False Eyelashes: Why Everyone Is Making the Switch?

False Eyelashes: Why Everyone Is Making the Switch?

False eyelashes contribute to making your eyes pop. There is no easy way to look gorgeous and more awake then putting on a pair of falsies. False lashes are an alternative which women usually wear to give their lashes a fuller, more defined look. False eyelashes are a must accessory for people in the theatre a d entertainment industry. 

Types of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are the first choice for women with short lashes or with not so full lashes, even adding a mascara. With the advancement in technology, false eyelashes are now available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.


With individual lashes, you can become your makeup artist. These lashes are an excellent option for women who want subtle, fuller natural lashes or want some definition in some parts of the lash line. They come in sets of 30 to 60 of different sizes. Individuals are the most versatile lash type and can create a natural-looking way of adding volume and length to certain parts of your lashes. They disappear into your lashes, making them look perfectly natural.


Clusters are also known as flares or accents. The little bands on clusters make them easier to pop on if you’re in a hurry, neither they lift on the corners like strip lashes. They can be strategically applied to create multiple looks. If you want to create the same look as with strip lashes but the option of more workable and customizable pieces, then clusters are for you.


Strip lashes are a horizontal band of faux wisps that are worn across your upper lash line. Strips can instantly add volume and drama to your eyes. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and prices. Mostly used lashes are made from synthetic fibers, mink, or silk.


Magnetic lashes are going fully mainstream now as they are comparatively easy to handle than all the other types. They have tiny magnets attached to them, which makes the application smooth and more comfortable. They are available in different shapes. Magnetic lashes are reusable too.


Fantasy lashes are brash peacocks of the lash world. There is nothing subtle about these lashes. If you want more than just a simple dramatic look for occasions like Halloween or New Year or any other event where you can wear dramatic lashes, you should try these.

How Are False Eyelashes Growing in Popularity?

You have seen celebrities flaunting false eyelashes in fashion, but now these lashes have become a must-have everyday accessory than a unique occasion adornment. With increasing demand, the market for false eyelashes is booming lately. You can comfortably wear these falsies even alone, depending on the style or event, of course. With false eyelashes, you don’t have to match it with your skin type, skin undertone, and complexion.

YouTube also played a very instrumental role in making the use of false eyelashes accessible. Many YouTubers use and promote certain lash brands in their videos. 

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner also promote certain lash brands, making them popular. She has a lot of following, and people usually blindly follow celebrities. So, now the use of false eyelashes is quite trending.  False eyelashes are not new to this world, but their utilization is becoming quite popular. It’s one of those things you can wear without makeup and still look amazing.

Benefits of Using False Eyelashes

Using false eyelashes is the option for increasing the length and volume od your lashes temporarily. False eyelashes have certain benefits too.

  • They can enhance your appearance
  • False eyelashes are versatile
  • They save a lot of time
  • They are low maintenance

False eyelashes can make or break your day depending on their type,  application, and quality. False eyelashes accentuate your natural lashes and are an excellent alternative for women with short or sparse lashes. If you want a dramatic look for evening or night, put false eyelashes and rock them proudly!

Eterneva Provides a Truly Unique Way to Memorialize Your Pets

Eterneva Provides a Truly Unique Way to Memorialize Your Pets

Roughly 70 percent of people in the U.S. have pets in their homes, and most people consider these animals a part of their families. They provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and depth of acceptance that is impossible to replace. That’s why it’s so challenging for a family to lose a pet. The loss of a pet also means the loss of routine, comfort, and unconditional love, so companies like Eterneva pursue unique solutions to pay tribute to these valued members of our families.

Unfortunately, the loss of a pet isn’t typically accompanied by the kinds of rituals – memorial services, wakes, and time to grieve with family – that are associated with losing a person. Such rituals help us process grief and give our lives structure in difficult times. That’s part of the reason that Eterneva memorial diamonds can help pet owners move forward. 

Consider the Six Central Needs of Mourning

The stages of grief are not the same for everyone; it all depends on how an individual personally responds to a loss. However, for those who seek a path that they can identify and understand, it can help to have a label – a way to name what you’re going through. You might consider the six central needs of mourning. Acknowledging where you are in this process and using certain tools can help you move through the grieving process smoothly and transform it into a normal, healthy journey.


