Balancing Work and Family Life

Balancing Work and Family Life

Balancing Work and Family Life

Many working parents struggle every day and wonder how they manage their household, take care of their kids, and work. It seems like they have to please everyone. Father George Rutler stresses the importance of balancing work and family life. What do people do? How is the person expected to handle everything? These questions will be answered in this context.

Switch to a More Flexible Option

Switching to part-time work will allow more family time. For a family that cannot afford a drop in income, then they need to talk to their boss about switching their schedule to a more flexible one. For example, working from home would be a change in pace. People won’t miss out on family parties or any upcoming events starring their children.

Commit to More Family Events

Mark upcoming family events on the calendar. This way people know the dates they need off, and they can let their boss know. It’s important to have that time with family even if it’s doing things they don’t want to do. Committing to birthday parties, family reunions, or special occasion dinners will allow people to separate business from pleasure. Most employers will allow their employees to have that time off as long as they know well in advance.

Do Not Bring Work Everywhere You Go

Do not bring work to family gatherings or other events. People need to learn to put it away and go back to it later. They need to do whatever work they can before they have family obligations. People need to be sure they have time for themselves too and take a breather now and then. For the people that work outside the home, they shouldn’t bring their work home with them. Work should stay in the office.

Just Say No

Some people say yes to everything they’re asked to do, which means they don’t have time to finish their work. If they work from home, they may think it’s easy to say yes and go back to working later. If that happens, things never get accomplished and work gets pushed back. When that happens, people can get overwhelmed and stressed.

Quit Working Altogether

Many people find that quitting their jobs would make things easier because they can spend more time with their families. If the other parent in the household is working full time, then it can be done. People would have to cut back on their spending. It doesn’t have to be permanent; be a stay-at-home parent for a few years and see where it goes. If it doesn’t go over very well, then look for a new job with flexible hours.
Father George Rutler would suggest all working families follow these guidelines because living in a healthy environment is important. Working all the time leaves families feeling as though they are not important, and it becomes a stressful place instead of a happy place. These guidelines will help families learn to separate the two so they can live in a stress-free environment.

A Chat With the Author of A Plague of Flies

A Chat With the Author of A Plague of Flies

Award-winning YA author, Laurel Anne Hill returns with her latest historical fantasy, A Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits,1846. Needless to say, it’s going to be an unforgettable adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Laurel explores her family history and finds a fantasy-filled story of a brave sixteen-year-old, Catalina. Read more about her experience and your soon-to-be-favorite book, A Plague of Flies.

Hi Laurel, you released your latest historical fantasy last month, A Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846. Could you tell us about it? 

Available on Amazon

In 1846 Alta California, Catalina Delgado daydreams about her future: roping cattle, marrying Angelo Ortega, and raising children. But now, invaders from the United States—the Bear Flaggers—have declared war against Mexico, her country. Bear Flaggers have imprisoned one close friend of her family and murdered others. What fate might befall her parents, grandfather, and younger brothers? And what about her best friend, a Costanoan servant girl? How can Catalina, only sixteen, help protect all those she loves?

The spirits provide Catalina with answers, but not the ones she wants. Plus she fears the strange spirit man who rides a black Andalusian stallion through the sky. For the sake of all she holds dear, Catalina must risk her reputation as a chaste young woman, her future with Angelo, her life, and her very soul. When hopes and dreams clash with cold reality, Catalina finds the fortitude to accomplish what only she can do.

Why did you choose to write about 1846 Alta California?

At the time I made the choice, I still believed my paternal great-grandmother, Hipólita, had lived there during the 1840s. I thought my Mexican family had lost their land to the United States as a result of the Bear Flag Rebellion in 1846. Then I discovered they’d not come to California until the late 1850s or early 1860s. Once in California, they’d been taken advantage of in some other manner, possibly by one of the US railroads.

What is the one thing about Catalina Delgado that your readers are instantly going to fall in love with?  

Catalina, a young mestiza, has ideas of her own about her personal future, including who she wants to marry. Without sisters, she competes with her four younger brothers for approval. She is not afraid to ride astride (instead of sidesaddle) and can rope longhorns almost as well as her father’s vaqueros do. Regardless, Catalina remains closer to being a sixteen-year-old woman of her time than to becoming some bigger-than-life kick-ass heroine. She wishes to honor members of her family—even when she doesn’t agree with them—and her Catholic faith. Yet she finds herself questioning aspects of both her faith and her family. 

