Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

One way to combat the effects of stress and frustration is by finding ways to release it. When you’re frustrated, it can leave a nagging feeling that keeps people up at night, so they end up not getting as much rest or sleep as their body needs. If this happens often enough, over time, chronic stress will lead to serious health and well-being issues like headaches and high blood pressure, among others.”

According to Raphael Sternberg, one way to combat the effects of stress and frustration is to find ways to release it. When you are frustrated, it can leave a nagging feeling that keeps people up at night, so they end up not getting as much rest or sleep as their body needs. If this happens often enough, over time, chronic stress will lead to serious health and well-being issues like headaches and high blood pressure, among others. Here are some healthy ways to release frustration.

1. Drinking Water

Sometimes, when feeling frustrated, people get stressed out. This is because the body can produce hormones that cause one to feel edgy and irritable when under stress. These hormones can make it hard to relax and calm down. Even if frustration is not causing stress, drinking water can help your body release the chemicals that cause stress.

2. Walking

Walking is one of the best ways to burn off stress. Studies have shown that walking for exercise can help people release worry, anger, and frustration from their bodies. It can also reduce blood pressure and heart rate by as much as 30 percent in just 30 minutes of walking. In addition, it helps people focus on their actions because it increases oxygen flow in their brains. “

3. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are great activities that you can use to relieve frustration. Yoga is great because it focuses on stretching and strengthening your body, so when people lengthen and expand their muscles, they can relax the mind and feel more connected with themselves. Meditation is another excellent way to release stress since it helps one focus on breathing.

4. Physical Exercise

According to entrepreneur Raphael Sternberg, physical exercise is one of the best ways to release stress and frustration. It can also lower blood pressure and bring oxygen to the brain, making people focus better. Resistance training is also a good way to combat stress. You’re not only strengthening your body but inadvertently relaxing the mind when lifting weights.

5. Listen to Music

Music is a great way to release frustration, especially when you’re in a bad mood or feeling stressed out. Listening to music can help people develop a more positive perspective, mainly if they listen to upbeat songs that make them happy. Listening to your favorite music will also make you want to move around, which is an effective way to burn off stress and frustration.

Releasing frustration is an essential part of keeping your mind and body healthy. Try a few of these ways to release frustration and see which works best.

Give The Gift Of Yourself This Holiday Season

Give The Gift Of Yourself This Holiday Season

The holidays are some of the most stressful times of the year.  Whether your stress comes from making the perfect turkey, decorating the perfect tree, company coming over, or simply being home by yourself, November and December are typically both the busiest and most stressful months on the calendar.  Everyone feels it differently, but now there’s a new way to manage your holiday stress in an entirely different way.

IdentifyU offers a platform that boasts many of today’s most in-demand coaches.  The company has an extensive interview process, only hiring ten percent of the coaching candidates it sees.   Before becoming a member and joining the IdentifyU family, users are given an independent digital assessment which looks at everything from their concerns to their goals.  In other words, it is an efficient deep dive into what they want to change in their lives.  For many, this change includes managing stress and anxiety around the holidays.  For some it is changing their professional goals, and for others, it’s finding that new relationship they’ve been dreaming about.

Coaching isn’t a new profession. Actually, it’s one that has gained significant traction of late.  There are happiness coaches, business coaches, nutrition and health coaches, and many, many other types of coaches.  By bringing together the best of the best in one platform, IdentifyU has made it easy to shift between coaches as your needs change.

“The core strength of our business is helping our members get the best results possible,” said Parker Terlaak, CEO and Founder, IdentifyU.  “Members are motivated and excited to take on life’s challenges.  Coaches find strength in our matching, connectivity, and scheduling process.  Both sides love our flexibility, as well as their ability to connect consistently with each other on a secure, protective platform,” noted Terlaak.