The first step is to acknowledge the pain and be kind to yourself while you learn to accept the reality of the loss. During this time, you will experience many emotional thoughts and feelings, but you will be moving toward the pain of loss. When you are ready, embrace your relationship with your pet through memories; for example, try writing a tribute to your pet or looking at some photos. The next phase involves growth and personal adjustment. As pet owners, we build part of our identities around the animals that we love, so you will need to rediscover who you are without your pet. Additionally, you might find new ways to search for meaning and connect to your spirituality. It is important to come to terms with the questions that arise. Lastly, try not to feel reluctant about receiving support from others, including friends, family, and support groups. If you take care of yourself, you can overcome the grief while honoring the memory of your pet.

The death care professionals at Eterneva have helped many grieving pet owners work through their losses. According to Eterneva, “the life we share with our pets is special and unique. Their only role while they are with us is to love us. Therefore, when that love is gone, our heart will be shattered.” The company also asserts that it is important to “give yourself permission to honor that love. Be kind to yourself. And know that your life was changed because of that pet, and your heart will never be the same because of your pet’s death.”

Memorialize Your Pet

Just as with anything else you love, you may also want to keep close to you the memories of your lost pet. For many, this includes keeping a photo of them on the mantel or fridge, hanging a tribute that you wrote about your pet, or even turning your pet’s ashes into a memento that you can keep forever, like a diamond.

This latter option may seem out of the ordinary – to have your pet turned into a diamond after they are gone – but it is an option that is seeing growing popularity among pet owners across the country.

Diamond From Ashes

The process, much like grieving, is a multi-step journey over 7 to 10 months that provides a way for pet owners to connect with their animals forever. The carbon from a cremated pet, which makes up the basic material for starting the diamond, is isolated. Then, through a custom, individualized process of heat and pressure, the diamond grows. The final stages of the transformation include cutting and polishing the diamond and, finally, delivering it to you. Pet owners can design a diamond that tells the loved one’s story through an array of unique designs and different colors.

In the end, it is never easy to lose a pet. Thankfully, though, there is now a way to carry them with you and honor their memory forever.

Learn more about Eterneva on CrunchBase, or follow the company on Twitter for more information.

How to Train Your Dog to Ride in a Bike Basket

How to Train Your Dog to Ride in a Bike Basket

Part of the joy of having a dog is being able to share your life with it. People travel with their pets and take them to family gatherings. Heck, many pet owners celebrate their dogs’ birthdays. Therefore, it doesn’t sound too crazy that people want to train their canine companions to go on a bike ride, and more specifically, that they want to train their dogs to ride in a basket of men or womens hybrid bikes. Thankfully, the training process is straightforward, and you can be riding with your best animal friend in about two weeks with consistent practice.

1. Introducing the Dog to the Basket

The first thing you will need to do to train your pooch is getting them used to bike baskets for cruisers. Make sure you have a basket big enough for your dog to sit comfortably. When starting, you will not attach the basket to the bike. You want to get your dog used to sitting and lying in the basket. Once the animal is used to it, you can begin carrying them around the house.

2. Connect the Basket to Bike

After a few days of carrying the dog around, you can attach the basket to bikes for women or men, and place the dog inside. You want to guard the animal, so they don’t fall or jump out and hurt themselves. If you are worried about the potential for injury, you can purchase a harness to secure your pup. You should practice this exercise for a couple of days.

3. Walk the Bike

When you are confident your dog is comfortable with the basket, you can begin walking the bike, but only short distances. You want the animal to get used to the feel of the bike’s movement and the sound of changing and moving gears. You can practice this exercise a couple of times per day to try to speed up the training process.

4. Go on a Slow Ride

When your favorite pooch seems comfortable sitting in the basket while you walk the bike, try moving onto to riding the bike. Do not go into a full-blown ride. You want to pedal slowly and talk with your animal to keep them calm. Again, trips need to remain short in the early stages of training to avoid traumatizing or injury your pet.

5. Introducing Distance and Terrain

In the last days of training, you can add distance and various terrains to your furry pal. Increase your riding speed and go over slight bumps, so your dog can get used to the feel of the unique elements of riding. Eventually, you can take your dog on a regular ride, without hesitating or questioning whether they are ready.