What can you share about the Spirit Man that your potential readers don’t know yet?  

Spirit Man is a complicated being, far more than just a scary character. He has taken the shape of others in the past, and presumably, will do so in the future. Spirit Man has the capacity to serve as a loyal friend or become a terrifying opponent. 

Is there a heart-warming review or comment you received for A Plague of Flies that you’d like to share with us?

Kirkus Reviews, November 1, 2021: In her second YA novel that’s set in a magical-realist 19th-century California, Hill gives readers a wonderfully imaginative, unsettling view of events leading up to the 1849 gold rush. Many narratives emphasize the excitement of this time and California’s newfound wealth, population growth, and influence, but this book foreshadows the disasters—starvation, slaughter, dispossession—inflicted on Indigenous people. It’s a theme that could become heavy-handed, but Catalina’s passionate teenage energy gives propulsion to the dramatic plot.

At what point during the research of A Plague of Flies did you have the sequence of the story plotted? 

Not until I finished the first draft, over ten years after starting my project. Please understand, however, that the hiatus between finishing the first half of draft number one and starting the second half amounted to five of those ten years. I wrote the second half of the initial draft in three months. 

What do you enjoy writing the most – historical fantasy or science fiction? Why? 

Historical fantasy. I love to delve into the history of a setting, and fantasy gives me a fair amount of freedom in world-building. Besides, I worked most of my adult life in the field of science or science technology. Although I write occasional science fiction or science horror stories, doing fantasy returns me to a special place I loved as a child.

Rapid Fire time. Answer the following questions with the first thing that comes to your mind. 

Laurel Anne Hill

A preferred writing snack:  

Morning: Coffee with caramel-flavored creamer.
Evening: A glass of wine.

What was the last soundtrack you heard?  

The opera, “Mefistofele” (by Boito), with Luciano Pavarotti singing the role of Faust.  “Mefistofele” is my go-to inspiration when I need “big sound” to deal with one hell of a challenge.  

Countryside or the beach:

These days, the countryside. For most of my life, the beach.

Tea or coffee: 

Coffee with caramel-flavored creamer.

Kittens or puppies:

Puppies. I love kittens, but cats interfere with my ability to breathe. (Ah-choo!)

Your biggest pet peeve is…:

Spam telephone calls.

Your favorite movie of all times:

The original “Star Wars!” 

Dames Handsome Brings You the Fairy Knights

Dames Handsome Brings You the Fairy Knights

If you’re a parent or teacher of middle graders, you’d know how challenging it is to get them to read. Equally difficult is finding books that can entertain and inspire kids to grow into empathetic human beings. We met with an author who writes stories that kids love reading to not only have fun but to learn from. Dames Handsome is a father, teacher, and excellent author of the most-loved book series, the Fairy Knights. Here’s Dame’s story in his own words.

Hi Dames, how does one come up with such a cool name as Dames Handsome?

From my students! Here in Korea teachers are addressed by their last name and then the word teacher. My actual last name sounds a lot like Handsome so they started to call me Handsome Teacher. And then the Dames part is an old high school nickname so when it came to me making my pen name I found that really it had already been made and it was just waiting for me to pull out and dust off to be made official.

Why did you decide to write children’s books? 

I didn’t haha. All of this started when I sat down with my wife and son to play a role-playing game that I’d made. It was an awesome time and afterward, I realized that I wanted to remember it all forever. So I wrote it all down. And then after it was down I decided to make a story out of it for my son. I adjusted this and that to make it into a real kids’ story. One that I also torqued to teach him a lesson, as all good kids stories do. I read it to him and he loved it. Then it sat on my computer for months. I shared it with some people here and there and they loved it as well. So, finally, I decided that I should “make it real” and publish it. And so it all began.

How did Fairy Knights come to life? 

When I asked my friend Warwick, who teaches people how to be Kindergarten Teachers, to read it and how much it would cost me for him to make a cover for me. He read it and got back to me and asked if he could make pictures for the inside as well. I really can’t imagine the series without him. Our partnership really makes these books snap and I’m so happy to be working together.

