Molekule Review: Celebrities Are Adding These Devices to Purify Air

Molekule, an air purification system, is changing the way people breathe. The products designed are a new type of air purifier that doesn’t just collect, but destroys pollutants in the air. This includes viruses and VOCs. While it is easy to see the benefits of a product like this, concern for clean air in the home affects a wide range of people – including notable celebrities who are using them. Some of them offered a Molekule review about their experiences with the device

What Is Molekule?

Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini are designed to help purify the air in any given room. Choose one based on the size of the room – with Molekule Air being the ideal for rooms up to 600 square feet and Air Mini working well for up to 250 square feet. The key benefit of these products is just how much they pull out of the air, including pollutants such as tobacco smoke, RNA viruses, dust mites, black mold, and pet dander – as well as much more. This is a scientifically proven device, and perhaps that’s why so many celebrities are offering a Molekule review. Here are a few of them.

Princess Marie-Chantal

Well-respected children’s clothing line designer and author, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, says that the Molekule Air is one of her favorite new additions to her home. She’s known for her affluent taste and careful curation of high-quality products.

Bobby Berk

You may have heard of Bobby Berk from his role on “Queer Eye,” but this self-proclaimed clean freak hates dirt and spends a lot of his time cleaning. One product he notes helps him is the Molekule air purifiers. He notes, “Not only do they clean the air really well, but they’re so beautiful. They’re this stainless-steel cylinder with a nice leather handle, and you can turn them on and off via an app.”

Kate Upton

Whether you know her as a supermodel or a passionate new mom, Kate Upton has some high demands when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She’s the co-founder of Strong4Me Fitness, too. She writes of the Molekule, “Instagram ads get me every time—I found the Molekule Air Purifier that way, and I really love it. It has dual filtration, and it’s made for big rooms, but it’s also super quiet, so you can watch TV with it on. It’s sleek looking, too, and since I have pets, it’s so nice to have it clear the air.”

Beck Bennett

For those who love his comedy or charm, Beck Bennett parodied an Architectural Digest home tour in an SNL skit last year, now viewable on YouTube. This actor and writer has a Molekule Air in his home (a 100-year old historical property).

Kenyan Drake

Known for his power plays on the turf as an NFL player, Kenyan Drake may not seem like the ideal person to offer a review of the Molekule Air, but he loves it. He shared an Instagram post about it, positioned right next to his signed collector’s footballs. He stated, “From pet dander to mold and bacteria, @molekuleair destroys pollutants.”

Savannah Guthrie

For many Americans, waking up to Savannah Guthrie’s appearances on the “Today” show is just routine. She’s also a mom and dedicated to keeping her family healthy and safe. She uses a Molekule Air in her home, too.

Derek Hough

In an article by The Strategist, Derek Hough, known for his heart-stopping performances on “Dancing with the Stars,” shares that he uses a Molekule Air Mini for his home. He has a pet dog and two cats, which shed allergens and dander.. He writes, “So, when I came across the Molekule, it was fantastic, because it cleans up the air in my house tremendously — I noticed a difference right away.My pets sleep in my room. No problems. And the Air Mini is great because I’m able to travel with it.”

There’s no doubt it is a must-have for these celebrities, but even aside from their Molekule reviews, this device is a must-have for all it can do for you.

3 Signs That Your Southern California Business Needs a Risk Assessment Now

3 Signs That Your Southern California Business Needs a Risk Assessment Now

Small businesses, especially in big business areas like Southern California, may think that they are less likely to experience hacking or data theft because they aren’t as well known as other businesses.

However, they actually face an increased risk of a cyber attack because they generally have fewer security measures in place. 

In fact, more than half of all small businesses that suffer a data breach will go out of business within six months. A data breach can have serious long-term effects on a small business.

Your business reputation could be damaged and you could lose customers. Successful hacking can also dramatically increase expenses in damage control and decrease revenue.

