‘Luck’ Review: A Magnificent First Feature From Skydance Animation and John Lasseter

‘Luck’ Review: A Magnificent First Feature From Skydance Animation and John Lasseter

“Luck,” which is a 3D animated comedy film, is now available on Apple TV+. It is produced by Skydance Animation, headed by the animation guru John Lasseter. This is the first movie that John Lasseter has produced as the head of animation at Skydance Animation. “Luck” is directed by Peggy Holmes, who has also directed “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning,” a direct-to-video film for the Disneytoons under the leadership of John Lasseter at Disney/Pixar. Lasseter is regarded as one of the best animation filmmakers in history, with movies such as “Cars,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Toy Story.”

The newly released “Luck” is based on an original idea by Juan De Dios, Julian Romero, and Rebeca Carrasco, and it’s written by Keil Murray. While getting ready to direct “Luck,” Peggy Holmes met with orphan children in 2020 to prepare for her directing the animated movie. The main character in “Luck,” Sam, is shown to be an unlucky orphan. Peggy Holmes met with the orphan children to develop a better understanding of Sam’s character. Holmes was deeply impressed by the optimism, kindness, and never-give-up spirit of the orphans, and she used these character traits for Sam. These children have endured serious misfortune in their lives, and John Lasseter and Peggy Holmes decided to celebrate that courage through “Luck.”

The story of “Luck” starts when the main character, an orphan, Sam Greenfield, voiced by Eva Noblezada, settles into her new apartment after starting her new job. Sam is shown as the unluckiest person in the world, that is until she stumbles upon a penny that changes her fortune. Sam is joined by the enigmatic black cat, played by Simon Pegg, who shows her the way to the Land of Luck, a place in which both good and bad luck are created.

John Lasseter has once again demonstrated why he was the best choice to lead Skydance Animation through the outstanding creativity and skills he has shown through “Luck.” The “Luck” universe is extremely detailed and the animation in the film is visually appealing, with stunning locations like “Computer Keeps Crashing” on the Bad Luck side, or R&D for “Happy Accidents” on the Good Luck side. Some well-known Hollywood stars have lent their voices to “Luck,” including Whoopi Goldberg as a manager of leprechauns and Jane Fonda’s voice as the CEO of Good Luck.

The bureaucrats in charge of dispersing great luck are cats, bunnies, pigs, and leprechauns. Sam’s presence in such a location is a surefire recipe for turmoil. Audiences are expected to laugh out loud at Bob and his leprechaun aide Gerry’s, played by Colin O’Donoghue, attempts to stop Sam’s bad luck. Sam’s “Latvian leprechaun” costume will make everyone chuckle. The same goes for the ridiculous justification as to why she is significantly larger than everyone else.

The more sensitive issues in “Luck” are skillfully handled. The story has a melancholy tone at the start because of Sam’s lonely upbringing and her frantic attempts to transform her younger friend Hazel. But as the movie progresses, it brings joy and happiness. The movie reminds us to value our relationships with loved ones. In addition, finding a “forever home” should not be dependent on luck or chance. A fantastic dance performance by a group of bunnies and wonderful music are also included in the film. Overall, the movie is peppy, lively, and fascinating.

For Lasseter, “Luck” has a crucial role in articulating his studio’s ideas to the animation industry, regardless of whether the films go on to win major awards or not. Skydance Animation is also keen on recruiting talented employees due to the high demand for product development for streaming platforms.

The movie’s overarching message is to encourage people to accept life’s unpredictability and that bad luck is part of life, and it can be beneficial as it can lead you to a better path in life. John Lasseter, the brilliant animator, and storyteller is all set to bring good luck to Skydance through this movie. He has brought his extraordinary talent to “Luck.” This movie has all the ingredients to be a major success and help further reinforce the position of Skydance Animation as one of the leaders in the industry. “Luck” can be watched in theaters or through an Apple TV+ subscription.

Getting Your First Gaming PC on a Budget: What are Your Options?

