How to Become a Priest

How to Become a Priest

Becoming a priest is an outstanding goal to strive to achieve. Father George Rutler holds the belief that it is a worthy commitment to God. Keep in mind, a priest is a valued leader who has been authorized to perform some very sacred rituals within religion. A priest will have the authority to administer various rites (religious). A priest will learn to make their own will the same as God’s will. This is known as a discernment process. A priest is known to be a mediator. Representing the Divine being is a most important role. Most experienced priests will claim that they are conducting themselves as an ambassador and that they have been called, by God, to serve people. A priest will keep the ministry of Jesus Christ moving through the planet. A priest has a defined calling. The goal is to celebrate and embrace the very good news of salvation, and share this with the people of God. The role of a priest involves many areas and it is a valid commitment to God Almighty. This is a very large commitment to pursue and remaining true to this calling requires dedication.

Becoming a Priest

There are a set of valuable steps which must be taken in order to become a priest. This process often includes the following:

* Reflection

* Prayer

* A plan for an education

This is often the start of the entire process. The prayer and reflection tends to lead to clarity within this honorable profession. The above three items will take a prospective priest to the next levels of the process. Preparing oneself for this Godly journey often starts with preparation.

The Path to Priesthood

Becoming a priest does require education. It will be important to select an educational facility to attend:

*  Bachelor’s Degree will need to be earned. This type of degree is often a requirement for becoming a priest

* Completing Graduate Work is necessary. Attending Seminary may be required

* After the education requirements have been met, it will be time to get ordained

Added Information

It ought to be noted, the seminarian aspect usually requires the following:

* A four year study of theology at the selected seminary

* Upon the graduation (the seminary) it is common to be required to serve as a deacon (this is often transitional and it will prepare an individual for their role as a priest)

Father George Rutler says this entire process will take approximately five years in total to glide through the process of graduating from college and moving into the ordainment aspect. This includes a study of philosophy. Philosophy is often completed as an undergraduate which will speed up the educational requirements. Most individuals who have been accepted into a seminary will have their degree. The major may involve some very extensive coursework:

* Studies in religion

* Philosophy

The majority do spend four years in college. There may be some educational exceptions to this standard method.

The Rewards

This endeavor does have many rewards that follow. A priest has the awesome ability to minister to people from every age bracket. Experiencing real and powerful connections with others tends to become a part of daily life. A priest has the ability to make an impact within this world.

Andrew Napolitano Explains How to Handle Nightmares

Andrew Napolitano Explains How to Handle Nightmares

We all get nightmares sometimes and it isn’t a fun time. Even more miserable is when someone doesn’t know how to cope with their nightmare. Some things anyone, including Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, can do to help with nightmares is to make sure they have a regular relaxing consistent bed routine. This means more than just going to bed the same time every night. You have to make sure you are doing relaxing things before going to bed to have your mind in the right space. For example a warm bath or doing a puzzle are good winding down activities. If you are rough housing, wrestling or playing on your phone before bed that isn’t going to help put you in the right mindset to be relaxed and go to sleep. 

Another thing that is good for all over health which can help with nightmares as well. Is to take an inventory of your mental health. Are you overly stressed? If so why are you stressed and evaluate what you can do to minimize or if possible rid yourself completely from your stress. In adults it has been found that those with conditions such as restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea can see a major reduction or possibly not having any at all by treating the symptoms of those diseases. Now if it is not any of those conditions do not fear a lot of adults have been able to rest easy by changing their behaviors including those with Post Traumatic Disorder, Anxiety and Depression. Some changes that you can make that have shown successful to others is to make sure you are exercising. Try yoga and meditation. Make sure that you are consistently getting enough to sleep.

 When you don’t, sleep deprivation can actually fuel the very thing you are trying to avoid. Make sure you room is decorated in a way that is relaxing to you and makes you want to go to sleep. Your room is for sleep not playing on your phone this mind set can make a huge difference as well. I know this all sounds like the typical answers we all get with any health problem any more. Everything tells us to sleep enough and exercise. So people want proof and want the advice of someone successful and we have that.

