How Much Money You Can Save With Fast Paced Gifting Gift Cards

Everyone likes to receive gift cards as presents. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, someone’s birthday, or any other type of celebration, you can never go wrong with this versatile gift. There are a couple of reasons why people love gifting and receiving gift cards.

For gift-givers, it removes the stress of gift hunting. Even after buying a present, people still feel unsure whether the person will like what they picked out. So, with gift cards, the receiver has complete freedom to choose what they want to buy.

Nevertheless, as a gift-giver, you still have the opportunity to show that you know and care for the person by gifting them with a gift card for their favorite retailer or company. Also, with some websites like Fast Paced Gifting, you can save some money.

How Much Money You Can Save

You can save a considerable amount of money when buying or using gift cards. Whether you’re buying the gift cards as a present or for yourself, you can easily track the amount saved while shopping.

With Fast Paced Gifting gift cards, you get €5 for every €250 you spend, which is an excellent deal. If you calculate how much money you spend on gift cards yearly, you’ll see that this deal gives you a very good amount of money back into your wallet.

Besides this, you don’t have to pay any additional costs for gift cards that usually go to third-parties selling them. The gift card’s exact value is the total amount you need to pay, not a penny more. Here again, you can save a couple of dollars after each purchase, which again sums up quite a valuable amount.

Furthermore, there are some expenses we’re not even aware of. Think about the whole process of buying a gift card. Even though it sounds simple and easy, a lot of money is spent without us realizing it. Going to the store, finding a parking spot, waiting in line, and buying a gift card are all actions that cost us money in some way or another.

That’s why with gift cards, you don’t have any of these expenses. You spend the minimum amount of time not only because there are no queues, but also because Fast Paced Gifting has a wide selection of gift cards all in one place, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Besides, you get your code almost instantly, ready for use, all from the comfort of your home.

Other Tips for Saving Money

Even after buying gift cards, people often waste a certain amount of money left on the card. To avoid this from happening and use your card entirely, follow these tips:

  1. Use the entire amount on the gift cards as soon as possible the best way is to spend the whole amount on the gift card upon receiving it. In this way, you eliminate the risk of losing the card or forgetting about it until it expires. So, go to the shop and treat yourself.
  2. Keep all your Fast Paced Gifting gift cards in one place – one of the most common mistakes is that people don’t store their gift cards in one place. So, they very easily lose or misplace them, and therefore forget about them, while there’s still some amount of cash left on the card.
  3. Check the expiry dates on your Fast Paced Gifting gift cards another tip is to check your gift cards’ expiry date to remove the possibility of missing out on the date. It’s also good to check the dates from time to time to remind you to buy something with the remaining money on the gift card.
  4. Regift the unused Fast Paced Gifting gift cards even if you received a gift card that you’re sure you won’t use, it doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. There’s someone out there who will appreciate that gift card more than you can imagine, so make sure to regift the card to the right person. Not only are you making someone happier, but you’re also saving money. 


To sum it up, birthdays and holidays can be overwhelming for many as they come with additional costs. But, this doesn’t have to be the case when using Fast Paced Gifting gift cards. You don’t have to feel guilty after spending money anymore, as you continuously get a piece back.

With a large variety of available gift cards for various amounts of money, you can easily find a perfect present for anyone without much struggle.

Best Magicians to Watch Virtually

Best Magicians to Watch Virtually

Now that the whole world has entered a state of almost 100% virtual communication due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people from all over can connect in the same chat rooms, video calls, and so on. For years, these same people have connected over everything entertainment. Alexander Djerassi, an ex magician, extremely recommends watching and supporting shows. Remember when the big box office hit movie was released in a local theater? How about when a popular band or musician came to play for thousands of people in hometowns across the United States of America? Remember that feeling of amazement to witness live something so wonderful? That feeling somehow was lost when COVID-19 began to spread across the globe… Until virtual magicians struck gold.