What are the unique “superpowers” each of the Fairy Knights possess?

I’ll start with everyone’s favorite, Hamster Rick. He’s a hamster pet that my son named after one of his teddy animals. But rather than being all fat and round like most hamsters, he is super strong and he is incredibly chiseled. A handsome hunk of hamster.

The viewpoint of the series so far has come from Ching Goo and his school’s specialty is changing shapes. Depending on how much Magic Mana he uses, he can become about anything he can imagine. And he has a few more magic tricks up his sleeve as well. He can make himself travel very quickly, he can become super strong, he can make people believe that he is famous, and he can be very lucky. He has to be careful, though, because all of those spells cost mana and if he runs out he can’t cast any more magic for the rest of the day.

And of course, we have Oma Bell, the responsible voice of reason. She is an arcane spellcaster which means she can do powerful spells if given enough time to cast them. But more often she uses her fairy dust to create small but immediate magical effects. She can fly and she also has a mean right hook so you don’t want to mess with her. She has some more spells as well that are more specialized. Her super-smart spell makes her twice as intelligent and she can use magic to become about the cutest kid you’ve ever seen or talked to.

How have Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Hamster Rick grown from one book to another?

At the very start of the series, Ching and Oma were just besties who liked to hang out, and Rick was Ching’s familiar, an animal pet that bonds with their owner to become something very special. But by the time the fourth book has come, we see that Rick has become a full-fledged hero in his own right and is even enrolled at Boogie Elementary School. Oma and Ching have gone through a lot together and Ching has become more mature, responsible, and kind. He has overcome the fear of being no-good, the complexities of jealousy in friendship, and he has more realistic expectations of himself and his friends. He is no longer quite so silly and headstrong. And Oma has let herself loosen up a bit. She has learned that while her ideas and plans may be brilliant, they are always better as a team. It is actually a lot of fun to chart out their lives as they go from book to book, and yet a little sad at the same time because they grow alongside my son, and each little success and every little bit of maturation means he himself is getting that much older and wiser, and that much less of my little baby boy. 

Could you share one heart-warming comment you received from a reader recently?

A father told me that his daughter was all excited about the series and kept talking about how she was going to be super good so she could level up and be a hero. That really made me laugh and smile.

What is the one lesson you’d like your little readers to learn from the Fairy Knights books?

That it is okay and natural to feel anxious, scared, and not as good as the others. And that everyone else feels that same sense of doubt and unworthiness. It is a natural part of growing up and it is okay to feel it and to talk to people about it.

Rapid Fire time! Answer the following questions with the first thing that comes to your mind. 

Dames Handsome

Morning person or night owl

Night owl

Kindle or audiobook


Panda or koala


A preferred writing snack

Sour gummies

Your favorite movie of all times

Free Guy

Do you still have your favorite book from childhood? 

I don’t but that’s because it wore through!

What’s next?

Warwick has told me that the next one needs to be something special and different. So we are working on an anthology of 5 stories told by different characters within the series. But that won’t be out until at least January due to the Holidays.

Meet the Babe in the Woods: Yvonne Wakefield

Meet the Babe in the Woods: Yvonne Wakefield

We bet you have a dream, a wish, or a goal of being off in your secluded cabin in the woods. Our guess, you want to escape the city or even, seeking for inspiration from nature — to create the best work of your life. Whatever your reason, you’ve got to hear Yvonne Wakefield’s story of building her cabin and her life one log at a time. Who knows, you might find the motivation you were looking for in this interview or her books from the Babe in the Woods series. So, here it is.

Hi Yvonne, when did you decide you needed to tell your story as the Babe in the Woods?

I’d previously published some really early, very raw, scattershot journal material and wanted to tell the story about my relationship with the cabin and living there alone.  After publishing “Suitcase Filled with Nails: Lessons Learned from Teaching Art in Kuwait,” the book I wrote about working as a professor in the Middle East teaching art to university-aged Muslim women, I decided to continue on a book about my life at the cabin.

What can your readers expect to find in the first book from the Babe in the Woods series?

