8 Important Steps to Take If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

8 Important Steps to Take If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

The very idea of nursing home abuse is both scary and concerning. All over the country, there are nursing homes neglecting the elders they pledged to care for. Physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, financial abuse, and even sexual abuse can put elders in a vulnerable and painful situation – and you may feel helpless to do anything about it.

If you suspect nursing home abuse in any form, there are some important steps you’ll need to take.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

First, you should understand that there are many types of nursing home abuse, each with different effects:

  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse is the most commonly understood and most noticeable form of abuse. If you notice bruises, bleeding, or other unexplained signs of injury on your loved one, they may be suffering from direct physical abuse.
  • Emotional and psychological abuse. As many as 60 percent of all self-reported nursing home abuse cases included some form of verbal abuse or emotional harm. Abusive caretakers may insult, belittle, or manipulate their patients with words.
  • Sexual abuse. Nobody likes to think about sexual abuse, but it’s a frighteningly common plight in nursing homes. STDs, inappropriate contact with staff, and bruising or bleeding around genitals may be signs of this kind of abuse.
  • Financial abuse. Elders may also be abused financially, being the victims of theft or manipulation.
  • Neglect and abandonment. Even if no one is directly harming your loved one, they may be inflicting damage through neglect. If an elder isn’t getting the care they need, they may suffer from bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, and worsening medical symptoms.

What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect nursing home abuse in any form, for any reason, there are several important steps you’ll need to take, including:

  1. Get your loved one to safety immediately. First, if you have reason to believe that your loved one is in imminent danger, or if they’re suffering from an advanced medical issue like malnutrition or dehydration, you need to get them to safety immediately. That might mean calling 911 for assistance or relocating them to a different nursing home. In any case, your loved one’s health and wellbeing should be your top priority.
  2. Start taking notes. If the signs of abuse are ambiguous or you’re not sure if you want to take further action, simply start taking notes. Write down what you see and what you hear, and describe your suspicions. Write down dates and times when relevant. The more information you have to work with, the easier it will be to build a case.
  3. Keep quiet (for now). After witnessing abuse or suspecting employees of wrongdoing, you may be tempted to talk directly to management or file a formal complaint. However, it may be better to remain quiet for now; if you alert staff members to your suspicions, they may be motivated to destroy evidence that could be used against them.
  4. Document any evidence you can. If your suspicions grow, or if you’re pursuing legal action, it’s important to start documenting any evidence you can. Take photos and videos of any signs of abuse you witness firsthand – and collect copies of relevant documentation.
  5. Talk to a lawyer. Next, talk to a lawyer who has experience with nursing home abuse. A lawyer will be able to help you understand your case, the context for what you’re experiencing, and the most important next steps to take. They’ll also be able to help you gather evidence, prepare a case against the nursing home responsible for the abuse, and help you through the trial (if it comes to that).
  6. Talk to administrators and care providers. If you’re not pursuing legal action, or if you want to take action as early as possible, talk to administrators and/or care providers about the abuse you suspect. Go straight to the top if you can; good administrators want to eradicate problems like these as a top priority. Sometimes, a simple policy change or a fired employee is all it takes for the abuse to end.
  7. File a formal complaint. If your complaint isn’t being heard or acted on, consider filing a formal complaint with an official Adult Protective Services agency in your state (or a similar authoritative body).
  8. Consider filing a lawsuit. In many cases, the best course of action is to file a lawsuit. You’ll not only recover damages, but also force the organization named in the lawsuit to either change or close forever.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent all instances of nursing home abuse from unfolding. But if we notice any signs of potential abuse, we can take action to get our loved ones to safety and ensure no one else has to go through the same experience at that facility.

History Behind the Met Gala

History Behind the Met Gala

History Behind the Met Gala

The Intro

Former fashion editor Helen Lee Schifter believes it is the most important night in fashion. What could this “it” be that is so important? Well, it is known and has been called by so many different names such as Costume Institute Gala, Custom Institute Benefit, Met Ball, Met Gala or by the formal name, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit. It is, according to most, an annual extravaganza held in New York City to fundraise and benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The event has a theme each year that is celebrated and the customs worn by the guests are based on the Costume Institute Exhibition. The tone of the event is set by the exhibition as the guests are to become creative in the fashion sense and match the exhibit.

