ICON Park’s First Oktoberfest Is History in the Making

A hand holding an Oktoberfest beer atop ICON Park's famous Ferris Wheel, known as "The Wheel"
ICON Park is celebrating its first Oktoberfest on October 2, 2022

The celebration of Oktoberfest was born on Oct. 12, 1810, in Munich, Germany, in commemoration of the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The culmination of the original five-day event was a thrilling horse race held at a field that would become known as Theresienwiese (Therese’s Green) in honor of the queen consort. The celebration proved so popular that in 1811 it was brought back and has continued to grow in scope and popularity with each passing year. Stalls serving food and beverages debuted in 1818, eventually evolving into the enormous 20th-century beer gardens with bandstands and boisterous café-style outdoor seating we’ve come to associate with the annual celebration. And now through Sunday, Oct. 2, Oktoberfest is coming to Orlando, Florida, with its own very special ICON Park spin!

ICON Park Lets You Travel to Germany Without Ever Leaving Orlando

Featuring traditional German food, music, dance, costumes — and beer, of course! — Oktoberfest has become a big favorite in the United States. But more than just a celebration of food, beverages, dance, and song, Oktoberfest exemplifies the Bavarian spirit of “kameradschaft,” or camaraderie. There’s no place with more kameradschaft in the Orlando Entertainment District than ICON Park.

Standing in for Munich’s Theresienwiese, ICON Park’s very own green verge, The Lawn, will serve as Oktoberfest central for the rollicking activities. Running Fridays from 5 to 10 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 10 p.m., visitors will be treated to a host of traditional Oktoberfest-themed beer, food, and entertainment. (While there won’t be any live horse racing on The Lawn, a ride on The Carousel on The Promenade is sure to satisfy any equine-related fantasies for those so inclined.)

ICON Park’s Oktoberfest Elevates Beer to a New Level

During ICON Park’s first Oktoberfest celebration, grown-ups can treat themselves to a tasty beer flight boasting a quartet of seasonal German brews at The Lawn Bar (the place that puts the “bar” in “wunderbar”) for $16. Want to take a bit of kameradschaft home? Then order up a 32-ounce commemorative glass stein brimming with your favorite Bavarian-style brew for just $22. 

Patrons who want to put an extra helping of flight in their flights can transport their Oktoberfest festivities 40 stories high on The Wheel at ICON Park. Brew with a view, anyone? Imagine the fun as you, your friends, and an inviting cooler of chilled seasonal beer selections (provided by The Sky Bar at the foot of The Wheel prior to boarding) settle into a climate-controlled capsule for a sky-high ride.

ICON Park’s Oktoberfest Is Fun for All Ages

But at ICON Park, Oktoberfest isn’t just for grown-ups. There’s plenty of family-friendly dining and entertainment to go along with all that fabulous beer. Parents and kids alike will sigh with delight as they tuck into taste bud-tempting traditional German delicacies including bratwurst and sauerkraut, chicken schnitzel, and pretzels with beer cheese served with gusto on The Lawn. And if anyone’s still got room, a tasty slice of apple strudel will fill that final gap with the flavor of a genuine German favorite just like your Bavarian grandma used to make. 

To ensure the authentic sound of Oktoberfest, ICON Park has brought along a band of Bavarian melody makers in the form of Orlando’s own Stammtischler. Tap your toes and raise a toast as they perform a broad swath of traditional Alpine folk music featuring the Bavarian button accordion, tenor horn, wooden spoons, and the alpenhorn. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to listen to — especially for little ones. From waltzes and polkas to Bavarian folk standards, the Stammtischler’s happy, upbeat tunes are the perfect accompaniment to an Oktoberfest experience that’s about as close to Munich as you can get without boarding a transatlantic flight.

ICON Park predicts its inaugural Oktoberfest celebration is destined to become a favorite annual event. So, get ready to raise a toast (before you taste, of course!) and clink your steins (bottom to bottom) to celebrate some authentic Bavarian-style history in the making. Prost!