When the pandemic began, people began to creatively look for other ways of entertainment, such as through Netflix or Youtube, where organizations streamed shows the public longed to see again in person, but of course, could not. Magician shows were among the lost shows that the public could go see. However, some found a way to bring magic to the home through virtual parties and meetings to lighten the atmosphere. Some might recall a top-rated TV show, “Penn and Teller: Fool Us,” showcasing the famous magician duo of Penn Jillette and Teller, where magicians from all over try to fool these two with magic tricks of all kinds. Once people could not go see the show, these stars of wonder and sleight of hand had to find a creative way to showcase their talents. That is where Kostya Kimlat comes to play.

Kostya Kimlat, a famed magician who appeared on “Penn and Teller: Fool Us,” took the business of motivational speaking cross with magic to the online world. One might know this gentleman as the speaker who has motivated business people across 200 cities across five continents, while others only know the magician who fooled not just Penn, but Teller as well on the show with the famed sleight of hand card trick. However, one who may not know Kimlat as any of that should know the magician who brings magic to the home of people without stepping foot in the front door. Kimlat has taken the business that started with just motivational speaking, combining it with magic and empowerment and turned it into a pandemic paradise. This magical motivational speaker created a business where a magician like Kimlat does not have to travel to businesses or conferences to bring a sense of wonderment to the people but instead uses video call software to make appearances like normal. If that is not magic, then what is?

The pandemic heightened a sense of loss globally as people stood on the frontlines daily to fight the infectious virus, and what Kimlat has done is helped bring a sense of familiarity back into the entertainment world virtually. Not only has this gentleman cornered the motivational speaking world, but the code of magicians across the globe, where everyone can enjoy the tricks once again. For people like Alexander Djerassi it is not just movies or music or musicals that bring entertainment to life in the comfort of the home… Sometimes, all that is needed is a little magic.             

A Historic First for the SCAD Savannah Film Festival

A Historic First for the SCAD Savannah Film Festival

On October 24, 2020, SCAD made history with the 23rd annual SCAD Savannah Film Festival — the university’s first all-virtual film festival. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival is the largest festival at any university in the U.S. It is a weeklong celebration of movie magic, technical mastery, and storytelling excellence. The festival honors both professional and student filmmakers and welcomes major industry luminaries, including award-winning directors, writers and actors across the big screen.

“This is a historic moment for SCAD!” said President and Founder Paula Wallace of SCAD. “What we love about this year’s festival is the removal of all barriers to access. No lines! No waiting to get inside! We have limitless capacity for the movies and panels that make this the most inclusive and student-focused film festival in the world. More access means more learning and more films enjoyed by more people than ever before.”

For decades, this festival — a favorite of professional filmmakers, due to the energy and exchange of ideas among the students in attendance — has made its mark as an unforgettable stop on the Academy Awards circuit. This year’s SCAD Savannah Film Festival featured nearly 150 films, including 14 world premieres, four U.S. premieres, four North American premieres, 17 documentaries, 20 narrative films, and 111 shorts.

Wallace, who created the SCAD Savannah Film Festival in 1998, said, “SCAD screens the stories that matter to our students and to viewers around the globe. This year, everybody’s got the best seat in the house!”

The festivities opened up on Saturday, October 24, with the Gala Screening of I’m Your Woman, featuring Rachel Brosnahan, recent SCAD Commencement speaker and Spotlight Award recipient, and concluded a week later on Saturday, October 31, with the Gala Screening of One Night in Miami.

The 2020 schedule included Gala and Signature Screenings, professional and student competition films, Docs to Watch, Shorts Spotlight, Global Shorts Forum, and the Wonder Women and Below the Line panel series. The SCAD Savannah Film Festival has screened more than 125 Academy Award-nominated films and has honored more than 90 legendary actors, directors, producers, writers and filmmakers from around the world. Entertainment Weekly returned as a media partner to help curate this year’s programming and moderate select talent panels.