Getting Your First Gaming PC on a Budget: What are Your Options?

If you enjoy gaming and want to switch from console games to PC games, there are plenty of reasons why it’s a great idea. Compared to gaming on a console, PCs offer more control and flexibility. With lower game prices and no need to pay for multi-player, they can also be cheaper to use in the long run. But, getting started with PC gaming can often be expensive as you’ll need to make sure that you have the right setup for you. The price of a gaming PC isn’t always cheap, although you might find that over time, it’s cheaper than consoles as you won’t need to upgrade it as often. There are plenty of ways that you can save money on your gaming PC. 

Build Your Own 

One of the main things that gamers have been doing for a long time to save money is building their own PC rather than buying one that’s pre-built. As building your own allows you to choose your own components individually, you can shop around for things like your processor, a graphics card from https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/faqs/intel/intel-graphics/, peripherals and everything else you are going to need to build the right gaming PC for you. You can find second-hand deals, flash sales or seasonal sales to help you save money overall by getting the best deal for each component you need. 

Choose a Budget-Friendly PC

With PC gaming becoming more and more popular, there’s now a larger range of ready-built gaming PCs that you can choose from if you want to switch and get started with this type of gaming. Many manufacturers are developing more PCs that are designed for or at least suitable for gaming, and are available at a range of prices, including plenty in the lower range that are ideal if you want to save money. 

Consider Buying Second Hand

When it comes to buying your first gaming PC, don’t think that you need to have the best, fastest and newest parts. Often, you can get some great second-hand deals whether you are interested in building your own PC or if you want to buy a complete PC that is ready to use. It might be worth joining online PC gamer communities to see if you can find the components you need, or to see if anybody is selling a complete gaming PC that might be ideal for you. 

Upgrade Later On

Another thing that you can do if you want to build your own gaming PC is go with cheaper, entry-level components now and then upgrade further down the line as you build up your PC gaming experience and start playing more games. However, bear in mind that with cheaper components, you might be limited when it comes to the games that you can play, as they may not always work with the most powerful, high-end gaming titles. 

Whether you want to take up gaming as a hobby for the first time or are interested in switching from console to PC gaming, these are some of the best ways to spend less while still getting a good deal. 

Diritto all’oblio


The diritto all oblio gdpr  is a legal tool you must use to protect your reputation and privacy. However, not everyone knows how to make the most of it. So here’s everything you need to know about it so you can get the most out of that right.


First, you need to understand  what the right to be forgot is . Well, this right is ensured by the Privacy Guarantor and is integrate  into article 17 of the regulation . In practice, the right to be forgot is configure as a right that allow you to completely delete personal data.  To understand this concept, it is appropriate to give an example. Imagine you signed up for a social network. 

After trying it you have decided that you want to delete your profile. Maybe your personal data in the meantime obtain from the company that owns the social network. In this case, you can appeal to the right to be forgot and  have the personal data to which you have given access completely delete  by agreeing to register on the portal. 

Right To Be Forgot

The right to be forgot can help you  strengthen your reputation and eliminate any problem with your privacy . Furthermore, this right can be fundamental to increase your personal web reputation or that of your company. In fact, by using this right, you can obtain the removal and de-indexing of links harmful to your reputation. 

In short,  this medium is essential  if you want to emerge on the web avoiding that others tarnish your reputation.  On 25 May 2018 with the entry into force of   the GDPR  , the  right to be forgot enjoy a specific rule .

European Regulation

Thanks to the new European regulation for data protection, the so-call GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, the  right to be forgot now has method of implementation and a regulation  that expressly identifies its scope and limit.

This is a radical innovation, which lays well-structured foundations, going to cancel that sort of limbo in which the right to be forgot move, which was consider only at the jurisprudential level, with evaluation and judgment express from time to time, as if there was only a similarity and no common rule gdpr diritto all oblio



From a purely technical point of view, the answer is provide by the Court of Cassation which define the right to be forgot as the “just interest of each person not to remain indefinitely expose to the further damage that the repeat publication cause to his honor and reputation. of new legitimately disclose in the past “.

