History Behind Makeup

History Behind Makeup

Make up has been in use since ancient times to enhance beauty. There was high creativity among the women when it came to makeup. Most of the women used berries to darken their lips. In ancient Egypt makeup was widely used. The women from Egypt were among the first in the world to use makeup. As early as the 1st Dynasty, tombs in Egypt revealed unguent jars. These jars were scented and unguent was used to hydrate the skin. Dark green colors were also used to decorate the eyes. The Romans also used cosmetics widely in ancient times.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, understanding the history behind makeup can help us understand the ever-changing trends in cosmetics. Schifter enjoys wearing her makeup and understands the ever-changing trends in the industry. She knows the importance of makeup and how it can help build confidence and enhance beauty. Rarely will you find her without makeup whenever she is out of the house? So, when did makeup start and how has it evolved over the years?

Natural Homemade Cosmetics in the Ancient World

Women in the ancient world understand all about beauty. While they might not have considered the safe beauty practices, they still used a variety of homemade makeup. Some of the homemade makeup used included lead, mercury, arsenic, and leeches. These products were used to achieve pale beauty which was appropriate during those times.

Victorian Era Makeup

This is the era when most European ladies began to wear makeup. During this era, ladies used dust found on rice powder to hide face redness, blotches, and freckles. The cosmetic powder was also common during this era. The powder consisted of pearl and zinc oxide mixed in specific amounts to create the cosmetic powder. They also used clear pomade which acted as lip balm. It appeared much like beeswax and applied every morning to add some shine and protect the lips.

Another popular makeup in this era was eye paint which is now commonly known as eyeshadow. However, some of the most respected women during this era used very subtle amounts of makeup.

The Eyeshadow History

The earliest examples of eye shadow were found in Egypt. Here they used a substance called kohl which created color marking along the eyes. This substance was made by grinding stibnite. Kohl was applied to make Egyptians appear more like their gods. This trend quickly spread to ancient Rome and Greece. In Europe, women wore eyeshades for beauty reasons as opposed to religion. The use of eyeshade soon spread to other parts of the world where it was used by high-class women in the society.

Eye Shadow in the Modern Era

Eye shadow has gone through numerous transformations in the modern era to meet the ever-increasing demands. The smoky eye shadow was quite popular in the 20s. In the 30s, there were several eye shadow colors from soft pinks to greens. In the 70s, women started to mix a variety of eye shadow colors. Nowadays, there are several eye shadow colors and finishes on the market.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, makeup has evolved over the years. Today, there is makeup at least for every application. It is a multi-billion industry with government regulation. Helen Lee Schifter also wants to point out that the products on the market are also safer as compared to ancient times.

Top Attractions to See and Do in Vietnam

Top Attractions to See and Do in Vietnam

Of all the beautiful countries in South East Asia, Vietnam is one of the most interesting and satisfying to visit. The 20th century was a difficult time in this former French colony, but since the 70’s Vietnam has changed a lot. They have created a unique nation that is proud of its independence, yet it has managed to preserve the best elements of its colonial era. Vietnam has many things in its favour. It is a beautiful country with diverse geography and a wonderful climate. It has an interesting and ancient culture and a friendly population that is happy to share it with the world. Their cuisine is legendary, and there are several tourist destinations that are more than worth the effort to see. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Ho Chi Minh City: Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s most modern city, located in the south at the edge of the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh has all the infrastructure of a world class city. Including transportation, attractions, and first-class accommodations such as the Hotel Des ArtsIt is a bustling busy city with a traffic system that is simultaneously chaotic and organic. There are several things to see, in and around the city. Such as: The Binh Tay Market, The Cu Chi Tunnels, the war remnants Museum, and the Cao Dai Temple. But just wandering through the streets, observing the culture and local merchants, gives you a glimpse of a people who have a clear identity, and vision, and pride in their nation. And make sure you tuck into some of that amazing street food. It doesn’t get better than that.
  • Halong Bay: This is probably the most iconic tourist attraction in Vietnam, if not all South East Asia. It is one of the earth’s most beautiful natural harbours, Halong Bay features signature mountain islands rising from the pristine waters and creating a postcard view from nearly any angle. The view is made even better with the fleet of indigenous boats that can be rented for a pleasure cruise. Also nearby are cave tours and other natural wonders that will have you filling up your camera card in short order.
  • Hoi An: The ancient City of Hoi An is a wonderful place to get a view of historically authentic Vietnam. This city has a great variety of ancient cultural influences, like Chinese temples and Japanese bridges. There are French cafés and loads of Vietnamese shops. Hoi An is a Unesco heritage site.
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: There is not many places you can go to view a major historical figure preserved in glass. Although Ho Chi Minh was portrayed as an enemy of the west. He is known as the liberator of Vietnam and considered a national treasure. The mausoleum is in Saigon.