It is a known fact that reducing your stress has a positive impact on your health.  IdentifyU coaches have significant experience navigating the holiday high tide.  They can work with you to plan, set boundaries, and deploy tactics which help you mitigate your reactions to the stresses around you.  Having a game plan in place prior a stressful time not only helps manage the stress, but also helps you avoid it.

One way to do this is to prepare a menu, schedule, or travel itinerary in advance.  Have a large group coming to Thanksgiving Dinner or for the holidays?  Assign table seats.  These tips help boost the atmosphere.  For women, this is especially important because they typically have numerous responsibilities, all of which have an impact on the happiness quotient and success of each individual holiday.  That’s why it’s so important to take a moment for yourself before the chaos erupts.

“Our sweet spot for members is currently women who, because of their families, or jobs, put themselves last.  In other words, they want to have time for self-care, but don’t know how to make it a priority,” notes Terlaak.  

You can learn more about IdentifyU by visiting   The company is so confident you’ll thrive from their offering, that they’ve made every first visit with a coach free of charge.

Deborah Levine Herman Speaks About Spiritual Writing

Deborah Levine Herman Speaks About Spiritual Writing

A best selling author, publisher, literary agent and intuitive writing couch, Deborah Levine Herman has a vast wealth of knowledge of the publishing world. Her goal: Help writers discover their spiritual writing path. We talked more with Deborah to get to the bottom of the secret and tell us more about Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication.

Q. What makes your book a must-read? 

The book is a must-read for writers but beyond that it has significant Spiritual messages for people in general who want inspiration and a greater understanding of our place in this world. It is also about how we can do our part to make things better. Aside from that, it is well-written with some really good stories in it.

If you could give your book to one world leader, who would it be and why? Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

I think he is a good leader during this very difficult time. I believe my book would give him hope by putting it in the context of spiritual lessons. He is someone who is in tune with his authentic Divine Inner Voice.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?   

I wrote the first version of this book over twenty years ago. I thought I would just update it to reflect the changes in the world and available technology. However, I found that I had changed so much and had held back aspects of my story that I needed to rewrite the book from top to bottom. Every word is now new and a reflection of my authentic voice and meaning. The book is personal as I am sharing my journey as well as “coming out of the closet,” with my spiritual gifts. Twenty years ago, I wrote the book because spiritual material was considered too fringe and “woo, woo.” Now, in writing the book I no longer felt the need to hold back anything. If I am asking people to be authentic, I needed to be as well.

What is the most enlightening/inspirational story you tell in your book? 

Perhaps it is the beginning when I discovered there was more to life than the five senses. I met my first spiritual teacher only a few weeks before he passed away. He was the husband of my music teacher and he gave me a poem to read that he had written. It was very mystical and opened my eyes. He gave me his book and said this is for you. From that point on it was as if something was ignited in me, a spiritual flame. One of my first writing jobs was to write his Eulogy for a local paper. Even though I had only known him a short while, his wife told me he wanted it that way. That started me on the path to becoming a writer.

One word that best describes you. 


Deborah Levin Herman

Any ritual like a specific scented candle, preferred writing place, or drink that you kept through writing? 

When I am writing anything of length I have a writing room in my home. My home is over 100 years old and this room has bookshelves and a large desk. I can block off the rest of the house so I can concentrate. When I am writing a book I tell my family that I love them but they should not call me unless they are bleeding or in jail and they typically comply. Of course, I do allow my dogs to sleep near my desk or they would make a lot of noise.

Then, although this doesn’t help my figure, I keep a box of crackers, some cashews and chocolate in my desk drawer.

I light nag champa incense because I love the smell and it relaxes me.

If I am under a particularly difficult deadline I will say a prayer asking God to allow me to be a vessel for the highest energies and to do a good job.

If I am particularly nervous about a project I might also add a prayer: Almighty God and my Guides, please don’t let me “screw” this up. However, I may use a different expletive.

If there is a movie adaptation of Spiritual Writing Second Edition, who do you think would be perfect for the lead roles? 

