What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

Ultrasound technology has been around since the 1940s. And it has started to gain prevalence in recent decades for therapeutic use by physiotherapists.

More research is needed for ultrasound therapy when it comes to treating specific injuries. However, it is considered a safe and effective treatment for some forms of pain relief and tissue repair.  

So what exactly is ultrasound therapy? And is it right for your physiotherapy rehab clinic? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Ultrasound Therapy?

Commonly used in physiotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound is a type of treatment that uses sound waves and deep heating techniques to penetrate the skin’s soft tissue.

Areas of soft tissue most commonly treated by ultrasound therapy are tendons, muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

The treatment is intended to offer pain relief. And to expedite the healing process of damaged tissue. Ultrasound therapy is administered using a transducer head, also known as a sound head or a probe.

The probe is placed directly on the skin of the affected area. It then works in tandem with a transmission coupling gel. The gel is applied either to the head of the probe or directly to the skin.

The gel’s purpose is to control and moderate the sound waves. This ensures even distribution and penetration into the skin. Once the gel is applied, the therapist will slowly circle the probe around a small area, penetrating the skin to various degrees.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a pain-free procedure. Patients might feel a mild vibration or warm sensation during treatment. This is due to the coupling gel. Patients should not feel any type of pain whatsoever during the course of treatment. 

Make sure to do your research and review previous patient testimonials before agreeing to work with any physiotherapist. For those interested in a career in ultrasound therapy, visit the Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute.

How Does It Work?

Inside the ultrasound probe is a small, vibrating crystal. The vibration is initiated by an electrical charge, which produces piezoelectric waves.

These waves are then transmitted as ultrasound waves, which increase blood flow in the area of treatment. The hypothesized benefits of ultrasound therapy are linked to these vibrating ultrasound waves. 

Ultrasound therapy is used to promote tissue healing rates, local blood flow, breakdown of scar tissue, and tissue relaxation. 

Types of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is generally used to produce one of two desired effects. Depending on the type of injury being treated, physiotherapists will either administer deep heating or non-thermal treatment. 

Deep heating treatment works by raising the temperature of the soft tissue, which can reduce pain. It also improves blood flow, circulation, and elasticity of muscles. Which some studies have linked to expedited healing.  

This effect is achieved using thermal ultrasound therapy, which is administered by applying continuous sound waves to the affected area. 

Non-thermal treatment, also known as cavitation, works by transmitting energy in the body which produces tiny gas bubbles. This causes soft tissue to expand and contract, which is thought to aid in the recovery of damaged tissue. 

This is achieved by applying the sound waves to the skin in sporadic pulses rather than continuous contact. 

Which Type of Treatment Is Best?

Both deep heating (thermal) and non-thermal (mechanical) treatments are safe and are thought to be effective in treating different types of injuries.

People who suffer from myofascial pain or an unhealed muscle strain or sprain are likely to benefit most from deep heating ultrasound treatment.

Whereas people who suffer from injuries due to swelling or scarring are presumed to benefit more from non-thermal treatment. 

These differences are due to the way the sound waves penetrate the skin. Continuous penetration as seen in thermal treatments are more likely to reduce pain by improving circulation, which can positively impact unhealed strains. 

Pulsing treatment as found in mechanical (non-thermal) treatments are more effective at causing the tissue to expand and contract which can be more beneficial to reduce swelling and promote healing of scar tissue. 

Types of Injuries Treated 

Ultrasound therapy primarily treats injuries related to the body’s soft tissue. People suffering from back and neck pain, ligament tears and muscle sprains can potentially benefit.

Specifically, people with injuries and ailments like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, muscle strains, tendon tears, ligament injuries, and joint contractures might be able to find reprieve with ultrasound therapy. 

What Not to Treat

This type of treatment is only meant for orthopedic injuries, and should never be used over open wounds or lesions, around the eyes or sexual organs. 

Therapeutic ultrasound should never be used on parts of the body with metal implants such as knee or hip replacements, or near a pacemaker. It should also never be used over fractured bones or metastatic lesions. 

Supporting Research

Though ultrasound therapy is a common and safe physiotherapy treatment, research is limited as to its long-term effectiveness in treating chronic pain. 

Studies have found that therapeutic ultrasound can demonstrate positive results in decreasing swelling and promoting blood flow, and some patients have reported experiencing reduced pain after receiving treatment. 

Some experts believe that the sound waves emitted by ultrasound therapy are effective in improving tissue elasticity and circulation, which can in some cases result in improved mobility and decreased pain. 