ICON Park Is Orlando’s Top Entertainment Destination Year-Round

Oktoberfest is a wonderful time to partake of ICON Park’s Bavarian-themed celebrations but you don’t need a special occasion to make an occasion special at ICON Park. With free admission and free parking along with a bounty of dining options, shopping ops, and amazing attractions, it’s no wonder the strollable 20-acre, open-air destination has become the highlight of the Orlando Entertainment District.
All guests who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages at ICON Park must be 21 years of age or older and have valid proof. ICON Park encourages its Oktoberfest patrons to drink responsibly. Please don’t drink and drive. Public transportation offering convenient, frequently scheduled stops is available to and from ICON Park and the metro Orlando area.

Genre-building for a New Generation of Music Lovers: Famous Modern Music

It is exceptionally simple to adore music however choosing between the best music . Severely form music is the genuine craft of grasping music. Further, learning music is significantly harder work. It doesn’t fall into place for each individual. You can be an extraordinary music sweetheart and furthermore have fine information about different kinds of music. In any case. with regards to genuine singing or performing with some other instrument. Farzin Fardin Fard

You probably won’t have the option to perform appropriately and it very well may be ear-jostling to audience members. In the event that the straightforward singing of music is so confound. You could envision how much ought to go into the genuine creation of a specific kind of music. Delivering it really to the crowd at large is significantly more troublesome. Different types of music are accessible right now that enticement for the more youthful age. Indeed, even a great many people of more seasoned age have come to like them because of their clever way to deal with music. Farzin Fardin Fard

Present day Jazz

The jazz style of music is name regularly Bebop or bop. It comprises a quick beat. A moment act of spontaneity in view of various blends of song and symphonious construction, and high instrumental virtuosity. The jazz pattern began in the 1940s yet developed completely during the 1960s. The significant instruments utilized in current jazz are saxophone, bass, trumpet, piano, and drums. Different instruments like violin or trombone are additionally utilize infrequently. Jazz is one of the most well-known present-day music classes. thenifty.com

Current Stone

The current stone is likewise name elective stone. Which is most famous on business radios. It started in the last part of the 1970s and it is going on as of not long ago. Current stone is not quite the same as old-style exciting music. Which was well known between the 1960s and the mid-1980s. A few current stone performers were well known during the 1980s. Nonetheless. The enormous progress of Nirvana, the resentment band that turned out to be unimaginably popular in 1991 constrained numerous U.A. E radio broadcasts to change to the current stone. Farzin Fardin Fard

Hip Bounce

Hip bounce is an extremely expansive mixture of totally different creative structures.During the 1970s, it emanated from the road music societies, mainly from South Bronx in UAE . Rap music and turntablism are the first two of hip hop music’s four key elements.. The two of them are aural. Farzin Fardin Fard

The other two components of hip jump music are breaking which is physical and spray painting craftsmanship which is visual. Hip Jump follows other music sorts like jazz, blues, and rock and roll. Nonetheless, it additionally gets standard motivation from the more present day music styles like blues, rhythms, funk, soul music, and so forth. The language of hip jump has its own particular shoptalk, adjusted from different slang from a few districts in the west.

Jobs in Construction Engineering

Development designing is the administration of the development of designs like scaffolds, air terminals, railways, and supplies. This occupation likewise engaged with the plan of brief designs, site format reviews, and testing of materials. These positions are contained all designing situations in the land and development area. Employment opportunities are accessible to developers, development organizations, public government assistance offices, highway specialists, and government development divisions. bojandsons.com

The most usually offered positions in this field include:

  • Structural designer,
  • Development engineer,
  • Development chief,
  • Site engineer,
  • Development director,
  • Common artist,
  • Development configuration engineer

Schooling and Experience:

These positions need a four-year college education in development designing or structural designing. More established positions in the space as a rule require at least ten years of involvement. Graduate and Post advanced education in the space of structural designing, designing administration, or a business organization is additionally viewed as a resource. A development engineer should have an expert designer’s (P.E.) permit which can be gotten through sitting the Essentials of Designing test and Standards and Practice in Designing Test. bojandsons.com

An ordinary school development designing educational program is a combination of designing mechanics, designing plans, construction_management, and general science and math.

