4 Simple Ways to Improve Fall Prevention Rates in Senior Adults

4 Simple Ways to Improve Fall Prevention Rates in Senior Adults

Fall puts the lives of people in danger. It is prevalent among senior adults. Health conditions or physical conditions may aggravate cases of falls. They are the leading cause of other medical conditions, such as fractures. Therefore, if you are aged, you understand the frustration of falls. This article enlightens you with four simple ways of preventing falls among senior adults.

1- Observe the Type of Shoes That You Wear

As simple as it may seem, the type of shoes significantly affects the chances of falls. For instance, wearing high heels, floppy slippers, and shoes made of slick soles may increase the chances of a fall. Many of them have soft material with little or no threads and thus increase your possibility of slipping or stumbling. A fracture of such a magnitude will significantly impact your health. It may require serious medical treatment to restore it. It is even serious for senior adults whose bones take longer to heal. On the other hand, consider wearing nonskid shoes that fit correctly and are sturdy and flat. Such shoes reduce cases of joint pain and limit the possibility of having a fall.

2- Remove Any Hazards at Home

Keeping your home in order and all paths free from hazardous materials is essential. Remove boxes, newspapers, electronic cords, and other objects from walkways. Additionally, remove loose rugs that may cause a slip at home. It’s also vital to clean any spilled liquids, grease, food, or soap from the floor. Consequently, keeping your place free from items means having everything from food, drugs, and other essentials in reachable areas. You can also consider replacing bathroom mats with those that are nonslip. Depending on your age, having a bath seat may not be a bad idea. Your safety should come first.

3- Light Up Your Home and Living Space

Chances are that a good lighthouse is less likely to cause a fall. To avoid tripping, think of installing night lights in the bedroom, bathroom, corridors, and hallways. If you are living alone, then it’s prudent that you install a lamp next to your bed that is within your reach in case you need to wake up at night. You may also ensure that all paths leading to switches are clear, especially those that are away from the entrance. Always have flashlights in places that are within your reach. Lastly, ensure that you switch on lights before going down or upstairs.

4- Maintain a Routine of Physical Activities and Use Assistive Devices

Whenever possible, have regular walks and gentle exercises. They increase strength, thus improving your balance, muscle coordination, and flexibility. The activities increase your stamina and therefore reduce cases of falls. You can also think of having assisting devices such as handrails on the sides of stairways. You can also have raised toilet seats. They will limit excessive straining and falls.

Many simple activities can reduce fall rates among senior adults. Take the initiative to apply them. Your safety is important and may mean your life!