A contrary belief is that the benefits of ultrasound therapy are largely contributed to the placebo effect. However, if those suffering from long term pain experience benefits from this type of therapy, there is no reason not to try it. 

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that more research is needed to prove any long-term effects of ultrasound therapy.

However, the proven effects of ultrasound therapy are increased blood flow, circulation and muscle relaxation. This, in some cases, can be linked to pain relief and faster muscle healing rates. 

Studies are inconclusive to the effectiveness of treating certain chronic pain conditions with therapeutic ultrasound, but some patients have experienced positive results after receiving the treatment. 

Regardless of the lack of research, both thermal and mechanical therapeutic ultrasound treatments are safe and common practices that have helped some patients achieve relief for injuries relating to soft tissue damage. 

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

The utterance of words like cockroaches, fleas, rats, bedbugs, and ants causes fear in some people. If you’re in this group, then you need information on the pest control methods.

Pests pose a serious threat to human beings and other living organisms. For example, cockroaches carry disease-causing allergens, and rats contaminate and destroy food across the world that could feed 200 million people every year.

There are numerous kinds of pests like; rats, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, squirrels, and fungus. Any living organism that hurts people, the surroundings, food supplies, and stock is considered a pest.

Below are the 7 common pest control methods that you need to know:

1. Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of pests, their lifestyle, and potential threats is crucial in determining the pest control strategy. Mistakes in identifying pests are costly as they lead to wastages of time, effort, and money.

You should also learn about the breeding grounds of the specific pests. Jordan Larson from CustomBedBug.com says that an effective way to get rid of bedbugs is to kill them with a heat treatment, which includes heating your home to between 130 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It will prevent them from growing and eliminate them.

It takes a lot to gain effective knowledge of pests, and some people are not courageous enough to deal with pests. If you’re not able to deal with all these, then you need help from professional pest control companies.

2. Proper Hygiene

Dirty surroundings attract the majority of the pests. So, the best method of preventing the growth and reproduction of pests is by practicing good hygiene at home and also in the office.

Always ensure that you clean the table and kitchen after every meal — secure leftover food and residue in wraps before throwing them in the trash bin. The communal trash should be properly disposed of or recycled.

You should also wash all the dishes and keep the stove, cupboard, and floor clean and dry. Clear all weeds in your garden and drain all holes.

You should also store your food correctly in lid fitted containers. Proper storage of food prevents rodents such as rats from destroying it. It also preserves the food preventing it from decaying and becoming a breeding ground for other pests.

3. Chemical Methods

There are numerous pesticides effective in killing pesticides at home, stores, farms, offices, and other places. But, pesticides contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate the air, food, land, and water.

Pesticides reduce the quality of air leading, thus leading to respiratory diseases. Pesticides sip into the ground damaging the soil and aquifers. Rainwater water also washes the pesticides into water bodies such as rivers and lakes damaging aquatic life.

They kill pests through the oral, respiratory, and dermal entry. They are available in solid, liquid, or spray form. Pesticides are also grouped based on the pests they kill. Herbicides are for plants, insecticides kill insects, and bactericides kill bacteria.

Pesticides can be dangerous for you. Before using them, make sure that you read the label on them. Wear protective clothing the cover food, drinks, and dishes lying around. If you’re not comfortable handling pesticides, then you need professional pest control services.

4. Biological Methods

Biological pest control methods are commonly used in a greenhouse, but they are also effective outdoors.

Biological methods involve the introduction of natural pests’ enemies into the environment to interfere with their breeding ability or infect them with a deadly disease. Enemies of pests include parasites, pathogens, and predators.

For example, insects are used to feed on the pests’ larvae preventing them from growing further. This method controls pests, and it’s also safe for the environment as compared to pesticides. The Australian native fish is also used to feed on mosquito larvae.

The effectiveness of biological methods depends on the use of the correct enemies of the pests and good conditions. You should also control the natural enemies as they may become an issue after killing the pests.

5. Physical Methods

Physical methods are preferred because they kill only the pests preserving the animals and plants in the surroundings. They involve the use of physical and mechanical tools to capture and destroy pests. These tools include predator traps used to catch pets or baits to kill them.

For example, some people mix baits with biodegradable poison to attract and kill pests. Other examples include; insecticidal soap, oil sprays, and parasitic nematodes.