In less high-sounding term, the right to be forgot is the faculty that allows a single individual, who has committed a more or less serious crime in the past, to request that the affair not be re-disclose in the press or that it be remove from the web page.

Public Domain

If a news story from the past can remain anchored in people’s memory, perhaps due to the gravity or the presence of gory details, it is not right that it returns to the public domain especially if those who have blamed themselves have in the meantime paid amply for their mistakes. .

After a reasonable amount of time from the fact, it is possible to ask that it no longer be talk about in the newspaper, just as it is legitimate to request the removal from the web page of article, photograph, video, and of the search result that list the links to get there. to the new page because they are dealt with by several subjects.

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E.A. Smiroldo’s no longer silent about The Silent Count

E.A. Smiroldo’s no longer silent about The Silent Count

E.A Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer turned author with her debut novel, The Silent Count. She weaves her real life expertise with real-world inspired drama for her climate science fiction thriller. E.A. is also a award-nominated signer-songwriter, engineer, and musician. A woman of many talents, she tells us more about her writing experience.

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Reese Witherspoon!  She has a book club and I think my book would appeal to her fellow readers.  Daisy Jones and the Six was one of her selections.  While not a cli-fi book, this book uses song lyrics as part of the storytelling and focuses on different characters and their viewpoints.  My book has a lot in common with Daisy Jones, particularly a beating, rock and roll heart.

Q. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?

I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. We’re still talking about her characters 200+ years later. They’re all wonderfully flawed and fully human.    

Q. Give us the scoop about your book.

It’s a climate change thriller based on real science. Yes, you really can change weather patterns by eliminating certain mountain ranges using nuclear weapons.  But I’m not recommending it!

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

I’m an award-winning pop-punk singer-songwriter, and my novel is laced with lyrics from songs I wrote and performed.  The soundtrack will be available on YouTube!

I’m a guitar playin’ fool and grew up practicing 7 hours a day.  I play all the guitars on the soundtrack to the novel. “Break the Skin,” one of the songs in The Silent Count, features the guitar solo I’m most proud of. 

My family is from Sicily and my mom taught me everything she knew about cooking.  I go nuts making traditional dishes for my loved ones, especially during the holidays. I secretly dream of owning a food truck that sells Sicilian street food!  I want to call it “Rhymes with Arancini.”

Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

I think Millie Bobby Brown would make a great Dara Bouldin (my main character).  Dara is young, introverted, and damaged by heartbreak and loss, but finds her strength as the story progresses. As Eleven on Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has shown that level of emotional depth.    

Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?

My favorite car is a white Corvette Stingray (any year is fine, they’re all great), and when I see one, I make a wish. The wishes almost always come true!  

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?

We sent a man to the moon, we developed the atomic bomb, we created a vaccine for covid-19…why can’t we do something just as remarkable about climate change that would realistically solve the problem? 

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Movie or TV Series?

A. Movie

Q. Long walk or long car ride?

A. Car ride

Q. Comedy or Drama?

A. Comedy

Q. The city or the country?

A. City

Q. Baking or Cooking?

A. Cooking

Q. Margarita or Cosmo?

A. I don’t drink…do virgin margaritas exist?

Q. Holding a Puppy or Holding a Baby?

A. Puppy

Q. invisibility cloak or sparking skin?

A. Invisibility cloak

Q. Coffee or tea?

A. Tea

Q. Dinosaurs or princesses?

A. Princesses

Q. Laptop or phone?

A. Phone

Find your copy of The Silent Count now on Amazon.