Construction_Engineer work obligations change incredibly and can incorporate quite a few the accompanying:

  • Examination of Building Destinations
  • Specialized and Attainability Investigations of plans and areas
  • Improvement of point-by-point plan
  • Risk evaluation and investigation and the board
  • Staff The executive’s Administration and Work the board’s abilities
  • Work for The board
  • Spending plan and Hardware The board and buy
  • Cutoff time The executives
  • Victorious possibility for occupations in this field should likewise have the accompanying abilities:
  • Decisive reasoning
  • Listening abilities
  • Critical thinking
  • Checking and independent direction

There are four fundamental kinds of occupation qualifications:

Section Level Development Designing – engaged with the underlying piece of engineering. They are typically accountable for examining reports, fundamental expense and asset plan arranging, soil testing, and drawing the engineering plan. opencorporates.com

It includes in the investigation of the client’s prerequisites and readiness for plans.

Review Development Designing – Overview engineers examine and screen the advancement of movements of every kind during the development process and guarantee that the work was finished by the plans. bojandsons.com

Prepared Development Designing – Deal with the whole of the development task and documentation; and are the extension between the proprietors and the specialists. bojandsons.com

Work possibilities for construction _engineers change with the monetary environment. Since work possibilities have been poor for the beyond two years there has been a decrease in the interest in occupations in the development area. In the US, the design business experienced a 24.7% joblessness rate in mid-2010.

Do Garages Add Value To A Home?

Do Garages Add Value To A Home?

Garages add value to any home, whether detached, attached, simple, or fully converted to a livable space. People have utilized garages more since 2020 when many of us began to stay home to work, foster hobbies, and exercise.

As “flex spaces” suitable for various activities, home garages provide unique, functional settings that are not entirely indoors or outdoors. If you plan to sell your home soon, it’s wise to consider building a garage or upgrading an existing one. Make this space more useful and habitable to increase your home’s value and marketability. 

How much earning potential do garages have?

Data from recent years suggests that a garage addition will add $20,000 to $35,000 to the value of your home. Smaller garage-focused investments are worthy projects, too. Garage door enhancements provide some of the highest returns on investment, and even simple improvements like fresh paint or hardware help with your home’s curb appeal.

Garage renovations, conversions, and additions will increase your home’s livable space and bedroom count, which will, in turn, boost its market value and appraised value. 

Garage improvements and additions also increase the likelihood of viewings and offer because it makes your home more appealing to buyers. 

Invest in your garage’s ability to serve multiple purposes as a versatile, convertible space to make your home listing stand out when it’s time to sell. Get in touch with a home improvement consultant today to find out what renovations are best for you. 

Curbio can help you build or repair garages and more!

Before listing your home, don’t hesitate to give it a facelift. It’s well worth the investment. With Curbio’s acclaimed turnkey services, you won’t manage a single repair project or pay for your improvements until they are completed, and you sell your home. Before you sell your home, kick it to Curbio. Tell us about your projects for a free, same-day estimate.

8 Beginner’s Tips for Caring for a Pet Sugar Glider

8 Beginner’s Tips for Caring for a Pet Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are one of the most popular domestic pets in North America. They are miniature pygmy fruit-eating marsupial who love the more humid environments of human homes and become very tame with proper care. Whether you’re just getting into pet ownership or have been caring for your pet sugar glider for years now, here are some valuable tips that will help you to learn how to care for your sugar glider.

1. Modify Their Diet

Sugar gliders are insectivores and usually feed on figs and other dried fruit during the warmer months. However, many people (just like sugar gliders) find that they get tired of this routine fast, so they make the switch to a more varied diet in which they can eat a variety of dried fruit, including those that have more seeds (like mango), and will find the occasional frozen fruit (like banana chunks) very delicious.

2. Get a Cage That is Appropriate for Your Pet Sugar Glider’s Size

If you have a small pet, it is probably wise to use one of the miniature cages specifically built for smaller pets. But if you have a medium size or giant pet, you’ll probably have to use one of the larger cages (or make your custom-sized cage using a whole bunch of coat hooks!).