Tourist attractions aside, you will enjoy the natural beauty and the lovely climate in Vietnam, wherever you decide to travel. There is authentic Vietnamese cuisine wherever you go and there is no better place to have a coffee. Especially at a colonial style café. Vietnam is the holiday you have been looking for, and it is a great starting point for a tour of South East Asia.

Places to Visit in New York

Places to Visit in New York

New York has been known for there many places for tourism and its beautiful skyline so traveling to the big city can be exciting. There are many places that anyone can go visit, some are hidden jewels and some are well known hot spots for tourists visiting looking for a good way to spend time with their friends and family.

Time Square

Time square located in Manhattan is well known for tourists. Although it is mostly seen at night for its big screens and beautiful lighting, it is the perfect place for people that enjoy shopping and fine dining. If you have an eye for fashion then you might fall in love with the fashion district in Manhattan. There you will find a mix of exclusive stores that you can choose from.

Central Park

Central Park has gained attention over the last few years due to a specific event but that doesn’t take away from its beauty and size. Central Park is the fifth-largest park in the state and has been a place for many to go explore and view. Central park is not too far from where Father Rutler ( a well known New York pastor) previously preached not too far from Central Park. It has been noted that the priest truly enjoys New York City, although he started his Journey in New Jersey.

White Face Mountain

If you like to go skiing then New York has many well known Ski resorts. They are beautiful and have family activities for you and your family. White Face Mountain is very popular and is located in Wilmington, New York. It is important that anyone makes sure that they plan their trip ahead of time due to the popularity of this site. Father Rutler has been known for enjoying the Northern New York Cities due to the many Ski resorts. He truly enjoys skiing and takes as much time as he can to relax and enjoy skiing.

Historical Attractions

Lastly if someone wants to be able to see the many places that have been viewed on tv or in books then on their trip to New York they have the options to see the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. The sight is beautiful and you will be able to see what everyone has bragged about. It might be quite difficult to get close to since they are quite popular tourist spots but planning ahead of time will make any tourist sightseeing easy.

Overall, there are many places that someone can visit during their trip to New York. it is important to plan ahead of time and make sure that the guidelines of visiting certain attractions are able to be met. New York has many places available for everyone of all ages to have fun. People that enjoy skiing might want to go up north to the many ski resorts or look for historical attractions such as the Empire State building or The Statue of Liberty.

Are you Ready for Backyard Entertaining This Summer?

Are you Ready for Backyard Entertaining This Summer?

After spending the past year stuck inside our homes, isolated from one another, the news that this summer could have fewer restrictions is amazing! As more people get vaccinated, the greater the chance we have of being able to break out the grills and having a huge cookout with friends and family. Yet, if your backyard has seen better days or you just want to make the yard more suitable for entertaining, we have some top agent insights regarding what backyard upgrades you may want to tackle first. 

Seating area with a firepit

Backyard entertaining is the perks of owning your own home and homeowners can make their yard more suitable by adding a seating area with a firepit. This particular upgrade is so desirable, 76.8% of real estate agents say they have buyers who have this on their “wants” list. 

To make a cozy seating area, you could use benches or outdoor couches but any type of seat will work. This should go without saying, be mindful of how close the furniture is and the type of material the furniture is made out of.

Outdoor lighting

A firepit can brighten up the seating area, but if you live in a development where firepits are a no-no, you can still create a cozy outdoor entertaining space by using various lighting solutions. Lanterns, string lights, spotlights and even recessed lights are great options – especially if the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down!

Built-in grills

Say goodbye to the outdated charcoal grill and give the master griller in the household a new built-in grill or outdoor kitchen. Either of these options are fantastic additions to upgrade your backyard because you can still whip up delicious meals without worrying about missing out on the fun. 


Backyards with pools are the envy of every neighborhood – especially if it’s an inground pool with a slide or hottub! The beauty of having a pool in the backyard is that you’ll have a place to cool down during the hottest days in summer, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained, and it increases your property value depending on the region. For example, homeowners in the Pacific love hot tub upgrades, while homeowners in the Mountain region opt for waterfalls or water walls.  

