Why People Should Go to Therapy

Why People Should Go to Therapy

Mental health is just as important as physical health. It is something that everyone should prioritize just as much as prioritize the physical well being. There have been research studies showing that mental health might even be more important than physical well-being because mental health controls the way we think, the way we feel and the way that we act. All of which are very important things in our life. According to Diego Ruiz Duran, it is very important for people to go visit a therapist and start a therapy session even when they may think they may not need to do this. Here are some of the reasons why Duran believes that everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lifetime.

Reasons Why People Should Go to Therapy:

1.) Going to therapy can be a great way to relax and calm the mind. There are many occasions where the mind may start playing tricks on us and many times when an individual may start to overthink a certain scenario or situation. Overthinking can be something that can turn into an unhealthy habit, and it is important to stop this habit on time. There are many cases where individuals were up all night overthinking scenarios that will never play out in real life. This can lead to insomnia problems and or other sleeping problems. Once it starts affecting the sleep routine or schedule, this can make the situation much worse because everyone needs a good night’s rest to think clearly.

2.) Another reason why he believes that people should go to therapy is to heal any past trauma that an individual may half. In all honesty, she believes that every individual has experienced some sort of trauma in their life. This trauma can be from their childhood, or it can even be from their adult lives. Regardless of where that trauma came from, it is important to recognize that there has been trauma to the mind of the mental health and find a way to Hewlett the best way possible. A great way to heal and process trauma is by speaking about it. A therapist can help that individual talk about their trauma in a safe way where the individual feels calm, safe and reassured that everything will be fine.

3.) The last reason why he believes that everyone should go to therapy at least once in their lifetime is to make relationships stronger. Going to therapy can be a great way to improve or even start new relationships. If an individual struggles to keep her maintain a strong relationship with friends or family members even with a significant other, therapy can be a great way to really acknowledge where the problem may be coming from and go from there. It is always important to learn how to keep and maintain a strong relationship because it is important to have a good relationship with at least 1 to 2 people in our lives.

Diego Ruiz Duran believes therapy should be seen as a regular health wellness check up with a doctor that everyone needs every once in a while.

Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of Stretching

People typically think of stretching as something done before sports, running, or lifting weights. In reality, stretching is something that should be done regularly by just about everyone, especially as people get older. Why? Simply put, regular stretching has several great physical and mental benefits that can lead to feeling better on a daily basis. That is why Diego Ruiz Duran takes time out of every day to stretch.

One physical benefit to regular stretching is increased flexibility. But why is flexibility important? Everyone uses muscles for more than just exercising and physical activities. Muscles are what make everything go, from household tasks like cleaning, mowing the lawn or walking the dog, to simple things like picking something off of the floor. The last thing anyone wants to do is injure themselves, let alone on a simple, everyday task. Regular stretching helps those muscles stay nice and loose so that doesn’t happen. It also increases range of motion and blood flow to muscles in order to keep the body performing at peak condition, even if there are no physical activities involved. Nobody wants to live with soreness in key areas like their back or joints. Stretching every single day helps prevent that from happening.

Today’s world is much more static. People spend more and more time sitting down, whether that is at a desk, or in their homes working on their computers or watching TV. That makes leg muscles much tighter, so when people finally do move around, they are at an increased risk of injury. Even if it is just for 5 or 10 minutes a day, regular stretching helps reduce the risk of injury by making muscles and joints much more able to handle any sort of physical activity. It also helps prevent back pain and improves posture.

Diego Ruiz Duran does not just stretch for the physical benefits of it however. He stretches every day because there are several mental benefits as well. In addition to being more static, today’s world is very stressful. Stretching is a great way to help manage that stress. Stress has a negative effect not only on the brain, but on the body as well. When someone gets stressed, their muscles become tight. People often think of stretching their arms, back and legs, but not always key areas such as the neck and shoulders. Those are the places most affected by stress. Stretching those areas helps to release tension and control stress levels.

