4 Reasons to Try a Bridal Gown Style You Wouldn’t Expect

4 Reasons to Try a Bridal Gown Style You Wouldn’t Expect

Your wedding is the ideal time to experiment with your style. You’ll want to wear something that’s different from your usual style. It may seem like an obvious idea but most brides shy away from it. The great thing about trying something new is that you can always change your mind. Here are some reasons why you should consider a new look.

1- Knowing What Looks Good on You

Trying on different wedding dresses gives an idea of what looks good on you. Most women have an idea of what wedding dress they want. However, they don’t really know if it suits them unless they try it on.

What may surprise you is that you end up liking something else. Plus, not everyone was born with a keen sense of style. You may have to try on many dresses until you find the one! It’s also helpful to know what styles to avoid.

2- Experimenting with Different Looks

Fashion should be fun. With that being said, you should try looks you normally wouldn’t. Even if you don’t fall in love with it, it’ll give you the confidence you need to take more fashion risks.

It’s best to try something new months ahead of your big day. For example, you shouldn’t try a new hairstyle or makeup trick on the day of. You could end up with a fashion blunder. The same goes for whichever wedding dress you decide on.

You want to make sure that it fits you. This requires several alterations leading up to the day. At first, you may feel self-conscious about trying new looks. In the end, you’ll feel like a whole new woman. You may end up with a new style that you didn’t realize you loved before.

3- Wearing Something Flattering

Most women are restricted by age when it comes to wedding dresses. Most assume that experimenting with fashion is only reserved for younger brides. Experimenting with different wedding dresses can also be helpful when you are older.

Older brides already know what looks good on them. They also stay away from sexy silhouettes and bold styles that could make them look silly. You’ll end up with an age-appropriate wedding gown that flatters your body shape.

4- Affordable Way to Do Something Unexpected

It’s an inexpensive way to try to change things up. When you feel bored trying on wedding dresses, you feel like there’s nothing out there for you. This can cause you to spend more money on something that you don’t like.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to try a new look. If you’re unsure about a certain style or trend, try the less expensive one first. If you end up loving it, invest in the designer version. You can also do something unexpected like a jumpsuit or a two-piece wedding look.


The goal is to find a wedding gown that’s uniquely yours. Make the most of wedding dress shopping by wearing something different and experimenting with style. You find the right guy, now it’s time to find the right dress. You may never know what you’ll find until you try.

How To Feel More Confident In Your Wedding Dress

How To Feel More Confident In Your Wedding Dress

On your wedding day, all eyes are on you. Everything must be perfect. Your hair, makeup, and especially your dress must be stunning for those memorable wedding photos. With so many details to handle, it’s normal to feel stress on your wedding day. However, there are a few ways to feel more confident, so you can relax, have a stress-free wedding day and celebrate with your guests.

Self-Care is Essential

In the months leading up to the wedding, there are hundreds of details to plan. It’s essential to get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet. Some brides decide they want to lose some weight before the wedding. If the alterations on your dress are complete, this isn’t the best time to go on a diet. Your dress has been altered to fit your current size, and you don’t want any last-minute adjustments that may change how well the dress fits. As the wedding day gets closer, take time out for a special date night with your future spouse or plan a spa day with your bridesmaids. Getting your mind off the wedding for a few hours is rejuvenating, and you’ll be able to focus on the last-minute details without feeling like you want to head for the hills.

Remember it’s Your Wedding

When you start to feel the stress or get overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remember why you’re going through all the planning. The two of you are about to start a life journey and celebrate with your families and friends. When you consider the significance of the day and what it means to your family and friends, the feelings of insecurity will soon go away.

Wear Shapewear

When you walk down the aisle, everyone is going to notice your dress, your jewelry, and your accessories. What you wear under your dress enhances your best features and smooths out the lines in your dress. Wedding shapewear is more popular than ever before. More wedding dresses today are cut low or reveal quite a bit of skin. If the dress you choose is more revealing than some more conventional wedding dresses, traditional shapewear may not be your best option. Your wedding stylist can recommend lingerie and discreet shapewear retailers that may have exactly what you need.

Buy the Dress For Your Body Type

If you decide your current body isn’t exactly what you want on your wedding day, give yourself plenty of time to lose those few pounds before you buy your wedding dress. The last thing you need is the stress of trying to fit into a dress you bought six months ago. Choosing a dress for the body you want, not the one you have, isn’t the best option. Discuss your preferences with your wedding stylist and choose a dress that flatters your shape and makes you feel elegant.

It Must Be a Perfect Fit

Wedding dresses may be classic and simple or elaborate with intricate detailing. The alterations should be done by a bridal industry specialist who understands how to work with delicate fabrics.

5 Things To Consider When Picking Out A Wedding Dress

5 Things To Consider When Picking Out A Wedding Dress

Every bride should feel beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. The wedding dress she chooses should reflect her unique style. Allure Bridals blends rich fabrics like lace and satin with intricate beading and detailing to create wedding gowns that are unique and breathtaking. According to Style Blueprint what should be a magical occasion can get stressful quickly if you don’t set boundaries. When you’re shopping for the perfect dress for your wedding, here’s what to consider.

Allow Enough Time to Shop

An excellent rule to follow is not to choose a dress based on what will arrive in time for your wedding. It would be best if you started shopping for your dress eight months to a year before the wedding. It takes four to six months for a dress to come in, and alterations can take four to six weeks.

Choose Your Dress First

Your wedding dress sets the tone for your wedding. For example, an elegant gown with intricate beading and lace is perfect for a candlelight service in the evening. By contrast, if you’re planning an afternoon wedding in a garden or on the beach, your dress will be more informal. Choosing your dress first can take some of the stress out of deciding on the bridesmaid’s dresses. Your bridesmaids will all have ideas about dresses, so limiting the choices makes it easier on you.

Buying Based on Trends Can Be Good or Bad

Depending on your taste, buying a wedding dress based on current trends can go either way. If you typically choose your apparel based on current trends, you’re likely to be happy with your dress. However, if you have more traditional taste, you may prefer a timeless and simple dress. It’s best not to let your family or friends influence you. What you wear on your wedding day might be a style that doesn’t suit you.

Shop With A Open Mind

A lot of brides have a childhood vision of the perfect wedding dress they saw as a 10-year-old. When you start shopping for your dress, it’s a good idea to put that image out of your mind. Trust your wedding stylist. She helps thousands of brides to find the perfect dress for their big day. When the stylist gets to know what your preferences are, she knows where to start. Wedding experts say that quite often, a bride chooses a dress she may never have considered but turns out to be perfect.

Limit the Number Of People You Bring to the Salon

Many wedding stylists share a sentiment. They would prefer it if their brides didn’t bring an entourage when they’re choosing their wedding dress. When a bride walks out of the dressing room, she knows what her friends and family think. If a bride listens to the opinions of her friends, she may not have the confidence to choose the dress she prefers. Brides don’t want to offend relatives or their best friends by telling them they don’t like a dress. The bride may narrow the search down to six or seven dresses but not make a decision. The bride should bring her mom or close friend to help her make the decision.