Alexis Kennedy Is a Video Game Developer

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. However, the very large video game studios are not the only companies that are making money. There are a large number of independent video game studios that are much smaller. There are many games that have sold millions of copies around the world that were made by a small group of people on a shoestring budget. Millions of dollars do not need to be invested in a video game in order for it to be successful. Nobody knows that better than Alexis Kennedy. He is the founder of a pair of independent video game development studios that have generated large amounts of profit.

Alexis originally taught English for a living. However, he did not think that career was very fulfilling. Therefore, he started a job as a software developer. There was a natural transition from software development to designing video games. He had always enjoyed video games from a very early age. He had a few ideas for games. He decided to turn those video game ideas into reality. He created a video game development company called Failbetter Games. It was during this time that he created a game called Fallen London. This was a browser game that became enormously successful. It has been played by more than two million people over the past decade. He also created a game called Sunless Sea. He was able to get the money he needed to make this game through an online crowdfunding campaign.

Alexis Kennedy decided to quit working for Failbetter Games after he had worked there for a period of seven years. He spent the next year working as a freelance video game writer for many of the very big studios. He wanted to do this because he felt it would make him a better writer if he was able to expose himself to the very different styles of the larger studios. He worked on some very big video game projects during this time. He is pleased with the work that he accomplished. However, he decided that he would much rather be the person in charge. Therefore, he decided to create another studio to develop more video games.

Alexis Kennedy has founded another independent video game development studio called Weather Factory with a friend named Lottie Bevan. The studio has focused on developing games that have very complex narratives. Cultist Simulator was the initial release from Weather Factory. It was yet another hit for Alexis. It has received widespread acclaim from both critics and fans alike. He has been asked about his process for designing games. He says that he tries to create worlds that are complex so that the person playing the game becomes totally immersed. He believes the goal of a video game writer and developer is to create a game that people do not want to stop playing. This is much easier said than done. However, Alexis Kennedy has been able to do it on more than one occasion during his career.

Alexis Kennedy believes that the video games that he creates become so popular because he does not rush them. He takes the time to craft a compelling narrative. He feels that many of the independent video game developers are in a rush to get their games on the market. Therefore, they cut corners and end up making an inferior product. Fans of his games know what Alexis is going to bring to the table. He has a great reputation for creating games that have many hours of entertainment value. This is why he has become one of the most successful independent video game developers.

Staying Protected During Covid at Festivals

Staying Protected During Covid at Festivals

Masks have been popular for a long time at raves because they give you an extra way to stand out from the crowd. Many masks are made with patterns and colors so that you can complement the rest of your outfit nicely. However, masks have now taken on a new level of significance as a result of COVID-19. Masks not only help you to look good, but they protect you from potentially dangerous bacteria as well. In some cases, you may not be allowed to enter a rave venue unless you’re wearing a mask. Therefore, it pays for you to learn some more about them. 

  • Masks And Raving 

Masks have had a long history when it comes to parties, and they have existed for hundreds of years. They were once worn by the wealthy at aristocratic gatherings and spread to other functions, such as galas and balls. As their popularity spread, it became normal to see them at parties. This is why they remain so popular in raves today. The purpose of wearing masks varies from person to person, but often they serve as a form of self-expression, giving a person a way to show their unique personality differently. At raves there is a profound lack of condemnation or judgment of another person’s choice of clothing, so wearing masks is rarely challenged. Now, because of COVID-19, it will be rare to see a raver without a mask of some kind. 

  • Finding Your Friends 

Masks also have a social function at raves. Seeing the face of your friend is no use if you can’t spot them in a moving crowd, and your chances of successfully doing that in a rave environment are very limited. Therefore, masks can be a way to identify them quickly. Groups of friends often wear similar masks so they can find each other on sight. You might like to try this with some of your friends as well.

  • Personal Concerns 

Sometimes masks are worn not for attracting attention, but for avoiding it. If you happen to be socially awkward, or you simply don’t want anyone you know to see you, then a mask is ideal for this purpose. It’s difficult to say how many people wear masks for this reason, but it is definitely a factor at every rave you attend. 

  • Themed Raves 

You might one day be invited to a rave that revolves around a certain topic, such as fantasy or black metal. In situations like these, you might be asked to wear a mask, not because of COVID-19, but because you need to match your outfit to the theme of the rave. 

  • Conclusion 

There are many ways that face masks can be used at raves, and we’ve only had space to cover a few of them here. They are most likely going to be compulsory for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a dull clinical mask. You can get plenty of exciting patterned masks instead.