Dogs are fantastic creatures, and they are resilient to change. Training your favorite canine to ride in a basket on the front or back of your bicycle primarily depends on your commitment to the training. Talk to a bike supplies retailer to make sure you have everything you need before starting the training process.

Try This Ginger Liquor Recipe

Try This Ginger Liquor Recipe

A cocktail that’s good for you? It doesn’t seem likely. And while we are not advocating the consumption of alcohol as a way to improve your health, if you are looking for a drink that’s as healthy as possible, ginger liquor would have to be in the running.

Ginger liquor is a drink that’s main ingredients include ginger and brandy. Ginger has long been used as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to improve digestion and some studies have provided evidence that it may help to fight cancer.

If this is enough to make ginger liquor your drink of choice, here is a ginger liquor recipe that is simply divine

Ginger Liquor Recipe


  • 2 oz ginger root
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 1 orange
  • 1 ½ cups brandy


Peel ginger and cut into thin slices. Split vanilla bean in half lengthwise.

Bring ginger, vanilla, sugar and water to a boil. Reduce heat to medium low and simmer until ginger is soft, about 20 minutes. Let syrup cool.

Zest orange and place zest in a sealable glass container along with the syrup and brandy. Seal and shake. Let the mixture steep for one day.

Remove vanilla bean and let mixture steep for one more day.

Strain mixture through a coffee filter into your bottle or jar for storage. Let sit for one more day to allow flavors to mellow.

Serve as desired. Liquor does not have to be chilled.

Other Ways to Get Ginger in Your Diet

Of course, drinking an alcoholic beverage may not be the ideal way to get more ginger in your diet, especially if you want to consume it every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives.

For instance, crystallized ginger is a delicious way to enjoy this spice. You can buy crystallized ginger in a store or you can make it yourself. It can then be added to stir fries, salads and sweet treats.

You can also take ginger in supplemental form. If you chose to go this route, here are some brands that are recommended.

Gaia Herbs: Gaia Herbs provides homeopathic products that contain herbs the company grows themselves. Their herbs are then tested in their own state of the art lab to ensure they provide the very best in purity and potency. Their certified organic Ginger Root is just one of the many Gaia products that can help boost wellness.

Solaray: Solaray was founded in 1973 and has since expanded to become a leader in the natural health industry. Their product line includes quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and specialty products. Their ginger root capsules are highly recommended for their ability to boost immunity and improve digestion.

If you want to get more ginger in your life, this ginger liquor recipe can be a fun way to do it. Follow up with the right diet and quality supplements to experience optimal health. How will you be incorporating ginger in your daily routine? 

How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

One of the most frustrating parts of owning a dog is getting to see your pooch in pain and discomfort. Dogs suffer from a lot of medical conditions that humans suffer from too, including arthritis, stress, cancer, joint pain, seizures, and many others.

If you are considering finding a holistic treatment that can help relieve your dogs’ ailment, then we strongly recommend you start using CBD oil. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that is obtained from the leaves and buds of a cannabis plant. Though it has a relationship with the marijuana plant, it is considered safe and doesn’t possess any psychoactive substance. Also, CBD shares metabolic pathways with some drug types that are referred to as NSAIDs. They are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and are responsible for controlling inflammatory responses and resolving blood clotting. 

CBD is a very safe compound and has numerous amounts of benefits when introduced to your dog. You can find more on this website about cannabis and its medicinal benefits.  

How Can CBD help your Dog?

Humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system (ESC) that makes it possible to get loads of benefits from CBD oil. The ESC allows the ingredients in the CBD oil to relieve any symptoms that your dog might be encountering.

CBD oil can help to solve several medical conditions that your furry friend might be facing either occasionally or otherwise, and there are as follows:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Hepatitis
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Digestion difficulties
  • Insomnia

How to Find the Best CBD Oil?


There are some key things you need to put into consideration when looking for a safe and effective CBD oil, and they include.

How Organic is It? 

The best CBD oils are gotten from organically grown cannabis that does not consist of toxins that can be harmful to your dog. When the owner loves animals, for sure they will avoid using any toxic drug on their pet as it could worsen their condition. 

How Is It Processed? 

There are mainly two ways to extract oil from the cannabis plant. It can be done through C02 extraction or solvent extraction.