3. Make Sure Your Pet Sugar Glider is Healthy and is Accustomed to Being Handled by Humans

If you want your pet to be tame, typically, you will want to take it out of its cage to socialize with it daily. Even if your pet sugar glider is very accustomed to being handled by you, it’s best if you take precautions and do this from a safe distance.

4. Set Up a Healthy Environment for Your Pet Sugar Glider’s Cage

As mentioned before, various fruits and vegetables should be available for your pet sugar glider’s diet at all times (i.e., in the cage with it at every meal), both dried and fresh. You can purchase pre-made blends of fruit and vegetables, dry food in pouches, or make your mixture of fruit and vegetable pieces.

5. Have a Variety of Scratching Post Options Available to Your Pet Sugar Glider

Scratching post options include wooden parrot perches, cedar shavings, slats, branches from a hardwood tree (preferably from an apple tree), cotton rolls, paper towels (for rawhide), and even cardboard boxes. Various options should always be available to your pet sugar glider.

6. Make Sure Your Pet Sugar Glider Has Access to Water at All Times

Never toss the water bottle out while the cage is in use (you can always remove it when you are cleaning the cage or taking things out of it), and make sure that the drinking vessel is changed several times a day to avoid contamination (if your pet drinks from it more than once a day).

7. Take Care of Your Pet Sugar Glider’s Teeth

Sugar gliders’ teeth are similar to rodents’, so their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. To ensure that your pet sugar glider’s teeth do not grow too long and risk damaging the tongue, ensure that you or someone in your family gets into the habit of checking for excess tooth growth at least once a week.

8. Switch It Up

The most crucial tip no one ever tells you about pet ownership is: to switch things up constantly! If you have always given your pet sugar glider figs for dinner or never given it anything but papaya for breakfast, try switching things up! Try giving it figs for dinner and then papaya the following day.

You should now feel ready to begin looking after your pet! Always remember that it is essential to take good care of your pet sugar glider so that it remains a healthy and happy creature.

Factors That Influence the Economy

Factors That Influence the Economy

4 Factors That Influence the Economy

The economy is a complex system that is constantly changing. Many factors can influence it, and it can be challenging to understand what is happening with the economy at any given time. Here, we will discuss some of the most critical factors that affect the economy. We will also talk about how these factors have been affecting the economy recently and what people can do to prepare for potential changes in the future.

1. Stock Market

The stock market is a significant factor that can influence the economy. When the stock market is doing well, it can increase consumer spending, which can boost the economy. However, when the stock market is struggling, it can decrease consumer spending, which can hurt the economy. According to Jonathan Osler San Francisco, the stock market is currently working due to concerns about the coronavirus and its potential impact on the global economy. This has led to a decrease in consumer spending, likely to hurt the economy in the short term.

2. Interest Rates

Interest rates are another major factor that can influence the economy. When interest rates are low, it can encourage borrowing and spending, which can boost the economy. However, when interest rates are high, it can discourage borrowing and spending, which can hurt the economy. According to Osler, high-interest rates can also lead to inflation, which can further damage the economy. This is one of the reasons why the Federal Reserve has been lowering interest rates recently, to boost the economy.

3. Trade

Trade is another significant factor that can influence the economy. When countries trade with each other, it can lead to an increase in economic activity and growth. However, when trade barriers are put in place, it can lead to a decrease in economic activity and growth. This is one of the reasons why there has been so much focus on the U.S.-China trade war in recent months. The tariffs put in place by the U.S. and China have led to a decrease in trade between the two countries, which has hurt the global economy.

4. Human Resource

According to Jonathan Osler San Francisco, human resource is one of the most important factors of production and it greatly affects the economy. When there is an abundance of labor, it can lead to increased economic activity and growth. However, when there is a shortage of labor, it can lead to decreased economic activity and growth. This is one of the reasons why immigration has been such a hot-button issue in recent years. The flow of immigrants into the United States has helped to boost the economy by providing a source of labor. Also, the Trump administration’s policies on immigration have led to a decrease in economic activity, as fewer immigrants are coming into the country.