 Andrew Napolitano who was a previous Supreme Court Judge has struggled with nightmares and found success using some of these techniques. He tries to minimize his stress as someone in the political arena that can be a major task on its own. However he manages to do it. If he can do it then I am sure the everyday people can try and reduce some stress as well. The other thing he does is not eat right before bed as he has found that when he does eat before bed he is more likely to have a nightmare. You have to decide, do you want cake or a good night’s sleep?
To learn more about Andrew Napolitano, please visit

Helen Lee Schifter: The Joy of Authenticity

Helen Lee Schifter: The Joy of Authenticity

Helen Lee Schifter, a former fashion editor,  may claim that authenticity tends to add joy to life. She encourages others to stay true to themselves because it is vital to know oneself on a personal level. Authenticity is essentially remaining real in terms of what is said and what is really thought really thought about. This is honesty in thinking and actions. Many people claim that authenticity is referring to a passion within. Often authenticity will increase levels of self-worth because it is a truthful and informed way of being or fully living. An authentic person has some very noticeable characteristics:

* trustworthy

* honest

* unique in their ideas

* genuine

* open-minded

These are a sample of some of the noteworthy qualities that are associated with an authentic person. Authenticity adds joy to life in amazing ways.

Defining Joy

Authenticity and joy mixed together add up to cheerful feelings, added vibrancy, feelings of pleasure and feeling connected to others is real and valid ways. Joy can come from meaningful relationships. Authenticity is weaved in with joy because powerful relationships are formed between authentic individuals who truly know themselves. Authenticity eliminates superficial relationships which lack meaning for many. Joy is often described as an inner feeling.

Achieving Authenticity

The former arbitrage trader on Wall Street believes it is joyful to achieve authenticity as a human being. Many people hold the belief that it is risky to be authentic because sometimes it is more popular to go along with the average crowd rather than be completely honest and real with personal feelings and views. Many people allow the world to mold their views and ideas. This notion tends to dull the senses and leave many people feeling uninformed about their own selves. The following ideas lead to authenticity:

* Review family styles and teachings; many families have a set of beliefs that have been ingrained into the entire family for generations. Some people, striving to be authentic, can fully examine their own family belief system and decide for themselves what their own beliefs are and then discard whatever beliefs do not ring true

* Taking time to discover oneself; think before acting and talking is often a good way to discover oneself. Many will even take the time to honestly observe themselves on an objective level. It is glorious to discover oneself on a deep and meaningful level

* Hosting conversations with oneself; conversations, in terms of thoughts, can reveal much and help a person to sort out their own ideas and views. Some people have written conversations with themselves and this has led them to their own real selves

* Match words with actions; authentic people will make certain their words and actions are aligned and matching. Incorporate the matching of belief systems too

* Examine doubts and fears on a regular basis; everyone has doubts and fears throughout life. An authentic person will acknowledge, examine and embrace them because they are valid and real. Examining any doubts and fears tends to lead people to feelings of freedom because they do not need to pretend to have all of life’s answers and they give themselves permission to be human

There is valid joy when authenticity is able to come through because every human being is meant to be themselves and to experience real happiness in their life.

To learn more, visit Helen Lee Schifter’s F6S profile.

Spending Time By Yourself

Spending Time By Yourself

Father George Rutler knows that the world is a busy place and it seems to keep on getting busier. There are more demands on time, work, and things that don’t give pleasure to people. Living in this lifestyle can make a person feel stressed, even more than they have been before. Living in this lifestyle can foster mental illness such as depression since demands on a person’s time and energy seem to have peaked. Some people don’t see any way to relieve this type of stress with all that is going on around them. Many need to spend time by themselves. Not being alone, but by spending time without others around and giving themselves a change to breathe.