Word to the wise, if you’re on the fence about installing a pool, you’ll want to remember that not only are pools expensive to install, they’re expensive to maintain. You could spend anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per year on maintenance. Also, your homeowner’s insurance may go up significantly, so keep that in mind as well.

Space for yard games

Whether your family loves to play games like cornhole or horseshoes, backyards with enough space for yard games are primed for lots of entertainment. This space could just be a large open space with luscious grass, or it could be a mulched area off to the side. If you have children, you might want to erect a playset so the kids are entertained while the adults are playing their own games.There’s still a few months left before summer hits and in that time, you could turn your boring backyard into something amazing. If you’re thinking about buying a house, a fully landscaped yard with the aforementioned upgrades can increase the home’s value. So, while you used a home affordability calculator to get an idea about what you can afford, you’ll need to speak to your real estate agent to see if a home with the backyard of your dreams is within budget. We recommend chatting with your agent first before looking at houses because you don’t want to fall in love with a house that’s outside of your budget.

A Look Inside Moonlighting

A Look Inside Moonlighting

The Gossip We Have All Been Waiting For

In Moonlighting: An Oral History, Scott Ryan investigates the underlying drama behind the show that pioneered network TV as we know it today. He first introduced his idea of this investigation to the creator, Glenn Gordon Caron, who was more than happy to give his blessing and reminisce about series. Then he corralled the rest of the writers, cast members, editors, and anyone else he could find. He made them the promise of writing this book with a balance between memories and facts, all to remember the beloved show that made pop culture history.

This ABC-TV series was the first successful comedy-drama of its time, featuring Cybill Shepherd as Maddie and Bruce Willis as David. It follows Maddie, an ex-model recently bankrupt, who is persuaded by David to run Blue Moon Investigations as co-partners. Everyone fell in love with their bickering and flirtatious interactions, anxiously waiting for them to give into the romance. When the episode finally came for them to consummate their relationship, audiences had already been waiting for two and a half years. This season 3 episode was the peak of the show and brought the highest ratings yet.

Ryan explains how this is where the mystery of Moonlighting’s downfall heightens. Each chapter follows a different point in time within the airing of the show. Ryan first sets the stage with a short blurb about the filming environment of the episode and then lets his interviewees takeover. By expertly organizing the detailed notes he took while speaking to them, he crafts an intriguing story. From cast members such as Cybill Shepherd and Allyce Beasley, to writers such as Glenn Gordon Caron and Jay Daniel, the only person missing is Bruce Willis. That being said, the remarks compiled from everyone else certainly create an unforgettable tale of Moonlighting.

For the first few seasons, the show received excellent ratings and had the full attention of both its co-stars. After the third season, things started to spin out of control. While many fans claim that the show went downhill after Maddie and David finally consummated their relationship, Ryan’s interviews prove otherwise. For example, Caron details how he made this plot decision before finding out that Cybill was going to take a year long absence from the show. At the same time, Bruce was whisked away to make Die Hard. To top it all off, when the couple finally reunited under Roger Director’s writing, ABC shut them down.

This compilation of interviews gives all the juicy details you never knew to look for, such as how both leads had doubles for a certain scene where Shepherd was pregnant with twins and Willis had a broken collarbone. The crew recounts many scenes and episodes that seem unbelievable to the point where they question if it had really happened. Ryan makes the distinction that he did not undergo critical analysis of the series, rather an investigation into its creative process. With his interpretation of the interviews and a sprinkle of relevant facts, he creates an oral history of Moonlighting that will not be soon forgotten. Pre-Order your copy of Moonlighting; an Oral History now.

Importance of Screen Time Breaks

Importance of Screen Time Breaks

With the recent pandemic and soaring technological advances, everyone is on their tech devices more than ever before. Think about it. Netflix and other online streaming subscription services are booming with customers and engagement. You can binge watch a show and look at a screen all day long as the interface is always auto-playing the next episode, making it hard to look away. Zoom video chats are required through your laptop for work or school. While you’re supposed to be paying attention in the Zoom meeting, it is easy to browse Instagram through yet another screen on your mobile device. Any way you look at it, screen time is absolutely through the roof. Should we be concerned about our screen time and what detrimental effects it can have on our health?