The story of a young, naive but determined orphan girl who pushes herself to learn skills to rebuild a home she lost.  In the process, she builds connections with the locals and heals from a sorry past.

Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait was released recently. What part of your journey does it cover?

Self Portrait takes up where the first book leaves off.  It resumes my story of living alone in a wilderness log cabin. But it is also the story of coming and going there over several summers that includes my development as an artist, log cabin builder, and unfortunately my experience with rouge bears.

Why did you choose to build your cabin on an Oregon mountainside?

In high school history class, I learned about the Oregon Trail.  When I came of age and was ready to set out on my venture I headed to Oregon, not knowing if this was the spot on the map where I’d eventually settle.

You don’t seem to miss the city. But in the beginning, what were some things that you missed or wished you had access to?

I still don’t miss the city.  What I miss still, I was at the cabin last weekend during snow and rainstorm, is a good road, Other than that, I have everything I need there.  It just takes a lot longer to get hot water and heat if you first have to fall a tree, buck, and split it to build a stove fire.  Everything is the same as it was when I moved into the cabin as a teenager.   The same kerosene lamps provide light, the same stove heats the interior and all my original tools hang on nails below the porch. I still draw buckets of water from the creek. I did build a bathhouse that is really the only luxury addition.

Is there a fascinating bear-related story you’d like to share here?

One summer when I returned, I discovered bears had gotten into all of my food stores below the cabin.  These weren’t wild bears, but habituated ones relocated into the wilderness above my cabin.  No matter how diligent I was about keeping my food under lock the bears continued to raid my cabin.  When I found myself between a sow and a cub, I had to make a big decision contrary to my philosophy of co-existence.

Being an artist, what’s the best part about having your studio in the forest?

Yvonne Wakefield

There are no electronic or telephonic distractions because there is no electricity or cell phone reception.  I don’t even have a radio.  On the contrary, I can’t extend oil painting sessions past sunset unless I’m working by full moonlight.  One snowy night I was finishing a watercolor painting inside the cabin and went to rinse my brushes in the sink and I noticed it wasn’t draining as usual.  I went back to finish the painting and during this time the gray water drain pipe had frozen.  I had to haul buckets from the creek heat the water and pour it in the sink until the pipe thawed.  If I’d had modern plumbing this would not have happened.

Let’s do a round of rapid-fire questions. Ready? 

Artist or writer

In my mind’s eye, I don’t distinguish between the two

Country or Folk music


Writing in the morning or late at night?


Your favorite book of all time…

The Living by Annie Dillard

One item from your “bucket” list you’d like to share…

I’ve never had a bucket list

One thing you can’t live without…

my little dogs

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

Before my parents died and Christmas was a time for family and celebration I got a red kick scooter.  I was five years old. Before I could use it on Christmas morning, I had to finish my breakfast.  I stuffed my mouth like a chipmunk, was excused from the table, hopped on my little scooter, and spit scrambled eggs in the gutter as I scooted down the sidewalk.

3 Ways to Become More Patient  

3 Ways to Become More Patient  

How Can Leaders Be More Patient?

Patience has always been thought of as a virtue, but it can be way more than that. Patience includes a lot of tolerance, humility, mercy, hope, and even self-control. Not many people can have all these attributes at a go. Sometimes things can get overwhelming, and the result is losing patience. This happens to people in business too. Take the example of Jonathan Osler. He has too much on his hands such that it amazes people how he does what he does in the best version of himself.

Jonathan Osler is a popularly known independent consultant and an anti-racist tutor based in Oakland, California. He is a family person, a baker, a coach, and a writer. Team management, leadership, and strategizing on fundraising and partnerships are things he does best. The question is, how is he able to handle all these tasks at a go? Patience must be one of the secrets.

For business owners to prosper, they need a lot of patience. Patience with the business and the people they work with. After being patient, a business or brand gets positive recognition from its customers and the surrounding people. Better sales and bigger profits follow after that. This article will help such people get tips on what they can do to improve their patience.

3 Tips to being a more patient leader

1. Improve communication skills

How well a leader communicates determines the success or the failure of the organization. Communication does not only mean how well a leader can speak to their employees and the other stakeholders. It also means how patient they are when listening to them. A good leader should always know what is going on in the ground and be ready to handle things as they come. Being ready for the worst will reduce the chances of getting impatient.