Gary Barber and Spyglass Entertainment Fail to Create Victims’ Fund for Harvey Weinstein Victims

Gary Barber and Spyglass Entertainment Fail to Create Victims’ Fund for Harvey Weinstein Victims

On February 14, 2020, a group of protesters gathered outside of the offices of Spyglass Entertainment head Gary Barber. The group gathered together to advocate for the victims of Harvey Weinstein. According to the protesters, the victims’ fund had never been funded like it was supposed to. Thanks to Barber and Spyglass Entertainment, the $30 to $50 million the fund was supposed to get had never arrived like it was supposed to.

Barber’s Connection to Harvey Weinstein

Originally, Harvey Weinstein was famous for his work as a film producer. He co-founded Miramax and the Weinstein Company. Until 2017, Weinstein was the co-chairman of the Weinstein Company with his brother. In October 2017, Weinstein was dismissed from the company because of sexual assault allegations. More than 80 women made allegations against him, and the scandal sparked the #MeToo movement. On February 24, 2020, Weinstein was found guilty of rape.

The reason why the victims’ advocacy group is protesting Barber is that he now controls the Weinstein Company. In 2019, Barber gained control of the Weinstein Company’s television and film assets through a partnership with Lantern Entertainment. Originally, Lantern Entertainment was responsible for buying Weinstein’s former business after it had to declare bankruptcy in 2018.

The Cause of the Protest

The protest in February began because of a broken promise. When Spyglass Entertainment and Barber took over the Weinstein Company, they had negotiated with former Obama appointee Maria Contreras Sweet. According to the terms of the deal, Spyglass was supposed to put $30 to $50 million into a victims’ fund. They never fulfilled their promises, so the victims’ fund remains empty.

After the protest, the group released a statement. It called on Spyglass Media CEO Gary Berber as well as Lantern Asset Management Capital heads Milos Brajovic and Andy Mitchell to fulfill their promises to Weinstein’s victims. According to the protesters, the victims have been patiently waiting for Mitchell, Barber, and Brajovic to uphold the promises they made. Unfortunately, all of their waiting has been in vain.

A total of about 10 people gathered to make their case in front of Barber’s Century City office. The protesters believe that the original offer was made and accepted in good faith. Instead of following through on the offer, the company never offered the financial contributions it had said it would.

Lantern Entertainment Has Dealt With Fraud and Breach of Contract Lawsuits Before

In 2018, Lantern Entertainment was the subject of a different kind of legal scandal. Documents were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court involving negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and fraud. The heart of the case involved African-American producer Marvin Peart.

Peart developed his reputation working in Hollywood and has gained respect over the years for his talent. In the 2018 lawsuit, Peart sued Lantern Entertainment because of the Weinstein Company deal. Originally, Peart was responsible for landing the deal and negotiating the deal’s terms. Once the deal went through, he was supposed to be given a seat on the board of the new company. In addition, he was supposed to get more than $10 million for bringing in Lantern Entertainment as an investor.

Unfortunately, none of these promises were kept by Lantern and the Weinstein Company. Instead, Peart says he was forced out because of institutional racism. In the lawsuit, Peart attacked Lantern for completely cutting him out of the deal. If Lantern had followed through like it was supposed to, Hollywood would have spent the year celebrating the story of an outsider who successfully landed the largest entertainment deal of 2018.

According to the lawsuit, Lantern engaged in historic revisionism through its public announcements. The announcements about the deal did not include any references to Peart’s accomplishments. All of Lantern’s actions were more than just a simple breach of contract. These actions were just another example of how institutional racism marginalizes African-American professionals in Hollywood and keeps them from their rightful place in the winner’s circle. While months have passed since the lawsuit was filed, the case is still pending in the courts.

Who Is Gary Barber?

Barber was born in South Africa. After he received an accounting degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, he began working as an accountant in the United States and South Africa. Since 1979, Barber has lived in the United States. In 1998, he founded Spyglass Entertainment with Roger Birnbaum.

Barber ended up serving as the CEO of MGM in 2010. During his time as the head of MGM, the company produced James Bond films and other major productions. While his contract was resigned in 2017 for another five years, he ended up getting removed from the studio in March 2018. Because of his ouster, he received a settlement worth $260 million. More recently, Barber has made the news for his company’s takeover of the Weinstein Company as well as its failure to pay the victims of Harvey Weinstein.