My daughter Jess is about the same age as I was when I first came into awareness and she looks like a mini Me. She is also an actress.

What can this new edition teach to a motivated and mission-driven population of writers? 

The first part will help them center and focus on being a positive vessel for higher information. I stress the need to move above ego. The seven lessons are laid out clearly for writers to understand their individual journeys.

Then these writers will learn everything they need to know about how to navigate the publishing industry, but more importantly, how to create success with the many alternative opportunities. I stress that becoming a bestselling author may not be the goal. It could be the result. However, the important thing is to be accessible to those who need the message they convey. The book includes sections on platform building and digital marketing that didn’t exist when I first conceived of the book.

As an animal communicator, what would animals mostly like to tell their human owners?

Not to worry so much. I had a dog drag his owner across a street to meet me. I explained that I was an animal communicator and asked if she wanted to know what her dog was telling me. She agreed and I told her the dog was adamant that he was okay and no longer sick from lyme disease. She was still so anxious and worried about losing him that it was interfering with the relationship and was making him nervous.

Dogs tend to complain about things, but they are also there to convey concerns about their owners.

Cats often start out with “I don’t like you.” I am not making this up. When they feel me tap into them they don’t like it at first but then it seems to change to “you are not like me.” When they warm up they also like to complain and demand.

In one situation, a woman came to me and said her cat stopped being affectionate toward her. She was worried.

I tuned into the cat and the cat clearly showed me salmon and said it was angry that she didn’t give it to her.

I asked the owner if she had stopped giving the cat salmon and she said, “yes, she was getting too fat.”

I had to laugh and tell her that the cat was essentially on strike. Of course, you never have to do what the cat wants, but at least she could understand the stalemate.

I know that the animals do not speak English and am not sure why my mind translates it this way.

Horses are the best for me. I can hear them as clearly as a conversation with a human. They are philosophical. They are concerned about humanity and, at least my first horse who has passed away, hoped that people would be more like a herd and have each other’s back more. Even though there is a hierarchy in a herd, they protect and watch over each other.

My horse was also concerned about too much traffic and business. He passed away before the pandemic but I think he would have thought the side effect of people staying home would have been a good one.

The Lakota Medicine Man, Chief Arvol Lookinghorse explained the importance of horses to his people. He said the horse is here to give us many lessons of wisdom.  

Are you ready for our rapid-fire questions? Let’s go. 

  1. Dogs or Cats?  Both
  2. Beach or Mountain? Beach but I live in the mountains
  3. Werewolf or Vampire? Vampire
  4. Candles or Incense? Incense
  5. Pasta or Pizza? Pizza
  6. Artist or Writer? both
  7. Writing in the Morning or at Night? morning
  8. Coffee or Tea? tea
  9. Games or Movie Night? movie night
  10. The ability to see the future or the ability to change the past?  see the future

Find your copy of Inspiration to Publication on Amazon now. Reflect on your journey and life, check out this interview about the poetry collection, Tears of Change.

External Recruiting vs. Internal Promotions

External Recruiting vs. Internal Promotions

External Recruiting vs. Internal Promotions

It is an organization that looks to fill vacancies from applicants external to their organization or those employed by other organizations. An internal recruiter, on the other hand, is an individual who performs recruitment duties in-house. They are not used by the organization and may be called upon when external recruiting is impossible. External recruiting allows for more options in terms of job postings and expands the possibility of finding qualified candidates. Internal promotions allow for greater control over who is hired but may be less fruitful when looking for a more significant number of candidates.

1. Employee Morale

Employee morale is affected by external recruitment because employees may feel they are not as done being employed by the organization, and this could affect their work performance. Suppose a good employee is promoted to a management position. In that case, it raises the question of why they are deemed a suitable candidate for this position when other non-management employees may be more fitting to fill it. Organizations may need help to supply the correct job positions to accommodate their workforce, resulting in a lack of expansion.