Fortunately, you can protect your business by understanding the security risks you face. Here are 3 signs that your Southern California business needs a risk assessment as soon as possible:

1. You’re Working Remotely

Remote working is more popular than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there are many benefits to working at home such as a better work-life balance, no more commuting, and savings on office space, it’s important to be aware of the downsides and threats to your business that remote work can bring. 

As companies increasingly turn to remote working solutions, it’s important for them to keep their employees and data safe from cyber attacks. 

Without proper procedures and security measures in place, your company may unintentionally expose sensitive information, or data may be stolen as it crosses networks and platforms. 

There are several ways to secure your business data, even while everyone is working remotely. First, consider investing in cloud solutions, which allow your employees to access company data wherever they are. 

Second, create a training course for your remote workers which teaches them about how to avoid phishing attempts, how to create secure passwords, and how to keep business data secure. 

Third, if you are working remote and connecting to your business systems onsite, at your company location, then have the proper security technologies in place that assist in mitigating your risk posture. If you are not sure, we can review and help tighten up any vulnerable areas.  

2. You Don’t Have a Managed Service Provider

There are endless ways for your data to become vulnerable to attacks, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on red flags and preventative measures in order to keep data secure. This level of protection is a full-time job that requires specialized knowledge and experience. 

Since your business may not have the resources to hire an in-house IT department, it is worthwhile to explore other trusted IT management systems such as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). 

An MSP manages all technology risks and implements preventative measures for a business. A Managed Service Provider will monitor your systems day and night so that your data is never left vulnerable.

They also make sure that your company is secure from even the most advanced  cyber threats. 

In addition, they perform regular risk assessments for your business. A risk assessment includes an analysis of your current protection methods to detect any weaknesses. 

Examining your current system helps an MSP to know where to increase security. Finding these weak points before they turn into leaks can help your business avoid a costly breach. 

3. You Don’t Have a VPN

If your business normally relies on in-house servers to secure its data, a VPN or Virtual Private Network is key. VPNs allow your employees to connect to your onsite servers securely over the Internet. 

A VPN also ensures all data traveling over the connection remains encrypted, ensuring unauthorized users are unable to view it. If you do not have VPN, your business data is at risk for potential exposure. 

With so much data being stored and sent between coworkers and customers, there are many opportunities for that information to be lost or stolen. Protecting your Southern California business with the help of a risk assessment from a trusted IT company in Ventura will help protect sensitive material from being intercepted by those with malicious intent. 

Tips On Finding A Reliable Used Car

Tips On Finding A Reliable Used Car

Buying a used car is trickier than you might think. Sure, you want to get a used car to save some money, but you’ll need to balance trying to find a low price against safety and reliability. Just jumping at the first deal you see may put you at risk of purchasing an unreliable vehicle that’s prone to accidents, say auto attorneys McLachlan Law, so how do you find a used car that’s solid while still saving plenty of money? The following tips should help you on your search.

Know What Kind Of Car You Want, But Stay Flexible

It helps to go in with a plan, and if you’re looking to save some money, you’ll benefit yourself by concentrating your search on cars that were already economically priced when they were new — between $10,000 and $20,000 if possible.

Seeing as most cars lose between 20 and 30 percent of their value by the end of the first year (and 15 to 18 percent per year beyond that), targeting cars that started off relatively affordable when they were new will net you a great value if you can find them used.

Be sure to stay flexible and add more than one model to your wish list, though. This will grant you a bit of latitude in your search, and prevent you from feeling “boxed in” on a choice if you can’t find the first model you’re looking for (or at the price you’re after).

Do Your Research

There are certain indicators you can use to gauge the reliability of a used car, and you’ll find some of these by going through the vehicle’s detailed history. If you know the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car you’re eyeing, you can use the NHTSA’s Vin Lookup Tool to search for safety recall information on the vehicle in question.

There are also companies like AutoCheck and Carfax that can help you get a vehicle history report, which will give you more information to chew on beyond the mileage and age of the car. You can use a vehicle history report to learn about whether the car has suffered any damage, what repairs and maintenance it has undergone, and other factors that will help you determine its safety and reliability.