In addition to managing stress, stretching can also help refocus one’s mind. Everyone has so many things to worry about every day. That takes its toll mentally. Daily stretching is a great way to give the mind a break from all of that and give it something else to focus on.

But remember, it is not an overnight process. Stretching once or twice won’t cut it. Make sure time is taken every day to experience the true benefits of stretching.

Glasses vs. Contacts

Glasses vs. Contacts

For those of us that lack 20/20 vision, we have a choice of being able to choose between getting contacts or glasses. Each comes with its own distinctive set of pros and cons. The choice really comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. However, we sat down with Helen Schifter to formulate a list of things to consider when it comes to choosing to wear contacts or glasses.

Pros of Using Glasses

Eyeglasses are very easy to use. All you have to do is put them on and protect them from damages. In addition to that, you don’t have to buy special cleaning solutions and they require very little maintenance. Besides that, unlike contact lenses, there’s no need to put a finger in the eye. Whenever we don’t want to wear them anymore we can just put them down. In addition to that, we have a wide variety of different frames to choose from.


Glasses can distort vision, specifically the edge of the lens. This is especially the case with people who have astigmatism or if they receive a strong prescription. Besides that, many people have said the weight of the glass on their ear became irritable after extended hours of use. Some people have reported that they simply don’t like the way glass’s look and some have trouble adjusting to certain lenses like progressives lenses. Weather conditions can affect visibility such as rain and fog. Personally, I can attest to the fact that they aren’t the best decision when it comes to conducting sports or any other kind of physical activity.

Pros Of Contact Lens

Contact lenses give us more natural vision than eyeglasses. They move with our eyes and do not block any portion of our view. They don’t get wet when it rains or fog up as a result of perspiration. Many athletes prefer contacts because it doesn’t get in the way of their activities. I personally love my contact lenses because I hate the appearance of glasses. When I wear them I feel as if I look like a different person. Contacts enabled me to look the way I was designed.


Contact lenses require more care than eyeglasses. Because of the fact that we place them in our eyes, they have to be clean and stored in a sterile environment. Failure to do this can lead to critical eye infections. This is especially the case for people who forget to wash their changes before inserting or removing them. People with astigmatism may notice that moving the lenses can cause their vision to become blurry. Another con is that they aren’t ideal for small children. While teenagers are well aware of the importance of cleanliness, children are notoriously known for being walking capsules of bacteria as a result of touching everything.

What To Choose?

As a person who wears contacts herself, Helen Schifter proclaims that we should really consider the benefits that contact lens provides. Besides the fact that we have to make sure our lenses are clean, it provides a multitude of benefits that outweigh the cons that are associated with it.

Importance of Showing Signs of Respect

Importance of Showing Signs of Respect

As children, the majority of us grow up hearing over and over again the importance of being kind, showing respect and helping out others. However, society does not really teach children or even adults why it is so important to do this. Shalom Lamm believes deeply that it is crucial and highly important for everyone to show respect to one another. Showing respect toward someone else goes a long way, and these are some of the reasons why he thinks this way.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Showing More Signs of Respect for One Another:

1.) To start, showing signs of respect to one another can be a great way to establish trust and a loving relationship.In any type of relationship, it is very important to first establish respect and trust. If there is trust, there will be some sort of mutual respect between the two parties. This is because trust helps individuals. I’ll be able to confide in one another and be more vulnerable towards one another. This is something that is necessary when it comes to developing a healthy relationship.

2.) Showing respect to one another and teaching children that this goes a long way he can also be a great way to welcome diversity. In this day and age, diversity is seen in many places. There are a group of minorities and people of color who are constantly put down or put aside based on where they come from and how they look. If we start to teach young children more about respect, we are also teaching them more about ways that they can welcome to varsity into their lives. Teaching children this at a young age can help break barriers for their future. For example, teaching children this when they are in elementary school can open up no ideas in children and can invite them to participate in anything bullying, and inviting other children who they may not necessarily talk to each day to form a relationship.