C02 extraction is what is considered the best form of removal. Still, it can be a little expensive because of the processes involved. In this form of removal, the cannabis plant is covered inside a pressure chamber with carbon dioxide. And as a result, the pressure is placed on the cannabis plant and thereby causing oil to release from it.

This method produces a lot more oil concentration than the solvent, and it’s also the safest way to extract.

A solvent method is a standard form of extracting oil. It involves the use of petroleum products, propane, and butane. It is highly unsafe because of the toxins it leaves in the extracted oil.

How Reasonable is the Price? 

Picking the right product for your pet is essential. That’s the reason we suggest that you find a safe, top-quality product.

As discussed earlier, the process of extraction can be quite expensive, and this can lead to a pricey product. It can also be costly if there’s a large concentration of oil in the bottle. In other words, what we are saying is that you pay what you think is right for the product.

You also need to be wary of providers who sell at a ridiculously low price, as they might be unprofessional or fraudulent.

Does your CBD have a Certificate of Analysis (COA)? 

If your dog’s CBD oil doesn’t have a COA, then you shouldn’t trust the product. A COA is a document gotten from a lab stating that your CBD oil is filled with the appropriate content and has the active ingredients to help treat your dog.

All you need to do is find companies or providers who test their products and provides you with a certificate that proves it.

All CBD oil’s that come with a COA is regarded as safe and can boast of great medicinal benefits to all consumers.

Does your CBD oil have THC? 

THC is the compound that produces the “high” effect in marijuana. That’s why you need to check your CBD product for THC potency. Some products have a higher concentration of THC and can be harmful to your dog’s. The link below has a breakdown of the safest dosage levels for dogs of all ages. 

What you need to do is to find products with less than 0.3% of THC in them. They are considered safe and provides health benefits to your furry friend.

Just like any other thing you prescribe to your dog, you must seek the advice of a vet before trying anything new.

What the Sharp-Dressed Groom is Wearing in 2020

What the Sharp-Dressed Groom is Wearing in 2020

If you have popped the question and are preparing for a 2020 wedding, your attire will be something you need to give some serious thought. Obviously, you want to look your best on this most special of days, and with that in mind, here a few looks that the sharp dresser will be wearing when he walks down the aisle this year.

  • The Eccentric Look – If you are a man who doesn’t follow the crowd, make sure everyone knows this by creating a colourful and very unique look that simply suits your personality. Flashy tie and the style of suit that you love, and with some very bright socks from a trendy online supplier, you will cut a unique look that reflects the kind of person you are. If you feel comfortable with a Panama hat or a cane, then go for it! The great thing about going over the top is that it matters not – you are, after all, a completely eccentric person!
  • The Blue Tuxedo – Ryan Gosling’s blue tuxedo stole the show at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and for good reason, as the look was labelled ‘modern elegance’, with white flower button-hole and a nice silk handkerchief. Black patent leather shoes and patterned socks make up the rest, and with online sock suppliers, you can view an extensive range of patterns, colours and designs, choosing something suitable. A lilac silk shirt blends well with the tux, and as for bow ties, think bright and creative, with a matching silk handkerchief and there you have it!
  • The Gatsby Look – Glitzy and stylish, with silk matching waistcoat and bow tie, the groom who wears this will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Made to measure is the only way to go, and be prepared to spend some money, after all, you only get married once! A 1920s style Italian silk suit forms the basis of your look, and with stylish brogues in black or brown and chequered socks from https://philosockphy.com, your Gatsby look is complete. A pocket watch is a must, along with a silk handkerchief and some stylish cufflinks, and you are ready for the biggest day of your life.
  • Crisp, White 3-Piece Suit – If there was ever an occasion for that tailored white suit, this would be it. Matching the bride is a great idea and you can accessorise with red or black, depending on your style, and if you sport long hair and have a slightly rugged appearance, this is the look for you. The Panama hat is definitely a possibility and such a distinguished look definitely demands an elegant pocket watch.

As this is to be a very special day in your life, you should pull out all the stops and make sure that you complement your bride with a stylish suit that reflects your character. We would recommend a full dress rehearsal a couple of days prior to the big day, just to be on the safe side, then you walk down the aisle, knowing that you look your very best.

Protect Your Perfect Day from the Unexpected: Wedding Insurance Explained

Protect Your Perfect Day from the Unexpected: Wedding Insurance Explained

The answer is yes, and the diamond is shining on your finger. Once you decide on a date, consider event insurance for your big wedding day before sending out your Save the Dates.