By understanding the factors that influence the economy, people can be better prepared for changes in the future. In addition, by tracking these factors, people can get a better sense of where the economy is heading in the short-term and long-term. This can help people make informed decisions about their finances and investments.

Knight Aerospace: Growth and Expansion in a Fast-Paced Industry

Knight Aerospace: Growth and Expansion in a Fast-Paced Industry

There’s no doubt about it: Aerospace companies are growing quickly as interest in using flight technology to benefit humankind increases. At Knight Aerospace, the opportunity for growth is expanding by the day. CEO Bianca Rhodes is working to take the San Antonio-based OEM to the next level, specifically focusing on creating a standard of safety for how in-flight medical care is administered.

‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’

Aerospace technology is lifesaving, especially when it comes to getting military members out of tough situations to get needed medical assistance. In the past, many soldiers have dealt with less-than-desirable conditions when flying to receive treatment.

Knight CEO Bianca Rhodes is working to change that.

Rhodes has an industry-famous catchphrase: “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Rhodes and the team at Knight are working to change in-flight medicine to provide soldiers with the care they deserve from the moment they’re lifted from the field.

An outbreak of Ebola years ago prompted Knight to focus on how to create aircraft that weren’t just better for patients but also crew members, care providers, and other passengers. Concerns were raised about the lack of containment for passengers carrying highly contagious viruses. When infected patients infect the staff of an aircraft, the entire plane may need to be put out of commission until replacement staff members are found and the vehicle is thoroughly decontaminated. Creating an aerospace module for patients who may be experiencing severe communicable diseases is critical for efficient, effective, and safe treatment.

Michael Knight, the senior vice president of international sales for Knight Aerospace, says: “The back of a cargo aircraft is loud and dark, and most importantly, it’s not environmentally-controlled. These factors negatively impact any sort of medical care needing to be provided during in-flight missions. This is what led us to find a better solution and ultimately inspired the development of the aeromedical module.”

Listening to the Experts

Knight Aerospace realizes that while its team members have the aerospace technology necessary to change the way air medicine is performed, they don’t have the expertise to know exactly what soldiers need during transport.

Engineers at Knight are working to create solutions that make sense for the military, and they’re working closely with people in the field to understand how aerospace medicine needs to change.

Michael Knight says it’s key to understand the environment in which they’re working and the technical aspects of what needs to happen to create the right space for soldiers who need medical treatment.

In addition to working closely with military flight surgeons, military experts, and others who understand the ins and outs of military medical treatment, Knight strives to create an ongoing partnership to continuously improve the craft. According to Knight, “We actually bring them in to serve as permanent advisers to us while we work to expand and improve the technology and engineering and all the products.”

Beyond Earth: How Knight Is Staying on Top of Aerospace Trends

Aerospace travel is no longer limited to Earth’s atmosphere. While billionaire dreams of flights to Mars are what make headlines, Knight Aerospace is working on using atmospheric travel to benefit Earth in different ways.

The future of aerospace is not just about atmospheric travel but suborbital and orbital travel. Use cases for Knight could be suborbital transport to take critical equipment or people from North America to Australia in far less time than it currently takes. Knight aims to help create the cargo standards for these sort of missions and even the medical standards for safe orbital travel.

Raising the Bar

There’s no way around it — aerospace is a fast-paced business and companies that rise to the top need to be innovators and creators. Knight is working to revamp the way cargo systems currently operate in cargo carriers bound to the Earth’s atmosphere. The change in design — moving from a plane to a rocket — offers new options that could streamline shipping processes.

“There’s an opportunity to create a standard for spacecraft because now you’ve got to get the cargo vertically to the tip of the rocket up high,” says Michael Knight. “It’s no longer a roll into a horizontal fuselage; it’s standing on its tail. There may be an opportunity for us to set those standards and be the lead.”

How General Liability Insurance Can Help Your Business

How General Liability Insurance Can Help Your Business

If you are a small business owner, you probably don’t want to be legally responsible for people’s injuries and property damage. However, it is essential to be prepared for such risks. For example, a person can become injured while visiting their client’s workplace. General liability insurance can protect you against such occurrences.