Perform An Independent Inspection

As a final step, you might want to cover all your bases by hiring a mechanic to perform an independent inspection on the used car you’re looking at. This will help you identify any hidden issues that may not have been present on the auto history report. With that complete, be sure to take it for a test drive to see if you really like the car, and, if everything checks out, ride off into the sunset with your “new” vehicle.

What Are the Best Vinyl Records of All Time?

What Are the Best Vinyl Records of All Time?

Who was the greatest band of all time, what is the best song ever, and what are the best vinyl records of all time? These are all interesting questions that often spark some fun and sometimes contentious debates. While the best vinyl record of all time is, to some degree, subjective, there are a few, at least, that remains at the top of just about everyone’s list who knows and loves music. Here are some of the best vinyl records of all time.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

It should come as no surprise that an album by The Beatles sits at the top of a “greatest” list. And not just this one, Rolling Stone Magazine also named St. Pepper’s the greatest album of all time. 

There are many, many reasons why The Beatles were not only the most popular band of their time but why they also continue to be popular today. The first, and most obvious reason, is that they created great music that was more than just a pop band. How many pop or boy bands have faded into nothingness or, worse, into becoming punchlines. Think even as recently as the 90s when countless pop bands used to top the charts. If you go back today and listen to some of that music, it’s enough to make you retch. Even if it gives you a small, pleasurable sensation of nostalgia, few will argue that, for example, The Backstreet Boys are talented musicians. The Beatles, however, are different. While yes, they started with simple teeny-bopper songs like I want to hold your hand the group was constantly growing and went on to write and perform elegant songs like Eleonore Rigby, Come Together, Helter Skelter, and, on the Sgt. Pepper’s album, A Day in the Life, and almost countless others. In terms of longevity, creativity, originality, and simply being prolific, The Beatles not only probably created the greatest album of all time, but they are also arguably the greatest band of all time.

What’s Going On

Hot off the popularity of hits like Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye made some big changes for his “What’s Going On” vinyl album. This was during the time when the Vietnam War was escalating, and Gaye was under the influence of letters from his brother, who was actually overseas fighting the war. Gaye is quoted as saying all of these factors combined to make him think about his music in a totally new way. Gaye wanted to use his music to say something. Not just to sound good, but to actually say something meaningful. The result is one of the greatest vinyl albums of all time, featuring songs like: 

  • Mercy, Mercy Me
  • Inner City Blues
  • And, of course, What’s Going On


Regardless of what you think of the band Nirvana, the fact of the matter is that this band was groundbreaking. Sparking what became known as the “grunge” movement, the album Nevermind has some staples of American malcontent that was as relevant for the youth of Kurt Cobain’s era as it is today, including the smash his Smells Like Teen Spirit

There you have it, three of the best vinyl records of all time. From The Beatles to Marvin Gaye and Nirvana, there have been so many great vinyl records created throughout the years that one thing has become clear: We should all strive for an eclectic taste in music. Sure, you can have a favorite type of music. But can there be any doubt that even if you like Rap, you can still like some Country? Or that Pop people can like Folk? There are no reasons why everyone can’t enjoy at least musicians from every genre. 

2020 Is The Summer Of RV Travel And Camping: Here’s How To Prepare For A Great Trip

2020 Is The Summer Of RV Travel And Camping: Here’s How To Prepare For A Great Trip

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities to partake in during the summer months. Yes, some hardcore adventurers will still camp in the winter months, but summer is an opportunity for anybody to give the activity a go. Whether it’s a fun vacation in a family-orientated campsite, a group of young people heading to a weekend adventure at the lake, or a group of friends going on a multi-day hike, camping is an activity that so many people take part in once summer hits.

There are generally three types of camping: backpacking, tent camping, and RVing. While they all share some tips to beat the summer heat, each one comes with its own special considerations, as well.