Spending time is not being alone, but being separate from others for a period of time to accomplish a few things. One of those things that become accomplished by being separate from people for a while is that a person is allowed to just decompress from all the demands that life can put on them. It is valuable for a person just to get away for a while to allow themselves to just “be” without people needing anything from them. It is a good thing to allow a person to let their stress be alleviated for a period of time so they can recharge and let their minds settle without thinking about the next thing they have to do for someone else or their family.

Many people have jobs that require their constant attention, everyday, to some detail that demands their time. This is stressful, and that can lead a person to not feel very good about themselves. They need some time, and it may be quite significant, to just be left alone without the demands of others. It’s not that they want to be away from the rest of the world forever, but for the time being they just want to get away.

Spending time away from others can be an absolute blessing not only for the person who needs the time away, but for the people who usually need the attention of that person. Those that constantly give attention and time to others often feel that they are suffering emotionally. They feel bouts of depression, and that can affect their work, and their family life. Being away from others for a period of time can heal.

Healing a person emotionally or just giving them a change to recharge in this way can lead to healthier relationships. The person doing the recharging will feel that they can handle the demands upon them better. They won’t feel resentful that they have to give more of themselves to someone else.

Just watching TV like Father George Rutler is a great way to let a person just relax and be by themselves. It gives them a chance to think of other things that are enjoyable and maybe not really thinking at all. Just being able to sit and watch some TV shows or cooking can be very therapeutic.

The Infamous Gamer – Everyday Gift Cards You Need

The Infamous Gamer – Everyday Gift Cards You Need

Gift cards in the past years became a synonym for a perfect gift for our loved ones. In these times, when a global pandemic encourages us to keep social distancing, gift cards are a safe way for sending our love to the people we love and care about the most.

The Infamous Gamer is one of those sites specialized in selling online gift cards that you can either use or send to anyone you want to impress. 

As we’re curious about these things, we took some time to go through their offer and found many great gift cards that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

The Infamous Gamer is not a pleasant surprise only for those in love with video games as the website offers many other everyday gift cards that we can use in online stores.

Here’s what we’ve found interesting and worthy of our time and money.

Popular Game Titles

The time when we had to buy video games on CD’s is long gone. Even the newest PlayStation 5 has a digital version where you can download the games on your HDD.

You can avoid the official games sites and purchase a game title on The Infamous Gamer through a gift card at a great bargain. If you’re buying it for yourself or looking for a way to surprise your loved ones, a gift card will be a perfect choice.

This gift card shop has many popular games on their offer, and you can choose among many genres.

FIFA 20 is one of those games that enchanted the gamer community with a great graphics design and improved mechanics, propelling the title to the top charts. You can find a gold edition of the game in this gift card shop for your Xbox One.

Another popular game that found its way on this site is BioShock. This gift card will give you three parts of the franchise and combine them into one exciting experience.

An action-packed game such as this will guarantee you will spend your time playing it with much joy and excitement.

There’s something for everyone, and we’re sure you’ll find a title that will complement your taste.

In-Game Purchases

Besides many great game titles that you can own by purchasing a gift card on The Infamous Gamer, you can find options that will grant you in-game currency or items. 

Microtransactions are a new way for game developers to cash in on their beloved game titles. For players to unlock an item or get a premium account, they will have to deposit a certain amount of cash on their accounts.  

World of Warcraft is one of those games where you need to pay a monthly subscription for it to play. This game is a good example where you can use gift cards bought on The Infamous Gamer for extending the monthly subscription.

If you want to surprise anyone playing this game, you can get a gift card for them that will unload a heavy burden off their back by not paying for the subscription in the next few months.

Gift Cards for Online Shopping and Subscriptions

Among all these gaming gift cards mentioned above, you can find many others that you can use for online shopping or subscriptions.

The Infamous Gamer offers gift cards such as:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • PlayStation Network
  • Google Play Store
  • Steam Wallet
  • iTunes
  • Xbox Live

These gift cards can be the best presents for your loved ones that you can send out virtually without leaving the comfort of your home in times like these.

