What is a Mommy Makeover? Dr. Jejurikar Talks Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in a new Podcast

What is a Mommy Makeover? Dr. Jejurikar Talks Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery in a new Podcast

Mommy makeover is a term heard and used often but not defined. According to top plastic surgeon Dr. Jejurikar, the effects of pregnancy can be highly unpredictable and the physical impacts on new mothers are never the same.

In his podcast, Dr. Jejurikar discusses when the needs for a mommy makeover become more prevalent, usually after the second or third child. He then defines a mommy makeover is a procedure that includes a breast enhancement procedure, like augmentation or reduction, and one other post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedure.

The most common plastic surgery options post-pregnancy are described below to understand what a mommy makeover entails.

Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Reduction

A pregnancy can result in sagging, reduced volume, or decreased volume of the breasts. While pregnancy outcomes on the breasts are unpredictable, the procedures to correct undesirable effects produce excellent results.

Breast augmentation restores lost volume and fullness to the breasts. Implants can be either silicone gels or saline, each offering its advantages.

A breast lift (termed mastopexy) is a procedure performed to correct sagging breasts that have resulted from pregnancy. Returning the breasts to a more youthful position can be accomplished with or without the placement of breast implants.

When pregnancy has left the breasts more prominent than a patient finds desirable, a breast reduction is an answer. Removing extra fat and tissue returns breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape and size.

Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy can leave behind excess skin or torn abdominals that diet and exercise are not enough to correct and return to their pre-pregnancy shape. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the only way to correct the problem. The procedure will flatten and reshape the abdomen and waist by removing the post-pregnancy excess skin and tightening the muscles. 


Pregnancy can result in exercise and diet-resistant fat in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, or thighs. Such fat accumulation can commonly be found in more than one of those areas. Liposuction can sculpt any affected area by removing the undesirable fat and returning that body area to its pre-pregnancy state.

Buttocks augmentation

Pregnancy can impact the shape of the buttocks, leaving them with less volume or shape. A buttock augmentation, or gluteal augmentation, improves the size and shape of the buttocks using implants, fat grafting, or a combination of both.

The surgery results can be the increased fullness and projection of the buttocks and return your figure to its pre-pregnancy state.

Dr. Jejuirkar and His Mommy Makeover Procedure

While these would be considered the most common mommy makeover procedures, other procedures such as an arm lift, thigh lift, or vaginal rejuvenation can also be part of the makeover. In his podcast, Dr. Jejurikar goes in-depth about the individual procedures that comprise a mommy makeover to inform women who are both post-pregnancy or considering pregnancy. Dr. Jejurikar’s foremost goal as a top plastic surgeon is for patients to know their options and the excellent results a mommy makeover can produce.

Changes in International Trade

Changes in International Trade

Changes in International Trade

Trade is one of the most important aspects of international trade. It allows countries to do business together, and it’s a mainstay of global economies. With that said, there are now changes in international trade. Here are some changes according to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg;

 1. Globalization

Globalization has many advantages for all countries and causes problems for some of them. For example, if a company doesn’t have sales or distribution channels outside their own country then they might not be able to access markets if those countries don’t want what you are selling. The internet makes this problem easier to solve because you can sell things directly to people in other places. Another issue with globalization is that when companies use cheaper manufacturing partners, they can produce products at a lower cost than domestic companies, which puts pressure on prices for consumers. This becomes an issue because there aren’t as many jobs available anymore so people have less money to spend.

2. New information technology

The second change in international trade comes from information technology (IT). Information technology plays a big role in how we live our daily lives. In every part of our society businesses use IT to run their operations, communicate, and interact with their clients. Because of this, IT changes international trade completely. One major aspect of using IT to run your business has fast online services that customers can access anywhere in the world.

3. Changes in transportation

Another huge change in international trade is transportation. When buying things, you usually don’t think about where the items came from, but rather the quality/price ratio. Transportation plays a factor in this because it determines whether the product was shipped well and arrived in good condition.

4. Shifts in consumption

One area that has changed dramatically over the past decade is consumption. This is because people often shop for different stores and brands rather than just one store and brand. Companies that operate in multiple countries face challenges because they sometimes have to compete against local companies that provide similar products in other countries. Other times, they have to compete against multinational corporations

5. Demographic trends

Demographics continue to shape the future of international trade. As developing countries become richer they tend to have larger populations, and therefore demand for certain products tends to rise. As a result, companies look towards exporting to these countries rather than importing from them. They are looking to other countries for exports to increase productivity.