General Summer Camping Tips

  • Pack only light-colored clothing

There’s no way around this law of nature: Solar radiation soaks into dark-colored surfaces and reflects off light-colored surfaces. Don’t try to fight it. Instead, work with it by packing only light-colored clothes on summer camping trips. These will keep you much cooler during the day. Also, choose fabrics that breathe and release heat, such as cotton and linen. If you are wearing short sleeves or shorts, make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen.

  • Drink lots of water

Hydration is the most crucial part of staying cool, safe, and healthy on camping trips. Water has a high specific heat value, which means it takes a lot of energy to change the temperature of the water. Since your body is made of about 60 percent water, keeping it properly hydrated is one of the best weapons against overheating.

  • Avoid Sunburn

Pick an SPF (30+) with avobenzone, zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide. These will block both UV-A and UV-B rays. Reapply every two hours and after swimming or sweating madly. Sun-scorched? Wear a wide-brimmed hat.

  • Use bug repellent

It’s summer, so you’re probably camping by the water. And that means bugs. The basis of anyone’s anti-bug arsenal needs to be a DEET-based bug spray. One problem DEET does have is that it can reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen by up to one-third. Try to apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before DEET to minimize its effect.

  • Tarps are the ultimate multitool

The most-mentioned summer camping tip from park rangers was to pack tarps. A lot of them. Tarps aren’t just for keeping the rain off your tent or draping a picnic table; you can use tarps as sun protection, too. They keep the body from overheating and dehydrating.

Backpacking Tips

  • Cots

If you buy nothing else, make it a mesh cot. Lifting your body off the ground allows air to circulate all around you. 

  • Bring a satellite GPS messenger

A leisurely hike can turn dangerous quickly if you run out of water or lose your way. Every year, thousands of adventurists go missing. Some never return. GPS messengers let you share GPS coordinates, track your adventures, reach emergency responders, and check-in with family or friends — all from the push of a button.

  • Campground fans are pretty great

We’ve all been there – it’s 2 a.m., the sleeping bag is far too warm, and there’s no way you’re getting back to sleep without a couple of ice packs. An easier solution? Bring a battery-powered fan that either hooks on to your tent or that you can position at your campsite. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Tent Camping Tips

  • Set up your tent in the shade

If you can find a camping spot in the shade, take it. Letting trees absorb the sunlight, instead of your tent, will go a long way in keeping you cool. If the trees you are parked under provide ample shade from the sun at all angles you may be able to leave your tent up during the day.

  • Choose a tent with lots of mesh

The fine mesh walls of a tent offer protection from biting insects, while also allowing a breeze to pass through, thus providing the best of both worlds. If you will be camping in the summer, it is advantageous to choose a tent with as much mesh as possible. 

  • Make use of the breeze

The wind is nature’s air conditioning. Even if there is not a significant breeze, making use of it is a critical move in staying cool during summer camping. When you figure out which direction the wind will be blowing, face your tent door into the wind.

RV Camping Tips

  • Service Your AC Before You Hit the Road

The air conditioner in your RV will help you beat the summer heat and also the humidity. Before you start it all, you have to make sure that you have had your cooling system serviced and inspected. You should have the filter replaced and inspect the unit for any signs of damage. 

  • Do Not Cook During Peak Times

You may love having a fully functional kitchen, but do not use appliances in the kitchen that can heat up the space. Your range and stove will become interior heat sources, and it is best to avoid using these heat sources until nighttime. Opt to use a microwave or to cook over a fire or a grill instead to stay cool.

  • Make a Checklist

As stated in Everything You Need to Know About RV Camping, make a checklist. There a lot more things to remember to check and do with an RV than a tent or backpack. “With every RV comes a list of precautions and steps to take before you are ready to hit the road. Forgetting even the smallest of tasks can put you, your RV, and others on the road with you in danger.”

Beating the heat is all about buying the right accessories, packing the right clothing, the right food, and being strategic with your activities during your trip. Create memories and stay cool in the process during this summer’s RV camping trip. Enjoy your time lounging in your RV and being active outdoors and keep these tips in mind before you hit the road. Stay hydrated, stay covered, and alternate your time indoors and outdoors during the peak heat of the day.