The main issue with this method is they are not safe for kids. Kids may ingest some of the poisonous kids risking their lives instead of killing the rodents. Make sure that you hide the baits in places where kids cannot reach.

6. Electronic Pest Control Methods

Advances in technology have made it easy to pick up and eliminate pests permanently. The primary electric pest control methods are ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

Ultrasonic produces sound waves to attract and kill pests. Electromagnetic kills insects and rodents by affecting their nervous systems.

Electronic methods kill pests and are not harmful to the environment. They are also best for people with kids. But, they only repel insects and rodents.

7. Professional Services

If you don’t know how to control pests or you don’t’ have the time, then you need the services of a professional. Professional pest control companies have the knowledge, expertise, and tools required to control pests.

They will identify the breeding grounds to kill the young ones and eggs, kill the visible pests, and also eliminate all conditions favoring their existence.

Eliminate Pests Today

There are several methods that you can use to eliminate pests from your home, office, garden, or store. However, each method is suited for specific pests. You need a good understanding of the pests to select the best control method.

Safety first! Before selecting any pest control method, consider the people and other living organisms in the surroundings. Don’t select a method that will put the lives of your kids at risk or harm other living organisms.

Pests are not only unsightly but also harmful. Eliminate pests to avoid the embarrassment and also protect yourself and your kids from diseases.

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6 Unbelievably Easy (And Legit) Ways To Make Instant Money Online

6 Unbelievably Easy (And Legit) Ways To Make Instant Money Online

Are you tired of product tests? Well then, there are many ways to make money without a job. In fact, you can do it comfortably at home or a co-working space in Bali or another exotic location. 

The internet is full of opportunities where you can make your own money. By doing so, you can quit the rat race and become your own boss. Want to know how to make instant money online? 

Here are 6 unbelievable easy and legit ways to make instant money online.

1. Transcribe Audio Files

Get started with Transcribe Me and start transcribing audio files. For new transcribers, you get paid $20 per audio hour. The good news is you can start with no prior transcription experience. 

To get started, take a short test, and if you fail the first time, you can retake the test. After working on a few tasks, request for a payout each day once you earn $1.

2. Become a Delivery Driver or Rider

Want to become your own boss and learn how to make money without a job? Become a delivery driver or rider. Several companies allow you to deliver food and drinks. 

For instance, you have UberEats and Deliveroo. If you already drive for Uber, simply increase your income with UberEats. For each delivery, you can make $20 or more a day.

3. Part-Time Job

Learning how to make money as a student allows you to supplement your student loan. Part-time jobs provide a steady flow of income. Not only that, you gain valuable experience, such as how to manage your money and how to deal with customers. 

A great opportunity to get started is to become a virtual assistant. You can schedule appointments, organize a calendar, and book travel for your new boss.

Learn how to complete paid surveys and make money in your spare time.

4. Try Amazon MTurk 

As a task-based site, you can make fast cash online with Amazon MTurk. There are lots of opportunities to choose from. Once you complete the tasks, you can request a payout once you reach $1. 

The funds will reflect in your account after 48 hours of requesting a payout. In a day, you can make $10. All you have to do is dedicate yourself to completing more tasks.

5. How to Make Instant Money Online With Ibotta 

Ibotta is a mobile app which pays you back for items you have bought at the grocery store. Here is how it works. Before you shop, find offers on great products. 

To do this, complete a few tasks. Shop for the products you selected at any supported retailer and retain your receipt. To redeem your offers, take a photo of your receipt and the system will match it with items bought. 

In exchange, Ibotta will deposit your cash back in your Ibotta account in 48 hours.

6. Redeem With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great reward site. Although you get paid in 10 days or less, it’s a great way to earn instant money online. At the time of writing, Swagbucks had already paid over $353 million to its users. 

Here is how it works. Sign up to Swagbucks, earn points for watching entertaining videos or shopping online. Redeem your points for free gift cards. 

How to Make Money Instantly

Learning how to make instant money online comes in handy in several ways. Not only can you use the cash to pay your bills, but you can use it to settle your debts. Remember, there are more ways to make more money. 

For instance, become a freelancing coder, graphics designer, or digital marketer. You can also rent out your spare bedroom on Airbnb or rent your home for TV and film. 

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Precision Cutting: 7 Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technology

Precision Cutting: 7 Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technology

Waterjet cutting technologies are fast gaining popularity due to their versatility and ease of use. The use of water jet cutting techniques dates back to the 1800s where it was used for hydraulic mining. However, the use of narrow jets didn’t commence until the 1930s.