The Background and History

One may wonder how and when did the Met Gala get started. It all began in 1948 as a way to benefit and raise money for the Costume Institute that was newly founded and would have an annual exhibit. The very first benefit and fundraiser was fifty dollar tickets that were for a midnight dinner. In 1973 things began to change from the fifty dollar ticket dinner to the event most associated with today’s celebration as it was influenced by Diana Vreeland, a former Vogue editor-in-chief who was a special consultant and influencer to the Custom Institute. This event is celebrated and considered by many as New York’s crown in glory for the high society or as some say The City’s social crown as it is such a luxurious blockbuster that it is also considered the jewel in the crown

Helen Lee Schifter believes that the Gala is so prominent that it is said to be among the world’s most exclusive events socially and also among the biggest fundraising benefits as it raises funds in the millions. This event is by far the Institute’s most notable funding source.

More History in Detail

As already mentioned it all started in 1948 with significant changes starting 1973. However, it was Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist who established the Met Gala and for many years to come; in fact, for decades, it was just one, of quite a few, benefits held annually for charitable institutions in New York with its many attendees being members of New York’s high society and of New York’s world of fashion. The venues of old from 1948 to 1971 have been the Rainbow Room, the Waldorf Astoria and Central Park as they have all held the event. Again, as a short recap it was Diana Vreeland who put the blueprint on the celebrating and fundraising of today. The event simply evolved into this extravaganza and classy affair with Diana Vreeland at the helm as consultant to the Institute. Initially with Diana it was still catering mostly to the societal set but it kept evolving until it began to include celebrities like Bianca Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Diana Ross and the like that were faces of the 70’s scene.

7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Appealing a Legal Ruling

7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Appealing a Legal Ruling

After the court hands down its decision in a civil or criminal court in Tennessee, you have the right to appeal. An appeal isn’t a second try at getting the case resolution you want. The appeals court won’t listen to the presentation of evidence or receive witness statements. In this post, we consider at least seven things to ask yourself before appealing a legal ruling.

If you decide to appeal the court’s decision, an appeals lawyer presents your case. Evidence presented at the original trial, including trial transcripts, is used. To win an appeal, your attorneys must show that mistakes occurred at some point in the original trial.

Should You Appeal a Family Court Decision?

Judges are human. They make errors. If the judge makes a mistake in your trial, an inappropriate decision may result. Whether the result stems from a mistake in fact or Tennessee law, you received an unfavorable decision in family court. You have the legal right to appeal. To do so, you need an experienced appeals attorney to take your case to a higher court.

Question 1. Is it possible to appeal my family law or divorce case?

Many cases may be appealed under Rule 3, Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedures. The law guarantees consideration by the intermediate appellate courts but not all cases should be appealed. Consult an experienced appeals lawyer to discuss your matter.

Question 2. How does an appeal case differ from the original trial?

At your original trial, the family court judge heard witness testimony and directly considered the evidence. In contrast, no witnesses or experts are heard in appellate court. The appellate panel is assembled to review briefs of the original case. If required, the panel may request oral arguments as well.

When is a Case Eligible for Appeal?

An appeal must be filed within thirty days of the original trial court judgment. If you don’t file the appeal within this strict time frame, you lose the opportunity to appeal forever. You may want to appeal the Family Court’s decision about:

•    Division of assets

•    Child support

•    Child custody

•    Paternity questions

•    Spousal support

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the original case, the Supreme Court won’t consider this sufficient grounds to file an appeal. Realize that filing an appeal might not be in your best interests.

Question 3. Does your current family lawyer believe the court made errors in fact or law?

You must make a qualitative assessment of the case facts. It may be in your best interests to engage an experienced appeals professional. Ask about the attorney’s successful track record in appellate work. Many family lawyers don’t engage in the highly complex rigors of the appeals process.

