What A Person That Is Struggling With Substance Has To Consider

The truth about substance abuse is that it is far more prevalent than the average person realizes. This can impact a person regardless of status in society as a homeless person could be just as bad of an alcoholic as a successful executive. The trouble with substance abuse is that the addict often times does not recognize their problem until it has taken hold. A lot of people try to hide their addictions due to shame from family and friends knowing about the addition. The following are things that someone struggling with substance abuse need to consider when thinking about getting professional help.

Losing Relationships With Friends

Addiction can cost you both your friends as well as romantic relationships. Being in a relationship is a struggle as your main priority is your addiction rather than your significant other. You might resort to stealing or lying to friends in order to feed your addiction. This can put you on the fast track to having no friends quickly especially if the only time you call is when you need to borrow money. People do not want to hang out with someone that is drunk beyond belief or has been doing cocaine for days on end. You will find that most of your other friends are addicts as well and at this point you really need help.

Impact Of Addiction On Your Career

Addiction does not automatically mean that your career is over as there are plenty of people that are functioning alcoholics and drug addicts. This could impact your productivity which could mean losing a promotion that you would have received had you been sober. Losing a job due to showing up drunk or high can impact your career permanently as most people are not willing to employ a current addict.

Financial Implications Of Addiction

Financial implications of addiction can vary if you have not lost your job but drugs can be very expensive. Most drugs are tolerance based so you will have to use more and more to get the same high. A long-term user of opiates might require a dosage to get high that would kill someone without any type of opiate tolerance. You will find yourself doing things you never imagined like stealing from loved ones to feed an addiction or resort to selling drugs so you can do them whenever you’d like.

Legal Consequences Of Addiction

Getting arrested due to your addiction whether it is for DUI or drug possession can impact your future permanently.  The first step is finding a criminal defense attorney in Anchorage Alaska or in your location. These attorneys can usually work with a prosecutor for first-time offenders with the goal of getting you help. Charges could be expunged if a program that deals with substance abuse and probation are both completed successfully. Do not allow substance abuse to put you behind bars by getting help as soon as you can.

Take control of your addiction before it worsens and you are too deep in addiction to recover. This can happen faster than you expect so get help now and do not delay as it could mean your life.