3.) Shalom Lamm thinks that teaching children about respect at a young age can also help them prepare for their adult lives. For example, if the children are being taught that respect is a huge part of a relationship, they will soon start to understand what it means to be respected and to show respect to another individual. In the long run, this can be something very helpful for them in their lives because they will be able to know when they are in unhealthy relationships and when the relationship is overall healthy. If the meaning of respect is not taught at a young age, chances are that these children will grow up to be adults who do not know how to fulfill their purpose in any type of relationship. Research studies have shown that they can also struggle with knowing the difference between being in a toxic or a healthy relationship in their adult lives as well.

Yoga’s Impact on Religion

Yoga’s Impact on Religion

Father Rutler feels like with the quarantine and the lockdown families are going to be prone to being lazy and inactive. Keeping young children active and entertained are feeling like difficult tasks for parents. To keep kids physical, as if they were in school, yoga can be a good option.

Rutler realizes with the closing down of schools, the challenges to keeping children busy are difficult. Yoga is an activity that both the parents and children can do together. In the year 2021, with the advancement of technology and the internet, parents can find multiple videos online that are dedicated to yoga for kids.

Yoga is not a religion, but a spiritual practice for anyone. A simple definition of yoga can be defined as union, unite, or to be yoked. Yoga is a discipline that connects the body and mind. It teaches a person to control breathing and meditation through particular body movements. Yoga represents a positive and comprehensive approach to holistic health, which can be viewed as a way to promote one’s spiritual well-being. Regularly practicing yoga can help relieve stress from everyday life, strengthen good habits, improve a person’s mental and emotional health, sleeping habits, and balance.

With each religion, people have different practices that affirm their beliefs. Father Rutler believes that adding yoga to their daily or weekly routine can help provide a deeper connection with themselves and their faith. An example of connecting yoga and religion would be their Christian faith. Through yoga, there are certain practices and rituals as with Christianity. Prayers are viewed as “resting in God”, including yoga in this practice, one can develop a deeper meditative state that eases the body and focuses a calm, quiet state of mind.

Connecting the Christian faith and yoga helps create a deeper hold on a person’s faith. Finding positive aspects of yoga that can connect to moral guidelines to the religion, such as assigning prayers to certain yoga positions. Connecting the guidelines for healthy living are known as yamas and niyamas. Yamas are viewed as the guidelines on interactions with others and niyamas are personal observances. By combining the practice of yamas and niyamas, a person’s moral observances are used as a catalyst towards self-acceptance, healthy relationships, and spiritual growth.

One of the most active parts of the body is the brain and can be compared to a computer, receiving information and sending messages to the appropriate part of the body. Yoga helps center the mind on a particular muscle group and slows down the breathing focusing on the calm and stillness around them. Through each movement or stretch, the bodies can be viewed as a way of worship towards the Lord and honor the Holy Spirit.

People often view yoga and Christianity as two practices that cannot be or should be combined. Oftentimes it is because someone feels that it is ungodly. But finding ways to combine the two, it can find a deeper connection with their faith.

How to Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health Simultaneously

How to Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health Simultaneously

Taking care of your health should be a focus as vaccines are rolling out for COVID-19. The mental health aspect of lockdowns and social distancing has been quite negative. Humans are usually social animals and an array of issues can arise that health professionals are unsure of. Taking care of your body will also help you mentally and vice versa. Make sure that you assess your health appropriately and create a plan to start improving it. The following are tips to take care of your mental and physical health simultaneously. 

Meditate Daily

Meditation is something that you should practice daily and can make a huge difference. The pandemic has caused panic and stress across the entire world. Finding a quiet place to clear your mind might be a challenge if working remotely and your children are learning virtually. If you are unsure of how to start, there are plenty of guided meditations online. Light incense can step up your meditation practice immensely or applying essential oils that are said to have healing powers. 

Exercise to Manage Stress

Stress can be a healthy part of life as it can help motivate you quite well. Being overstressed can lead to health issues of the physical and mental variety. Finding a form of exercise that you truly enjoy might be the larger challenge though. This will take a trial and error period as some people might want to compete while exercising. Playing pickup sports is a great way to exercise although this is a challenge with social distancing restrictions. 