How to Stream Xbox One Games on Windows PC and Use Gift Cards From InterOnlineGifts

How to Stream Xbox One Games on Windows PC and Use Gift Cards From InterOnlineGifts

With the Xbox One, you can stream your games to your Windows PC. This allows you to use Xbox gift cards from InterOnlineGifts. You can play with your friends as long as you want and make the experience even more fun and exciting.

Streaming Xbox One games using your Xbox gift cards from sites like InterOnlineGifts to your Windows PC is easy. It’s a two-way process that needs access to both the computer and the console. The Windows PC and the Xbox One should be on the same network, with a fast and strong network connection to efficiently handle streaming. Streaming an Xbox One to a Windows PC is more hassle-free via Wi-Fi connections.

Before you bring your Xbox One and Windows PC together, you need to make sure that both your Windows PC and Xbox One have installed the latest system updates. 

Xbox One Game Streaming

Live streaming gameplay and streaming from the console to a computer are two different ways to play your games, both giving you the advantage of using your gift cards from shops like InterOnlineGifts.

First, you need to stream Xbox One to a Windows PC, so that it can become a Windows 10 PC with a remote display for the console while being connected to the same network. 

By doing so, you can watch movies, play games or use any Xbox One app using InterOnlineGifts’ Xbox gift card on any Windows 10 laptop, computer desktop, or tablet without moving the console. You just have to make sure that everything is connected to the same network.

Streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10

To set up game streaming from your Xbox One you need to follow these steps :

  1. Go to Settings. Into the preferences, you need to click Allow games streaming to other devices.
  2. After starting the Xbox app on your Windows PC, all you need to do is to click Connect on the left panel.
  3. Choose your console and then click Connect.
  4. To enable streaming, you need to use a USB cable and attach your Xbox One controller to your Windows PC.

During your stream, you will see a toolbar at the top of the screen with two or more options: You can tap the Xbox logo to go home, click off or on for the microphone or click stop streaming.

Streaming Xbox One Games Using Xbox Console Companion App

If your computer is already a version of Windows 10, then you have already installed Xbox Console Companion App. If not, you can obtain it in the Windows Store. You can open the app and log in to your account in Microsoft.

Once you’ve registered to the app, click the menu button located on the left-hand side of the application. Now click Connections, then choose to add a device. It might take some time to find the console since the app will try to find a console in your network.

If the console isn’t found automatically, you can enter your IP address. This is the reason why both your Xbox and PC must be on the same network connection to work.

If you’re already connected, you can see the “now playing” section that will appear on the console. The PC monitor will display the real-time gameplay from your Xbox One.

How to Launch Games From the Xbox App

You can launch apps and games from the Xbox One dashboard while streaming. To launch a game directly from your PC, you need to start the Xbox app, navigate to the game you want to play in the game hub, then select Play from the console.

Controlling an Xbox One Game From Your Windows PC

Controlling an Xbox One game from your Windows PC means streaming while playing a game. This is not necessary if you’re just streaming a movie or a video but when you have to pause the controller, it can be useful.

To do so, you’ll need a micro USB cable to plug your Xbox One controller to your Windows PC, and Windows 10 will recognize the controller automatically.

Can Lagging Be Fixed?

Yes, lagging can always be fixed. Just tap the button at the lower side of the screen so that you can see the details. You can also change the stream quality if you want to, from low to high, or restart your PC to fix the lag.

When you successfully follow these steps on how to set up your Xbox One Games on Windows PC, streaming will be much easier later on.

Streaming your Xbox One Games on Windows PC is really easy, plus you can enjoy your InterOnlineGifts’ Xbox gift card. It will take some time customizing it but it’s worth you’re while.