“Through laughter and wonder, films bind us together in ways we’re only beginning to understand,” Wallace said. “We already know that watching films increases oxytocin, which generates greater empathy and resilience. Movies literally make us kinder and stronger. Research shows that viewing films with others actually synchronizes our thinking, visual and auditory systems falling into rhythm with those around us. In a year when we are all a little farther apart than we’d like to be, it’s a comfort to know that great films truly do build unity and community.”

“We are still so excited for the virtual program we put together this year, from our film screenings to our amazing guests and panelists,” said SCAD Savannah Film Festival Executive Director Christina Routhier. “I am even more proud that the festival screened films from more than 64 women filmmakers and hosted our annual Wonder Women panels, making us one of the few festivals that continues to highlight the work of women artists from around the world.”

The SCAD Savannah Film Festival is celebrated for shining a light on films that go on to win Oscars, loved by critics and audiences alike. In recent years, dozens of Best Picture winners and nominees have screened at the festival before theatrical release. Categories included Gala Screenings (ten films in all, followed by panels with the directors and select cast members), Signature Screenings, Docs to Watch, TV Sidebar, Animation Corner, and After Dark.

Honorees included Samuel L. Jackson (The Banker), Legend of Cinema Award; Billy Crystal (Standing Up, Falling Down), Lifetime Achievement Award; Millie Bobby Brown (Enola Holmes), Maverick Award; Jennifer Hudson (Respect), Virtuoso Award; Ethan Hawke (The Good Lord Bird), Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Award; Delroy Lindo (Da 5 Bloods), Spotlight Award; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (The Trial of the Chicago 7), Distinguished Performance Award; Rachel Brosnahan (I’m Your Woman), Spotlight Award; and Glen Keane (Over the Moon), Lifetime Achievement in Animation Award.

New Book from Paul Alan Smith Receives Wide Praise

New Book from Paul Alan Smith Receives Wide Praise

The subject of police violence has been a hotly discussed issue in recent times. While the topic deserves plenty of recognition, there is another lesser-discussed issue related to criminal justice reform that many feel is also in need of public discourse — prison reform. Now, a new book created by Paul Alan SmithPen Pal, is helping to do just that. The book, comprised of letters from his friend and noted prison activist, Tiyo Attallah Salah-El, has been earning praise from a wide range of sources. We’ll look at some of those responses below to get a better idea of the book’s impact.

Book’s subject

The letters that make up the new book from Paul Alan Smith, whose royalties will go to support the WEB Du Bois Library, stretch back through the 14 years of his friendship with Salah-El, while the latter was serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison. A veteran with a talent for music and athletics, Salah-El made an impact on many people he met throughout his purpose-driven life. Part of this was due to his magnetic personality — on full display in the text — but much of it is also based on his hard work in the prison abolition movement. The respected historian Howard Zinn noted Salah-El’s achievements in a 2009 letter to the activist.

“You have lived a good life,” wrote Zinn. “You have done amazing things from the confines of your imprisonment. You have organized a movement for the abolition of prisons, you have had your ideas spread across the nation and across the globe. You have contributed to the education of your fellow prisoners in a very practical way. You have inspired countless people by your example of what one person can do against enormous odds. So when you leave this earth you know you will have contributed to the moral development of future generations.”

Reception by prison activists

Salah-El’s letters in the book help to paint a picture of the warm and generous spirit for which his friends knew him. His humor and wit jump off the page and the genuine nature of his friendship with the book’s creator is more than apparent. The wisdom of his stance on prison abolition is also evidenced on the page, drawing praise from a number of people connected to the criminal justice reform movement. One such person is Amanda Knox, an exoneree, journalist, public speaker, and author. Her experience of being falsely accused and imprisoned by the Italian criminal justice system has contributed to her high-profile place in the prison reform movement.