Dr. Cory Harow thinks we should be concerned. He specializes in sleep disorders and is considered a sleep expert in his field. Dr. Harow suggests cutting down on screen time in order to improve sleep and mood. For example, social media tends to be a big chunk of a person’s screen time. When endlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even YouTube, it is usually done late at night when we are supposed to be trying to get some sleep. Yet it is amazingly easy to go down the rabbit hole of endless content, some funny posts, some educational, but let’s admit it: most scrolls are just big time wasters. Dr. Harow has found out through his research that people feel exhausted in the morning after they’ve had a night of social media scrolling.

In order to achieve better quality sleep, Dr. Harow suggests unplugging from your devices at least an hour before bed. Taking some time off from screens before bed is important for eyesight as well, as we eliminate the blue light emanating from our devices. It has been reported through sleep studies and surveys that people who spend less time on social media than their peers reported fewer sleep disturbances and higher sleep quality. What is sleep quality? Falling asleep relatively easy and staying asleep through the night is a component of high sleep quality. If you wake too early, get up often throughout the night, or wake up feeling like you haven’t slept at all, these are signs of poor sleep quality.

It is critical for our health and well-being to achieve at least six to eight hours of quality sleep per night. Placing limits on screen time can help us achieve better sleep, less eye strain, and overall better quality of life. When we feel our best we can do our best. A good time to limit screens is before winding down for bed. Dr. Cory Harow wants people to place their health as a priority and try to unplug from the very digital world we live in. Besides social media, it is also important to assess how much time we are spending on laptop screens and TV screens. Everything in life needs balance and reassessing your screen time will help achieve a more well-rested state.

Shalom Lamm Shares His Opinion on TV Game Shows

Shalom Lamm Shares His Opinion on TV Game Shows

Shalom Lamm, an entrepreneur, is a simple and unbothered man with simple and concrete goals for his weekends: Sit down and enjoy the brightly colored flashes and confetti showers of a good old game show. How could one resist such entrancing patterns on spinning prize wheels? The roar of the crowd as numbers for high and low bids streak across the set of the show, pleading for the contestants to heed their words?

There are little thrills such as these. And yet, there are moments of hushed energy. Low murmurs that fill the silence between tensed negotiations, internal struggles that resonate inside of each and every participant: Will I be a lucky winner today? Only time may tell.

In these quiet moments of his home, he enjoys his time sunken into his well-worn furniture. There are too often times in our lives when we must sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of society and the conditions that sustain it. However, Saturdays and Sundays are for game shows in this particular home.

Contentment behind the television screen is something some may call The American Dream. And how boldly we declare ourselves, how triumphant one may boast when they stumble upon an excellent bargain or a discounted travel opportunity: Is a game show far from such events? Is a game show nothing more than encapsulating the fervor and conquest that belongs to these moments in our life times?

With a cold soda in arm’s reach and the warmth of the decorations that scatter across one’s home, game shows are a pleasant way to recreate the melodrama of discovering monetary eureka. There are cavalcades of beautiful vocabulary that one can employ to deliver the euphoria experienced inside of watching or competing in a game show, however, to feel such a sensation is divinity itself I believe.

Cast no judgements upon your fellow man when they discover The Price Is Right, for it’s enthralling allure is mighty and comforting all in itself. The siren song of its upbeat theme music in tandem with the soothing baritone of its host faces no resistance as it invades the serotonin receptors of the brain. Penetrating your deepest and thickest walls within your mental palace, game shows cast a wide and entrancing net across your entirety.

Game shows also deliver a myriad of gimmicks and celebrity guests, which is always a cheerful sight to behold. Whether they remained in the limelight from their conception or just recently discovered an audience for their craft, celebrities have become a centerpiece for the game show industry. Men and women of all ages gather around their TV sets in the evenings and mornings to celebrate all manners of games of craftiness and luck, and we all have game shows to thank for such times.

Truly, game shows are a staple of American entertainment and will remain as such for years to come.

To learn more about Shalom Lamm, go to medium.com

5 facts about the LeBron James Shoes, you didn’t know

5 facts about the LeBron James Shoes, you didn’t know

LeBron James started his rookie season in the NBA with so much zeal. In league history, he was the rookie with the highest energy, positivity, and eagerness. He signed a shoe deal before he was drafted. It was worth ninety million dollars. The duration of the contract is seven years. The deal ensured his shoe game in his career was on point. It was the biggest rookie sneaker deal in the NBA. 

Nike has a wide range of products, so choosing the right shoe is rigid. Try out LeBron James shoes 18. Their revenue is approximately 400 million dollars per year. The company has been in existence for 15 years now. James’ Nike series is a sneaker that any NBA player should have in their shoe collection. The line is long, and the firms keep adding shoes to the line. Due to James’ preference for sneakers, Nike’s designers are having a challenge with his shoes. LeBron is strong and fast. Incorporating these qualities in the designs is a challenging task. Designers try to translate his personality into designs, and although it is hard, they always try. 