2. Respect and trust go together.

As much as employees should respect their leader, respect is earned. It is two-way traffic. Every leader should remember that the people working under them are there to help with the organization’s growth. Making sure that respect exists between the two parties builds on the leaders. On the other hand, trust will help leaders stay relaxed as they know that even if there are problems at the moment, the able teams work with them.

3. Stay focused and persistent.

Rome was not built in a day. That means that every leader that wants to prosper must stay focused and persistent in whatever circumstances. All leaders should, however, get this right. The focus is not on oneself but the organization and the workforce. There will be storms along the way, but leaders should take responsibility for their actions and think of ways of getting out of the storm by showing true patience. That way, the leader will be engaged with their organization as they inspire positive results.


Jonathan Osler thinks that practicing patience helps organizations build a good workforce culture. Positive growth is experienced, and better future relationships are built.

How To Plan A Great Date In The Triangle Area

How To Plan A Great Date In The Triangle Area

Planning a great date in the Triangle Area is not as big of a challenge as in other areas. There are so many options that can include outdoor dates due to the beautiful weather in the fall. The date will depend on the person you are going with and what they enjoy doing. Some people would want to take a nice bike ride while others would rather opt for dinner and drinks. Planning a great date in the Triangle Area is possible and use some of the ideas below if you do not know where to start. 

Visit One Of The Many Breweries

The number of breweries in the Triangle Area seems to grow weekly. The weather during certain times of the year makes it perfect for a brewery tour. There are options for ridesharing especially if you plan to drink quite a bit. Look into a brewery tour or pay a friend to drive you around that might need the money. The beauty of the breweries in the area is that most of them have great food options. 

Get Fresh Seafood In The Triangle Area?

Seafood in the Triangle Area is lacking for the most part. You can actually get fresh seafood even when you are a few hours from the coast. Finding the right seafood restaurant can be a challenge though so you will have to do your research. It only takes a few hours to drive to the coast so restaurants that want to focus on fresh seafood can manage it. Fresh seafood is truly the best option for a number of people as some think the freshness completely changes the meal in a positive way. 

Go To One Of The Many Events In The Area 

There are so many events that range from sports to bands coming to town. Chapel Hill is notorious for having some of the best bands of all perform at Cat’s Cradle. Doing a pub crawl for a date can be an option especially on a cool fall day. If you want to plan a date with a sports fan, you live in the right area as there is a seemingly endless amount of sporting events to attend. 

Nature Can Be Quite An Affordable Date Option

The beauty of North Carolina is no secret and is why a number of people move to the Tar Heel state. Going on a hike is not for everyone but for active people, this can be a great date. A picnic on a cool night can be perfect for a bottle of wine and lunch. Of course, you can make mulled wine if it is a cold day out as a great way to unwind and stay warm. 

Living in the Triangle Area gives you quite a few options to plan dates. The area is bustling with activities so nearly anyone can find something to do. The moderate winters make it possible to enjoy the outdoors for nearly the entire year.

Get to Know the Customers Financing Their Mortgages with Mr. Cooper

Get to Know the Customers Financing Their Mortgages with Mr. Cooper

2021 has seen the mortgage industry rise to record highs on the back of exploding home purchase and refinancing activity. While home refinance has slowed down with rising interest rates, loan origination volumes are expected to stay consistent throughout the year. 

But one other thing has really stood out over the past year and a half. There’s a dawning recognition that lenders are not merely impassive corporations collecting monthly payments with cold hands doling out swift reprisal with every default. The pandemic showed that lenders can work with their customers to help keep their homes and the dreams associated with them alive. 

The pandemic brought the debilitating risk that many would lose their homes even as they lost jobs and livelihoods by the millions. Yet, working in lockstep with government agencies, corporations like Mr. Cooper rose to the occasion, charting a pathway to help homeowners keep their homes. 

Lenders who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers are the ones that make all the difference. Mr. Cooper believes that the mortgage experience should revolve around the most important part of the journey – which is the home, and not the loan. In their own words “giving you the best homeownership experience possible is the reason we come to work”, and it’s why millions around the US trust Mr. Cooper with their American Dream. 