What is Chimchurri Chicken

What is Chimchurri Chicken

Chimichurri is an uncooked, Argentine herb sauce. It comes in two types: Chimichurri green and Chimichurri red. Fresh chimichurri consists of olive oil, red wine vinegar, finely chopped parsley, oregano, garlic, and seasonings. Additionally, Red Chimichurri, the spicier of both, includes smoked paprika and dried red chili, cayenne pepper, or pepper flakes. Add red bell pepper in some recipes too.

Parsley and garlic are the two main ingredients of the traditional Argentinian chimichurri but there are other variants, including green chimichurri with cilantro.

What is the use of Chimichurri Sauce?

Chimichurri is served either with steaks and other grilled meats, or chicken or roast beef. To make a scented herb pilaf, mix it in rice. You can also use Chimichurri as a marinade, for example for beef skewers which are threaded and grilled on skewers.

The concept of utilizing chimichurri as a flavoring often functions well when applying to mayo, aioli, salad dressing, or compound butter the essential ingredients of the sauce, including a few tablespoons of the finished sauce. This delicious green sauce is served at room temperature and is made of fresh parsley, garlic, oregano, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and red chili flakes.

What’s the taste of Chimichurri Sauce like?

If we could use only a single word to describe chimichurri sauce, it would be “bright.” The combination of parsley and cilantro pack a herbaceous flavor, whilst the red pepper flakes bring a hint of spice. Add the sweet, pungent taste of the garlic and the acidic touch of the vinegar and this is chimichurri. It tastes fresh, but the fat in the olive oil brings everything together into a cohesive, pleasurable experience.

Variations of Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri sauce is highly versatile, but feel free to substitute for the cilantro and parsley in certain natural ingredients. To create a sauce with a spicy taste, try a combination of fresh oregano and arugula! The new dill, basil, kale, chard, mustard greens, and more can also be included.

What can be served with Chimichurri Sauce?

Chimichurri complements meats and vegetables of all sorts. Here are some of our preferred ways of using Chimichurri sauce:

  • Serve it with grilled chops of steak or pork, roasted chicken, poached salmon, or sauteed shrimp.
  • Drizzle over grilled beef kebabs or vegetables roasted to the oven.

How to cook chicken with chimichurri

There are two choices to choose from for your chicken to get the best flavor:

  • Cast iron skillet (or plancha as we call it)
  • Boiler (bbq)

Marinate your chicken thighs for 20-30 minutes after you’ve made your chimichurri to bring all the flavors down. Your chimichurri chicken is going to be scrumptious for sure!

Time to marinate is always changeable. A good thumb rule is for a solid 30 minutes though. This chicken can of course be marinated a ton longer-overnight or even for two days.

What’s Seasoning for Chimichurri?

When you don’t have fresh herbs on deck, it is an easy way to create a chimichurri-like sauce. Seasoning with chimichurri, also labeled as a dry rub or dry marinade, contains dried parsley, oregano, garlic and onion powder, and other herbs and spices.

Add olive oil, water, vinegar, and lemon or lime juice as directed on the package, to make the chimichurri sauce.

If you’ve never had this sauce before, you’ll be wowed by it. It is similar to pesto, but with no cheese or nuts and a heavier focus on acidic vinegar. It’s new and easy and it goes perfectly with just about everything: fish, ham, pork chops, meat, vegetables and more. A sauce can go a long way to elevating it to something incredible and taking a simple dish.

3 Ways to Address Your Anxiety Today

3 Ways to Address Your Anxiety Today

Treating anxiety has become an increasingly relevant topic as people struggle with their fear of the novel coronavirus and the economic issues it has caused. If you are starting to be anxious or if your anxiety has gotten worse, consider taking the following steps.

Get Professional Help

Anxiety sometimes goes away on its own, but the most effective way to treat it is to consult a mental health professional. Contact your primary health care provider and ask him or her to refer you to a psychiatrist. Depending on the severity of your anxiety, your psychiatrist may schedule regular counseling appointments, prescribe medication or both. You must follow all your psychiatrist’s recommendations for the treatment to succeed.