Like the victims’ fund Gary Barber was supposed to set up, Peart never received everything he was promised. Lantern, Spyglass Entertainment, the Weinstein Company and Barber have developed a track record of breaking agreements when it suits them. While the protesters are hopeful that Barber will follow through on his promises, Lantern and Spyglass Entertainment’s past actions do not bode well for the outcome of the victims’ fund.

mint mobile plans

mint mobile plans

When you decide to choose Mint mobile, there are a number of plans that you can choose from. From different lengths to larger amounts of data each month, Mint offers customized plans for you and your daily needs. 

Amount of Monthly Data3 GB8 GB12 GB
What can I do with the data?Download an app, post 10 pictures, visit 40 web pages, and send 100 emailsWatch 10 minutes of videos, stream 40 minutes of music, 10 apps downloaded, visit 40 web pages, and send 100 emailsWatch ten minutes of videos, stream 1 hour of music, download 10 apps, visit 125 web pages, and send 200 email
3-month plans$75 ($25/month)$105 ($35/month)$135 ($45/month)
6-month plans$120 ($20/month)$150 ($25/month)$210 ($35/month)
12-month plans$180 ($15/month)$240 ($20/month)$300 ($25/month)

You can also take advantage of the refer a friend program and earn up to $240 (that’s a year of 8GB a month for free) and you can do this twice a year! 10 friends = two years of coverage! 

If you have in-home Wi-Fi, you could go with a lower internet plan, saving you money when you use your Wi-Fi. Or if you even have Wi-Fi at work, you could log on and use it at work to save GB.  You could save anywhere up to $840 a year (or $70 a month) by switching to Mint mobile. 

Each plan offers unlimited talk and text, so you don’t have to worry about saving those. You may be worried that the data isn’t unlimited, but if you check your bill you might be surprised by how little data you are actually using. 

The Mint mobile $5 starter kit provides you with 100MB of 4G LTE data, 100 texts, and 100 minutes for talk. This is a 7-day trial period for you to determine if you like to coverage and service. You can buy your starter kit at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. 

If you feel like you didn’t get enough of the coverage you wanted during your 7-day trial period (and if you’re a new Mint user) you can head over to their website to get their introductory pricing. This means that you will get 3 months of coverage for the 12 month price, without the commitment (so instead of $25 a month it’s $15 a month for the 3GB plan. That way you can get the full idea of the service without breaking the bank or making a year long commitment. 

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You can always start low and go high on the data packages. If you run out of the 3GB data, then you can upgrade to the 8GB. If you go out again, it may be time to upgrade to the 12GB data.  Or, you can check the “Data Usage” on your phone or online account to see how much data you normally use each month and go off of that.

Jimmy John Liautaud: The Founder of Jimmy John’s

Helping others to help themselves is Jimmy John Liautaud’s driving force. The selfless American businessman founded his first sandwich business back in 1983 when he was just 19 years old. Hard work and discipline has seen him reach where he is today, owning more than 2,800 stores across 43 states. Today, he is the owner and chairman of the business. Liautaud acknowledges that the restaurant business is not easy to run, and not everyone can do it. It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifices, working over 18 hours every day without days off and holidays, and spending very little time with family. But at least he found out he was good at it. 

Liautaud understands that people learn from what you do, as a leader and not what you say, and that is what he does-leads by example. When Liautaud was opening his business, he never prepared any business plan, but through many sacrifices and hard work, the business grew beyond his expectations. Liautaud believes in hard work, and his advice to outshine the competition is to report early and stay late by one hour instead of resting, and work on Saturdays, and you will have guaranteed success. Besides building immense wealth, Liautaud takes pride in his family’s achievements. He is a proud husband to Leslie, and together, they have raised three children. 

As the founder and chairman of Jimmy John’s, he has created success stories, and the business has received several recognition awards. In 2015, Jimmy John’s was named among the top 10 Promising Franchises for Ambitious Entrepreneur by In 2018, Liautaud was listed number one on the Entrepreneur‘s Franchise 500 competitors. Forbes has also ranked Liautaud at number one Franchise. According to the NRM top 100, to date, Jimmy John’s is among the vast growing chains in the country. Apart from creating wealth, Liautaud spends time helping others both at the community and national levels. 

Together with his wife, they founded Liautaud Family Foundation, intending to help the less fortunate. The foundation has contributed to many support programs, including health, education, wellness, arts, and military. He has also contributed to various institutions such as Crisis Nursery, Frances Nelson SmileHealth dental clinic, Mayo Clinic, Champaign County Youth Center, and Camp Southern Ground. Liautaud comes from a humble military background where his father, together with his two brothers working in the service, Liautaud recognizes the hardships that the Army undergoes to provide service for the nation. In 2014, he contributed $1 million towards the Folds of Honor Foundation, an organization that offers scholarship programs to families of disabled and fallen soldiers. 