Companies that champion customers are making a difference 

Mortgages are more than just the process of securing a loan to pay for a house. For many US citizens and residents, owning a home is the pinnacle of years of hard work and a foundation on which future dreams are built. Understandably, homeowners want to work with lenders that appreciate the significance of a mortgage to their family and aspirations, and provide the tools to create a memorable experience. 

Not only are a majority of loan originators frequently playing catch-up when it comes to meeting the needs of customers, but how accessible and informative a loan originator’s online presence is can have a huge impact on whether or not a customer will engage with the company. For instance, when looking for a home, the first place where buyers look is online listing platforms (44%), followed by a visit to a real estate agent (16%). In the same vein, 92% of people report doing online research before approaching a lender. 

The primary reason why people go online is to access the speed, convenience, and ease that the internet offers. Mortgage loan statistics indicate that processing speed and simplicity are amongst the top factors for online loan applications. Considering this, it’s no surprise that some borrowers prefer non-bank lenders that prioritize the convenience and ease of customers. 

Mr. Cooper is also simplifying the mortgage process and making it more accessible to borrowers. 

Mr. Cooper’s mission aligns with providing value to customers 

According to Mr. Cooper, “challenging the status quo” is in the DNA of the company. “We’re ditching the old way and reimagining what homeownership should look like in the era of smartphones, Mars missions, and avocado toast.” 

In practical terms for borrowers, this means a completely redesigned loan origination and maintenance process., Mr. Cooper customers enjoy straight-to-the point content filled with the valuable information they need. Customers experience an end-to-end process with the lender, including the ability to manage their mortgage anytime, from anywhere. 

The company prides itself on being a champion for its customers, and that includes a dedication to the customer experience. 

Deciding to take on a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions most people will ever make. In fact, roughly 1 in 5 people put off the decision to buy a home or struggle through the process due to concerns over paying down debt. 

Living with and paying down a mortgage is already hard enough without having to put up with a lender that may not put its customers first. Mr. Cooper has made a firm commitment to its customers. 

Mr. Cooper reviews from satisfied clients 

As we’ve mentioned, ease of access is big for borrowers and home buyers today, and this is driving a shift to online lenders. Mr. Cooper reviews especially laud the company for the intuitive stress-free process it has created, giving customers the means to handle the entire process online. Here are some of the reviews from the company’s customers: 

“I refinanced my old mortgage with Mr. Cooper to get the equity of the house so I could fix and remodel it. Everything was streamlined, very quick and done through email and then some phone calls. And the DocuSign was very convenient and very efficient. You can process the mortgage on your tablet or your phone, conveniently at your house. You don’t have to travel to the office or meet up with anybody.” – Joseph 

“Overall we had a very good experience refinancing our home mortgage loan. Though not without bumps in the road through no fault of theirs, they stuck with us. – Vickie 

“We were trying to see if we could reduce our interest rate and our monthly payments, thus our decision to refinance. We did that with Mr. Cooper and everything went smoothly. We received everything they sent us and everybody was very helpful in answering our questions. Our rep was very professional, nice, and polite. She always called to make sure we understood everything and if there any changes, she called us promptly to let us know.” – John 

“Loved your process, mobile app and entire digital way of working. Best experience over anything in the past. Good job by your team.” – Rahul S. 

“Thank you, it’s been an easy and seamless process. You and your team made this process much easier than I ever expected. I will/would recommend Mr. Cooper to all my friends and family if they ever need a mortgage and/or refinance.” – Jon M. 

Why Customers Love Mr. Cooper 

The digital experience that Mr. Cooper provides on its loan products is a significant attraction for customers. The company provides an intelligent homeownership experience anchored by an award-winning mobile app that equips customers with all the tools they need to manage their loan. 

Customers frequently cite the warmth and dedication of Mr. Cooper staff, from loan officers to help desk , who frequently make the extra effort to deliver positive outcomes. 