If you want to surprise someone and let them know that you care about them, but you don’t know what they might like having, a gift card like Amazon is a perfect choice. Buying one and sending it to someone will allow them to purchase an item of their choice. 

Have a look at what this site has in its offer, and we’re sure that you’ll find something useful for you or your loved ones.


The Infamous Gamer is a perfect match if you’re looking for a way to change the way you’ve purchased the games or paying for subscriptions. You can find many great deals that will come in useful for you when buying or playing a game.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make someone you care about happy, this site will give you many options when choosing a gift for them.

Look no further, as this site has everything you’ll ever need when choosing a gift like this.

Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

Saving Up for Your Child’s College Education

A college education will allow a student the chance to advance their skills and they will gain more knowledge. In college, a student can specialize in a specific field and they will be able to do something they are passionate about. The only problem is that college tuition is not cheap. It costs several thousand dollars a year for a student to attend college. It is essential to begin to save for college as soon as possible. While a child is still young and even in the toddler stage, a parent should begin to save for college.

Benjamin Cory Harow knows the importance of saving for college and making sure that children have the chance to get a proper education. When his children were very little, maybe around a year old he began to save for his children’s college expenses. He did this so that his children can have a chance at an education in the future and the savings that he had put away would help pay off their tuition.

Harow was able to put a little aside at a time for his children. He did not have a great deal of money to put into savings at the time. Small children are expensive. Every little bit helps. Even something as $10 a week will help in the future. it is important to begin saving when the child is young. If a parent starts just after birth and puts a small amount away, it will add up to over 18 years. Ten dollars a week times eighteen years will add up to a significant amount of money. Every little bit will add up and will reduce the amount of money that a student needs to come up with.

There are many ways to pay for college. There are student loans and personal loans that the parents and students can take out to cover the tuition bill. While this can be helpful at the time these loans do need to be paid back and there will be interest added. Many young adults are struggling to pay back their student lean due to the high amount of money that needs to be repaid. If a parent has been saving for years the student will not have to borrow as much money. If they still need to borrow money it will be much less than their parents have saved for them.

It is important to begin to have savings for college early to help reduce the debt and the financial burden from higher education. A college education is needed to get a good job and a job that there may be additional levels of security. If a parent is able to set up a savings account for the child and they do it early in their life by the time they get to college they will have a nice amount of money saved up. This will help make sure their tuition is paid.

Making Unique Graduation Cards with a Personalized Touch

Making Unique Graduation Cards with a Personalized Touch

Graduations signify success at specific levels in our education. Whether high school, college, or any other level, it is a special moment that lives on in our minds and hearts for years to come. Therefore, giving custom graduation cards provides a personal touch your loved one will remember. Here is everything you need to know about personalized greeting cards from Mixbook.

Tips to Make the Best Card

When you give the graduate a card, you want them to know it was specifically made for them while also making sure they will treasure it forever. When making your card, these are the steps you want to follow:

      i.         Pick a photo

Including a photo in a card is the best way to ensure it has a personal feel. For graduation, you can choose the subject’s favorite photo or any other that will mean something to them. This is the first thing you want to do before considering anything else in the creation process.

    ii.         Choose a design

Mixbook has given you a wide range of designs to choose from when making greetings cards. Here it is completely your choice as you will go for the format, trim options, colors, and orientation you prefer. Some people love portraits while others prefer landscape. Your photo may also influence the choice. After you have settled for the right design, you can move on to personalize your card.

   iii.         Personalize the card

This process begins with uploading the chosen photo. Drag the picture to the Mixbook template and adjust it accordingly to match your desired outcome. Take time to crop and make the necessary changes to give it a pleasant appearance. Once you are satisfied, proceed to edit text boxes. Again, you have the freedom to write something special in those boxes. Take your time to perfect everything. All that is left now is the envelope. You can order it with a special printing of your choice.

   iv.         Review the card

This is important to ensure your card is just what you had in mind. If there are any changes that need to be made, this is the time to adjust those errors. Once you are satisfied, you can now order your card and wait for delivery.