Despite his tough academic experience at Elgin Academy, Liautaud still gives education a top priority. In his contribution to supporting education, he gave out $1 million to help construct a new structure that will hold a library, 12 classrooms, and a theater. Liautaud wanted the building named after his name, but the school management, for inspiration’s sake, decided to name the school after his story, Liautaud Lyon Upper School. Together with his wife, they are parents an independent in Wolfeboro, the state of New Hampshire. The couple donated $2 million, which was the largest, to new residents in Brewster.

Liautaud’s family is committed to inspire, motivate, and improve other people’s lives. In 2011, they contributed to the Champaign community a sum of $1 million towards the construction of a modern YMCA. Liautaud is a talented speaker with a strong personality who captivates his listeners wherever he speaks. With honesty, he motivates his audiences with life experiences. He is never tired of helping the needy and encouraging people to move to greater heights

Teach To One Education Method Solves Common Teacher Frustrations

Teach To One Education Method Solves Common Teacher Frustrations

Educators are unfortunately well acquainted with some of the common struggles or frustrations faced in today’s classroom. From managing parent concerns over Common Core to making sure no child is actually left behind, teachers have a full plate. Teach To One actually eases many of these issues in innovative ways.

Maybe you can adopt some of these practices in your own classroom. If not, this article will at least deliver a greater understanding of the Teach To One method. It could be a gateway to the future of education.

What Is The Teach To One Method?

Teach To One is an innovative educational method that restructures classrooms and addresses individual students where they are at any given moment. It is flexible and adaptive because it is highly personalized.

Although individualized teaching methods often overload educators, Teach To One uses technology and unique grouped learning to actually reduce the load on teachers.

Instruction is broken into modalities represented by different sections within a single classroom. Students access an online portal to receive their daily lessons which build upon the ‘Exit Slip’ assessment they completed the previous afternoon. At regular intervals, students move from one area of the room to the next to receive one-on-one help or more traditional classroom instruction from a teacher. 

The method has been used primarily for math instruction and both students and teachers report tangible benefits.

Teach To One Solves Common Teaching Frustration #1: Technology Integration

While every skill students learn is important, we could argue that none is as vital as technological literacy. Computers are a part of everyone’s daily life and students must adopt familiarity with the technology they’ll face in higher education and the job market.

It’s no longer good enough to send students to a period of computer instruction. Additionally, teachers can’t always rely on parents to have computers in the household.

Teach To One: Math solves this concern by fully integrating tablet and Chromebook use in daily instruction. Students use this hardware to access their personalized lessons and take daily evaluations.

Furthermore, parents and students become familiar with a portal that gives them access to progress reports and easy communication with classroom instructors. Keeping all of this information in a centralized database makes it easy for supervisors and parents to track a student’s progress over a month, a year, or even their entire learning career.

Teach To One Solves Common Teaching Frustration #2: Teaching To The Least Proficient Student

One of the most valid complaints about standardized tests is that it forces teachers to teach to the least proficient student in the class. This creates the potential for more advanced students to grow bored. This situation is also dangerous because it holds the most proficient students back from progressing even further while others lag behind.

It’s also difficult to address the different needs of each student without singling them out in some way. When struggling students feel the pressure of attention or fear being ‘found out’ about their struggles, they’re less open.

This very concern can deplete the joy of learning. This risks their test scores now and their willingness to participate in the future. In short, performance-based anxiety can hinder a student’s ability to embrace learning.

Teach To One Solves Common Teaching Frustration #3: Students Under The Iceberg Suffer Silently

To understand this concern it helps to dive into something known as The Iceberg Problem

Many students are arriving into middle school with unfinished learning from prior years. This is especially problematic in math because it is so cumulative. For example, working with percentages can be challenging if you have never learned decimals.  But education policies signal to teachers to focus exclusively on grade-level material. Instructional time

is limited. It can be challenging for teachers to address each student’s unfinished learning while also covering the grade-level material—all in a single school year. As a result, unfinished learning accumulates and persists, hindering the ability for many students to become ready for college and career. We call this The Iceberg Problem Only a small portion of an iceberg’s mass is visible, while most of it remains hidden below the surface. – Iceberg Problem Offical Website

A nonprofit group called New Classroom Innovations Partners identifies a roadmap for addressing the cumulative failures that lead to The Iceberg Problem.

