Packing Hacks for Taking Your Vape on a Trip

Packing Hacks for Taking Your Vape on a Trip

Review the Rules

Depending on what you vape, it’s very important that you review the rules of what’s legal in the place you’re headed. If your state allows legal use of THC products and your destination doesn’t, be smart. You don’t want to have to deal with legal challenges while you’re trying to make your flight.

Travel Charged

If you plan to carry your vaping tool on your person, charge it before you get on the plane and leave it in your pocket or bag. There may be airports where you can vape, but you won’t be able to vape on the plane. If you use a DIY blend, make sure your vaping cartridge isn’t fully filled. 

Be Honest

If you use vaping tools and choose to travel with them, be honest about it and pull them out of your carry-on for the safety check. Trying to be furtive will draw more attention than just putting out your vaping gear immediately.

For those who use a rechargeable vaping pen, make sure it’s turned off for your flight. No, flying right now isn’t fun. However, stealth vaping on a plane will be extremely difficult and getting caught can get you arrested. You may also end up on a no-fly list which will impact your ability to fly in the future. Skip the hassle and leave your tool turned off.

Protecting Your Liquids

To avoid a spill in your carry-on, damaging your electronics or wasting e-juice,

  • seal the top of your dropper bottle with plastic tape.
  • wrap the whole bottle in plastic wrap
  • put the wrapped bottle in a plastic storage bag
  • wrap this in a soft cloth and tuck it safely in your carry-on

If you’re traveling with a vaping kit, do take the time to seal up any container that’s loaded with liquid. If the container is still sealed, you may want to go ahead and open it up and split the contents so you have a bit more room at the top of the bottle A burst bottle will be a wasteful mess of product that you will want to use when you land.

Consider a Disposable

If space is very tight or you’re not comfortable packing your vaping liquid, you may have decent results in the short term with a disposable vaping pen. Make sure that you carry your pen in the original packaging to avoid legal worries as you go through security.

Security Rules

Like it or not, the legal rules on cannabis products are fuzzy in terms of nationwide travel. To be sure that you are not going to get into trouble, you may want to ship the vaping juices you need to your destination and travel with empty tools.

Even if your chosen products are legal in your current state, be aware that the choice to dig a bit deeper into your vaping products lies with the TSA officer. If they want to know more about what you’re carrying, they have the right to pull you aside and put your travel schedule at risk.

Pack discreetly, but be honest. Make sure all vape juice containers are in multiple layers of wrapping to reduce leaks and waste. Consider carrying a disposable just for your trip, and leave your tool turned off during your flight.