Over the years this technology has grown to make it even more accurate and eliminate taper continue.

What Is Waterjet Cutting?

This cold cutting technology is used to cut or erode material using supersonic water. Water is pumped through a high-pressure tubing whose pressure can reach up to 100,000 psi. It travels through the tubing to the cutting head where it’s directed to the material you want to cut.

There are two main cutting processes:

i. Pure water cutting- This is typically used to cut soft materials such as plastic, gaskets, foam rubber, etc. This makes it ideal for the paper industry. The typical pressure of these pure water jet cutting technologies is 60,000 psi.

This pressurized water travels through a tube towards a tiny 0.15 mm orifice that is made of sapphire. This ensures that the beam is focused into an accurate stream that travels at supersonic speeds.

ii. Abrasive water technology– It’s similar to pure water jet cutting except that water jet stream is enters into a carbide nozzle after passing through the orifice. The resulting water jet can cut through hard materials such as metal, composite, glass, ceramic, stone, etc. You can get abrasive water jet cutters at Flow waterjet.

What Are the Benefits of Waterjet Cutting Technology?

With water jet cutting, the possibilities are limitless. Regardless of the water cutting method you use, the benefits are similar. These benefits include:

1. Versatility

Water jet cutting technologies can cut almost anything. They can cut composites such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics and other reinforced plastics. These cutting technologies have a wide range of applications from NASA and NASCAR to aerospace components and racecars.

It can even cut metals such as stainless steel, all types of alloys, and hardened tool steel.

The interesting thing about water jet cutting is that doesn’t weaken the integrity of the material you are cutting. You see, heating metal or cutting a material using brute force often weakens the affected zone, which can lead to failure.

This makes water jet cutting ideal for aerospace and food processing industry.

Water jet cutting technology can also cut titanium, which is considerably harder to cut using conventional cutting methods. The use of water jet cutting technologies makes it possible to cut titanium quickly, accurately, and without surface embrittlement or thermal distortion.

Water jet cutting technologies can cut in literally any direction. It retains its accuracy regardless of the direction.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Going green has become the main priority for many manufacturers and industries across the globe. This wave has not spared cutting technologies. However, most of these technologies are often slower than conventional methods except for water jet cutting technologies.

Its precision is like no other and the ease of use is unparalleled.

Most cutting technologies often result in a lot of waste. However, water jet cutting produces less waste.

Unlike other cutting processes such as heating, water jet cutting does not use or produce harmful chemicals. It also does not rely on toxic materials and chemicals to cut through the materials. In addition, water jet cutting technologies often use a closed loop system that ensures no water is wasted.

During the cutting process, water and garnet are recycled until the cutting process is over.

3. Water Jet Cutting Is Fast

Although the speed and accuracy will heavily depend on the material being cut, water jet technologies seem to cut through anything with relative ease. Materials such as rubber that are easier to cut allow for a wide range of speeds depending on the cut quality desired.

For example, there are technologies that can allow traversing up to 3000 linear inches/minute.

When using a 30 horsepower pump, you can cut ½-inch thick titanium at a desirable rate of 7” per minute.

4. Accuracy

The sheer precision and accuracy of water jet technologies are remarkable. However, the level of accuracy will depend on a number of factors such as the controlling ability of your water jet stream or the stability of your cutting table.

Flow water jet cutting technologies will make it possible to achieve the highest level of accuracy with ease.

A typical water jet can handle tolerance ranging from 0.003” to 0.005”.

5. Ease of Use

Water jet cutting technology is surprisingly easy to use compared to cutting technologies such as laser technologies. It can also be used for 3D cutting although it’s not designed to.

It cuts 2D objects with ease. In addition, as long as your set up is stable, the technology will be accurate.

6. Smooth Edges

Due to its precision and accuracy, water jet cutting results in minimal kerfs and smooth surfaces. Water jet employs the use of erosion as opposed to heat or shearing. This produces exceptionally smooth edges without inducing mechanical stress.

7. Efficiency

Precision cutting using water jet is among the most efficient cutting methods. It is power and material-efficient. Not only does it recycle the water it uses but it’s also so accurate that the number of reworks is minimal.

Like earlier mentioned, water jet cutting technologies can cut almost anything. This means you don’t have to change machines when cutting different types of metals.

How Does Waterjet Cutting Compare to Other Cutting Technologies?