Wedding Insurance? What Is It?

Wedding insurance is a specific type of event insurance to protect you from financial losses associated with your wedding day. In broad terms, it covers the cancellation of your wedding and also liability claims should anything unforeseen happen on your special day.

What Does the Wedding Insurance Cover?

Always check the fine print. Here’s what you can expect to be covered by most policies:

The Venue

Anything that causes the cancellation of your big day at your chosen venue will be covered. Venue failure includes the flooded or burned down buildings, as well as bankruptcy.


This type of insurance will cover problems with your pre-booked suppliers. Flowers, the cake, the photographer, transport, and music are covered for cancellations and damage. Make sure you keep your records of contracts and deposits paid. Not all policies cover the same items, so be sure to check you get a policy that suits your needs.

Illness, Accidents, or Death

If the bride, the groom, or anyone from the party (bridesmaid, best man, and close family) has a sudden illness, accident, or death, the cancellation or rearrangement will be covered. As with all insurance policies, read the terms and conditions. Pre-existing diseases won’t be covered and be sure who qualifies as close family members.

Extreme Weather

The sudden onset of extreme weather conditions that prevent the majority of your guests from reaching your wedding will be covered. When planning an outside wedding, you’ll need to discuss the terms with your insurer, and you will probably pay a higher premium than a basic policy. 

Personal and Public Liability

Accidents happen, even at the best-planned weddings. If the bride or groom suffers an injury, they will be covered for claims from a third party by personal liability. If a guest has an accident and gets injured, public liability protection will cover any claims.

Stolen and Damaged Wedding Items

A lot can go wrong, and your insurance will be there to help you when it does. Lost wedding bands, a damaged cake, flowers missing, damaged wedding attire, and stolen wedding gifts are just some of the problems that are covered. The insurance policies are particular of the time up to when these items will be covered, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

Photos and Videos

Professional photographers can also have bad days. If your photographer doesn’t show up or experience technical difficulties with the development of your photographs, the insurance will cover a reshoot for the wedding party. 

Cold Feet

You won’t be covered if the bride or groom decides not to go ahead with the wedding. 

The Best Time to Buy Wedding Insurance

As soon as you start planning your wedding, it’s best to start comparing insurers and policies. Depending on the insurer, you can purchase your insurance two years in advance and up to 24 hours before the wedding. 

The advantage of taking out insurance well ahead of your set date is to limit problems that may arise from pre-existing knowledge or problems. Insurance cover will include deposits paid before you take out wedding insurance, but not for any claims that happened prior to buying the policy.


It’s challenging to know the exact details of what your wedding will cost and what you’re planning in the early stages. You can always take a basic policy and discuss an upgrade of your policy with your insurer. These companies know that each wedding is unique, and they can offer more coverage as your wedding plans take shape.

Protecting Your Investment

The average cost of a wedding is around $33,900, while the average wedding insurance costs around $275. A wedding is a significant financial investment for any couple. Investing a few extra dollars will give you the peace of mind that you’re covered for any mishaps on your big day.

The Misdiagnosis Of A Child That Changed Everything Forever

The Misdiagnosis Of A Child That Changed Everything Forever

In May 2015, Lorina and Jason Troy of Texas had just welcomed a new baby boy into the world. But when the child’s head kept growing, so did their concern. Appointments with medical specialists kept leading them to the same wrong answer.

When Lorina’s second son, JJ, was born, she had no idea there was any potential problem with her child. She did not know that an ultrasound near the end of her pregnancy had shown JJ’s head to be two weeks larger than normal. No doctor mentioned there being any abnormalities when JJ was born, even though his head was still bigger than usual. Even after his birth no medical personnel said anything about JJ’s head continuing to grow. Lorina was concerned but not alarmed. 

However, when JJ started vomiting a lot, Lorina took him to their pediatrician where he was diagnosed as having a stomach virus. They were simply sent home with instructions to keep him hydrated. But the vomiting didn’t stop. Lorina took JJ to an urgent care facility and eventually a children’s hospital. All agreed it was just a stomach bug even though JJ’s head had continued to swell along with the stomach upset.