Appeals Process Analysis

Vision tends to be perfect in hindsight. Do you believe that a divorce lawyer didn’t bring accurate and relevant information to the family court or that the judge simply overlooked the evidence? Such a scenario may warrant the submission of an appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Question 4. Did inadmissible evidence influence the Family Court’s decision of your original case?

You will need a thorough evaluation of your case to answer this question. Call an experienced appeals lawyer right away.

Question 5. Was some type of bias against you or another party present in the first trial?

Again, an experienced appeals attorney should evaluate your matter before assuming that bias was present.

Question 6. Was there a recognizable mistake in procedure at the first trial?

You may believe there was a recognizable mistake in the trial. Discuss your matter with an experienced appeals professional as soon as possible. Your window to file an appeal is relatively short.

Appeal a Divorce or Family Court Decision in Tennessee

The laws of Tennessee provide you with the firm right to appeal your divorce or other family law matter. A panel of three judges is assembled to consider the appellate case. Three outcomes are possible in the appeals process:

•    Your original ruling is upheld

•    Your original ruling is reversed

•    The case may be remanded (returned) by the appellate court to the lower court.

•    The appellate judges may provide specific instructions about the conclusion of the case or require further proof to be heard on certain aspects of the appeal.

Question 7. Are you pressed for time?

Filing an appeal can take time in Tennessee. After the notice of appeal is filed by your appeals lawyer, the court has up to sixty days to gather the records. Both sides of the matter have 30 days to present briefs to the appeals court.

Appeals Timeline in Tennessee

If filing an appeal is your next best step, act now. Contact a Tennessee family law appeals lawyer to handle your appeal now. You aren’t required to continue with the attorney who first represented the case in family court.

The Major Differences Between Synthetic and and Conventional Car Oil

The Major Differences Between Synthetic and and Conventional Car Oil

Some believe something synthetic is not a good alternative to anything natural. This may not be the case with motor oil. The engines that power vehicles are continually evolving. This has resulted in engines requiring a specific type of motor oil. There are significant differences when it comes to synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Can Synthetic Oils Protect as well as Conventional Oils?

Using premium synthetic oil will cost a person more than using conventional oil. There are reasons why this is the case. Synthetic oils are made from high-quality base oils. These oils take a longer time to process and provide users with a baseline performance. Most synthetic oils contain superior types of additives than what is found in conventional oils. This will improve a vehicle’s performance. All of this will result in a person having the best possible protection for their engine from using synthetic oils.

Different Formulations

Synthetic oils are designed with a blend of different base oils. This is done to optimize performance. Synthetic oils provide better performance when compared to conventional oils because they contain an anti-foam agent as well as antioxidants, demulsifying agents, and corrosion inhibitors. A synthetic oil made specifically for certain engines is very different from conventional oil.

High And Low-Temperature Performance

Synthetic oils are made to be higher on the viscosity index. This means they are more resistant to the intense heat of the summer. Since it has a high viscosity index, synthetic oil will flow better in cold temperatures. It can provide the best possible engine protection during both types of weather extremes.

Longer-Lasting Engine

When all the benefits of synthetic oil are taken into consideration, it shows how it can contribute to an engine having the longest life possible. Synthetic oil is much more resistant to breaking down. This means it can last longer in an engine. This will result in the engine being in good shape for a long time. Synthetic oils maintain their lubricating properties longer when compared to conventional oils. This will cause an engine to experience improved fuel economy.

About A Fit

If a person is consistent when it comes to changing their vehicle’s motor oil on time, conventional motor oil can protect their engine. Should they want to use a product that is less likely to break down; then synthetic oil is the better choice. If someone lives in a place that requires them to use their vehicle in extreme heat or excessive cold, synthetic oil can provide them with superior protection no matter what the weather condition. Should someone be driving a high-performance vehicle, it will always be recommended they exclusively use synthetic oil in the engine.