“One of the things that makes this book really special is that it shows that a human being is many, many things at the same time,” said Knox. “Tiyo himself was many, many things. He was a veteran, he was a musician, he was a criminal, he was an educator. His life became dedicated to abolition, the idea that the world would be a better, more just place without imprisonment. A lot of people might assume that anyone in prison, everyone in prison, is likely an abolitionist, but I promise that’s not the case.”

Additional viewpoints

Another activist in the criminal justice reform movement, David Gilbert, a prisoner whose incarceration has been referred to as “political” by many, had praise for the book. He noted its ability to both highlight Salah-El’s accomplishments and touch on the realities of life in prison.

“While Pen Pal is not at all an effort to provide a detailed picture of prison life, Tiyo’s various references in passing give the reader a better sense of the realities than I’ve been able to do even with direct descriptions,” writes the activist. “We feel life in a 5’ by 8’ cell, where you never sleep next to a loved one, and the cold before the heat gets turned on on November 1, or the high 90’s when the block bakes in July… Tiyo’s accomplishments from inside that 5’ by 8’ cell… are nothing short of spectacular.”

Book’s creator

For his part, Paul Alan Smith appreciates the praise the book is drawing from readers. He’s noted that his friend had a deep impact on his own way of thinking about the criminal justice system and he wants those who come to the book to pull away similarly profound revelations.

“My hope is that readers can come to a new understanding of prison reform in a way that’s reminiscent of good political theater,” says Smith. “You’re so engaged with the story, you don’t realize what you’re taking away until you leave the theater.”

Ultimately, that may be why the book is resonating with so many readers. While parts of the book touch on the life’s work of Salah-El, which is intimately tied to the prison abolition movement, the story itself is told through the friendship and tenderness that developed between the two men. The result is an endearing read that leaves the reader with plenty to think about upon its completion.

7 In-Demand Xbox Games Bought Through Online Card Box

Xbox consoles support thousands of original and third-party games. So, when it’s time for you to move on to your next gaming adventure, you’ve got quite a few choices in front of you. Especially now, with the release of Xbox series X and it’s almost complete backward compatibility, reaching a decision can be challenging. 

To help you find the game that’s just right for you, Online Card Box has compiled a list of its best-selling Xbox game gift cards. From kid-friendly fantasy adventures to notoriously difficult action RPGs, there’s something here for every gamer. Check it out. 

1. FIFA 20 

FIFA video games have entirely reshaped the gaming industry. Ever since the release of FIFA International Soccer in 1993, the gaming community has been completely mesmerized by the series. 

FIFA 20 quickly became the best-selling game of 2020. Reintroducing the VOLTA mode, enhancing the visuals, improving movement, passing, and making one-on-one matchups more exciting, FIFA 20 truly wowed the audiences. It’s not surprising that FIFA 20 gift cards are the best-selling product at Online Card Box. 

FIFA 21 was released in October 2020, so expect FIFA 21 gift cards on Online Card Box in the near future! 

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Although released back in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the top-sellers on Online Card Box. It has a huge, loyal fanbase, and you won’t go wrong if you start playing it. 

It’s a Western-style survival adventure game that will have you glued to your console for hours on end. The open-world environment is detailed and immersive, the visuals are stunning, and the gameplay is smooth and entertaining. 

You can play Red Dead Redemption 2 in single or multiplayer mode and explore the world as much as you want. Enjoy the thrilling gunfights, exciting characters, and everything this game has to offer. 

3. Halo 5: Guardians 

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, you have to give Halo 5: Guardians a try. Initially released in 2015, it still remains a fan-favorite to this day. 

Thousands of people join the game every single day, so you can enjoy the multiplayer mode to the fullest even if none of your friends are playing. 

Halo 5 has excellent game mechanics, beautiful visuals, exciting weapon choices, and mesmerizing battle styles. You’ll love every second of this FPS. 