Many people are aware that LeBron James shoes exist in the market, but they do not know the specific brands and their features.

  1.  LeBron 13

The heel has a shape of a clover. The upper part of the shoe is made of hyperposite. There is no specific way to explain the design of the shoe. It can be described as hardwood or lifestyle or polarizing. It is excessively molded. James wore the shoe during his second season playing for Cleveland. The colors on the shoe are not eye-catching. The shoe incorporated various personal details such as his hometown Akron and the area code 330. Also, it has his birth date, which is December 1984, and a simple “Akronite” declaration along with the outsole. The release year is 2015.

  1. LeBron 12

This Nike shoe is mainly made up of Foamposite material. Most iconic and innovative silhouettes are made of composite material. When Nike started making double-digit years of LeBron’s line, they made his shoes with more material, so it appears more built. The typical buyer can not notice this feature. Despite the four trips to the NBA Finals and standing atop the league, the price and out-of-the-box feeling the shoe gives was outstanding. The price is 200 dollars. 

LeBron 12 existed one year before playing for Cleveland, which made several nods and subtle touches of his Heat jersey. No. 6 remaining, such as the six Zoom Air units along the bottom, the number called out on the shank, and a hexagonal icon on the tongue.

The release year is 2014.

  1. LeBron 14

The release year is 2016. The shoe design started well, but along the way, the designers decided to start afresh. The idea creation started afresh. This scenario has happened more than once. It also happened in making LeBron 14. It was a challenge because it led to a delay in production. As a result of this, the debut was done during the Christmas season. It was released in January. When the shoe was not seen in the field, it raised questions about the line. The new design they decided on did not attract customers. 

  1. LeBron 10 

The release year is 2012.

In the shoe game, reaching ten signature models with one brand is rare and exceptional. In the past, Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson reached ten signature shoes. Now, LeBron James has joined that team. Nike designed a diamond storyline to show LeBron’s strength and resilience in the title quest. Also, it was a way to celebrate his line for the decade and his new championship quests.

He used the global stage in 2008. In 2012, there was a gold medal Olympics game in London where he showcased his new model. The upper part has a glossy look and diamond shape. The back heel Swoosh is unique. It is an icon that makes the shoe stand out among a sea of Nike endorsers on the court.

  1. LeBron 4 

When LeBron 4 came out, it immediately caught the attention of the consumers. Its design depicts power and stands out. The upper part is made of Foamposite. This idea was inspired by some of LeBron’s favorite sneakers from Penny Hardaway’s series. 

The colors in the shoe were well embraced. The designers have incorporated more graphics and better texture than the previous brands, such as the cereal-laden “Fruity Pebbles” pair or the two “Graffiti” versions worn at Madison Square Garden and during the Las Vegas All-Star Game.

The release year is 2006.

  1. LeBron 3

The release year is 2005. LeBron 3 is one of the LeBron James shoes that people are not aware of. Through this line, the designers tried to bring out the speed and power. The shoe was released on his birthday in December. It was a brown leather version with a belt that matches the shoes. The shoe is more of a lifestyle shoe, and as a result of this, the advertising strategies needed to be playful. 

  1. LeBron James shoes 18

LeBron James 18 is considered the most stylish basketball shoe in the market. It continues the success of the LeBron signature shoe series. The features of the shoe are a full-length zoom air unit, KnitPosite 2.0, and cushioning system. The zoom air unit starts from the heel to the front of the foot. The cushion system enhances the speed of the player. KnitPosite 2.0 ensures the shoe feels light and it is breathable. It offers a comfortable feeling. LeBron is working hard to win the fifth title this season. Another goal is working towards his next MVP. Another unique feature of the shoe is several Air units in the tongue for 360-degree comfort of your foot. There is also a molded TPU heel counter that stabilizes your foot when you’re generating force.

The best choice of the shoe depends on the buyer. 

The History of Bluetooth Technology

The History of Bluetooth Technology

We are all familiar with the word ‘Bluetooth’ and we know, if you follow technology news that it is connected to digital technology, as we see the term on all of our digital devices, yet for most, that’s where their knowledge ends. In this article, we will take a look at the history of Bluetooth technology, while explaining its uses.