Many people believe that switching the type of oil they use during the life cycle of their engine can cause leaks or other damage. Some individuals believe this is especially true if they are driving an older model vehicle. The reality is that it is okay to switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil. An engine will not experience any negative consequences. People need to remember that simply because synthetic oil lasts longer and holds up better, an engine’s oil will still need to be changed regularly.

If an individual’s vehicle requires a specific type of oil, they will need to decide between cost and performance. Synthetic motor oils are more expensive, but they have been proven to help a vehicle run more efficiently and decrease the buildup of sludge. It all comes down to what is the best fit for a vehicle’s engine.

6 Insider Tips to Know Before Shipping a Car Cross-Country

6 Insider Tips to Know Before Shipping a Car Cross-Country

Shipping a car cross-country can be an exciting experience, but there are many things that you need to know before shipping your vehicle. Shipping a car is not as simple as picking up your belongings and heading out the door. There are restrictions on what you can pack in the vehicle before it leaves for its destination, how much weight it can have, and more. This blog post will discuss six insider tips to help make sure that you ship your vehicle successively every time.

1) Know the Weight and Size Restrictions

Some companies will not ship a car that exceeds certain weights or sizes. For example, United States does not allow any vehicle to exceed an overall length of 25 feet or weigh more than 80,000 pounds. If your vehicle is larger than these measurements, it might be best for you to seek out another company as they may not be able to ship your vehicle.

2) Know the Different Types of Cars They Will Ship

A few companies specialize in car shipping, and others can do it but may not have as much experience. Ensure you know what type of vehicle your company deals with before booking a shipment because some companies only offer certain services. If you book through a company that does not deal specifically with cars, they may not be able to ship your car as safely and securely as a company that specializes in vehicle shipments.

3) Pack Your Vehicle According to Their Specific Guidelines

Before you even book a shipment, make sure you have the proper boxes and padding with which to pack up your car. You want to use sturdy materials that will keep it safe during the shipping process and leave room for some movement to transport it properly. Depending on who is doing the shipping, they may have specific guidelines on what you can include in the vehicle.

4) Know the Process and Timeline

It’s never a good idea to book a car shipping service without knowing your exact costs when you’ll receive it back home, how long it will take, etc. Ensure that all of this information is provided in writing or over the phone before you sign anything or pay for services because there are many companies out there that will take advantage of your situation.

5) Know Your Rights

Just like in any industry, many different companies provide car shipping services. Some of these may not be legitimate, and others may take advantage of you when they know you’re under pressure to get home quickly or for an important event. Make sure you do the proper research on the company to feel comfortable with their services and can easily spot red flags.

6) Don’t Make a Decision You’ll Regret

It’s understandable that when your car is scheduled for pickup or if it’s been sitting in storage for some time, you want to get it back home as soon as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that signing on the dotted line and agreeing with everything they say is what’s best for you. You want to make sure you take the proper time when deciding and understand all of your options. If you don’t, there’s no telling what could happen with your car or if it will even be returned in one piece.

Shipping a vehicle cross-country is different than just packing up your belongings and heading out the door. There are more regulations, restrictions, costs, processes, timelines, rules that vary depending on who you use to ship it. Make sure you research all of this before signing anything or making any financial decisions so that you know what’s best for your needs.

A Look at How Custom-Made Grinding Rollers are Used

A Look at How Custom-Made Grinding Rollers are Used

Custom-made grinding rollers are used in a variety of industries to help with the production process. One such industry is woodworking, where custom-made rollers can shape and round the edges of wooden boards. Other businesses that use these types of rollers include mining, textiles, and metalworking. In this article, we will look at how custom-made grinding rollers are used in different industries.

What are Roller Mills and Crushers?

A roller mill is a piece of equipment that breaks, crushes, and mixes materials. Roller mills can be used in various applications to process material, including coal powder production for the steel industry, food processing (e.g., pasta), cement manufacturing (e.g., making clinkers), recycling of materials like glass or products like rubber tires, etc.