Compared to laser cutting technology, waterjet cutting is environmentally friendly and it does not generate heat to cut. Water jet cutting is specific in cutting while laser technology can also engrave. Laser cutting is not compatible with all materials especially if you combine two materials with different melting points.

The cost of using both technologies is somewhat similar. In addition, water jet cutting technologies can cut through thicker materials.

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5 Key Ways You Can Make Money on Instagram in 2019

5 Key Ways You Can Make Money on Instagram in 2019

Unlike any other social media platform, Instagram is disrupting the e-commerce field at an alarming rate. The site hit its 1 billion monthly users in 2018, and the numbers are not slowing down.

A report by the Pew Research Center indicates that the number of adults using the platform has grown by 400 percent since 2012. Today, you can think of the social media site as a business platform rather than a photo sharing site.

But how can you make money on Instagram? Keep reading to find out the top ways you can use to make some quick cash from Instagram today.

1. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has been around even before the inception of Instagram. You first have to sign up with a brand or company before you can market their products or services.

The company issues you with a link that you will use to promote their business. You will receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase or signs up for a service through the link that you use.

This method is only ideal if you have an account with a big audience and no product or service you can sell. Instead of creating a product, you can promote someone ‘else’s and get a commission from it.

2. Becoming an Influencer and Earning from Sponsored Posts

Before you can become an influencer, you need to have a large and interactive Instagram community. Then, you can reach out to businesses and brands to tap into your network and promote their businesses.

An influencer helps businesses reach a broader market through the use of sponsored posts. They use not only Instagram posts but also Instagram stories to drive traffic to the client’s website or social media page.

The top influencers on Instagram make thousands of dollars on one post.

3. Sell Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a good market due to its graphic displays. If you are photogenic, you can make money quickly by selling vector photos, paintings, drawings, and animations from the platform.

All you need to have is good photography and photo editing skills. Then, you can get paid for your work.

4. Selling your Products on Instagram

If you have any physical products, you can increase your sales manifestation by leveraging the Instagram community. Recently, Instagram introduced a ”shopping on ‘Instagram’ feature. It allows you to easily make sales from your Instagram page.

Once visitors click on an image, a tag containing the product name and price appears. There is also a view on the website feature that links back to the product page of your website.

5. Becoming an Instagram Expert

If you are an expert at using social media, you may offer your service as an Instagram expert to businesses that require help. With the number of businesses increasing, there is a need for social media experts that can help with marketing the businesses.

You can start by creating an online profile on freelance job platforms and pitch to companies directly.

An advantage to this method is that you have more flexibility on the amount you charge.

Know How to Make Money on Instagram

There are several opportunities for you to make money on Instagram. Regardless of the route you decide to take, you need to be patient and consistent in what you do. It does not take a day to start earning money on Instagram.

However, the more work and time you put to it, the better your rewards will be. Continue reading our blog for more information on how to conduct business on Instagram.

Shopping Around: How to Choose the Best Pharmacy for Your Needs

Shopping Around: How to Choose the Best Pharmacy for Your Needs

Looking for the best pharmacy for your needs?

Want to make the best choice for you and your family?

Believe it or not, not all pharmacists are created equally. It can be hard to find one that you’ll be comfortable with and that offers you great service consistently over time. Finding a great pharmacy is hard work and it can be hard to tell if a pharmacy is right for you right off the bat.

Fortunately, there are some signs that you can look for early on to determine if a pharmacy is a right choice for your needs.

Below we’ll tell you what you should be looking for when choosing the best pharmacy for your needs.

1. A Great Location

One of the most important things you should look for in a great pharmacy is for it to have a location that is convenient for you. You likely won’t want to have to go all the way across town every time you need to have a prescription filled.

It’s important that you choose a pharmacy that is on your commute or that is by your house or workplace since a pharmacy that is far away can be very inconvenient for you later on. On the other hand, choosing to use an online Pharmacy may be even more convenient for you.

2. They Offer Quick and Accurate Service

While it can be hard to tell before you try a pharmacy for the first time, you should try to choose one that is consistent with what they offer and will always offer quick and accurate service.

Some pharmacies will drag their feet and take forever to fill a prescription while some will get your prescription together in no time at all. It will take some trial and error to find a pharmacy that offers superior service and speed.

Make sure that any pharmacy you choose is reliable and can give you great service. If not, you may want to keep looking for the right pharmacy for you.