6. National policies

Several national policies affect international trade; subsidies and tariffs. Subsidies help support industries within a country whereas tariffs are taxes imposed on imports. Both are controversial, especially tariffs and often trade wars between nations. Nation’s constantly pass laws to protect their domestic industries, mainly due to subsidies, but tariffs are generally seen as protectionist policies.

Conclusion.In conclusion, according to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, international trade is not all about the numbers, and it’s not always about politics. Either international trade is really interesting because it doesn’t stay the same. There are so many factors at work in the whole process that makes it something very complex.

Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime? Here’s Exactly What to Do

Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime? Here’s Exactly What to Do

Crime has long plagued on humanity. Wether through shootings, or street fights, or any other act of graphic violence for that matter, it’s not unusual to stumble on grizzly videos online. Crime news websites such as Hoodsite and USACRIME which post torture and gore videos are just a harsh reality check of the evil world we live in.

But no matter how gut wrenching or upsetting some of these real death videos might be, there are a few things more harrowing and enraging than a few gruesome clips. And one of those things is being falsely accused of a sex crime. This one lie has the potential to wreck the rest of your life and flip your reputation upside down. So if you’re facing false accusations, you have to act quickly and firmly.

Understand the Severity of the Allegations

When someone is accused of a crime that they did not commit, the first reaction is usually one of confusion and anger. Then, as those initial emotions die down, there’s typically a moment of relief where people think to themselves, “I didn’t do it, so there’s no way they’ll actually find me guilty. I’ll just let the process unfold and the truth will come out. Innocent until proven guilty, right?”

Here’s the thing: Sometimes that works, but oftentimes it doesn’t. Just because you’re innocent, doesn’t mean the truth will always come out. The old adage of innocent until proven guilty rarely seems to apply in sex crime cases. The mere mention of a sex crime allegation seems to cloud the public opinion (and may even filter into a courtroom where the jury sits).

Let’s be clear about one thing: Allegations of sexual abuse or sexual assault (or anything in between) are extremely serious and can’t be ignored or downplayed. The consequences for your crime will depend on the severity and the jurisdiction you’re in.

However, in many states, even a third-degree sexual offense can carry as much as 10 years in prison. You have to treat the allegations/charges against you with the seriousness that they deserve and be extremely proactive.

Select the Right Attorney for Your Case

How can you be proactive in your defense against these ridiculous allegations? Don’t run to social media and post a 10-minute video proclaiming your innocence. And certainly don’t drive to the accuser’s house and have a “clear the air” meeting. Both of these things will hurt far more than help.

The best thing you can do is hire a sex crimes defense attorney. You don’t want just any attorney. You need someone who is experienced in defending cases just like yours. Your reputation and freedom are on the line. Hire the person who can prove your innocence and help you move on with your life.

Build an Arsenal of Evidence

Cases of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or rape can be long and drawn out. These things don’t get resolved overnight, nor will they be settled in a few weeks. In all likelihood, you’re looking at a battle that will take months or years to resolve. The sooner you can build up an arsenal of evidence to support your innocence, the better the outcome will be for you.

No evidence is too silly to record. Text messages, phone logs, surveillance tapes, witness statements, character references, clothing, physical belongings – keep track of anything and everything you possibly can. (Better yet, let your attorney know so that they can go through the proper process of documenting this evidence.)

As you’re building your arsenal of evidence, you should also start compiling a war chest. A long and drawn-out case can be expensive. Good attorneys aren’t cheap and you’ll need to be prepared to pay accordingly. Speak with your lawyer about their fees and the payment schedule. If necessary, look into legal defense financing options.

Remain Silent and Keep Your Emotions in Check

Sitting still while people slander your good name in the media and your community is one of the most difficult things you can do. You’ll feel angry and frustrated. You might even feel like you’re being weak and passive. But the truth is that remaining silent is the best thing you can do. Lashing out or saying too much will only hurt your case. Let your attorney steer the ship and determine action.

On a related note, it’s imperative that you keep your emotions in check. Anger, frustration, and resentment are normal things to feel in a situation such as this. It’s for this reason that you should get off social media and only communicate with people who are supportive of you.