Benefits of general liability insurance

If you run a business, you should consider buying general liability insurance for your company. This type of insurance covers many possible scenarios, including a lawsuit or a customer complaint. General liability insurance – protect your business | Thimble it provides  peace of mind by protecting you against unexpected events. Here are the benefits of obtaining this type of coverage for your business. First, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your business’s needs. This type of policy also protects your reputation.

First, it protects your business from third-party liabilities. General liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury claims. This insurance is essential for any type of business, as it covers any number of hazards, from slick advertising to a product’s malfunction. It also protects you from the legal expenses accompanying such an incident. Finally, it gives you peace of mind. This type of insurance will provide you with peace of mind when dealing with clients or partners.

A business can be sued for anything from a slip and fall to a slander claim without a general liability policy. Even if a lawsuit is dropped or dismissed, legal fees can cost several thousand dollars. If you don’t have this insurance, you’ll be putting your business at risk financially and may even lose valuable clients and customers. 

It protects your business from lawsuits.

A general liability insurance policy is a type of commercial insurance that protects your business from lawsuits. It may be necessary if your business deals with the public. For example, a case arising from a product or service sale may require a large settlement to settle the claim. This type of insurance can be purchased separately or as part of a package policy for your business. An insurance professional can help you determine how much coverage you need for your business. If your current policy is inadequate for your business’s needs, you may need to purchase a commercial umbrella policy.

A general liability insurance policy will pay for legal costs in the event of a lawsuit arising from your business’s actions or inaction. For example, it covers bodily injury lawsuits, property damage arising from employee accidents, and defense costs if you are sued. General liability insurance is essential for many types of businesses. For example, many landlords require it for small business owners. In addition, you may need to get public liability insurance to protect your content if you own a website. For example, a web designer may need to defend their content from accidental copyright infringement and libel lawsuits.

In addition to protecting your business from litigation costs, a general liability insurance policy covers expenses related to a lawsuit arising from advertising injuries and third-party injury claims. It pays for court-awarded damages, settlements, and medical costs for individuals or businesses that have been injured or damaged in the course of conducting business. Moreover, a general liability insurance policy will cover libel lawsuits if an employee makes false claims about a competitor.

It helps pay for injured parties’ medical expenses.

Bodily injury liability insurance pays for damages caused by your vehicle on the property of another person or driver. It can cover medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages for people injured in an accident. In addition, bodily injury liability insurance pays for emergency medical care, hospital bills, follow-up doctor visits, and related expenses. You may also be able to claim compensation for medical equipment, including wheelchairs.

In addition to paying for injured parties’ medical costs, general liability insurance may also cover written communications that cause harm. This can include libel, slander, malicious mischief, and copyright infringement. For example, a small business retailer may suffer a decrease in business after a competitor starts a rumor about his business. As a result, the business owner can file a lawsuit against the competitor for the rumor to cover the cost of lost advertising and personal injuries.

The money paid by general liability insurance covers the injured party’s legal expenses and medical bills in a lawsuit. It can also cover damage to third-party property, such as a broken window.

The Rise of Inflation in the U.S.

The Rise of Inflation in the U.S.

The Rise of Inflation in the US

Jonathan Osler San Francisco consulting and education expert as well as an expert in issues concerning philanthropy is highly concerned about the rate of inflation in his native San Francisco, but the nation as a whole.

He notes that the rapid rise of inflation affects nearly every aspect of the economy, but in particular, those with who are on the lower end of the economic spectrum.

When did inflation begin to get out of control?

Just over a year ago, the Fed was predicting that the rate of inflation for 2022 would be around 1.8 percent overall, and as the COVID epidemic seemed to be reasonably under control, nobody was really worried about economic inflation.

Yet, it didn’t turn out that way.

Back in February of 2021, the rate of inflation was at a mere 1.7 percent. And then it began to rapidly turn bad.

By March, inflation had climbed to 2.6 percent, and then in April, inflation jumped all the way to 4.2 percent. Then in May, inflation got worse, climbing to 4.9 percent.

By the time October and November rolled around, inflation had climbed to a staggering 6.8 percent, and by the end of December inflation had climbed up to 7 percent.