Avoid Drinking Too Much 

Social distancing has led a number of people to drink more than they have in a year in their entire lives. Drinking is not good for your mental or physical health. Getting a workout in is far more difficult with a hangover. Alcohol also contains empty calories and most people make less than wise decisions in terms of what they eat after drinking. Substance abuse impacts people of all walks of life and drinking too much for a few weeks can lead to a far deeper addiction. 

Seek Professional Help If Necessary 

Seeing your North Durham primary care physician regularly is important. You do not want a small problem to turn into a much larger problem. Seeking out mental health help can be tough to do as you might not understand what type of therapist or medical professional that you need to see. Your insurance provider having a massive network can allow you to call around to find out which professional you want to see. Your primary care physician can also refer you to a professional in your insurance network so make sure to ask. 

Taking care of your mental and physical health simultaneously cannot be more important. Your body and mind need to be taken care of as they impact one another. Put a focus on this for a number of years and you will see huge differences. You might feel like a new person as you have changed your life.

3 Ways Laminated Postcards Can Help Build Your Business

3 Ways Laminated Postcards Can Help Build Your Business

Direct mail marketing has been a tried-and-true method for years. While it has always been beneficial, making the change to laminated postcards Atlanta has provided businesses with more advantages, some of which are below.

1. Durable Materials

Mail goes through a lot. It is dumped, sorted, and moved around consistently. And it is often exposed to the elements. It’s not odd to find catalogs and other marketing items ripped, torn, or wet by the time the recipient gets his or her hands on them.

Laminated postcards, on the other hand, are made from durable materials. Unlike mailers tucked into envelopes, they need no protection from the elements. You can feel confident that your mailers will show up in one, well-designed piece.

2. Perceived Value

Laminated postcards show recipients not only that you value your business, but also that you value them enough to put in the extra effort. When consumers feel valued, they are more likely to do business with that company.

3. Instant Visibility

With so many items showing up in envelopes each day, it can be easy to be throw in with the rest and overlooked. Laminated postcards do not need envelopes or other coverings. Therefore, as soon as the recipient has the item in their hand, they see your offer. They stand out in the crowd of mail. Whereas most enveloped ones offer land in the trash without being opened, laminated ones have a much better chance of gaining attention.

Using laminated postcards can provide incredible benefits for your business. Making this one change has the potential of increasing your revenue to much more desirable levels.

Subliminal Messaging in Advertisements

Subliminal Messaging in Advertisements

Everywhere a person turns they are exposed to some form of advertising. There are advertisements on the television, on the internet, and in the newspaper and magazines. It seems that a company is always trying to sell the consumer something. Andrew Napolitano wants a person to be aware of the measures that companies are taking to sell their products. Napolitano needs the consumer to be aware of the subliminal messages in the ads so they can avoid getting drawn in.

Subliminal advertising is where hidden messages are put into the ad. A person may not seem them but they are there and they are meant to get deep into the mind. An image may be flashed as part of the ad for .003 seconds. This is too quick for the mind to detect. While the Federal Communications Commissions had stated that subliminal advertising goes against public interest it is still done by many companies.

When using subliminal advertising the logo or the symbol of the company was being inserted into the ad. This will happen quickly and it may not register in the mind right away. Later on, a person may be thinking that they want the product and not even remember seeing the ad for it. If a person were to slow down the ad they would see it. Once this happens they will see it again in the future.

Other ads appeal to emotions and interests. Some ads use a certain kind of appeal to sell the product. They may have good looking people and as part of the ad. Most people cannot help to remember it.. There have been some food companies that have been known to use this form of advertising.

Subliminal advertising may sneak words into their logo or their products. Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, wants the public to be more aware of this. These words are usually positive and are designed to help associate a positive mental image with the brand. For example, Wendy’s had the word mom on the ruffled collar of Wendy. This was done because people love their mothers’ and mom’s cooking. This was designed to create a positive image with the brand.