2. Recruitment Cost

External recruitment is usually cheaper than internal promotions due to not having additional hiring costs, such as advertising and salary increases. Outsourcing recruitment allows companies to get the job done cheaply while focusing on other business areas. Recruiting agents may also be less trustworthy and must follow the right procedures when obtaining applicants. These factors will affect the recruitment process and result in a lower hiring cost than internal promotions. According to Raphael Avraham Sternberg, the cost of recruiting is a significant concern to anyone in business. The cost of hiring someone new can be upwards of $4,000. This doesn’t include the cost of training or severance if the person doesn’t work out.

3. Employee Motivation

Since employees can apply for external positions, they tend to feel more motivated to perform at their best, as they want to gain the promotion. They may become frustrated with their current position, enjoying the better job available externally. This is a problem for the organization, as employees may need to perform better to gain a more attractive career. With internal promotions, employees are motivated to work on their most challenging tasks because they know that is how they will get promoted. If employees feel they are ready to advance in position, will they be passed over because they are not prepared?

4. Organizational Structure

External recruiting can affect organizational structure by altering organizational communication channels and power structures. If employees are often recruited externally, this can cause a confusing chain of command and problems with communication which can lead to dysfunctional organizations. External recruitment can be used to avoid internal promotions within an organization. This creates more competition among peers, lowering morale and the quality of work, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

According to a study conducted by Raphael Avraham Sternberg, employees were found to be more productive when internal promotions were implemented. The primary reason for this finding was their rising confidence levels because they knew their performance would not be affected by external people hiring them.

7 Expert Ideas on Saving Money When Christmas Shopping

7 Expert Ideas on Saving Money When Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is coming up fast, and with it comes a lot of stress! Planning, finding, and buying gifts can be very overwhelming. Christmas is supposed to be a relaxing time to spend with friends and family, but it can be impossible to enjoy with financial stress looming over your head. Here are 7 clever ways to save money while shopping this Christmas!

1. It’s the Thought That Counts

Don’t feel obligated to spend tons on the gifts you buy this holiday season. Even though it may seem cheesy, it really is the thought that counts. A nice card with a heartfelt message of good tidings can sometimes mean more than the newest electronic gadget. You can even make some of your Christmas gifts yourself like a blanket or baked goods.

2. Find Deals And Promotions

You are not the only person who likes saving money! There are resources online that you can use to find deals and promotions. These sites can help you find products at the lowest prices this year. The best part is that using websites that find deals and promotions for you doesn’t require any additional work from you. You’ll be able to shop stress-free and save money at the same time…a win-win in everyone’s books!

3. Shop Secondhand

Shopping secondhand is an excellent way to get gifts on a tight budget. Many secondhand items are like new! You never know what you’ll find when you go to a secondhand store, but be on the lookout for unique gifts!

4. Gift Your Time

Stuff is just stuff. Instead of focusing on what you’re buying for people, focus on the time you’re spending with them. Quality time with family and friends can perfectly show how much you care about them.

5. Shop Early

The longer you wait to shop for gifts, the more expensive they will be. Stores know people rush to get their gift shopping done last minute and will not hesitate to upcharge you! Don’t forget to take advantage of big seasonal sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

6. Combine Online Orders

Shopping online gives you access to many stores to browse for your gift shopping. However, if you want to save on shipping and processing fees, stick to one or two stores. You also may be able to get free or reduced shipping deals by placing larger orders from a single store!

7. Use Good Judgment

It can be a very difficult conversation to have with yourself, but remember that you don’t need to get a Christmas gift for every single person in your life. Many of us feel generous around the holidays, but use good judgment and consider just sending along a card or plate of cookies to everyone except the very nearest and dearest this year.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a good foundation to make this Christmas a slightly less stressful one! Remember that at the end of the day, a good gift is not determined by how much you spend on it. Sometimes just a warm smile and a “Merry Christmas” is all any of us want for the holiday. Happy shopping!