Try Natural Remedies

If you must wait for an appointment with a psychiatrist or if you want to try a variety of treatments, consider using natural remedies. These remedies are not usually approved or certified by a physician, but people have been using them for thousands of years to treat various conditions. Certain teas, such as chamomile, help to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality. Other people support consuming herbs such as kratom. You can find kratom online if it is not available at your local health foods store.

Spend Time Outside

Going outside has many benefits, all of which help to lessen your anxiety. Vitamin D from the sun improves your overall health, and the exercise that you do outside releases endorphins and lowers your stress level. Studies suggest that you sleep better after being outside, and when you are well-rested, it is easier to control your anxiety. Furthermore, going outside provides a break from your house, your work and any stressful relationships that you have.

Anxiety is a difficult condition to treat, but you can lessen its effects by taking these measures.

Senior Living Done Right: Staying Independent Longer Means Access To Help Literally When You Need It

Senior Living Done Right: Staying Independent Longer Means Access To Help Literally When You Need It

Increasingly, today’s seniors are choosing to continue living in their own homes or communities and enjoying more active lifestyles than ever before. Medical alert systems offer immediate access to assistance in the event of falls or other medical emergencies, and they’re quickly gaining popularity with independent seniors and their loved ones, thanks to the enhanced safety and peace of mind they provide.

The wide array of medical alert systems on the market can make choosing one a confusing and overwhelming task. To compare the available systems accurately and make an informed choice as to which one is best for you, it’s important to know how medical alert systems work.

Although each provider offers its own range of devices, features, options and service plans, medical alert systems all work towards the same goal — to get help where it’s needed fast. Seniors press a button to contact their medical alert provider’s call center, where trained operators are available 24/7 to respond and send immediate assistance. While this simple explanation tells you what medical alert systems do, it doesn’t tell you much about the various components that interact seamlessly to connect seniors with support.

How do medical alert systems work? The process is simple:

  1. A person experiences an emergency.
  2. He or she pushes the help button on the pendant (worn at all times, even in the shower).
  3. An operator answers the call (through the base unit or mobile device) and asks if the person needs help.
  4. The operator assesses the situation and contacts local emergency responders, emergency contacts and family.
  5. The operator stays on the line until help arrives.
  6. If immediate medical attention is not required, the user can ask the operator to contact a family member, caretaker or emergency contact, such as a neighbor.  
  7. If the operator can’t hear the user, he or she will assume the user is unconscious or unable to respond and will contact local emergency responders.

Consider the following facts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • More than 1 in 4 people over 65 will suffer a fall.
  • 2.8 million seniors are treated for fall injuries each year.
  • 1 in 5 falls results in broken bones or a traumatic head injury.
  • Over 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by falls.

With those statistics in mind, you should think of a medical alert system as a safety net. Medical emergencies rarely occur in convenient locations near phones or people. Medical alert systems simply extend the range of convenience, allowing you to call for help regardless of where the emergency occurs.

In turn, this safety net can help seniors live independently or “age in place.” According to AARP, 87 percent of seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Independence is one of the most important factors in a senior’s quality of life, and a medical alert system facilitates this by providing the peace of mind to both adult children and seniors.

All medical alerts come with a help button, but there are often optional features and add-ons you can add to your system for increased safety and convenience. Some of these options include:

Fall Detection

Some devices offer automatic fall detection as an additional service. While it can’t prevent a fall, a medical alert system with fall detection can summon help automatically when you can’t press the button. This is an essential feature for many users and caregivers.

Location Tracking

If you or your loved one is active and likes to go for walks or take trips to the store, having a medical alert with GPS tracking is indispensable. Some systems even let caregivers check to see where the user is in real-time on demand. This provides peace of mind knowing that they can easily be located if there is an emergency.

Many studies over the years have shown a link between social isolation and loneliness and an increase in mortality rates. This is particularly true when it comes to loneliness in the elderly, with AARP claiming a 26 percent increased risk of death due to subjective feelings of loneliness. With 51 percent of the senior population aged 75 and older living alone, loneliness and social isolation are serious concerns.