4. The Elder Scrolls Online 

This MMORPG is fantastic, to say the least. But, before you start playing it, you might want to commit some time to research and check out the extensive lore. It’s more interesting than it may seem, and if you’re a fan of fantasy novels, you’re bound to enjoy it. 

Today, The Elder Scrolls Online invites over 2.5 million monthly players. The community is wonderful, and the gameplay is completely thrilling. 

You can do virtually anything in-game – craft, explore the massive open world, even get married. The Elder Scrolls Online gift cards are some of the most attractive on Online Card Box. 

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

This brutal action-adventure has amassed quite a following since its release in 2019. You’ll get to play a disgraced warrior in 16th century Japan who’s on a quest to take revenge on the samurai clan that attacked him and kidnapped his young lord. 

The combat and boss battles are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll be frustrated by the challenges and be forced to think outside the box – and you’ll love it! 

6. DOOM Eternal 

Hardcore gamers who enjoy intense gameplay and love to be challenged will find themselves at home with DOOM Eternal. 

You get to play the DOOM Slayer, whose goal is to end Hell’s dominion of Earth. You’ll battle horrible demons that are stronger than ever, and you’ll constantly remain on the edge of your seat. 

DOOM Eternal received critical acclaim for its astonishing gameplay, but keep in mind that this game is not for the light of heart. Gore, blood, dismemberment, scary creatures, and other colorful aspects of the game may be too edgy for some.

7. Kingdom Hearts 3 

If the above-mentioned games are a bit too extreme for you, Online Card Box has something that might be more to your liking. Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Although kid-friendly, don’t get the wrong impression – Kingdom Hearts 3 is challenging and exciting, perfect for old and young gamers alike. 

You’ll play the lovable Sora, and you’ll get to join some of Disney’s most cherished characters, including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, and others. Your goal is to defeat the enemy forces and face off against the notorious Master Xehanort. 

It’s a fun game that’ll offer hours of enjoyment for the whole family. 

The Bottom Line 

There isn’t a shortage of choices when you’re deciding on the next game to play on Xbox. If you don’t want to waste time on a poor decision, give any of these games a try and improve your gaming experience!

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

With the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles coming out, and with so many people being stuck inside for so long, there has been an influx of gamers that have been roaming the online servers and joining in on avid and experienced gamers. If you’re one of these guys, we welcome you! We also understand that it’s always difficult jumping into a new world where there are people who are more practiced than you.

It seems like an unfair playing field. If you’re looking to increase your gaming skills in a short amount of time, I have some bad news for you. It’s going to take time. Developing a talent simply takes time. However, there are a couple tips and tricks that will help you to catalyze your improvement and excel the learning curve for you. Here are a couple that I’ve personally found to be beneficial.

1.      Kratom. 

If you haven’t heard of this, that’s ok. Kratom is a natural supplement that comes from Malaysia and the surrounding countries. It was used previously by the indigenous people for its healing characteristics. Now, it has become commercialized and is sold world-wide. This supplement acts as an accelerant and helps to speed up your brain activity. It works in the same sense that caffeine does, only Kratom is non addictive. The best form of Kratom is called Maeng da Kratom. This supplement is the purest form of the herb that comes out of Malaysia and has the best effect on the body and mind. However, if you’re not looking for anything concentrated, you can always just google Kratom near me.

2.      Blue light glasses. 

If you’ve never tried these, trust me, they’re worth a shot. Not only will they help your eyes from getting tired and worn out, but it will actually make it easier to focus on the screen and react more quickly to whatever game you’re playing. This is most relevant in first person shooter games, but it can also help in adventure type games or racing games. If we are being honest though, the best part about these glasses is that they prevent headaches that are caused by screen exposure. Tolerance is different for everyone but for the majority of people, the most they can look at a screen without feeling nauseous is between 3-4 hours. If you’re planning to play more than this in a day, you’ll want to invest in a pair of glasses to protect your eyes.