3. Always Has Your Medication Ready

If you discover that a pharmacy you go to often doesn’t have the prescription medication you need available you may want to keep going in your search. Prescriptions should always be ready when a pharmacy says they will be and they should usually have the medication you need in stock when you need it.

While sometimes pharmacies will take some time to get your prescription, this shouldn’t happen every time. If they let you down in this aspect, you may want to continue your search elsewhere to find a pharmacy that can more reliably meet your needs.

4. They Take an Active Role

When choosing a pharmacist you should consider their demeanor and attitude as well. Some pharmacists may barely look at you when filling a prescription and won’t be friendly to you. Others will take an active role and will speak to you with a friendly demeanor. They’ll be interested in your needs.

Look for a pharmacist who is friendly and personable and who offers superior customer service. Make sure your pharmacist takes an active role in their job and always wants to give you the best service possible.

5. You Feel Comfortable Asking Questions

In addition to having a friendly demeanor, a pharmacist you go to should also be knowledgable and willing to answer any questions you may have.

A great pharmacist will help you understand your medication directions and will be able to talk to you about your own personal needs. They’ll also know what they’re talking about and will be a wealth of information.

Be sure that the pharmacist you choose is easy to talk to and is extremely knowledgable if you want to have the best experience.

6. They’re Aware of Drug Interactions

Any great pharmacist will also be aware of drug interactions and will keep track of any new reports and updates that come along on common medications. They’ll pay extra attention when filling your prescription to ensure that you’re not taking any medications you shouldn’t be.

A great pharmacist will be aware of drug interactions at all times and will keep it at the top of their minds. Make sure that your pharmacist is well aware of drug interactions when filling prescriptions.

7. They’re the Right Size

It’s also important to consider whether you want to choose to use a big chain pharmacy or a small local pharmacist. Each has its pros and cons but it’s important to choose a size of pharmacy that is great for your personality and individual needs.

Typically a smaller local pharmacy will give you better quality care and more personalized attention. However, a big chain may have more convenient hours and quicker turnaround times. They may also be more likely to have your prescription in stock already.

Be sure to consider your needs carefully and understand the differences in service between a big and small pharmacy before making your final choice. In the end, you may want to choose a mid-size pharmacy that offers the best of both worlds.

Choosing the Best Pharmacy For You

The truth is that it will take some trial and error to find a perfect pharmacist. You’ll probably visit several before you find one that really meets your needs completely.

However, once you find the right pharmacist you should become a loyal customer. By sticking with the right best pharmacy over time, you’ll be able to develop a great relationship that will make your life much easier in the end.

Women Traveling Alone at Higher Risk

Women who travel alone on holiday are at special risk under some circumstances and in some areas. The key for a single female out traveling is always be aware of your surroundings, and if anything, anything at all, appears to be strange or suspicious to leave immediately without bothering to make apologies or give excuses.

That said, there are some common sense rules that apply to all women while traveling — whether on business or pleasure.

First, if you are drinking alone in a bar never leave your drink unattended — bring it with you wherever you go, even into the restroom. This will prevent anyone from dropping any kind of drug into your drink. And of course, say the car wreck injuries attorneys, never drink and drive.

Second, always carry a cell phone conspicuously with you. Even if it doesn’t work, just displaying it can discourage someone from bothering you.

Always wear sunglasses, for their intimidating effect and the aura of power and authority they can give you. Sexual predators have a keen understanding of the look of vulnerable women; if they can’t see your eyes they can’t get any idea of how you might really be feeling.

Never flash your cash. Personal finance magazine Finance Fox recommends, “Whenever possible use debit cards and credit cards, and don’t be afraid to politely ask nosy strangers to back away from your personal space when your are using a password or a pin number.”

How to Protect Your Internet Privacy

How to Protect Your Internet Privacy

Outside of the internet, people prize their privacy. They lock their doors and they don’t give away information. Yet, when it comes to the internet, most people don’t think about it. 

Around 58 percent of people say they believe internet safety is critical. But, what are they doing to protect themselves? 

If you’re concerned by the number of information websites have on you, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about internet privacy and how to be proactive about it

Ways to Protect Your Internet Privacy 

Protecting your data shouldn’t be difficult. Here are some simple ways to protect your privacy online. 

1. Diversify Passwords 

Not everyone has the best memory to remember several passwords. But did you know that when you use the same passwords for every account, you’re putting yourself at risk? 

It’s important to keep your passwords diverse. Also, passwords should be extra strong. Remember not to use personal information in them either. 

