How To Proceed When You’ve Been Charged With A DUI

Dui is a charge that can stick with you for the rest of your life. The consequences of a DUI can follow you forever, so it’s important to know how to proceed after your arrest. If you have been charged with a DUI, you must take the steps necessary to protect yourself from the potential ramifications of a conviction. DUI lawyers can answer any questions you might have about your case and what you can do to defend yourself going forward. These are some ways to proceed when you are charged with a DUI.

Post Bail

After an officer catches you violating the DUI laws, he will typically take you to the station or a nearby hospital to determine whether you are impaired. You will be detained until the results of your blood, breath, and urine test come back. If the officer determines that you are impaired and that your driving was unsafe, he will typically book you on a charge of DUI or DWI, which can lead to penalties like fines, probation, community service, jail time, and more. You need to post bail so you can start dealing with the DUI charges.

Get A Lawyer

When you don’t understand the laws that apply to your specific circumstances, you should contact a DUI lawyer in your area. A DUI case can take a turn for the worse if you choose to defend yourself against the charges alone. If you are unsure of your next steps, it is best to get professional guidance from a DUI lawyer in your area. A good lawyer will have a solid understanding of the laws applicable to your case. A DUI lawyer will explain what those laws are, and they can help you pursue the best defense for your situation.

Return To Court

If you complete all of the required steps required by the police and prosecutors, then you must go back to court before being convicted. Not showing up for court or otherwise displaying an unwillingness to participate in your defense is a bad idea. It can be detrimental to your case and even result in an automatic guilty conviction.

Request a Pre-Trial Conference

If you have been receiving letters from prosecutors, then you should make a point to contact them to discuss your case at some point. If you are not sure if the prosecutor has already written you or if you are being investigated, try to find out your status before going in for trial. Knowing will help you to take appropriate actions as the situation moves forward.

If you are unsure when it is a good time to contact the prosecutor and are interested in discussing your case, you should review the documents you have been sent. Discuss your options with a DUI lawyer in your area to help you understand what comes next and allow you to follow through with whatever best represents your interests at the time.

In conclusion, a DUI charge is a serious matter that results in penalties that can impact your life for years to come. If you are not sure of what you will do, you should contact a DUI lawyer for advice about proceeding. A knowledgeable DUI attorney will help you understand your legal options and what those options mean for how the case moves forward.