How To Transport Goods Across the Country

How To Transport Goods Across the Country

If you’re looking to move goods across the country, several factors come into play. Shipping something within state lines is easy – it’s just a matter of contacting the local company and arranging for it to get there. However, when you want to ship out of state or outside the country, not only do you have to find a company that’s willing to do that, but you also have to take into consideration what route they’ll take and how much storage space your goods will need. If you are shipping a car, home appliance, or other large goods across the country, it’s vital to keep those items secure before and during transport. Use these tips to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.

Choose the right transport company

Though you can transport items on your own, hiring a professional freight company to do it is always a safer bet! It minimizes the risk of damage or loss and ensures proper paperwork and processes accompany the shipment. Ensure they have been in business for years and experience this kind of shipping (e.g., air freight).

Use high-quality packing materials

If you’re packing your goods on your own, make sure to use high-quality materials like these cardboard boxes and Bubble Wrap. This will ensure your items stay safe and secure during transport.

Check the weight

Make sure you know how much the goods weigh (in addition to dimensions) so you can estimate the cost of shipping across the country.

Ensure the goods aren’t too heavy to fit in the crate

A common mistake is to underestimate the weight. If you’re unsure, it’s best to notify the shipping company before checking out with them. Ask any questions, and they may give you a better estimate on costs (especially for larger items) which will save you money. This is especially important if your package isn’t shipped with an air cargo carrier due to size restrictions.

Carry your heavy items in a way to protect its corners

If your shipment is over a certain weight, it’s best to use something to protect the corners of the crate holding it. This can save you from unnecessary damage and make your freight company happier as well.

Measure and document dimensions of the load

There are two ways to measure large objects like heavy furniture – by stacking them up or using a tape measure. Whatever method you go with, make sure you take your pictures or make measurements and notes about the objects before sending them off. That way, there are no disputes when it comes time to loading.

Pack and protect easily-damaged goods

If you’re shipping heavy furniture, boxes of glassware, or other fragile items, use some padding for extra protection while in transit. This is especially important for large items like furniture because they can get banged around during transport.

Use proper labelling

Before you ship your items, make sure to label your packages clearly and correctly. Use the same care in labeling as you did packing, so there are no mistakes when it comes time to unload. You want the recipient to have no confusion about what’s inside the crate.


Transporting goods across the country is a task that needs to be taken seriously. The damage goods can incur during transport, or even worse, the loss of goods in transit can be detrimental if not fatal to your business. That’s why it’s so important to take precautions when shipping your products and to understand the laws that apply to how you ship them.