Digital Connectivity

This is what Bluetooth is all about and way back in 1994, a Dr Jaap Haartsen, an Eriksson employee, conceived the concept of pairing digital devices, enabling two-way communication between the devices. This was an attempt to go wireless, using short-range UHF radio waves at 2.4Ghz, and it was successful, after some teething troubles.

First Consumer Product

Launched in 1999, the first consumer product with Bluetooth was a hands-free mobile headset, then came many Bluetooth enabled chipsets for dongles, mice and game controllers. The first mobile phone to carry Bluetooth technology was the Sony Eriksson T36, which used the successful Bluetooth 1.0 platform.

In-Car Entertainment

This is just one sector that makes good use of Bluetooth connectivity, which integrates multi-digital platforms on a single device and if you are looking for hi-end car audio equipment, check out the top-rated selection at www.bankstownsound.com.au/pioneer-apple-carplay/ , a leading Australian supplier of in-car entertainment components, all at affordable prices.

Mobile Devices

That handy shower speaker that connects to your smartphone uses Bluetooth, while your wireless mouse and keyboard are also transmitting data via Bluetooth chipsets. Within the space of a few years, Bluetooth has integrated into many different systems, offering high-speed device connectivity.

Bluetooth SIG

As you would expect, Bluetooth has been evolving alongside digital tech and the latest version is Bluetooth SIG, which focuses on mesh networking, with lower energy profiles and longer range for the IoT. The rollout of 5G will merge Bluetooth SIG into all digital devices, with the capability to transfer at faster rates, while developers are already hard at work, looking at the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity.

High Speed Transfers over Wi-Fi

The Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) up to 3Mbps with Version 2.0 has boosted device communication and Bluetooth is poised to be a major platform for the Internet of Things. The developers are confident they can keep up with data transfer speeds, as we move into a new dimension of digital technology. If you are looking for suitable outdoor activities for summer 2021, click here for tips.

Low Energy

This has been a priority since the 2010s, with communication in short bursts, rather than continuous, which reduces the amount of energy used, making it more efficient.

Long Range

5G uses a specific wavelength and it is essential that Bluetooth can cover an adequate area, which means installing many 5G land transformers, which will beam the data to devices. 

The plan is to use the thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites that SpaceX is sending up to cover every inch of the planet with high-speed Internet, while this will require land transponders every 30-40m. Next time you are out and about, take note of these 5G transponders, which resemble an audio speaker and thousands are being installed in developed countries in preparation for the IoT, a global platform that connects all digital devices, which will be managed by AI.

In conclusion, Bluetooth has evolved alongside digital tech and it widely accepted as a global data connectivity application.

What to Know About Today’s Media

What to Know About Today’s Media

Judge Napolitano knows that in this day of age regarding the media, numerous benefits come from the continuing rise of digital media, considering the convenience of tuning in towards these digital media outlets. With that said, as the United States has an on-going problem regarding the dividedness of its people, many attributes to what’s being promoted through popular digital outlets. As people, in general, have grown to distrust mainstream media outlets, a lot of these same people have looked into independent news outlets rather than the media conglomerates.

Although many independent news outlets have stepped up to become legitimate sources of information, there are news outlets, which many of which are on video-sharing sites like Youtube, which have contributed to spreading false reporting. To which in some cases, some of these outlets have openly promoted extremism to a degree.

Sites like Youtube, for instance, have been argued as a safe-haven for radicalized content. After all, it only takes one video to be viral, to which that video can influence a vast number of people who view it.

Many of these outlets who spread false information justify it by preaching an extreme ideology, whether their perspective is on the left or right side of the political spectrum. One of the biggest reasons why false information spreads throughout the internet is the feeling of being misrepresented by mainstream media. That’s because social media makes it much easier to get any type of news information across when it’s uploaded to the internet, where the entire world can see it.

“Today’s news consumer has to do a lot more detective work in order to assure one’s self you’re being informed by legitimate news and information sources,” stated Phil Napoli during an interview.

“There’s more information than ever but people still want journalists to make sense of it for them. They still want us to hold power accountable. They just want to make sure we’re not biased in doing it.”

People need to realize that not everything about today’s media is bad. As it’s mentioned before in this article, the convenience of receiving news through social media platforms is positive to some degree. It’s worth noting that the concept of independent creators in today’s media has risen also. Years, some people wouldn’t believe that ordinary people can be a part of the media and deliver content themselves. Youtube is a great example, as many independent figures made their fame through Youtube’s independent platform.

In conclusion, people need to get the News from a source they can trust.