Typically, there are two types of rollers: one set of large diameter rolls rotating at a lower speed called “main rolls” with several smaller diameter rolls rotating faster called “doctor/scraper rolls.” Material enters between main rolls where it gets crushed by using shear forces which produce fine particles. The smaller diameter doctor/scraper rolls help clean the crushed material and remove it from the mill.

Roller mills can be either wet or dry designs. In closed-circuit grinding (wet design), water is used as a coolant in between main and scraper rolls, which prevent temperature rise during processing.

In the mining industry, for example, custom-made grinding rolls can be used to help with ore crushing and material processing in a variety of ways. For instance, rod mill rollers are often used on a rotating cylinder filled with rocks or other objects to grind them down. The ore is crushed by the rotating cylinder, which has steel rods protruding from it. These are also known as rod ball mills.

A spindle roller mill can be used to create wet or dry material using a set of rollers connected on either side with blades that pass over them to grind materials into finer particles. This type of roller mill differs from others because it can also be used to separate materials into their respective parts, such as separating gold and silver.

Tube-ball mills are similar to rod-ball mills because they consist of cylinders filled with steel or iron bars designed to grind substances down into more refined pieces. The only difference between the two rollers is how fine particles come out at the end tube ball mills produce tiny particles, whereas rod ball mills tend to make slightly larger ones.

Custom-made grinding rollers are helpful tools used by many industries today, whether it’s for mining companies breaking up rocks and ore, textile businesses producing fabric, metalworking shops working on projects like cars or machinery, or woodworking businesses shaping wooden boards.

Importance of Custom Made Rollers

Custom-made grinding rollers are used in a variety of industries to help with the production process. One such industry is woodworking, where custom-made rollers can shape and round the edges of wooden boards. Other businesses that use these types of rollers include mining, textiles, and metalworking. In this article, we will look at how custom-made grinding rollers are used in different industries.

Roller mill processing involves the material being crushed into smaller pieces and ground-up even more through additional passageways.

4 Items to Carry With You When Taking Your Kids to the Park

4 Items to Carry With You When Taking Your Kids to the Park

While taking your kids to the park may seem like a fun and easy outing, it can quickly turn into a big ordeal. Especially if far from your home, an afternoon at the park can turn into a burdensome outing. Many parents find themselves stranded at the park without the supplies they need. However, with just a few easy tools, you can be prepared for whatever adventure the park brings.

1- Bandaids and First Aid Supplies

Even though park managers attempt to make play structures as safe as possible, there are still numerous ways for children to get bumps and scrapes at the park. It may be as simple as tripping and falling in the wood chips. Otherwise, there may be structures that children may fall from or trip over.

In order to be prepared, carry a box of bandaids and other simple first aid supplies such as gauze and Neosporin with you. These simple supplies can save you from ending a day of fun, while also keeping your kids safe.

2- Water and Snacks

As you settle in and become comfortable on the park’s furniture, you may find yourself or your children becoming hungry and thirsty. As children run around under the heat of the sun, they will quickly find themselves in need of refreshment.

In order to keep the kids at the park for longer, carry a few simple snacks and bottles of water with you. This way, the children can enjoy a quick bite to eat and rehydrate before returning to play. This not only keeps the complaining to a minimum, but also keeps them safe! You can even pack a small picnic for lunch or dinner for further enjoyment at the park.

3- Extra Socks and Shoes

Kids always seem to find creative and unique ways to become dirty at the park. Especially if it’s rained recently, there may be puddles on a playground that become tempting watering holes for them to jump in and run through.

Other parks may have a small creek where children wish to hunt for frogs, turtles or other creatures. If so, you’re going to make sure you’re prepared for the ride home. If you don’t want the extra water and mud in your car, pack an extra pair of socks and shoes for the kids to change into before you begin your trip home. This will save you from having to clean up your vehicle when you get home.

4- A Camera

While the park may come with a few headaches and needs for extra equipment, it also comes with plenty of smiles and memories. As you watch your kids play, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to catch their special moments.

