How Woven Wire Fences Can Reduce Animals Getting Out

How Woven Wire Fences Can Reduce Animals Getting Out

Woven wire fencing has a tight structure of interlacing wire set in rectangles or triangles. While being highly durable, woven wire is also the most secure fencing type on the market. If the animals you own are on a farm, ranch, or inside your backyard, the fencing needs to be tight and secure to prevent the possibility of escape. With a woven wire fence, escaping is impossible. This is due to the wire’s tight and secure stretch. The wire is also securely attached to poles to prevent slack. Investing in a woven wire fence will be beneficial for any animal owner. It will reduce the risk of animals escaping and injuring themselves or others. There are several types of woven wire fences. Choosing which to buy is dependent on the type of animal you wish to house and how large these animals are.

Woven wire fences come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The type of fence to purchase depends on the size of the animals. Woven wire is significantly tighter than barbed wire. Therefore, it is perfect for sheep and goats. Woven wire is also available in heavy metal or extra heavyweight varieties. This is perfect for hogs and horses. Height is something to keep in mind when purchasing a woven wire fence. The fence should stand at least 48 inches from the ground. This will prevent animals from simply jumping over it. Woven wire is also beneficial to secure cattle. However, the cattle will rub the woven wire fencing down, so it is recommended to use preventative measures to keep the fence intact. When it comes to the spacing of the wires, woven wire fences can be suited for smaller or larger animals. This spacing can range from 1 ½ inch at the bottom to 9 inches at the top. When the height of the fence increases, the spacing does as well.

Woven wire is more durable than other fencing materials. Therefore, it provides security in the most challenging geographical settings. Woven wire can also withstand wear and tear from larger animals. When it comes to preventing injury to animals, the woven wire also passes the test. The knots provided in a woven wire fence are smooth. These knots have no jags, preventing the risk of injuries to livestock. The strength and durability of woven wire fencing are combined with other wire types to prevent the escape of larger animals. Many farmers combine woven wire with electricity to prevent larger animals from escaping. Woven wire can also adapt to a variety of terrain and weather conditions. Therefore, animals are secure at all times.

Woven wire fencing has been used for decades to provide a safe and secure environment for horses, hogs, sheep, goats, cattle, and other livestock. To find out more information about woven wire fencing and how it can reduce the risk of animals escaping, contact a reputable fencing company in your area. They will assess your property and the animals you wish to secure to inform you of the best fencing options available to you.