How to Stop Multitasking

How to Stop Multitasking

How to Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a useful skill in some cases, but it’s a terrible habit that can wreak havoc on productivity. As psychological experts are beginning to understand, multitasking actually impedes our abilities in the long-term due to the fact that our brains cannot process more than one task at a time.

While multitasking might seem useful, it actually destroys our ability to focus. Once people start focusing on multiple tasks, they become less productive when they try to switch back and forth between different tasks. As a result, multitasking has actually been linked to several common problems like procrastination and anxiety.

According to entrepreneur Raphael Sternberg, multitasking is not a sustainable way of working, instead, professionals should try completing tasks one at a time and get it done well. He advises people to avoid multitasking, but in the case that they cannot help themselves he says that they should try to “design their work so that it demands the minimum possible shifting of attention.”

Raphael Sternberg also gives 5 tips to help professionals who are finding it hard to stop multitasking.

1. Learn to prioritize

According to Sternberg, the first step to becoming more productive is to learn how to prioritize, which means learning how to decide what must be done. He says that as professionals, it is important that they understand their own top priorities and set aside time for them every day. Professionals should spend their time on their top priorities and prevent any kind of distraction.

2. Eliminate distractions

Distractions are a big problem for today’s professionals, but they are very easy to fix. Sternberg says that it is important that professionals eliminate distractions, whether they use an app or employ some other method, to keep them focused on what they need to be doing and not distracted by social media or other websites.

3. Focus on task completion

Another tip to become more productive is to focus on completing their task. Sternberg says that professionals should not multitask because focusing on multiple things at a time makes them less productive. They should focus on completing the task of their choice at hand instead of thinking about other things.

4. Take a break when needed

Even though multitasking seems to be useful at first glance, it actually has a negative impact on the quality of work. Professionals should be encouraged to take a break in order to get out of the habit of multitasking and focus on one task at a time. Taking regular breaks is essential for productivity.

5. Timeboxing

Timeboxing is a great way to keep people focused on a specific task throughout the day. According to Raphael Sternberg, professionals should allocate a specific amount of time for each task. In this way, they can know exactly how much time they have left and whether or not they are still able to finish their work.

In conclusion, learning how to stop multitasking can help us focus and become more productive throughout our day, and it is easier than one might think.

Find the Pricing Sweet Spot

Find the Pricing Sweet Spot

How Businesses Can Find the Pricing Sweet Spot for Consumers

Pricing elasticity is the measure of how responsive demand is to price changes. More specifically, it’s a consumer’s willingness to pay for a product. For businesses looking for that perfect pricing sweet spot, this post on the math behind pricing and how it influences consumer behavior will give you great pointers on where to find it. Here are some ways how businesses can discover pricing sweet spots for consumers.

1. Look at The Competitors

Pricing strategies should be carefully studied to see which ones the competition is using. Whether it’s direct competitors or not primarily depends on the industry since general pricing trends can differ widely among various industries. One can know where and how the product or service should be priced by looking at what the competitors are doing. This will also help you choose a competitive price within the industry.

2. Consider The Influencing Factors

One may have to factor in influencing factors when deciding on a pricing strategy, such as the type of product intended to be sold, the demand for that product, and the availability of substitute products. The size of the potential market should also be one of the determining factors in pricing strategy. The more elastic the product is, the larger the market should be to ensure that the business will profit from it.

3. Calculate The Costs

Knowing the costs enables one to calculate the price needed to break even and profit. An entrepreneur needs to know how much it costs to produce or acquire goods or services before deciding on a price for it. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg. “You need more than that to figure out how much you should sell it for.”

4. Calculate The Profit

To know what one is likely to profit from a product, one needs to calculate the price of the goods or services and the price consumers are willing to pay. The difference between those two is what the business will profit from each sale. This way, one can decide on a price that will maximize profit without scaring away potential customers and reducing sales. In addition, there is a need to calculate the net profit. The net profit is used to calculate the gross profit, determining the amount of capital one needs to run the business.