Beatrice Adenodi is Blowing Our Minds with Mindless Behaviors

Beatrice Adenodi is Blowing Our Minds with Mindless Behaviors

Beatrice Adenodi is telling the world to evolve their behavior, anazlyze their problems, and learn their patterns. She believes most of life’s problems can be boiled down to a handful of issues. Let her explain more:

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?
– I don’t have a Celebrity that I admire and want to be like. I don’t know what mask they are wearing even to want to put that admiration in a mainstream figure. 
Q. Who is your biggest writing inspiration?
I was going through a transitional period in her life that made me reflect on my career, relationships, and faith. Through my professional and personal experience, I realized a growing trend of not valuing the human experience. People fascinate me. Their unawareness and my shortcomings lead me to believe that many societal issues stem from a lack of self-empowerment, community support, and many environmental conditions we must endure through our growing years. Societal systems do not effectively promote empowerment and community involvement in the workplace, education, and communities. 
Q. Give us the scoop about your book.
– The reader would be able to identify with some of the characters in the book. They will also learn different ways to become aware of their situation and view their challenges from another perspective. Also, the reader would know that they are not alone with their problems and know how to identify sustainable solutions.
Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?
– I started my college career studying opera 
– I used to march in the band during Mardi gras in high school
– I got to meet a lot of the Medal of Honor recipients 
Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?
– Secrets are for kids. After a certain age, they are not relevant. 
Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?
The book catalyzes our awareness of daily behaviors that keep us stuck in a reactive cycle. Through storytelling, I gave examples of specific behaviors about how far the rabbit hole goes and the conditioning we have been subjected to by our families, social constructs, unlearned behaviors through experiences, AND circular patterns that we readily overlook that eventually balloon through time. I bring the reader through a journey of self-awareness. 

Q. Tell us something about you that no one else knows
– I am a wounded healer. 
Q. What book has made you cry? Why?
– Great Expectations made me cry. It’s a literal and metaphorical representation of real-life relationships in society today. It illustrates the deep suffering and pain that happens after a broken heart. The trauma and emotional torture were overwhelming. 
Q. What has been your favorite comment/review about your book?
– Adenodi’s debut as an author with “Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barriers” weaves allegory with the understanding of our underlying metaphorical context of the world. It is well crafted, evoking hubris to humor, but ultimately lending a mirror into sub/unconscious behaviors and bias that we all universally share. Your takeaway will be personal to you, but the perspectives in leadership, CDI—culture, inclusion, diversity, and self-awareness are more important than ever across our enterprises, work teams, families, and communities.
Q. What is something you learned while writing this book?
I learned that we are in constant battle with our light and shadow side of the self and that every day we have a choice to live in peace or chaos. 
Rapid Fire Questions and Answers
Q. Phone call or text?
A. Phone call 
Q. Reading or writing?
A. Writing 
Q. Wine or beer?
A. Wine 
Q. Karaoke or bowling?
A. Karoke 
Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?
A. The ability to fly. 
Q. Selfie or group photo?
A. Group Photo 
Q. Bacon or Tofu?
A. Bacon

Suzie Newel Tells us More about The Path 365

Suzie Newel Tells us More about The Path 365

We can’t get enough of Suzie Newels newest book, The Path 365 Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers; Witches and Others. We asked her to tell us more about this inspirational meets how-to book. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?
 The Americana Singer/Songwriter Brandi Carlile. Her journey is such an inspiration.

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?
 My first degree was in political science. I love sci-fi and fantasy everything and always have. My daughter, Madeline Jaina, is a singer/songwriter. 

Q. What’s one secret about you that you’ll share with the world?
 I dream about retiring in Guatemala. 

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories?
 You can create your own path one damn day at a time! 

Q If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
 World peace with compassion (It’s a trick, because the compassion bit includes all the other stuff like hunger:) A complete overhaul of western medicine, particularly in the United States. Access to power without responsibility:)

Q Who/What is your biggest inspiration in your writing?
 A toss up between Alice Walker and Barbara Kingslover. It’s funny because they didn’t write self help, but they wrote from the depths of their soul. 

Q If you could give your book to one person in the entire world to read, who would it be and why?
 Easy, the Dali Lama. I would like his honest opinion. That guy says a lot of really wise things. 