3.      Gaming chair. 

It might seem odd to say, but the more upright your body is, the better it performs in general. This means that if you’re used to playing slumped on the couch, that your game play will significantly increase if you can find a comfortable chair that sits you at just less than a 90 degree angle. This will increase blood flow and reaction time when you’re playing. It might not seem like a big difference, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet.

Kevin Groh, the darling of the German Sci-Fi market, brings his superheroes to the US market

Kevin Groh, the darling of the German Sci-Fi market, brings his superheroes to the US market

Set in a distant future and far-away galaxy, “The Commander: Guardian of the Utopia” reflects the disturbing realities of today’s world. A passionate gamer with strong moral ethics and questions about life, the young and gifted German-based Kevin Groh brings his acclaimed Omni Legends series to the sci-fi & fantasy fans in the US. While entertaining and giving readers an enjoyable experience, the book raises questions about our evolution as a species. It also acts like a mirror where you can see the reflection of the hero within you. 

Here’s how Kevin Groh started his journey of self-discovery as a sci-fi fantasy writer.

If you could give your book to one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk – I heard he enjoys reading Sci-Fi and I would want my book to go to someone who can appreciate it and enjoy the story. Besides, the second book will feature some action on Mars and I would love to hear how he likes that part.

Give us the scoop about your book.

Every hero has an origin. Carter Sanders grew up as a privileged teen with private education. When he is drafted into the military, he has to face the harsh reality of discipline, comradery, romance, and tough training. With nothing but his instincts, he has to endure training missions and survival situations. As an actual war breaks loose, he must face involuntary body modifications that turn him into more than just a soldier. When his homeworld is under attack, he needs to make a tough choice: Should he follow his orders or save the world?

If your book was turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why?

Image of the book cover by Kevin Groh
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Since this book is just the beginning of a long and exciting story. The main characters are pretty young at this point so I would go with an actor that can grow with the story. I envisioned Carter like Brenton Thwaites who played Dick Grayson in DCs Titans, a character that turns from a recruit to an experienced leader. His best buddy Roderick would be someone like Ray Fisher or Michael B. Jordan. All those actors have a talent for portraying young and energetic characters as well as more experienced and battle-hardened versions of them.

Kevin, can you tell us something about you that no one else knows?

If I do that, then it won’t be a secret anymore, would it?
I do love to listen to epic orchestral music for almost any occasion – during sports, when I want to just think and brainstorm, and also when I am writing stories. Some people may call it weird but I actually prefer it to almost any other kind of music because I feel it inspires the mind.

Can you tell us three fun facts about you?

I am a German who doesn’t like beer at all.

Even though all of Germany goes crazy about soccer, I couldn’t care less about it.

I possess 7 Japanese swords, and I don’t regret a single one of them.

What makes your book unputdownable?

Q What makes your book unputdownable?

The Commander is about a very relatable character going through some very exciting adventures in a fascinating world. It has action, jokes, romance, and serious topics to think about. There is just so much happening that people won’t realize how time flies by.

What book are you currently reading, or last read?

I actually re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy a couple of weeks ago. It is a magnificent story that I can read or watch over and over again.

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?

A. Definitely morning person

Q. Reading or writing?

A. Writing

Q. Kittens or puppies?

A. Love puppies, allergic to kittens

Q. The city or the country?

A. I am a countryside guy

Q. Road trip or Cruise ship?

A. Cruise Ship, I love the sound of the waves

Q. Wine or beer?

A. Rum.

Q. Karaoke or bowling?

A. Bowling

Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?

A. Fly

Q. Bacon or Tofu?

A. Bacon and more bacon

Pre-order your copy of The Commander: Guardian of the Utopia by Kevin Groh today.

How Has Streaming Changed TV Viewing Habits?

How Has Streaming Changed TV Viewing Habits?