5. Determine The Market Share

Pricing strategies are not one size fits all; they vary depending on your product or service and the type of market it’s in. In addition to this, one should also find out which pricing strategy is most appropriate for your demand. According to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg, many businesses need the right pricing strategy. “It can be challenging to figure out what the price is. You have to look at your industry, your competition, and then you have to look at your costs of production.”

Pricing strategies can help businesses when it comes to finding the perfect pricing sweet spot for consumers. It may take some time to consider, but it is worth the effort. As customers are always looking for a bargain, many will go after the cheapest product or service they can find.

What Does it Take For a College To Get Accredited?

What Does it Take For a College To Get Accredited?

When it comes to college accreditation, there are a number of factors that come into play, and those like the Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals are here to answer your questions about accreditation.

The first step is for the college to establish eligibility. This means that the institution must meet certain standards set forth by the accrediting agency. Once the college is deemed eligible, they can then apply for accreditation.

There are many reasons why a college might seek accreditation. The most important reason is to ensure that the college meets certain standards of quality. In order to get accredited, a college must first go through a rigorous evaluation process. This process includes a review of the college’s academic programs, faculty, and facilities. The evaluation also looks at the college’s financial stability and its commitment to academic excellence.

The process of getting accredited is not easy, but it is worth it. Accreditation ensures that a college is offering a quality education that meets the standards set by the accrediting agency. This, in turn, makes the college more attractive to potential students and employers. It also allows the college to participate in federal financial aid programs.

There are two main types of accreditation: institutional and programmatic. Institutional accreditation is granted to the entire college, while programmatic accreditation is given to specific programs within the college. For example, a college might be accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), while its business program might be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

There are many accrediting agencies, each with its own standards. The most important thing for a college to do is to choose an accrediting agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This will ensure that the college’s accreditation is recognized by the federal government and that the college’s credits will transfer to other colleges.

The process of getting accredited can be long and complex, but it is worth it for a college to go through. Accreditation ensures that a college meets certain standards of quality and is committed to academic excellence. This, in turn, makes the college more attractive to potential students and employers. It also allows the college to participate in federal financial aid programs.

If you are interested in attending a college that is accredited, be sure to research the accreditation status of the college before you apply. This will ensure that you are getting a quality education that meets your needs. And if you’re looking for a great online school, be sure to check out resources like the Grand Canyon University accreditation webpage.

Nullification of Business Contracts

Nullification of Business Contracts

Nullification of Business Contracts

Business contracts are legal documents that document the deal between both parties involved. When one party wants to nullify the contract, it must go through the proper channels for it to be recognized. When one party wants to nullify a contract, they have to show that, by law, there has been a breach of terms or an agreement from which both parties will benefit.

Understanding the contents of a contract is a critical step in determining if the terms are being followed. If the agreement’s words are not followed, then there is a high possibility that nullification can be made. When you find out that you have been in breach of a contract, you need to know if there is any legal support that you can use to prevent your claim from being rejected.

According to Raphael Avraham Sternberg, a legal advisor to people in business, nullifying a business contract involves checking if the business contract has been appropriately signed between all parties involved. Verify if any clauses that were not part of the original document have been added to the agreement. When one party feels they have been misled or lied to, it may be possible to nullify the contract.

If there is any misrepresentation, it will be possible to nullify the contract. A misrepresentation occurs when one party has stated false information in the agreement. Misrepresentations can lead to cases where one party loses its investment.

It is essential to understand the requirements of the contract. If the date for performance set out in the contract is not met, it can be grounds for nullifying a contract. Some contracts may contain terms that do not make sense or do not make the product any better. In this case, there is no need to follow through with the contract when one party has been misled into believing something that was untrue.