Q How did you come up with your title?
 That was my team.  My original name was “A crone’s wisdom”. They very gently and firmly said, NO. So we tossed around ideas. Then the tagline came to me and everyone liked it. 

Q What has been your favorite comment/review so far about your book?
 I feel like I am having a chat with the author, like she is just talking to me. Authenticity. 

Q What is something you learned while writing this book?
 I am nobody without my team.

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?


Q. Reading or writing?

A. Both

Q. Kittens or puppies?

A. Puppies.. although I recently have a grand kitty to whom I am very partial. 

Q. Road trip or Cruise ship?

A. Road trip. 

Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?

A. Invisibility. 

Q. Selfie or group photo?


Q. Love story or scary story?

A. Scary Story

Q. Bacon or Tofu?

A. Sugar

How Did Boston Get The Name Red Sox?

How Did Boston Get The Name Red Sox?

The team’s nickname has roots in uniform features. A Red Sox uniform is the first known instance of “Red Sox.” The term was not used during the team’s inaugural season. According to the Red Sox Media Guide, the Red Sox began playing under “Red Sox” during the 1907 season. A definitive history of the team, Red Sox Century, details the nickname’s origins.

Boston’s Red Sox name comes from a uniform feature.

Have you purchased your Boston red sox tickets yet? Did you know that the name of the Boston Red Sox derives from a constant feature. In the late 1800s, the team’s uniforms featured a red sock on the front, which led to the name “Red Sox.” However, it was not until the 1980s that the Red Sox uniforms got their traditional red coloration. Today, however, the uniforms will be red and feature the Patriots’ Day color scheme.

The first team uniforms were grey. Unfortunately, a gray background did not show stains as white, so the uniforms were worn for more extended periods before they needed laundering. The name was eventually adopted for the team, known as the “Americans” for the first few years. However, the team’s uniforms were not a complete overhaul. Before the 1908 season, there was no such uniform.

Former owner Tom Yawkey

A former Major League Baseball executive and industrialist, Tom Yawkey became president of the Boston Red Sox in 1933. The team was a perennial doormat, and the former owner spent millions on the club but failed to win World Series titles. Still, he never complained and stayed in the job throughout his career. He could have quit many times, but no one would have blamed him. The Boston Red Sox won three pennants during his tenure, but they finished in fourth or fifth.

His wife, Jean Yawkey, shared the same love for baseball with her husband. Jean Yawkey took over the team and president when Tom died in 1976. Yawkey’s wife became the first female director of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983. In 1980, Tom Yawkey was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Only three other major league team owners were established that year.

Atlanta Braves franchise

The Atlanta Braves franchise has a long history dating back to 1913. During the early 1920s, the team was a struggling franchise. The franchise was sold to Chicago-based businessman William Bartholomay, who then began scouting larger television markets for the team. In 1962, the fast-growing Atlanta area decided to build a new ballpark. In less than a year, the city built the Atlanta Stadium. The stadium’s purpose was to lure a central league baseball team and NFL/AFL team to the city. In addition, the stadium was constructed specifically to attract a major league football team. The Atlanta Braves would soon begin a winning streak under the direction of Bill McKechnie.

The team used the name “Braves” for the first time in 1912 after the club relocated to Milwaukee. This name is derived from a Native American warrior term. The team’s name “Red Caps” was later dropped after the Braves went to sixth place in 1917. The Braves would eventually win their first championship, and the Braves would subsequently return to Boston as the Red Sox in 1969.


The team’s official name is the Boston Red Sox Baseball Club, but before the 1978 reorganization, the team was known as the American League Baseball Company. The name is also used for the entrance to Fenway Park, where the team plays its home games. Despite the name change, the baseball team still retains its distinctive red and white colors. So how did the team get its current name? 