Bringing a camera with you can help capture these special moments as your kids grow and play. This is a simple tip to make the trip fun and memorable, as many phones come with the capability to take pictures and videos these days. It may even keep your kids distracted on the way home as they scroll through the pictures of their day. These simple pictures will help you build memories on your experiences for the days to come.

An Overview of the Metrology Industry and Why It Matters

An Overview of the Metrology Industry and Why It Matters

Metrology refers to a science of measurement. When it comes to modern manufacturing, the term is used in the context of quality assurance methods that are used when calibrating machinery that is used during the production process. Metrology is also used when measuring the end product.

Metrology usually operates in a manner that each measurement will contain some degree of uncertainty. To ensure the uncertainty arising from compounding is more complex, the manufacturers will ensure the machinery is well-calibrated. It is then possible to maintain optimum part precision and accuracy.

Calibrations usually play a crucial role when it comes to traceability. Also, there is the concept whereby you can link empirical measurements to the reference standards. The measurements are traceable if a calibration chain is unbroken that goes back to the primary standard.

Through metrology, it is possible to account for systematic errors and uncertainty. Metrology will refer to the errors that are unknown, and they’ll be present during the calibration of the instruments while formulating a benchmark that will account for random errors and uncertainty. Air turbulence, for example, will create minor inaccuracies when it comes to laser measurements. Mechanical play will, in turn, skew the measurements. Proper calibration will help in mitigating some of these inaccuracies.

What Roles Does Metrology Play in Manufacturing?

When it comes to manufacturing, there are millions of products that are being produced weekly. Most of their products are being produced through automation, and there is minimal human interaction. Every machine present in a production line produces specific parts that are manufactured using precise specifications, and there is tolerance for error.

Regardless of how expensive or sophisticated the machinery is, with time, it may lose or shift alignment. The shifts will be fractional. However, when the machines are tasked with producing parts that are sensitive for the automotive or aerospace industries, some minor changes will have a major impact.

This is where metrology kicks in. The parts will be produced on a modern production line, and tolerance of error is allowable. The tolerance degree is dependent on the parts that are being produced. The machines usually carry out self-diagnosis if the components that are being produced are present within the tolerance that is allowable. If not, the machine usually alerts machine operators. The quality control team will then handle the issue accordingly.

A coordinate measuring machine will be deployed in sectors where precision measurement is essential, including the automotive and aerospace industries. It’ll be used to measure every component to make sure the exact standards will be met accurately.

The Importance of Metrology in Daily Life

Metrology enables manufacturers to ensure that each product they produce is accurate. The products are also produced fast, and there will be a higher standard.

The benefits will be passed to the consumers since the products will be more affordable, considering the cost of production will be lower. Also, the quality of the products will be higher. A good example is a car.

In the past, when a car reached a mileage of at least 10,000 miles, the mileage was considered good. Parts failure and wear & tear during such periods and after a car has managed such a distance meant that it is time to trade-in the car for a newer model. Presently, many vehicles will easily manage 200,000 miles, and they’ll still be working well.

In the automotive sector, metrology plays a vital role since the parts being produced will be standardized. The industry has refined and improved each process, and it means the cars being produced currently are of a higher standard.

2021 Fall Fashion Tips

2021 Fall Fashion Tips

Autumn Trends 2021

As summer comes to an end, so do the summer fashion trends. As we start to look forward to a new season our wardrobe also is due for a cleaning and updating. Fall fashion brings forth many trends and fashionista, Helen Schifter also shows us a few trends to look forward to for this fall season. She is known for her amazing taste and a unique aesthetic. The socialite has written a few articles regarding trends for summer 2021 and other seasons. Let’s prep a fall wardrobe that even she would approve of!

Puffy long sleeves are back! The retro style is sure to make an appearance this season. Look for this in long sleeve blouse styles. They are super comfortable and give you a little bit of breathing room.

Face Masks are the newest form of fashion as well. This pandemic and 2021 are bringing forth a new trend in black face masks. This color goes with everything and does not ruin a great outfit thankfully. Avoid the colorful flashy masks and go for something black and simple, says Helen Schifter.