Streaming has completely changed the way people watch TV. In the past, people would have to mark their calendars and make sure they got in front of the television sets at a predetermined time if they wanted to catch their favorite shows. Now, television shows are coming to the consumer instead. As more people continue to cut cable packages and get involved in the Streaming Wars, TV viewing habits are continuing to change. It is a good idea to take a closer look at how TV viewing habits are changing thanks to the internet and streaming. Visit this website to learn more about internet TV. 

Binge-Watching Is Becoming More Popular

Those who remember what it was like to watch television programs on cable remember having to mark their calendars to catch that one new episode every week. Now, this is no longer how television programming works. Thanks to streaming services, many people will watch an entire season of a show in a single sitting. This is referred to as binge-watching. The reality is that the expectations of consumers are higher than they have ever been in the past. Now, television viewers expect to be able to watch an entire season it of a show as soon as that is released, if this is desired. Therefore, TV producers are trying to find ways to make their programs be more “binge-worthy,” as this leads to a dramatic increase in their popularity. 

The Increased Diversity of Programming

Because there are so many streaming services available today, many people sign up for multiple streaming services and watch programs that have been specifically curated to meet their needs. As more people continue to get Mesh WiFi, their internet connections are able to handle multiple streaming services at once. Because each of these streaming services has thousands of TV programs available, it is possible for everyone to be pickier when it comes to what they would like to watch. The increased diversity of programming is another way in which Streaming Wars are shifting TV viewing habits. 

Lower Costs for the Consumer

Finally, the development of streaming services is also lowering the cost for consumers. In the past, it was not unusual for people to pay several hundred dollars per month for cable services. Because users can sign up for multiple streaming services for a fraction of the price, this is reducing the cost of entertainment programming for consumers everywhere. When this is combined with the increased power of internet connections, it is easy to see why streaming has become so popular. 

These are just a few of the ways that streaming is changing the way people enjoy TV programming. It will be interesting to see what happens as more streaming services continue to enter the fold. In the future, people may not have to worry about cable at all when it comes to TV programming.

Surviving Remote Work Made Easy with Sharon Koifman

Surviving Remote Work Made Easy with Sharon Koifman

For some, remote work may seem like a new concept that they’re still adapting to. But some people chose remote work to fit their lifestyle way before the Pandemic hit the world. Either way, this is how most of us work today. So why not make the most of it? Sharon Koifman, CEO and Founder of DistantJob Remote Placement Agency, and author of Surviving Remote Work, shows us how.

Q. What is one lesson from Surviving Remote Work that everyone should know?

Pay attention to people’s mental health. When people go remote, they can disappear into a dark place. It’s up to both managers and fellow employees to catch each other as if they were in the office. It is the ethical things to do, and it will also help you with your bottom line

Find on Amazon

Q. If you could give Surviving Remote Work to one person in the entire world, who would it be?

Sergei Brin to reconsider the entire policy of uprooting people from where they are to join their headquarters.

Q. Have you had any bad experiences with a remote worker slacking off?

I have plenty of bad experiences with bad employees. I don’t associate it with remote. My worst experience was with a salesman hired; on the first week of training, I asked if he like our product, and his answer was, I just like the money. I like to think that I we failed in the interview even before we hired.

Q. What’s the silliest thing your kids have done that distracted you from work?

My kids like to enter my room randomly, and I refuse to put on a lock. I guess as frustrating as it is, I do enjoy the visit. Often, my older one likes to come, sit on my lap, take over my headset and have a conversation with whoever is on the other side. She is really cute and is a great communicator, so no one seems to mind. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this happened in the middle of a podcast interview, and she was wearing the cutest thing, and the interviewer just starting chatting with her during the podcast. She is really lucky she is so cute.