When the Boston team first began playing professional baseball in 1876, they were known as the Red Stockings. This lasted until they joined the National Association of Professional Baseball Players and merged with the National League. This move led the team to change its name to the Red Sox and eventually became one of the most storied franchises in the sport. Its name stuck. The team’s first home games were played in 1876, and by 1908, the team had won a World Series – the first of its kind.


The answer is complicated, but it starts in 1912 when Taylor named Fenway Park after the Boston Red Stockings. Taylor decreed that the team would wear red stockings. That led to a change in spelling, but it was never confirmed. Newspapers shortened the word “ox ox” because they were short and recognizable.

In 1933, the wealthy Tom Yawkey owned the franchise and invested money into the team. In 1907, he bought the team from the Boston Americans, who had been in the Pacific Coast League. He then proposed a name change. By the following season, he had the team playing under Boston Red Sox. Immediately after the name change, the group became famous as the Red Sox, and the name stuck.

JD Mass, author of Race For What? Tells His Truth

JD Mass, author of Race For What? Tells His Truth

JD Mass, author of Race for What? has a lot to say about his experience growing up as a white kid in a black community and shares what he believes are the 7 steps to healing racism.

Q. Can you tell us about your book?

Race For What? is part journey of a road less traveled and part guide meant to dare white folks to analyze where we came from, where we are going, and the value of healing the harm that has been done.

In this memoir, I tell the story of growing up in a black community and witnessing racism firsthand, as well as my successes and missteps in building powerful alliances with the community in which I was raised. I have been on a lifelong journey to learn why racism was created and what we can look forward to without it. 

Race for What? provides stories with a unique perspective from a white man’s experience and illustrates seven steps to healing. In the seven steps, I encourage white people to work through the emotional and psychological obstacles and see the value of repairing and healing the harm racism has caused.

Q What is your writing inspiration?

JD Mass

It was a combination of three things.  First and foremost, I spent my entire life being lived by and loving black folks.  Second, in 2017 I achieved my doctorate in Organizational Psychology which gave me the tools to communicate my vision effectively.  Third having been heavily involved in white antiracism groups in Los Angeles and later in St. Louis I learned that I have a valuable and unique perspective to share.  All of this combined inspired me to write Race for What?

Q What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing?

I am witnessing a desire for change to the dominating way of our culture.  I believe that if we continue to work at it, humanity is achievable.  I am encouraging white folks to stay the course, work through the pain, fear and discomfort of letting for of our desire for control and privilege.  Together we can finally correct the harm of racism.

Q What is something you learned while writing this book?

I learned that writing a book is no easy task.  I learned that I needed the help and support of others and I had to use the struggles that so many others are in for justice to motivate me to continue to complete my mission. 

Q If you could give your book to one person in the entire world to read, who would it be and why?

Ice Cube.  His music and movies have contributed to my development that led to my ideas shared in my book. I am a huge fan of his work, his art, and his commitment to the healing of his people. I believe that my book supports the Contract with Black America in which he worked with some of the greatest minds that have also influenced and taught me.  My book is meant to offer a white man’s perspective to support him and other black folks and organizations dedicated to the healing of marginalized and oppressed communities.

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

1) My three favorite athletes of all time are Allen Iverson, Albert Pujols, and Russell Westbrook for how they played their sport and how they carry themselves outside of their profession. 

2) My vegan breakfast sandwich that I used to make was listed as the best tasting vegan food item by the top blogger in LA in 2010

3) One of my favorite moments in my life was creating remakes of popular songs with my son to reflect whatever was going on in our lives.

Bonus: Nelly and I from our high school time, before he became famous, used to buy cheap tickets to Cardinals baseball games and eventually work our way down to field level so we could be heard by the players.

Rapid Fire Answer and Questions:

Super power of Invisibility or mind reading?  Invisibility

Halloween or Valentines Day?  Valentine’s Day

Beach or the mountains?  Beach

Rain or Sun?  Sun

Book Series or Netflix Binge?  Netflix Binge

Harrison Taylor’s Thrilling Thriller

Harrison Taylor’s Thrilling Thriller

We spoke with author Harrison Taylor about his newest book, Those Who Hunt Wolves. His inspiration comes from movies and cinema, and after reading his thriller, we can see why.