2. Keep an Eye on Privacy Statements 

Most people don’t read or care about privacy settings. But companies are giving you everything you need to know in their online privacy statements. 

If you have a social media account, it’s a good idea to review privacy statements. Sometimes, platforms change their privacy standards and it’s critical for you to know. 

Also, check your privacy settings often. Sometimes, privacy settings can change without our knowledge. This means your information is being seen when you don’t realize it. 

3. Email and Phone Number Sharing 

With our new technology, it’s getting easier to find people on social media and vice versa. But this is only when you share your phone number, email, or contacts with a platform. 

In truth, this isn’t the safest thing to do. If you want to keep your information more secure, keep these things private. Don’t post your phone number in your profile, and use an email that isn’t your main one. 

4. Minimize Your Internet Presence 

When you sign up for emails, buy things, or put sign up for pages, you put your info out there. You’re spreading information around the internet so many ways, you can’t keep track. 

One way to keep people from snagging your data is to erase it from the internet. People Eraser sends out warnings and updates about potential data someone has on you. Then, you can assess the threat yourself and decide whether to do something about it. 

5. Use a Private Browser 

The main concern about browsing the net is that your cookies and history remain public. They don’t go away unless you delete them yourself. 

But, if you use a private or incognito browsing mode, you can keep your info secret. When you close out, your browsing history disappears with it. It’s not the most secure option you could choose, but it’s better than nothing. 

Stick Around for More

Your internet privacy is more fragile than you think. Nowadays, people give their private information without batting an eye. Protect yourself like you would if someone was trying to steal your info in person. 

Want more interesting topics to read? Stick around and browse more stories about health, lifestyles, and more. 

I Do: How to Choose the Right Birthstone Engagement Rings

I Do: How to Choose the Right Birthstone Engagement Rings

What gemstones come to mind when shopping or thinking of engagement rings? Diamond, ruby, emerald, and pearl are some of the most popular gemstones. What many people don’t know is that they can shop for birthstone engagement rings.   

Birthstones engagement rings are beautiful and unique gifts. As a welcome gift that your spouse will love for decades, there are a few factors to consider when shopping for one.   

Looking for tips to help you choose wedding rings with birthstones?   

Read on and learn the factors to consider when choosing the right birthstone engagement rings.

Consider the Bride’s Birth Month   

Before buying birthstone engagement rings, know that they correspond with each month of the year. Learning this makes it easier for you to choose the right birthstone engagement ring. As the groom, you can choose an engagement ring with her birthstone.  

For instance, if her birth month is on May, choose an engagement ring with an emerald. But if you want to combine birthstones and your birth month is September, combine sapphire and emerald.   

Consider the Symbolism of the Birthstone 

Although each birthstone has a month, they also have unique character traits. For instance, ruby is a July birthstone but its character trait is devotion. To make the ring have a unique look, you can surround the ruby with October’s birthstone, opal or tourmaline. Why?   

The character trait of opal or tourmaline is beauty. If you want to symbolize cheerfulness (November), then surround the ruby with topaz. You can also surround it with citrine, tanzanite or turquoise.   

To be more romantic, we recommend April’s birthstone – diamond.  

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Consider the Properties of the Gemstones 

What you ought to know is that different birthstones have different properties. Before choosing an engagement ring, it is wise to do a little research. For instance, June has three birthstones – pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite.   

Moonstone and pearl have low scores on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness. As such, they need more care. This means the stones scratch easily. When it comes to Alexandrite, it has a score of 8.5 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness.   

Alexandrite does not scratch easily. As such, it is durable. Taking your time to research allows you to find more about the gemstone’s hardness.    

You don’t want to propose to your bride only to end up getting embarrassed. Why? The birthstone scratches easily.   

Consider the Color and the Bride’s Tastes 

While choosing a birthstone that corresponds with the bride’s birth month is great, it is also wise to take into account her tastes. For instance, her birth month is September which means her birthstone is sapphire. Most people know that sapphire is blue in color.   

What they don’t know is that sapphire comes in other colors too. In fact, it comes in yellow, orange, pink, green and other colors. By learning the bride’s tastes, you can choose a birthstone engagement ring that will excite her with joy. 

Choosing the Right Birthstone Engagement Rings

When shopping for the best birthstone engagement rings, have a budget. This allows you to determine how high of a quality gem you can buy or afford. Keep in mind that a gemstone with fewer flaws is more expensive.  

Don’t forget to add a special touch to the engagement ring and choose the right metal to go with the birthstone. 