Loneliness in seniors can bring about a 29% increase in heart disease risk, a 32% increase in stroke risk, a 20% increase in cognitive decline risk over a 12-year period, and a 45% increase in mortality rates. Isolation among seniors is extremely common, especially for those who live at home rather than a senior living community. Even though this loneliness happens easily for seniors, there are many ways to reduce it or prevent it from happening altogether according to LifeStation.

Medical alert systems are beginning to offer help with the issue of isolation and loneliness as well as safety. As one blog post notes, “Today’s medical alert providers are aware of this issue and are increasingly offering services aimed to address the challenge. …[A] weekly well check that provides proactive calls that provide a friendly voice, conduct a critical needs assessment, and deliver resources to stay safe and healthy while improving physical and emotional well-being.” Other services include a concierge type service that, “facilitates contact to an expanded call list that includes meal delivery, pharmacy, and transportation resources – all from the same medical alert equipment used in an emergency.

Social isolation and loneliness are public health issues that affect more than one-third of adults, with seniors most at risk for depression, substance abuse, and suicide triggered by feelings of isolation. Health risks associated with loneliness and social isolation are comparable to the dangers of smoking and obesity, increasing mortality risk by up to 30%. Given the links between loneliness and health status, there is a need for increased awareness among both the public and healthcare providers that loneliness is a condition that, like chronic pain, can afflict almost anyone

The challenge of social isolation and loneliness among seniors is only going to increase as more people retire. The elderly population in the U.S. in growing every year as Baby Boomers age. By using existing and advancing medical alert technology, both physical and mental health can be protected.

How to Manage the Purchase and Renovation of a Home as Newlyweds

How to Manage the Purchase and Renovation of a Home as Newlyweds

The process of purchasing a home can be extremely stressful. Lenders are going to go through your finances and pull credit reports. Buying a home with your spouse tends to be a bit easier if they have consistent income and a decent credit score. The renovation of a first home purchased together is quite popular as a couple might not have the budget for a turnkey home. Managing this as a couple can be very tough as many couples start their lives out together in debt due to the wedding. The following are tips to manage the purchase and renovation of the home as newlyweds.

Create a Checklist of Features You Need in a Home

Couples are going to disagree about certain features no matter how similar their tastes in homes are. There could be a desire for a pool by one spouse while the other doesn’t want the upkeep and costs a pool create to keep it maintained appropriately. There are going to be compromises and this is a part of any marriage so keep this in mind. You might think one home is great only to find out major features that you both wanted are missing. This will help narrow down the home search which is essential in areas with thousands of homes for sale.

Once You Have Purchased Select Contractors Carefully

Once you have purchased a home that needs some work you need to start picking contractors out for each project that you want complete. Contractors differ in quality and price so keep this in mind. You want to get multiple estimates for the same project as even with the same materials these can differ drastically. You want to make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured in order to limit your personal liability. Take a look at online reviews and pictures of previous projects in order to see the quality of work.

Refinishing Certain Areas

Gutting an entire home only to put in new flooring, sinks, and everything in between will be expensive. There could be a few areas of the home that do not need a renovation but rather some attention. Looking into bathtub refinishing can be wise as the rest of the bathroom can also be refinished. This doesn’t require a plumber which can cost a premium amount hourly unlike a complete bathroom renovation. Floors and counters can also be refinished to give that area of the home a newer look.

Understand Disagreements will Happen

You want to avoid putting yourselves in a terrible financial situation by renovating the home but then lacking funds to pay the mortgage or keep up your current quality of life. Disagreements are going to happen but these tend to happen far more often when there are financial problems. Consider taking on one major project at a time so they can be budgeted and saved for. You do not want to put these on a credit card as this can lead to the renovations costing far more over the course of time.  

The feeling of finishing the renovations on your first home together is one that you both will never forget. Take the time to get started creating your home purchase checklist today!