4 Tips for Deciding Between a Tile Roof and Shingle Roof

4 Tips for Deciding Between a Tile Roof and Shingle Roof

When the time comes to replace your roof, you may initially be inclined to choose the roofing material that has been on your home for years. While this will ensure the same aesthetic, the existing material may not be best for you. Shingles and roof tiles are among the most popular options available today. Shingles are available in three-tab, composite, and architectural styles. There are also different types of tiles, such as ceramic, slate, and others. What should you consider so that you can make your roofing material selection with full confidence?

1- Focus on Your Budget

Most homeowners must stick to a budget when replacing their roofs, so consider getting quotes for the options that interest you upfront. The specific cost will depend on the size of your home as well as labor and materials expenses. With different types of shingles and tiles available, the cost varies considerably. Generally, however, a shingle roof is the more affordable of these two options. One of the reasons why shingles are less expensive is because they are faster and easier to install. This directly reduces labor costs.

2- Consider Maintenance Needs

Both tile roofs and shingle roofs require periodic maintenance, but the maintenance chores are more expensive and costly for a shingle roof. This relates to the durability of the materials. You may need to replace and repair the shingle roofing materials more frequently than you need to replace the tiles. For both types of roofs, an annual inspection from a certified roofing company is recommended. During this inspection, small areas of damage can be identified and repaired before they turn into more significant problems. This will help you optimize the life of your new roof.

3- Pay Attention to Durability and Longevity

There are three types of shingles to consider. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable option, and they need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years. The composite and architectural shingles are more expensive as well as more durable, and they may serve your needs for up to 30 years. A tile roof, on the other hand, may last as long as 100 years. Of the different types of tiles, meta, and slate have the longest lifespan.

4- Consider the Climate

In cooler climates, shingles and some types of tile roofs are both suitable. However, clay tiles should be avoided because they can crack when they freeze. Asphalt shingles are often preferred in areas with all four seasons because they can handle different weather conditions well. In hot and dry climates, the weather conditions are detrimental to the longevity of both shingles and tile roofs. Concrete and ceramic tiles are superior in dry, hot climates.

While it is wonderful to have multiple options available when doing something as important as replacing your home’s roof, you need to make a wise decision. These are among the most essential factors to consider when deciding between asphalt shingles and a tile roof. However, if you have additional questions about your options, you should consult with your roofing company. Their expertise can help you navigate the decision-making process and ensure you choose the right roofing material for your home.