Solid cord mini skirts are also back in style! History repeats itself because these were in style back In the day as well. These are easy to pair with any style, they should be one single color and unified. They look great with a pair of tights underneath and some tall boots.

Next, well, since it is 2021 and there is a pandemic going on still, sweat suits are in. Loungewear is a big trend amongst the designers this year because they know most people are staying home. A chord set of baggy sweats and a tight top are very in and you can also find matching sets to stay stylish. (Hello Burberry old sweat suits) A bonus: Well it is extremely comfortable and it can be worn out too and still look like a fashionista in a pair of sweatpants.

Can a wardrobe even be complete without a leather jacket this fall? Probably not because that is what’s going to be in style. It is sleek and it is Chic! This is another very versatile trend that can be worn with almost any outfit. This can be dressed up or dressed down and still look fantastic. Pair this with a pair of jeans and a blouse, or even a nice dress to hit the town in. A leather jacket added to any outfit can always make it look extremely trendy. Bonus: This piece is also timeless, it just does not go out of style ever. It can be a staple in your wardrobe essentials.

So, get to cleaning out your closet and getting rid of last summer’s clothing. It is time to start prepping for this season’s new fall trends and fashion. Updating a wardrobe for the next season is always a fun task to do and with these trends, it will be sure to be fashionista approved. Go grab the nearest leather jacket and begin.

Better Health Begins With Movement

Better Health Begins With Movement

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is by maintaining one’s health and staying in the best shape possible, regardless of any challenges that may come your way. Even though some people find it harder than others to keep up with their health, exercise on a consistent basis, and fuel their body with the necessary nutrients for optimal agility and health, it doesn’t have to be that way. While there isn’t a universal answer to optimal health that fits every person’s genetic needs and predispositions, you can always find a way to exercise, even when you are time or ability-challenged by using the miniTREAD™ which was invented by one of the founders of OnTheMuv

At this point, you are probably wondering, “what’s a miniTREAD and how can it help me improve my overall health?” True to its’ name, the miniTREAD is not your typical treadmill used at the gym or in the basement of your home; but instead, it’s a portable, seated treadmill which is used while working, under a desk, in front of a sofa, or anywhere that makes sense from a seated position. The miniTREAD helps build muscle mass and keep it intact as people age, while enabling better circulation.  In using the miniTREAD, we were able to have a high-quality workout without leaving home, and even improve our cardio strength as our duration and speed grew! While the miniTREAD is targeted towards those who want to exercise without having to leave their homes or go outside, the miniTREAD is a great exercise product for every adult. Without a doubt, the miniTREAD is a breath of fresh air in the constantly changing health and exercise community. 

The miniTREAD is extremely user-friendly.  For those that get stressed or overwhelmed by products that have too many applications, have no fear.  The miniTREAD was designed with color-coded buttons that make your workout far easier and full hand control mechanism that simply makes sense. A novice can exercise with the click of just a few buttons, while the overworked zoom-based manager can exercise and remain focused on the current internet call at hand. Unlike having to drive out to a public gym or having to go down to your basement to start up that oversized, underutilized treadmill, the miniTREAD’s size and weight (at approximately 20 pounds) makes it flexible, moveable, and a fitness product that doesn’t require the traditional planning to use. While it may be a much smaller than a typical treadmill, both the experts and our own testing have shown that the miniTREAD provides the same cardio and muscular benefits as walking on a traditional-sized treadmill, without having to get up from the couch. 

Since the pandemic began across the world, Zoom has made people far busier.  It has also made them more cost-conscious.  As a result, companies have figured out that the traditional commuting times are now ripe for calls and emails, which has reduced the amount of time we have for wellness.  Studies have shown that wellness activities and more longevity to our lives.  By adding the miniTREAD to your daily routine, you can continue your wellness program, reduce your stress, and never have to find additional time to exercise.  If that isn’t a win/win, we don’t know what is.   The miniTREAD is currently available on Amazon and through OnTheMuv online shopping site.