Threatening a person with something severe. For example, physically harm them or their family if they disagree with the contract. In many cases like this they are not forced into signing any contracts. Therefore it is crucial to take the time and ask yourself if you ever felt threatened when you were presented with the nullifying agreement. One party may have been paid off to sign a contract. This may include money in return for signing over the rights of a particular product to another business.

A business contract can be nullified in two ways. One way is through the court while the other way is through mediation and arbitration. However, all of these methods do not necessarily require a lawyer. If you can handle the process by yourself, then there is a fair chance that everything will proceed smoothly.When trying to nullify a contract, it is essential to look at the benefits that both parties will receive. You must ask yourself if the suit is worth it and if it would be beneficial to start legal action. If one party feels they will have a high chance of winning, they might want to take legal action. Raphael Avraham Sternberg suggests that if you are considering filing a lawsuit, you should make sure that there are no clauses stating otherwise.

7 Common Holiday Pet Injuries and How to Keep Your Pet Safe

7 Common Holiday Pet Injuries and How to Keep Your Pet Safe

The holidays are by far the best time of the year. Your house is all decked out for the season, and there’s tensile and holly everywhere. While the festivities are easy to get swept up in, you must remember your four-legged friends and the potential dangers.

Veterinarian offices commonly get calls from frantic clients because their pet ate or got caught in something and is sick. Here are seven of the most common holiday injuries.

1. Eating Poinsettias

While there are many myths about poinsettias and their destructive powers, it’s not true. Your animal might get an upset stomach by eating a leaf of this plant, but it’s not anything of considerable concern.

If they have uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea, this can increase the risk of dehydration, and they should be seen. However, usually, pets are just fine.

2. Chomping on Ornament Hooks

The good news is that the risks are usually minimal if your pet swallows an ornament hook. It is possible that this hook can scrape their esophagus on the way down, but they will likely pass this thin wire without issue. It can be a medical emergency if the hook lodges in their throat or windpipe.

3. Consuming Medications

You’re likely to have guests in and out of your home for the season, and many of them will bring medications. It’s not uncommon for pets to eat pharmaceuticals. While most will spit them out, some will ingest them. It’s always best to call your vet immediately to see if there’s any harm from the med taken.

Some pills, like blood pressure, painkillers, and cholesterol meds, can be deadly. The ASPCA Poison Control can also help with questions regarding these issues.

4. Tangling With a Christmas Cactus

Some plants are just irresistible to a curious pet. Tangling with a cactus can be a painful experience, but it does happen occasionally.

Unless the animal gets a spike in its eye or another tender area, remove the spine and wipe the cut with soap and water to cleanse it. You should have them seen immediately if their eyesight is at risk.

5. Eating Chocolate

The Pet Hospitals receive more calls about pets eating chocolate than anything else during the holidays. You know how tempting it is to have all those goodies around, so you can’t blame Fido for wanting a taste. If a small amount of chocolate is consumed, you can expect just mild stomach problems.

However, if they eat a lot of it, then it can cause things like arrhythmias and seizures. If you don’t know how much they ate, it’s always best to have a vet examine them to be safe.

6. Twisted in Christmas Lights

Most animals can’t resist twinkling lights. We often get calls from cat parents because their precious feline tangled and bit through electrical wires. While visions of the movie Christmas Vacation come to mind, there’s usually no damage from being tangled up.

Just free the animal and move the light wires, so they can’t become entangled again. If they happen to bite into the wires and get a jolt, it usually doesn’t do anything more than teach them not to do it again.

7. Ingesting Grapes or Raisins

While some things your pet can eat won’t hurt them, when they ingest grapes or raisins, it’s a cause for alarm. Call your vet immediately if they consume these foods. That fruit cake that you can’t resist can be deadly for your pet. These fruits can cause diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, and renal failure.

You can’t help your pets from getting excited and being a little curious about all the festivities. Should you encounter any of these common issues, assess the situation, see if you need vet care, and make some adjustments to prevent the event from reoccurring. By being proactive, you and your fur babies can have a happy and safe holiday season.