Sharon Koifman

Q. Tell us something about YOU that know one else knows.

I think that you know that I know that you know that I know, that this is probably not a reasonable question, considering that your friends and wife would kill me if you found something first from an online interview, but let me try to play along.  While most people assume I’m a big scotch drinker, my favorite drink is sake. 😊

Q. What’s the funniest thing to happen during a Zoom meeting?

I always find it amusing when I get stuck in a situation with horrible latency. Once in a blue moon, I get a 5 seconds delay, which brings the conversation to a different level of awkwardness. It a bit strange yet so amusing when you make a joke and don’t yet realize the massive latency. One time I chatted with a client where we had approximately 7 seconds latency. So you can imagine when I made a joke not yet realizing the horrible latency. The person on the other side just had a serious face, not even acknowledging I made a joke, making me think my sense of humor is completely off. Then 7 seconds later, that seemed like a lifetime in joke time, he starts cracking up for about a minute.  This was the most awkward comedy routine I have ever had.

Q. What do you love about remote working? What do you hate?

What their not to love? No traffic, seeing my family, no time-wasting, setting up my office the way I like.
The hate is a bit more challenging, but I feel I missed on the experience of going for a happy hour after work with your colleagues.

Rapid Fire Questions and Answers

Q. Morning person or night owl?


Q. Coffee or RedBull?


Q. Suit and Tie or Sweatshirt?

Suit no tie, in such disconnected times; it’s nice to feel like a professional

Q. Desktop or Laptop?


Q. Movie night with the Family or fun night out?

Fun night out

Q. The ability to fly or invisibility?


Q. Visiting the Ocean or camping by a lake?


Q. Eminem or Snoop Dog?

Do I sound like a snob if I don’t consider rap real music? I guess I would go with Eminem. He seems to rap faster.

Q. Selfie or Group Photo

Group  photo

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Driving a Pickup for the First Time? Stick to These Important Tips

Driving a Pickup for the First Time? Stick to These Important Tips

Pickups and jeeps are becoming more popular for everyday drivers, where once you’d only see them being bought by rural dwellers, these vehicles are becoming a favourite amongst people who live in the city and suburbs. If you have never driven a pickup before, they take a little getting used to. The main thing you have to learn is how to control a bigger vehicle. Follow these useful tips to help you learn how to drive a pickup.

Blind Spots

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you climb into a pickup and adjust your mirrors is blind spots. Yes, we know all vehicles have blind spots, but they are a little different on larger vehicles. When driving a Ford Ranger, Hilux, or Land Rover Defender from Nene Overland, make sure you recognise the difference when it comes to blind spots.

Most pickups come with a good set of rear-view mirrors, but the problem with driving a pickup is seeing behind the truck. Some things are not easy to see as the pickup is higher off the ground than a regular car.

Take Your Time

If you are driving a new or used pickup, you must take your time and get used to the difference in size. The one place where you need extra focus is when you are reversing. If you aren’t used to a pickup it can seem like you’re driving a bus. You must remember that your field of vision is limited, so it is important to take your time and drive the vehicle slowly, especially when reversing. When purchasing a pickup, it is a good idea to opt for extras such as a rear-view camera to help you see better.

Additional Degree of Caution

Driving a pickup is sometimes like driving a tank on the road, they are heavy and incredibly robust. If anything hits a pickup, it usually bounces straight off it. Pickups are built to last and they weigh a lot more than your average family car. With this in mind, you must be careful when driving on the roads. Although modern pickups are easy to handle and can go at high speeds, you must be cautious and take it easy on the accelerator. Aside from all the obvious safe driving practices, be responsible for the vehicle you are driving.


There is a big difference between turning a car and turning a pickup. Some cars are like toys and can turn inside a phone booth, pickups need a wide berth to get around corners. It will take time to adjust to the feel of the vehicle, this comes with lots of practice.

Once you learn to drive a jeep or pickup, you’ll be delighted that you made the switch. Pickups are a lot more versatile, and they can be used for all kinds of purposes. When learning to handle a pickup, you should practice in an empty area before taking to a busy road. Once you get used to the size and handling, driving a pickup is lots of fun.