What went wrong?

One thing seems to be very clear. The Fed vastly underestimated the availability of goods in the supply chain as a result of COVID.

The economy took a nosedive from COVID in general when people were forced to work from home and also hunker down and essentially go nowhere.

However, as vaccines took effect and consumer demand began to spike, the supply chain, in particular the supply chain from overseas, could not be suddenly turned back on to pre-COVID days.

And the Fed also could not have anticipated the rather draconian policies in China in particular, that are locking down whole cities in an effort to control the COVID virus, even if there are just a few COVID cases.

As China alone exports over 14.7 percent of the world’s supply of exports, this means that just because people and businesses have a penchant for buying things, it means that there is a rather drastic supply chain crunch, one that the New York Times confidently asserts, will not return to normal until at least 2023.

According to Maersk, the worldwide leader in overseas shipping, the supply chain crisis will be be back to normal in a few months, but the New York Times says that is vastly


Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is affecting countries in terms of both fuel and food supplies, and as this war is likely to continue for several months, it can’t help affect the overall economy and the rate of inflation.

The Fed predicts that through 2022, the rate of inflation will be roughly 4.3 percent.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco hopes that works out to be the worst of inflation, because Americans (as well as Europeans) cannot live with inflation rates of 7.5 percent and higher.

And in particular, inflation is really impactful for the poor, and the economically disenfranchised.

What is a Mommy Makeover? Dr. Jejurikar Talks Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in a new Podcast

What is a Mommy Makeover? Dr. Jejurikar Talks Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in a new Podcast

Mommy makeover is a term heard and used often but not defined. According to top plastic surgeon Dr. Jejurikar, the effects of pregnancy can be highly unpredictable and the physical impacts on new mothers are never the same.

In his podcast, Dr. Jejurikar discusses when the needs for a mommy makeover become more prevalent, usually after the second or third child. He then defines a mommy makeover is a procedure that includes a breast enhancement procedure, like augmentation or reduction, and one other post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedure.

The most common plastic surgery options post-pregnancy are described below to understand what a mommy makeover entails.

Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Reduction

A pregnancy can result in sagging, reduced volume, or decreased volume of the breasts. While pregnancy outcomes on the breasts are unpredictable, the procedures to correct undesirable effects produce excellent results.

Breast augmentation restores lost volume and fullness to the breasts. Implants can be either silicone gels or saline, each offering its advantages.

A breast lift (termed mastopexy) is a procedure performed to correct sagging breasts that have resulted from pregnancy. Returning the breasts to a more youthful position can be accomplished with or without the placement of breast implants.

When pregnancy has left the breasts more prominent than a patient finds desirable, a breast reduction is an answer. Removing extra fat and tissue returns breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape and size.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy can leave behind excess skin or torn abdominals that diet and exercise are not enough to correct and return to their pre-pregnancy shape. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the only way to correct the problem. The procedure will flatten and reshape the abdomen and waist by removing the post-pregnancy excess skin and tightening the muscles. 


Pregnancy can result in exercise and diet-resistant fat in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, or thighs. Such fat accumulation can commonly be found in more than one of those areas. Liposuction can sculpt any affected area by removing the undesirable fat and returning that body area to its pre-pregnancy state.

Buttocks augmentation

Pregnancy can impact the shape of the buttocks, leaving them with less volume or shape. A buttock augmentation, or gluteal augmentation, improves the size and shape of the buttocks using implants, fat grafting, or a combination of both.

The surgery results can be the increased fullness and projection of the buttocks and return your figure to its pre-pregnancy state.

Dr. Jejuirkar and His Mommy Makeover Procedure

While these would be considered the most common mommy makeover procedures, other procedures such as an arm lift, thigh lift, or vaginal rejuvenation can also be part of the makeover. In his podcast, Dr. Jejurikar goes in-depth about the individual procedures that comprise a mommy makeover to inform women who are both post-pregnancy or considering pregnancy. Dr. Jejurikar’s foremost goal as a top plastic surgeon is for patients to know their options and the excellent results a mommy makeover can produce.