In addition, the company provisions customers with several add-on services designed to support and empower borrowers throughout the process. These include: 

  • Mr. Cooper® Real Estate Rewards, which connects homebuyers with superstar real estate agents;
  • PreQualify tool, which streamlines the process of obtaining prequalification letters;
  • Mr. Cooper® LoanTracker, which gives borrowers the means to track their loan application through every stage; and
  • Mr. Cooper® Close On Time Guarantee, Mr. Cooper’s pledge that if a new purchase loan does not close by the agreed date, Mr. Cooper will issue a check equal to the first month’s principal and interest payment (important terms and conditions apply. See full terms and conditions at

Actual customer experience. Results not typical. Your results will vary and you may not have similar results

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Helen Lee Schifter has written extensively on the empowering effects of investing in one’s clothing and design on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. As a result, she proceeds to provide advice on essential fashion accessories for ladies.

Accessories are the simplest method to improve an individual’s overall appearance. It is vital to select essential accessories in one’s wardrobe regardless of the place, event, or season. Accessories are becoming more critical daily; they can transform the look of an outfit, and many ladies like the notion of having a flexible wardrobe.

1. Sophisticated Leather Handbags

A leather purse is infallible when it comes to making an impression. No lady should leave home without this indispensable item; bags are what shoes are to men. How else is a lady to transport her daily essentials?

Helen Lee Schifter strongly suggests an essential leather handbag for casual daily usage. This shoulder bag is excellent since it has the right size and form, is large enough to hold various items, including a tablet, and is elegant and stylish. This is the ultimate bag.

It is advisable to invest in tiny clutches for formal occasions. Not only are they convenient to transport, but they also look beautiful. Again, clutches are available in an infinite variety of designs. There are minimalist clutches and edgy decorated clutches. Choose a style that resonates with your aesthetic. Please keep it simple with classic hues like gold, silver, and rose gold, complementing an individual’s very flexible jewelry.

Whichever route you choose, if there is one expert advice to remember, never skimp on quality. A high-quality leather bag not only looks great but also lasts a long time.

2. Bracelet

When one is just standing in front of others, the first accessory that they see is a necklace. This is another incentive to amass a substantial jewelry collection. They are available in bold or thin styles. There are metallic, golden, diamond, and pearl necklaces from which to select. Wear a high-end necklace to complete the look and to emphasize one’s strong sense of style. Certain styles work well with collared garments, while others work best with bare-necked ensembles.

3. Comfy footwear

One may have all the accouterments in the world, but where is one to go without shoes? They are essential accessories. Having the proper shoes will provide an individual with the maximum level of support and comfort while moving. Every woman needs different shoes to suit various occasions and seasons, including stunning stilettos, heels, flat sandals, reliable sneakers, and boots. Even if an individual cannot be an obsessive shoe collector, their ensembles will work with these essential footwear pieces.

A lady is usually spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. New fashion designers enter the market every other day, leaving one with much more than they can ever consume. Once people understand how to combine, mix, and match extra fashion items with their primary ensembles, they will acquire the much-desired confidence to wear anything they want. The best course of action is to be confident in one’s stylistic selection.

2021 Popular Halloween Costumes  

2021 Popular Halloween Costumes  

Costumes to Buy or Make for Halloween 2021

With Halloween 2021 quickly approaching, last-minute shoppers are clamoring to find the perfect costume for trick-or-treating or attending parties. While some opt for classic costume ideas that never seem to fall out of favor, others look to pop culture and personal creativity to find their theme of choice. With that being said, it’s time to take a look at 2021 Halloween costume popularity to see which classics make the cut, and which new costumes will represent 2021 for years to come.

As with previous years, many classic costume ideas are still fashionable and relevant in 2021. Such classic characters identified by Alexander Djerassi include: famous superheroes, cheerleaders, cowboys/cowgirls, witches, cats and aliens. Many of these costumes remain popular in 2021, because they represent characters and themes that are relatable, admirable or simply represent what Halloween is all about. However, with the rise of social justice and feminism support in the last year or two, 2021 should bring new variations of these traditional costumes to help them stand out as more diverse and inclusive.

Along with the traditional costumes still in high demand for Halloween 2021, Djerassi acknowledges pop culture and current events have inspired new themes and ideas that represent the year 2021 as a whole. With the recent success of Disney’s The Mandalorian, Star Wars characters and themes are now at the top of the list for many costume seekers. This means a lot of children and adults will be spotted wearing Mandalorian helmets or dressed up in Baby Yoda costumes.