Patiently Wait for the Truth to Surface

If you do a good job of staying calm and proactively handing your defense off to your attorney, you should be able to prove your innocence and move on with your life. The key is to act swiftly and work with a good attorney who knows how to find flaws in false allegations.

Patience might not be the most exciting virtue, but it’s certainly one of the most important in a situation like this.

Capitalism for the Long Term

Capitalism for the Long Term

Capitalism for the Long Term

According to educator Jonathan Osler, capitalism is an economic system where private individuals can own and control the productive forces of society, such as land, factories, or tools. It sets out the rules by which social production is carried out and determines how much is produced and divided up. In capitalist societies, private property is an instrument of wealth creation and a commodity that can be bought, sold, and traded. There’s no doubt about the capitalist system’s advantages for consumers: it has given us mass-produced goods at low prices. But what does capitalism look like in the long term?

What Capitalism Looks Like in the Long Term

According to the educator, capitalism creates a society of conflict and dysfunction in the long term. In the short term, it provides cheap goods, but in the long term, it destroys individuality and leaves us with a society ruled by social classes. Capitalism is a system that ultimately only benefits those with capital, to begin with. For example, if you have money to invest in making more money, you can become very wealthy. But this economic system doesn’t provide prosperity for everyone else.

In capitalist societies, individuals tend to be consumed with accumulating wealth rather than creating it. They will spend as much time working on their businesses as possible to maximize profits and minimize costs. This creates a society where people are constantly trying to outdo one another. When those at the top of the socioeconomic ladder start making more and more money year after year, those at the bottom start feeling less and less fortunate about their lot in life.

The Long-Term Benefits of Capitalism

In the long term, Jonathan Osler believes that capitalism does many great things for society. It has given us mass-produced goods at low prices and has led to economic growth. The capitalist system is also responsible for improvements in efficiency and technology. The downside of this system is that corporations have accumulated too much power, which impacts the well-being of workers and consumers. As capitalists become more powerful, they can take away people’s rights by limiting their access to resources and limiting their freedom of expression. This leads to a system that’s not so beneficial for society in the long term.

The Long-Term Costs of Capitalism

In the long term, capitalism makes people more dependent on the market. If a price goes up, so does the cost of production. This means capitalists must produce more goods than consumers can afford to meet demand. The result? Overproduction and stockpiling of goods. As mass-produced goods become scarce, people’s attention shifts to other products such as luxury items or drugs in limited supply.

Capitalism has an inherent tendency toward monopoly and surplus-value. It generates a huge disparity between those with capital (the capitalists) and those who don’t (those who work for wages). This doesn’t just cause inequality. It also leads to systemic political problems like authoritarianism and totalitarianism. In addition, corporations have no loyalty to their customer base because they’re not directly accountable to them.

What’s Happening at Cowbell Brewing?

What’s Happening at Cowbell Brewing?

Located in beautiful Huron County, Ontario, Cowbell Brewing is one of the fastest-growing sustainable breweries in all of Canada. But whether you’re trying to book a destination wedding reception or just stop by for a pint, you’d probably like to know a little bit more.

Broadly speaking, we offer four different things. First, we produce high-quality, sustainable craft beers and hard seltzers. Second, we operate a full-service restaurant and brewpub, with family-friendly seating both indoors and out. Third, we offer guided tours of our facilities, with tickets available in advance. Finally, we have several spaces available to rent, in different sizes.

Here’s a closer look at each!

Craft Beer and Hard Seltzers

Cowbell Brewery wouldn’t be much of a brewery if we didn’t make any beers. We specialize in zesty craft beers and citrusy IPAs, but we also make some hoppy red ales if you prefer a darker brew. Most of our beers come in a four or a six-pack, but some of our more popular options are also available in cases.

In addition to beers, Cowbell Brewery brews several other alcoholic beverages for those of us who like a fruitier pint. First off, we make a handful of hard ciders, which are perfect for autumn. Second, we have a growing line of hard seltzers, which come in various fruit flavors. These are a great way to cool off in the summer.

A Full-Service Restaurant

If you’re coming in for a pint, why not stick around for a meal? Our full-service restaurant serves pizza, wings, fries, and all kinds of pub foods, with beef and vegan burgers and steaks that are to die for.

Our family-friendly restaurant has several seating options available. To begin with, there’s a gorgeous indoor dining room, with its cozy atmosphere and wood-paneled walls. On a nice day, you can enjoy the outdoor patio, with its view of the Cowbell grounds. There’s also an outdoor beer garden and food truck, which is open only in the summer months.

