool and check the filter frequently to rid the water of debris. When you are doing this, turn the filter off. Then, once you complete this task, you can turn it back on. You should do this at least once a week or whenever you notice a lot of debris floating on the water.

2- Check the Skimmer

You want to look at the skimmer and ensure that it is clear. About once a week, remove any debris that is accumulating in this component.

3- Brush the Sides

Whether your pool walls are concrete or vinyl, sediment and algae can build up over time. The general rule of thumb is to do this about once a week. Make sure that you get all the way down to the floor of the pool and pay close attention to any spots that are particularly scummy or dirty. Always do this before adding any chemical treatments or doing any water testing.

4- Vacuum the Pool

You should vacuum your swimming pool about once a week. However, if you have a lot of people in your pool for a party or there is a heavy storm, you should do it after this too. The vacuum is able to get what the skimmer is not. You can opt for a robotic vacuum or a manual one, depending on your preferences. In most cases, you will need to add a bit more water after a successful vacuuming.

5- Test the Chemicals

Once your pool walls and filter are clean, and the water is free from debris, it is time to test the chemical content and the pH balance of the water. You should aim for the following measurements:

7.2to 7.6 pH

1.0 to 3.0 ppm for free chlorine

100 to 150 ppm for alkalinity

6- Backwash the Filter

If you have a DE filter, you should do this every four to six weeks. It should be every two to four weeks for a sand filter. When you notice that your filter is eight to 10 psi above normal, it is time to complete this task to remove the buildup.

7- Replace the Filter

About once a year, it is a good idea to replace the filter. This will ensure that it is always working as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you would replace it at the beginning of each summer.

It is a good idea to create a maintenance schedule. You should also keep the necessary chemicals and products on hand so that they are always ready for use. This will make it easier to stay on top of all of the tasks necessary to keep your pool ready for swimming at all times.

8 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Roof During the Summer

8 Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Roof During the Summer

Summer is often considered the time for vacations, beach trips, and lazy days spent lounging in the sun. But did you know summer is also the perfect time to replace your home’s roof? While it may not be the most exciting way to spend your summer, installing a new roof during warm weather can bring many benefits.

1. Better Weather Conditions

Replacing a roof can take a lot of work. Fortunately, summer weather conditions are ideal for roof installation. The warm, dry weather allows contractors to work more efficiently without the threat of rain, snow, or ice. This means your roof replacement project can be completed faster and with fewer interruptions.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

If your home’s roof is old or damaged, it could affect your energy bills. A new roof can improve your home’s insulation, helping keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Having a new roof can lower your energy bills and provide a more comfortable living environment year-round.

3. Increased Home Value

A new roof can add significant value to your home. In fact, according to the 2021 Cost vs. Value report, a roof replacement can recoup up to 61.2% of the cost when it comes time to sell your home. A new roof can also improve your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

4. Prevention of Further Damage

If your roof is old or damaged, it could be allowing water to seep into your home. This can lead to other problems, including mold growth, structural damage, and electrical issues. Replacing your roof during the summer can help prevent further damage and save you from costly repairs.

5. Longer Daylight Hours

In the summer, the days are longer, giving contractors more daylight hours. This can help speed up the installation process and install your new roof faster. It also means there’s more time for inspections and adjustments before the sun goes down.

6. Easier Scheduling

Summer is typically a slower time for roofing contractors, as many homeowners prefer to have their roofs replaced in the fall or spring. This means scheduling your roof replacement during the summer can be easier and more flexible. You’ll have more options for appointment times, and you may even get a better price.

7. Better Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation has an substantial impact on maintaining a healthy home. In the summer, a well-ventilated roof can help reduce heat buildup in your attic, preventing mold growth and reducing energy costs. A new roof can also provide an opportunity to upgrade your ventilation system and ensure your home is adequately ventilated year-round.

8. Peace of Mind

Replacing your home’s roof during the summer can provide peace of mind. You’ll know that your home is protected from the elements and that you’ve taken steps to improve its energy efficiency and value. Plus, with a new roof installed, you can enjoy the rest of your summer without worrying about roof-related issues.

Replacing your home’s roof during the summer can bring many benefits, from better weather conditions to increased home value. So if you’re considering a roof replacement, now is the perfect time to start planning.

Activities To Do This Summer

Activities To Do This Summer

Imagine seeing a beautiful waterfall. All the wonderful rock formations, the sounds, the smells. It might seem like a dream, but it is absolutely possible to see! Duluth waterfalls is where it’s at. Better yet, the North Shore waterfalls are a must see in everyone’s lifetime.

Beginning in Duluth, there is an aerial lift bridge where huge ships travel in and out of the Canal Park. There is also a place to get the best Swedish Cream in the country, that’s not what we’re here to talk about though. Back to the Waterfalls. Gooseberry park is talked about by many and for good reason, it’s a magical place for a first time waterfall seeker. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

This vacation can be a trip for the whole family or a romantic vacation for two. Heck, even a getaway for some R&R! Helen Lee Schifter loves to reset herself by swimming at the bottom of the waterfall at Gooseberry Park. She rents a log cabin on the lake and takes in all that nature has to offer. Stopping at Betty’s Pies for a hearty meal…. and pie! She loves the serene and slow way of life, away from the fast paced hustle and bustle. It’s much needed reset for the soul. With an extra long vacation, there is the option to chase all the waterfalls. A quick search of the North Shore Visitor guide printed out and left in the car is the way to go.

Starting with Lester River waterfall, which can be seen from the road, is the start of the adventure! Don’t forget to bring lunch! It’s going to be a fun day of driving and Awe. Gooseberry Falls has 3 parts, next up is Middle falls, also seen from the road. A few miles more and the Cascades at Split Rock River appears where there is a hiking trail that is 5 miles long. Seems like a long hike, but the waterfall can be viewed from a cliff and it’s magical. Always bring sunscreen, bug spray, and water with. Next up is Beaver Falls where the river drops 300 feet with a series of falls and cascades. This day will end (but can keep going to more waterfalls) at the High Falls, it’s called the high falls because it’s the highest waterfall in Minnesota at a staggering 700 feet tall. This is a sight to see.
Most of these falls can be walked right up to and stood under. These waterfalls are great for photographers to check out their skills, wonderful for families with children to venture to, sweet and romantic for couples to explore, awesome and fun for a friends trip, and relaxing and serene for some me-time. A vacation to the Duluth area typically generates a return visit. There is just not enough time in one trip to see and experience everything the area has to offer. Helen Schifter is already planning a return visit to the Duluth area to chase those waterfalls.