Eventually, Lorina managed to get the doctors to do an MRI on JJ. They discovered there was a fluid build-up in her son’s cranium. This can be a sign of head trauma and they immediately assumed the worst and accused Lorina’s family of child abuse. She asked for a second opinion but was denied. She said, “I told him, my son has never been hurt in any way, could this be anything else? And he told me, yes, but since he’s a baby and can’t talk, we are just going to go with abuse and walked away.” So Lorina’s children were taken from her and placed in foster care.

Soon after, her husband Jason, was charged with two felony charges of child abuse, which carry a sentence between five and 99 years. These charges caused him to immediately lose his top-secret government job. The couple searched for a lawyer who would take the case. They were forced to sell their home to pay for attorney expenses. The Troy family ultimately ended up losing over $80,000 in fees, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Over the following two years, JJ was seen by numerous doctors but continued to be misdiagnosed. Eventually, a doctor in Maryland discovered JJ had Benign External Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is a condition where cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the cranium, causing an enlarged head among other symptoms like vomiting, seizures, and breathing difficulties. It can be present at birth and is the result of genetic abnormalities, problems with fetal development, or complications at birth.

With the new diagnosis, the charges were dropped, and the parents were reunited with their children. But they feel the medical and legal systems have failed them. How was it possible for two loving parents to so quickly be labeled abusers and have their children taken away?

In the mid-1970s, new theories on child abuse were being formed. Infant cranial injury inflicted by blunt force trauma, shaking, or a combination of forces came to be known as “shaken baby syndrome” (SBS), more often today referred to as “inflicted or abusive head trauma.” The idea that certain head injuries were indicative of child abuse grew and soon a new sub-specialty in pediatrics formed: child abuse pediatricians. 

The child abuse pediatrician became the linchpin in a successful child abuse prosecution; in so doing they took on the conflicting roles of health care provider, investigator, medical expert, accuser, key prosecution witness, promoter of the prime hypothesis, and defender of their own past medical decision making regarding abuse. Without their testimony regarding the prime hypothesis there could be no convictions. 

For whatever reasons, over the years, these specialists began to hold more power over the medical establishment to the point of being considered almost infallible. Today, colleagues are reluctant to contradict any findings made by child abuse pediatricians, so getting second opinions can often be difficult. That is a large reason JJ’s diagnosis came from a doctor from another state. And the legal system sees these specialists as experts in their field. Therefore, there is no reason to question their determinations or authority. This has increasingly led to child abuse pediatricians misdiagnosing accidental injuries, dermatological issues, and developmental disorders as abuse when they were not. 

The Troy family is trying to heal from the trauma of separation, legal battles, and financial loss. Lorina has become an advocate for families like hers that have experienced devastating results from a child’s misdiagnosis. She lobbies lawmakers in Texas, California, and Washington D.C. to change laws on getting second medical opinions and the role of CPS in instances like these. She also talks to the press to raise awareness of Hydrocephalus and stories of misdiagnosis like hers and many other families across the country. Lorina says, “Our strength came from our faith, our prayer, and the love and support of family and friends. But we went through the most challenging events of our lives, and it has strengthened us.” She has now written a book, titled “Miracles of Faith,” that goes into the details of her family’s journey through the medical and legal systems and how their faith saw them through it all. It is available directly through the publishing company, Westbow Press, A Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan

Vanilla Sandwich Cookies Recipe

Vanilla Sandwich Cookies Recipe

If you are faced with a day when you have nothing to do, staying home and baking cookies is a great way to add excitement. There are so many kinds of cookies you can make, but vanilla sandwich cookies are an all time favorite. They have a light creamy taste, which is perfect as an ice cream topping or by itself with a cold glass of milk.

If you are looking for a vanilla sandwich cookies recipe you can make to brighten up your day, here is one we recommend.