Gift Ideas to Accompany the Card

Customizing a card will not be complete if it is not accompanied by a good gift. You have a wide range of choices available. Whether it is four-year photos arranged in a book or a graduation journal, they will remember that moment for the rest of their life. Some people even personalize wine glasses they will use to toast to success.

Mixbook makes it possible to add a personal touch to any card you send your loved ones, whether graduation, wedding, or any other cards. There are also customized thank you cards available to send after the occasion has come to an end. Special moments in life should always be marked with special greeting cards. Try Mixbook today to enjoy the good quality and simplicity of the process.

My Favorite Things About Princeton

My Favorite Things About Princeton

Reading and Grand Achievements

Alexander Djerassi has a list of favorite items to boast about in terms of students, Princeton and the many enjoyable aspects of this outstanding educational experience. He is known to have a love of reading and a grand list of achievements under his belt. Princeton is a favorite topic for him because it has so much to offer. This private university is spectacular and it is an enriching experience. The history has been evolving since 1746 and it is one of the oldest institutions around.

Things to Love About Princeton

There are so many things to love about Princeton. The educational opportunities are stimulating and reach beyond the average expectations. Djerassi, a lawyer, has been known to rave about the ideal environment for intellectual, intriguing and engaging encounters which are in abundance. All students are vividly shaped by this outstanding educational experience because many gaps are eliminated in terms of governmental agencies. Higher education has been made affordable and students do not miss out on a day of learning because funds and scholarships have been made available to enhance opportunities and ensure successful outcomes. The following things have made Princeton an outstanding educational and engaging opportunity:

* there is a reduced student versus instructor ratio

* engaging relationship opportunities

* individualized learning opportunities

* there is an emphasis on independent study styles and success

* it is a welcoming and successful environment

* the powerful sense of community

* more

Princeton has so much to offer and is an outstanding environment which allows individuals to excel and reach their goals. The opportunities lead to long-term excellence which enhance life and professional opportunities.

A Calm Learning Environment and Enjoyable Events

The calm and quieter learning environment adds to the entire educational opportunity. The many enjoyable events give students memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The engaging activities, the vivacious organizations and the powerful team spirit creates exhilarating opportunities to bond with others in mesmerizing ways. The very high-ranking graduate programs blend together nicely with the added activities and opportunities. The entire Princeton experience is filled with stimulating courses, extraordinary activities and so much more.

A Captivating Chapel

Princeton provides more than learning, events and activities. Education can include spiritual comfort and incorporate a spiritual connection with the Princeton University Chapel. Students and staff have the opportunity to relieve some of their own stressors by reflection and spiritual guidance. The chapel offers regularly scheduled events to accommodate those who would like to blend their education in with their spiritual side. Worship services tend to keep life in balance for students and staff. Choir and music tend to be very soothing and provide an outlet from studies.

Nature and Battlefield State Park

The Battlefield State Park allows students to breathe in some nature as they are embarking on their education endeavor. The superb architecture instills a powerful sense of awe and the added history further tickles the imagination. The opportunities are endless and engaging with nature is part of the educational experience for many.

How to Make Your Dorm Your Own

How to Make Your Dorm Your Own

College is an exciting time for many people, and one of the best parts is getting to decorate your room to your liking. Read below to learn how to make your dorm room your own. 

1. Get inspired Online 

Pinterest is an incredible place to start. Not only can you save and pin other photos but you can refer through to websites that sell these items. You should also consider setting up boards that inspire you for your dorm. 

2. Figure out your “theme” or inspiration 

Once you have a theme in mind, shopping becomes much easier. If you prefer a botanical theme, you may want to look at where and how you can obtain some plants.