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You Won’t Recognize These Celebrities Who Lost Weight in 2018

You Won’t Recognize These Celebrities Who Lost Weight in 2018

Weight loss requires a lot of dedication in terms of dieting and exercising. Dieting and exercising go hand in hand, well accompanied by some habits like gum chewing, as some people have suggested.

Celebrities have the hardest time dealing with weight issues because their life is out there and up for scrutiny from the many critics out here. It is clear that fame and money are not all it takes to be happy. Some of them have been body shamed and caused to suffer from low self-esteem.

Thankfully, most of these celebrities have overcome the pressure. Celebrities who lost weight and transformed themselves, give many people the confidence to maneuver through the struggle that comes with adding unwanted weight.

Celebrities Who Lost Weight in 2018

Gaining weight when your life is in the spotlight is extremely challenging. Celebrities losing weight inspires many to work on their programs and meet their goals. Get inspired to stick with your diet by checking out these celebrity weight-loss success stories of 2018.

1. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson became a favorite to many back in 2002 when she won American Idol. Since then, Kelly has been blessing the world with her vocals and charm. She continues to top music charts and win awards while maintaining her down-to-earth nature.

Even with her delightful nature, Kelly Clarkson has also struggled with criticism from insensitive people who made fun of her weight. She has struggled to battle a thyroid issue since 2006. In 2018, however, she revealed the slimmer version of herself and fans were more than impressed.

She lost her weight when she discovered that the secret to weight loss lies in the way people cook meals, eating non-GMO food, and eating organic. Since she changed her diet, Kelly no longer depends on medication to control her thyroid. 

2. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith suffered a massive heart attack back in 2018, and if he had not reached the hospital on time, Kevin believes he would not be around anymore to make us laugh. Well, we are more than glad that he pulled through the horrific experience. The heart attack experience opened up his eyes and forced him to reevaluate the kind of life he was living.

After the wake-up call, the Weight Watchers ambassador managed to lose over 50 pounds before the end of 2018. He continues to a long life to live his best life and keep cracking ribs.

3. Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is an icon, and she will remain one for many years to come. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Missy’s catchy rhymes? In 2018, she became famous for more than her music after she took to Instagram to reveal her new look. Missy lost weight by sticking to a healthy diet and exercising.

Her new diet now has her drinking water like never before, and she avoids all sugary drinks and bread. She not only gives thanks to the hacks for her weight loss but also for her beautiful glowing skin. 

4. Mo’nique

Monique Hicks, best known to her fans as Mo’nique faced criticism because of her plus-size body from insensitive people for a long time. She came into the spotlight as a stand-up comedian then, later on, starred in the famous sitcom The Parkers.

All through her journey, it remained clear that Mo’nique never let the haters bring her down. If they did bring her down, then she did an awesome acting job and covered it all up.

She chose to keep a low profile over time, and took to the internet in March of 2018, to reveal her amazing new body. When she posted the Instagram video she captioned it “Believe you can,” which was an encouragement to her fans to take control of their health.

Both fans and critics were shocked at her transformation, and it remains one of the most dramatic weight loss stories of 2018. She attributed the weight loss to eating well and dancing. We are proud of you Mo’nique.

If you are trying to diet and exercise, or even dance like Mo’nique but you do not feel like you are achieving much, you should re-evaluate your weight loss program.

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5. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe understands well enough what it means to be in the spotlight and all that comes with being in such a position. Kardashian’s life is an open book and we are always trying to keep up with them. Khloe once revealed that she used to feel like the inferior sister in the family because of her weight.

In 2015, she lost a massive amount of weight to possess a fit figure. In 2018, after her pregnancy, in a blog post via E! News stated, Khloe states “After I had True, I didn’t put any pressure on myself to lose the baby weight.” Yes, she did not put any pressure on herself, but the proud mom went back to her work-out routine and lost over 30 pounds in just three months.

Feeling Inspired by These Celebrities Who Lost Weight?

Stick to your diet and exercise, and watch yourself transform. All weight-loss success stories are different as evident from the celebrities who lost weight in 2018. However, what stands out is that dieting and exercising are of the utmost importance when you are trying to lose weight.

Well, you also need to shake off all the critics and hate you will receive. Work on boosting your self-esteem and remaining comfortable in your body all throughout the journey. Exercise patience as well, because weight loss will not happen overnight.

Be confident that you will achieve your dream weight. Just like Mo’nique said, ‘Believe you can.”

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