Guided Tours

If you or a loved one loves craft beers, you can sign up for a guided tour. Our expert storytellers will show you around the farm and the brewery, and tell you everything you wanted to know about the beer, as well as our conservation efforts. The standard tour costs $10, and tickets are available in advance. You can also sign up for the $15 tour, which includes a pint of Shindig.

Event Spaces

If you want to host a wedding or another major event, we have three different spaces available for reservation. Our cellar room has space for 70 people, with seating among the storage tanks. The main hall has room for 80, with AV equipment and space for a dance floor. For smaller gatherings, our cozy loft has seating for 24, with full menu service and its own private bar. Remember, the further in advance you book, the easier it will be to get the date of your choice!

Sexpert Kim Anami Says Men Need Sexual Healing, Too

Sexpert Kim Anami Says Men Need Sexual Healing, Too

What’s the secret to a woman feeling well-f****d? Holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami thinks it has a lot to do with her partner. Few men are masters of their sexuality without a little work, which is why Kim Anami has created a course to help. 

Blockages can be different for different genders 

Sexual healing can be a process for both men and women, especially for people who’ve had traumatic sexual experiences in their past or have other blockages that are stopping them from fully stepping into their sexual energy. Men and women share certain blocks, but they also experience blocks unique to their gender. For example, Anami says sexual abuse in women often shows up as inverted sexual behavior, such as low libido and disinterest in sex. In men, abuse often leads to the reverse reaction of highly sexualized behavior. 

Other traumas — like circumcision — are specific to men and are something Anami says can have a huge impact on the male psyche. She says if men don’t learn how to process these blockages, they can be sexually handicapped for life. They can experience premature ejaculation, impotency, low libido, porn addiction, and emotional numbness, among other issues. “There’s this massive suppression of their natural instinct power because of all these things,” Anami explains.  

Healing through sexual mastery 

Although Western medicine doesn’t always make the connection between physical ailments and their psychological counterparts, Anami believes addressing them is the first step to sexual healing. Committing to addressing blockages is the first step in the process. Anami’s Sexual Mastery for Men course encourages men to embrace their own sexuality and the power of their penis. The online salon includes tips for men to arouse their partners orally and get bigger erections, along with other sexual skills, like mastering the art of seduction. 

In a culture that separates sex from life, Anami notes it’s no surprise that people dissociate from their sexual organs. She wants men to get in touch with their bodies, starting with practices like testicle massages, which she says can boost testosterone production and enliven the testicles. When men start to get more deeply in touch with themselves through these rituals, Anami says they will feel changes in other areas as well. “It will uplift and send creative energy into every single thing that you do.”

What does a well-f****d man look like? 

Like with women, the physical manifestations of men in tune with their sexual energy are numerous. Anami says men who inhabit their full sexual potential will also radiate that energy beyond the bedroom. Men who’ve reached this point experience stronger connections with their partners. They may also experience physical changes, like greater stamina and more control over the timing of their orgasms. Patience, compassion, and support are all qualities that well-f****d individuals can exude. For Anami, these are all positive manifestations of sexual mastery. “We can actually consciously take this energy and utilize it to manifest things in our daily lives,” she says. 

How to Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher

How to Dispose of a Fire Extinguisher

Some materials can be disposed of easily. Others, however, require more specific waste management procedures to ensure they’re disposed of safely. This can include materials that are toxic (or that contained toxic materials), pressurized, or can otherwise harm the environment.

When a fire extinguisher is empty, it needs to be disposed of properly. When doing this, make sure you dispose of the fire extinguisher in the proper way by following these steps:

1. Disconnect The Hose From The Fire Extinguisher

After you have emptied your fire extinguisher, there should be a hose attached to the top of the cylinder that holds pressure for use. This hose is connected to another hose on the side that helps keep pressure inside the container when engaged. Be sure to disconnect both hoses from their respective connectors after removing any caps or locks securing them into place, and set them aside for disposal. You can dispose of these hoses with regular waste management procedures since they are non-hazardous materials (unless there is still pressurized gas in the extinguisher, in which case you should dispose of them as hazardous waste).