When it comes to advertising every part of the design of the ad is meant to tell the consumer something. For example, Amazon has an arrow going from the A to the Z. this was meant to tell the consumer they sell everything from A to Z. Most people may not notice this but the logo does stay in the mind.

Consumers need to be aware of subliminal messages in the ads. Some they will see others they will not see. As a consumer, they need to learn how to ignore the ads and conduct their own research. If they like a product they should find out more information on it, not through advertising. An internet search can be performed. This will help keep the consumer safe and keep them from being taken in by the ads.

Find the Right lender for Your Commercial Property Purchase

Find the Right lender for Your Commercial Property Purchase

Investing in real estate can be a great way to generate income from commercial rentals. Often the problem is finding the appropriate funding sources. This can be a big issue, especially now when there are great real estate deals available that may disappear quickly as other buyers are quick to purchase. It can be very distressing for investors that want to purchase a property and the funds are not available quickly enough. When the financial processes take so long that the property is no longer available when the funds come through, it can be frustrating to any real estate investor.

Many experienced investors look to resources on the internet to help them find the investment. That is the easy part. The difficult part of the process of identifying and securing funding.

How do you find the right lender for your business? There are many resources that investors can go to, to secure funds. Many opt to secure a traditional loan from a bank, which can be time-consuming and require a lengthy application and approval process. However, this is not the only option. Some choose private lenders who they can work with directly to negotiate the terms of the loan. This is commonly a quicker way to secure a loan without jumping through the hoops that banks require. 

Some private commercial lenders have proven to be an excellent fit for real estate investors who need to secure funding quickly with a trusted partner.

Of course, investors need to do their due diligence to make sure they find the right lender offering a loan and interest rate that will let them pursue their goal of commercial property ownership.

Fad Diets

Fad Diets

What was your new year’s resolution? Most people promise to lose weight but find it really difficult. We as a nation have been getting bigger and bigger around the waist line. Emergency Doctors like Cory Harow have noticed this growing problem. Harow is faced with a lot of people fighting for their lives. The excess weight has made working in the medical field more challenging. The bigger our waist line gets the more desperate we become to drop the pounds. Many have tried fad diets at least once in their life. What kind of fad diets have you tried? Just because something is a fad doesn’t make it bad or good. It just means that it is popular at that time. There are some diets that have been around for many years and all of a sudden they become popular. At this moment more people are choosing vegan meals. The impossible burgers, hot dogs, and chicken have made its debut. Meat alternatives are more available today than ever before. The umami taste has improved. In the past a meat replacement tasted like cardboard but not anymore. This diet fad is not a bad one. It encourages people to think twice what they are eating and to eat more fruits and veggies. With every diet, balance is needed. We all know that French fries and onion rings can be vegan as long as they are not cooked in animal fat. A person can only eat these and technically say they are vegan. This is not recommended. 

The egg diet has come and gone many times. This diet requires the person to eat eggs everyday along with other specific foods to achieve the best results. A meal plan is normally provided. Some choose the 11 day diet. This diet uses the concept of eating carbs with carbs and protein with protein. This diet is called fruit and veggies carbs. This concept comes from the history of eating before freezers and refrigerators were available. In the warm months families would eat mostly fruit and veggies due to the availability. During the winter months after the preserved fruit has dwindled down, they would depend on the animals that they raised. Every 11 days you will rotate four meals every day. Some will just consist of meat and others will only consist of fruit and veggies. For example for breakfast you might have eggs and cheese. For lunch you can have a salad with a no. Protein no fat dressing. For a snack you can have nuts. And for dinner you can have chili. This diet does work and you can have a balanced healthy lifestyle during it.

 This diet doesn’t exclude a whole food group. With this diet you are on 11 days and off so many days. If you know there is going to be a wedding on the weekend you can schedule that to be your off day. Regardless of what diet you choose, Cory Harow wants to remind everyone that the goal is to improve health.