If you want a neoclassical theme, you may want to look at certain marble stickers for your sideboards, or cream emulsion for the walls to add light.

3. Save up for decor 

If you have a specific style in mind, you will need to adequately budget for your new dorm. In this case, you should consider having a set budget that can’t be compromised and look to save up in advance so you don’t have to tap into your current savings.

This way you can look at what will work best and where you can afford to add a little extra. 

If you are considering buying a new bed for example, that certainly requires a good amount of cash to ensure that it is suitable for your back and will be a long-lasting item that you can take with you.

If you want new wallpaper, you can cut back on costs depending on when and where you look for your item.

4. Look for Sales

Plenty of vintage and second hand stores have incredible finds that are not only unique but can cater to most budgets. Research exactly what you need. Shop around and be sure to compare prices as you would anywhere else. 

Sales don’t always just appear in second hand stores, but also online. Many companies run offers and the possibility to use vouchers, so signing up to mailing lists could be helpful for you. 

5. Make it easy to clean

You can look to keep the space free from junk and clutter by reaching out to a self storage company who can take things off your hands, and allow you to have the free space you need in a smaller dorm.

When you look at decluttering, you can utilize the space for what is really needed without having to compromise. 

With a little savviness and planning, you can create a space that not only inspires but is also functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can look for inspiration for interior designs on a budget as well as shopping around sensibly and implementing a strategy that allows you to keep your dorm tidy and organized. 

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Best At Home Gym Equipment

Helen Schifter is a former editor at Hearst and Condé Nastas as well among other professional titles. She believes in having a healthy body and staying strong, which is why during the current pandemic, for most people that necessitates home gym equipment.

It’s just too risky to go to the gym. Alternatively, it’s just as risky to stay home and park in front of the boob tube binging on Netflix.

Pandemic or not, the body needs exercise. Which is why the former arbitrage trader on Wall Street recommends many of the following pieces of home gym equipment.

Resistance Bands

Those wanting a great workout but don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands on exercise equipment might well start with resistance bands.

Resistance bands are made of latex or synthetic rubber and come in a variety of resistance levels. There are resistance bands that just provide a mild workout to those that would challenge a championship bodybuilder.

The first advantage of resistance bands is that they are cheap. A great pair of resistance bands will cost $30 or less.

Second, the chance of injuring yourself is very limited. Unlike many pieces of exercise equipment, the resistance provided by the bands is slow and steady.

Finally, resistance bands are a go-anywhere piece of equipment. It’s easy to take them to the park or pack them in a suitcase while traveling.

Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Everyone knows that to keep the body healthy and limber, exercisers need cardio. After all, during the pandemic, even the beaches, parks, and trails may be closed for exercising.

Obtaining a good cardio machine is not a matter of firing up a computer and ordering on Amazon. It’s possible to ultimately order from a source like Amazon, but there is no substitute for trying out the equipment at a sports or exercise store.

Treadmills and Stationary bikes go from roughly $200 to $1,000 or more. However, savvy shoppers can snag some pretty nifty cardio equipment for around $350.

Before buying, however, shoppers should test out the equipment for a good 15 minutes.

A good rule of thumb is if you cannot test a cardio machine in the store, don’t buy it.

Shoppers should be looking for a quality machine that seems comfortable and seem to be well made. Sometimes an extra $150 or will be necessary to buy that quality, but often a mid-priced machine is just as well made.

Alternative Cardio–Jump Ropes or Dancing Exercise Videos

Those wanting a cheaper alternative may go for the boxer’s favorite, the jump rope, or alternatively a dance video.

There are numerous, high-energy dance videos on the internet for free by connecting a computer to a television. Dance exercise is fantastic cardio that is fun. Just make sure to wear good shoes.

The alternative is buying a great jump rope. Noticed the highlighting. Exercisers will want a premium jump rope with steel coated handles, ball bearing assist, and be sure the rope is made of quality, weighted material.