2. Remove The Discharge Nozzle

The discharge nozzle is the small, pointed end of the fire extinguisher that was used to expel the pressurized gas and extinguish flames. Carefully remove it from the top of the container by unscrewing it counter-clockwise. There is usually a seal around the nozzle that will come off with it, so be careful not to lose it. The discharge nozzle can be discarded normally.

3. Release Any Remaining Pressure In The Cylinder

Before disposing of your fire extinguisher, release any remaining pressure inside the cylinder. Do this by firmly pressing and holding the push-button on the top valve for two minutes. This will relieve all pressure inside of the cylinder, allowing it to be disposed of easily without any additional steps.

4. Dispose Of The Fire Extinguisher

Once your fire extinguisher has been drained of all pressure, you are ready to dispose of it. There are hazardous waste disposal procedures in place if there is still pressurized gas left in the container, so do not dispose of it with regular garbage pickup. If there was no residual pressure or anything hazardous inside, dispose of it through regular waste management procedures according to local laws and regulations.

Keeping your community safe is everyone’s responsibility, and properly disposing of a fire extinguisher is one way to do your part. Be sure to follow the steps above when your extinguisher is emptied so that you dispose of it in the safest way possible. For more information on waste management and how to dispose of hazardous materials, contact your local waste management department or visit their website.

Robert Kraft Weighs in on Antisemitism Billboards in Boston

Robert Kraft Weighs in on Antisemitism Billboards in Boston

In response to an increase in violence against members of the Jewish faith, billboards are going up all over, starting in the greater Boston area. The messages emblazoned against the sky are meant to bring awareness to the issue and urge people to come together in overcoming Jew hate. And they’re working. Notably, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, has taken notice as the billboards align with his family’s fight against every type of hatred affecting the country. 

Bright Pink with a Vivid Message to Match

In an effort to make a bold statement that cannot be ignored, billboard creator, Archie Gottesman, backed the antisemitism signs in ultra-bright pink. Over that, she added compelling messages challenging people to recognize Jew hate and rally against it.

With statements like, “Does your church need security cameras? ‘Cause our synagogue does,” these sky-high ads are impossible to ignore. They’re also heading off criticism and keeping people from brushing off the problem by reminding them that it’s only been “75 years since the gas chambers.”

Once viewers absorb the messaging, they’re welcomed to learn more and take action by visiting Gottesman’s website, JewBelong. On that site, visitors can learn all about the Jewish faith and get involved in ending Jew hate. 

The Need for Antisemitism Messaging in Boston

Although antisemitism occurs all over the country, the recent attack on a rabbi in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston sheds light on the prompt need for a solution. Since the attack happened in broad daylight, it highlighted how crimes against Jewish people have escalated across Massachusetts and beyond.

As that attack rocked the community, members of the Jewish community started talking about how they do not feel safe in their neighborhoods. In the last few years, antisemitism rhetoric has ramped up considerably, after all, leaving many wary as they go about their daily lives.  

Robert Kraft Weighs in on the Importance of the Billboards

Immediately upon seeing the antisemitism billboards go up across the city, Robert Kraft felt a connection to Gottesman’s cause. His organization, Kraft Family Philanthropies, already focuses on helping reduce hate in Boston and all over the nation, so the messaging aligns with his efforts.

As president of their family organization, Robert Kraft’s son, Josh, spoke out in support of the messaging by stating that the hate comes from all sides these days. He went on to emphasize the need for the conversations to start in all households and businesses around town. Whether people are Jewish or not, they need awareness of the problem, so they can help stop it.

A Chance to Open Up the Conversation About Antisemitism Nationwide

With awareness comes the ability to share solutions and shut down Jew hate wherever it pops up. The billboards in Boston are just the start of spreading awareness through major cities all across the United States. At the same time as the Massachusetts rollout, billboards landed in New York as well.

Soon enough, they’ll pop up in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and many other heavily populated areas. As that happens, the hope is that people will address antisemitism and help decrease violence against the Jewish community.

Even with the billboards in just two cities at this time, word is already starting to spread nationwide. People from all over can visit the JewBelong website to learn more about the faith and promote Jewish acceptance in their social circles. Bit by bit, these efforts will undoubtedly help unwind the Jew hate plaguing the nation and help ensure that people of all walks of life can be accepted for who they are.