Vanilla Sandwich Cookies Recipe


For the cookies:

  • 100g (or ⅓ cup + 5 teaspoons) unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
  • 100g (or ¾ cup + 2½ teaspoons) powdered sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • 115g (or ¾ cup + 2 tbsp + 2 tsp) all-purpose flour
  •  A pinch of salt

For the filling:

  •  ½ cup buttercream


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F and line two baking sheets with baking parchment.
  2. In a medium-size bowl, beat butter until smooth with a wooden spoon. Add powdered sugar, egg and vanilla, and stir. Add flour and salt and stir until the batter is smooth and has a thick buttercream consistency.
  3. Transfer batter to a piping bag fitted with a medium open tip, and pipe 1-inch dollops onto the baking sheets. Make sure to leave space between the dollops, as the cookies will spread in the oven.
  4. Bake (one sheet at a time) in the middle of the oven for 10-12 minutes, or until the edges of the cookies have turned a golden color. Remove from the oven. Allow the cookies to cool completely on baking sheets.
  5. Once cool, use a piping bag fitted with a small star tip to fill the cookies. Start in the center of each cookie and spiral outwards. Place the second cookie on top and press down lightly.
  6. Serve the cookies cold or at room temperature.
  7. Cookies can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for three days but they will start to lose their crunch over time.

Can I Use Vanilla Essential Oil Instead of Vanilla Extract?

If you look at a vanilla sandwich cookies recipe, most will call for vanilla extract. If you don’t have any in the house, you may be wondering if your vanilla essential oil can do as an alternative. In most cases, the answer would be no; however, the NOW Foods company makes an essential oil that is so pure, it is considered “food-grade” and can be used for cooking.

NOW Foods has been providing sports nutrition, beauty products, supplements and organic whole foods since the 1940s. Their Vanilla Essential Oil is made with two simple ingredients, vanilla oil and jojoba oil. Not only are these safe to ingest, they also smell great when diffused.

So the next time you are looking for something to do, why not try your hand at a great vanilla sandwich cookies recipe like the one we have listed above? It is sure to brighten up your day, and your taste buds will thank you later!

Planning the Perfect Day in Memphis

Planning the Perfect Day in Memphis

Memphis offers everything from the blues to civil war history, with plenty of delicious eats in between. There’s so much to see and do, after getting a taste you might find yourself searching through the Memphis houses for sale so you can enjoy unlimited time there, but for now, if you only have one day here in this Tennessee city, here’s how to do it right. 


Start your day the way many of the locals do, with a delicious country-style breakfast at Barksdale’s with classics like biscuits, cheese grits, omelets, eggs, and bacon. While it’s no-frills, you can expect a warm welcome with friendly service and a sense of community while surrounded by autographed glossies of famous Memphians like actress Cybill Shepherd, Grizzlies’ stars and political signs. 

Just a 5-minute drive away is Sun Studio, often referred to as the spot where rock ‘n roll was born – public tours are available that reveal the Sun story and its stars, including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, with lots of memorabilia on display. They start at the bottom of every half hour until 5:30 p.m., and you can even have your photo taken in the very place where the legends once recorded.

From here you can easily check out the National Civil Rights Museum and the Lorraine Motel, paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who stayed in room 306 in April 1968) and others who’ve fought for civil rights throughout history. 


You can’t visit Memphis without seeing Graceland, the home Elvis Presley purchased in 1957 for $102,500 when he was just 22 years old. As tourists usually arrive in the morning, it’s usually less busy in the afternoon, with the last tour starting at 4 p.m or 5 p.m., depending on the time of year and day of the week. You’ll be able to explore the magnificent mansion, including The King’s legendary jungle room, his pink Cadillac, record collection, elaborate costumes, and the aircraft that he traveled on from show to show. 

If you aren’t still full from breakfast, Graceland hosts two restaurants, Vernon’s Smokehouse, renowned for its Memphis BBQ, and Gladys’ Diner serving classic American cuisine. Just keep in mind that you might want to save room for dinner. 


Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous is a long-time Memphis institution, serving BBQ in a downtown alley for over 70 years. Located just across from the famous Peabody Hotel, the ribs, dry rub done true Memphis-style, are a favorite of former President Bill Clinton and thousands come to sample them. Afterwards, enjoy the best show in town at The Orpheum, an opulent theater built in 1928 hosting Broadway productions, big-name concerts and entertainers, theatrical performances, and summer movie series.

Sample the nightlife, starting on famous Beale Street, enjoying the blues at B.B. King’s or among the beer-loving goats at the Irish dueling piano pub known as Silky O’Sullivan’s. In the heart of the scene is Alfred’s, famous for its live music, including popular cover bands for dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. If the weather cooperates, you can also enjoy the only rooftop patio on Beale, a fabulous place to spend the rest of the evening.