Q. Can you tell us about your book?

A: Those Who Hunt Wolves is a techno action thriller that is about two covert agents, Shepard and Graham. Both are gunned down and left for dead by a secret organization known as 7721. The two former agents survive and exact revenge by stealing a dangerous and secret weapon from 7721 known as the Blackout.

Q When did you decide to write this story and why?

A: This Story has been on my mind for years. I started it about four years ago, however the idea first came when I wrote a script about 16 years ago about a heist gone wrong.

Q What is your favorite passage from your book?

A: I tried to give them the impression that I was scared, but let’s face it: That’s like asking a crocodile not to fucking smile, right?

Q What makes your book unputdownable?

A: The action is constant. The story and plot engage and always move forward. As I writer I believe every word has a place and that is to support moving the story forward in an exciting way. I feel this book succeeds in that sense.

Q. If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

A: Mccray: Don Cheadle

     Ashcroft: Bryan Cranston

    Shepard: Alan Ritchson

   Jonah: Jeremy Alan white

So, I picked these actors because aside from being amazing at their craft, I heard their voices in my head while writing this book. Crazy, I know. LOL.

Harrison Taylor

Q If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

   World peace

   An end to this pandemic

   A cure for ALS

Q. Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

A I like to skateboard

   I’m a big gamer

   I’m addicted to funkos

Rapid Fire Answer and Questions:

Morning person or night owl? Night owl

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Horror Movie or RomCom? ROM COMS (big time)

Beer or Wine? Trick question BOTH

Bacon or Tofu? Bacon

Find your copy of Those Who Hunt Wolves on Amazon now.

Where to Find Talent For Your Next Corporate Event

Where to Find Talent For Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events can be incredibly dry if not handled well. Although they should have some air of professionalism to them, it’s vital that you don’t let them become long boring meetings that nobody really wants to attend. One of the best ways to spice up your event is to consider the entertainment you hire!

These are the best places to find awesome talent for your corporate event and how to figure out what type of talent you should hire!

First, Consider the Type of Talent You Need

The most important thing to know about your booked talent: is what they bring to the table. What type of corporate event is this? Is it a seminar on changes coming to the company? Is it a holiday party with drinks and fun? Consider what type of entertainment would best fit the event you’re hosting. Although musicians are a classic choice, you can also add some flare with a funny comedian or even an interesting athletic act!

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to finding talent for your event. This is especially true the larger your company is. If someone knows a performer who puts on a great show, they’ll be excited to bring them up to the company: so put an email out asking for some leads on this.

Although you may have to fish through some less-than-perfect acts, it will give you the opportunity to see what’s out there and help finalize what type of act and performer you want to see.

Local Gig Sites

Gig sites are a great way to find local acts and performers that you can’t find anywhere else. These sites offer ways to contact the acts, watch clips of their performances, and read reviews from people who have hired them before. This is an awesome way to see if someone is a good match for your company’s corporate event before you even contact them.

This also gives you the opportunity to window shop and look at rates and prices before you create a budget so that you can figure out how much money you want to spend on this event and what the company can afford.

Social Media

There’s a lot of power in social media for hiring performers! Not only can you find a huge assortment of acts from all over your area, but you can also easily contact them, find videos or clips of their performances, and get to know the types of reactions they draw from their crowds. This is a powerful tool and a great way to find performers.

Attending Local Shows

One of the best ways to find awesome entertainment is to get out there and see who’s performing in your area. This could mean going to local upcoming artist concerts or attending stand-up comedy nights at local bars, but don’t be afraid to search through live shows and find someone who speaks to what your event needs! If 

Every Event Deserves Something Special

Whether you’re interested in stand-up or you want a musician to rock out at your next corporate event, there are plenty of ways to find awesome performers; just get to know some of these!