Alexander Djerassi has noticed that two movie characters that should see a rise in popularity for Halloween 2021 are Black Widow and Black Panther. In separate but similar ways, each of these characters has made a timely mark on the social and cultural landscape of 2021. The Black Widow superhero movie has given center stage to a confident, strong woman who has spawned an entirely new generation of fans. This new popularity and social relevance has made the Black Widow one of the most sought after Halloween costumes of 2021. As a lead character in arguably the most popular movie centered around social justice, Black Panther continues to be one of the most popular costumes of 2021. With the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman, the actor famous for portraying Black Panther, this costume has become even more popular as people try to both honor his legacy and inspire world change.

As the popularity of Netflix and other streaming services continues to rise, new shows and movies popularized by those services provide inspiration for new Halloween characters and themes. This was most noticeable in 2020, when it was nearly impossible to walk down the street or go to a party without seeing several costumes inspired by Tiger King. Although no Netflix shows from 2021 have reached the magnitude of Tiger King, there are still some shows and characters likely to find popularity in 2021. A few examples are Emily from Emily in Paris, Beth Harmon from Queen’s Gambit and costumes inspired by the hit series Money Heist.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Environmentally Friendly Products

5 Environmentally Friendly Products You Should Try

Environmentally friendly products, also known as eco-friendly products, protect the Earth. Eco-friendly products and their packaging contain materials that are safe for both the environment and humans. They are non-toxic and made from organic materials or ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals.

Many environmentally friendly products are biodegradable, so they break down naturally and do not take up space in landfills. Items made from recycled materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic, are also eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly products are sustainable or considered “green products” by people who are health conscious like Helen Lee Schifter. Ms. Schifter is a health and wellness expert who promotes the use of sustainable products.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products

There are many products, ranging from household appliances, clothing, toys, cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly.

Here are some benefits of using environmentally friendly products:

1. Saves Energy

Solar panels generate electricity from the sun instead of using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil, and coal are non-renewable resources. This means that there is a finite amount that cannot be replenished at the same speed as it was used.

2. Lower Costs

Eco-friendly products may seem expensive but are cost-efficient because they last longer.

3. Healthy Living

Environmentally friendly products are made with all-natural ingredients that are safe for humans and their surroundings. Some plastic products contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which can cause autoimmune diseases, heart disease, reproductive abnormalities, premature puberty, or stunted growth in children.

Environmentally Products to Try

Products that are not environmentally friendly or end up in landfills are depleting Earth’s natural resources and contribute to global warming. Garbage or waste products that do not break down naturally or get recycled end up in landfills. They spend many years producing gases, such as methane or carbon dioxide that gets trapped in Earth’s atmosphere and absorbs the heat from the sun. More gases in the atmosphere mean higher temperatures on Earth.

Here are five eco-friendly products that significantly reduce pollution and ensure a safer environment:

1. Eco-Kettle

Helen Lee Schifter believes that participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony has mental and physical benefits. The experience reduces anxiety while green tea or matcha is full of antioxidants.

While many may not be able to experience an authentic Japanese tea party, they can still make tea using an eco-kettle. An eco-kettle uses less energy and saves water.

2. Bamboo Utensils

Single-use plastic utensils take approximately 1,000 years to break down and are manufactured with chemicals that are harmful to humans. Bamboo utensils are reusable and can break down if thrown away.

3. Reusable Coffee Cup

Coffee is a popular drink that is consumed worldwide. Plastic and paper cups end up in landfills and take a long time to decompose. Reusable coffee cups are safer for the environment, cost-efficient, and come in many different designs and colors.

4. Reusable Make-up Pads

Make-up pads remove make-up or are used to apply skincare products. Reusable make-up pads can be used many times and are biodegradable.

5. Paper/Reusable Straws

Plastic straws end up in landfills or polluting water bodies. Paper straws break down in approximately six months and are safer for sea creatures to digest. Some people choose reusable straws because they do not become soft when left in a drink.

The majority of eco-friendly products are designed to reduce waste and reduce humanity’s impact on Earth. Switching to environmentally friendly products is not hard and there are many green alternatives to choose from.