Create a Successful Product Launch With the Help of a Corporate Event Planner

Create a Successful Product Launch With the Help of a Corporate Event Planner

A key part of releasing and marketing a new product is to ensure you pull off a perfect product launch. By hiring qualified and experienced corporate event planners to handle a product launch, companies can generate buzz, reduce their stress, and see a higher level of success with a product that’s going to add value to the world. Vast amounts of work go into launching a new product, and if the launch is not a success, it can set the wrong tone and story for the newly launched product.

The good news is that when looking for corporate event planners, NYC has options. For example, Twenty Three Layers is a NYC-based event planning company that has planned many corporate events. Those events include product launches for some of the world’s biggest companies. By working with those large companies, 23 Layers learned how to market the products of companies big and small. The different types of products that could come to market were also represented, adding value to the company’s offerings.

Here are three ways a corporate event planner can help with a product launch.

1. Find the perfect theme

To plan a successful product launch, companies need a theme. That’s where event planners come in. They can work with the company to find a theme that’s fitting, and that will spark interest in the target market for that product. Understanding the goal of the event is also vital because a company needs focus when launching a new product. Corporate event planners in NYC can help any company find the right way to address their audience when they want to launch a new product.

2. Build buzz and interest

When working with corporate event planners in NYC, companies also need to make sure their product launch event is both relevant and inspirational. Leaving guests of the product launch event wanting more helps to ensure that they will be back to purchase from the company again. Those guests also create a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. In the social media age, that can quickly spread and cause a buzz around the launch of the product which can help propel sales beyond company expectations.

3. A relevant venue ties it all together

The venue chosen for the product launch is just as important as the theme. Companies that use NYC corporate event planners have a venue scout on their side, who can help them choose a venue that’s relevant, that will hold the required number of people, and that fits the theme of the launch in a way that works for the audience and the mood the company wants to create. Not every venue will be right for a company’s launch of their new product, even if it’s the right size or a beautiful location.

By working with an event planner like Twenty Three Layers, a company can see the hype start building around their product even before the official launch date. The goal is to create a lot of demand for the product. When it launches, it will already have dedicated customers who will purchase it right away. With the right event planning, a product launch will lead to long-term success.

4 Reasons to Try a Bridal Gown Style You Wouldn’t Expect

4 Reasons to Try a Bridal Gown Style You Wouldn’t Expect

Your wedding is the ideal time to experiment with your style. You’ll want to wear something that’s different from your usual style. It may seem like an obvious idea but most brides shy away from it. The great thing about trying something new is that you can always change your mind. Here are some reasons why you should consider a new look.

1- Knowing What Looks Good on You

Trying on different wedding dresses gives an idea of what looks good on you. Most women have an idea of what wedding dress they want. However, they don’t really know if it suits them unless they try it on.

What may surprise you is that you end up liking something else. Plus, not everyone was born with a keen sense of style. You may have to try on many dresses until you find the one! It’s also helpful to know what styles to avoid.

2- Experimenting with Different Looks

Fashion should be fun. With that being said, you should try looks you normally wouldn’t. Even if you don’t fall in love with it, it’ll give you the confidence you need to take more fashion risks.

It’s best to try something new months ahead of your big day. For example, you shouldn’t try a new hairstyle or makeup trick on the day of. You could end up with a fashion blunder. The same goes for whichever wedding dress you decide on.

You want to make sure that it fits you. This requires several alterations leading up to the day. At first, you may feel self-conscious about trying new looks. In the end, you’ll feel like a whole new woman. You may end up with a new style that you didn’t realize you loved before.

3- Wearing Something Flattering

Most women are restricted by age when it comes to wedding dresses. Most assume that experimenting with fashion is only reserved for younger brides. Experimenting with different wedding dresses can also be helpful when you are older.

Older brides already know what looks good on them. They also stay away from sexy silhouettes and bold styles that could make them look silly. You’ll end up with an age-appropriate wedding gown that flatters your body shape.

4- Affordable Way to Do Something Unexpected

It’s an inexpensive way to try to change things up. When you feel bored trying on wedding dresses, you feel like there’s nothing out there for you. This can cause you to spend more money on something that you don’t like.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to try a new look. If you’re unsure about a certain style or trend, try the less expensive one first. If you end up loving it, invest in the designer version. You can also do something unexpected like a jumpsuit or a two-piece wedding look.


The goal is to find a wedding gown that’s uniquely yours. Make the most of wedding dress shopping by wearing something different and experimenting with style. You find the right guy, now it’s time to find the right dress. You may never know what you’ll find until you try.