  • Measure learning growth with adaptive assessments that measure gains on an individual student level from grade to grade. 
  • Modify accountability systems to measure growth over a multi-year span, heavily considering transition grades and establishing additional growth indicators. 
  • Launch Math Innovation Zones within schools allowing individual schools to embrace a new approach that caters to students’ proficiency and future-readiness. 
  • Make teacher support and training a priority. 
  • Establish a new educational future where assessment and accountability go deeper than grade-wide standardized tests. This can happen if we create a culture that expects more.

Teach To One was created to address each bullet point in the New Classrooms’ ideal plan.

Teach To One Solves Common Teaching Frustration #4: Large Classroom Size

Teachers can relate to the challenges of reaching each student as classroom size steadily increases. School districts may not have the budget to hire more teachers or the space to create additional sections of the same class.

Teach To One pairs individualized plans that students access through technological hardware with personalized instruction. It breaks students into smaller groups within the classroom and opens the door to aids with specialized training who can lend a helping hand at a lower cost to districts.

Former Professor Emeritus of Education and researcher, Lary Cuban, details the physical classroom structure in a Teach To One math class in his blog.

Taking over the school’s library, the large space is demarcated into four separate rooms each with a sign of a local university (e.g., San Jose State, San Francisco State). Each room is designed with Teach To One space consultants. has long tables–each movable chair clearly numbered–capable of seating up to six students.

There is much noise from different segments of the room since library shelving units separate the spaces. Students, teachers, and aides went about their business amid ebb and flow of sound across the divided space. One space is used for a teacher-directed lesson on scientific notation,, another space is used for students to use their Chromebooks to work on the individually designed lesson on scientific notation (based on their results of work the previous day recorded on their online Exit Slip…); the third space is for collaborative work between and among students and teachers.

The fourth space is used for a teacher-directed lesson on circumference. This morning, the seventh and eighth graders are distributed between the four “rooms” spending a half-hour in each space before moving on to the next “modality.” For each segment of the 90-minute class, students sit at different tables with different classmates. – Lary Cuban

Breaking Away From The Status Quo

This review briefly explores the Teach To One experience for educators. Specifically, it’s obvious how this unique teaching style addresses many common frustrations that teachers struggle with every day.

Rather than leaving teachers to innovate their own solutions while already straining under the pressure of their jobs, Teach To One provides a structure. This structure is based on research and informed projections in the hope of transforming the American education system.

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Difference Between Frustrated Murder and Attempted Murder

Difference Between Frustrated Murder and Attempted Murder

If you’re involved in a murder trial, or just into true crime, then differentiating between frustrated murder and attempted murder can be vital in the outcome of the case. This is often a confusing area of the law, but various distinctions can help you better understand the two. Here’s what you need to know. 

Attempted Murder

This sentencing is one that most people understand. If you attempt to murder someone and fail, it counts as a felony crime. According to attorney Jeremy Rosenthal, the court will decide on a ruling of attempted murder when:

  • Someone takes action to kill another person
  • The action taken was intended to kill a person

While those two phrases sound about the same, the use of the word intention covers acts like hiring a hitman or poisoning. Stalking or luring someone to a place where murder is intended also counts, as does buying the necessary components to make a bomb. 

The act must also be able to kill a person. Even serious harm and disfigurement, when not meant to kill, do not count as attempted murder. Stabbing a person in the arm as opposed to the chest is an excellent example. 

Frustrated Murder

Adding frustrated to the word murder is where things begin to get complicated. Courts usually decide on this ruling by the severity of the wound. If you intended to kill someone but left a non-fatal wound, it would still be attempted murder. If the wound was serious enough to cause death without proper medical treatment, then it becomes a frustrated crime. 

To receive either distinction, the victim cannot die. Frustrated murder is often used to classify an attempt that was carried out but unsuccessful. Criminal defense attorneys often make the distinction based on both act and intent.  

Act and Intent

Imagine a scenario when the perpetrator plans to shoot their victim. They lure their victim to a secluded location, have the gun on their person, and are entirely ready to kill another person. Once they pull the gun out, they change their mind. This is an attempted murder. The intent to kill was there, but the person did not act on the intent. 

If the perpetrator shot their victim in the arm then ran away, it would also be attempted murder because the wound was non-fatal. They intended to kill their target but failed to do so. While the action is still there, the act wasn’t enough to kill the victim. 

Now, imagine that the perpetrator shoots their victim and leaves a fatal wound. The criminal flees, someone calls 911 after hearing the gun shot, and paramedics are able to save the victim. Since the person did not die, it isn’t a complete murder. Instead, it gets classified as a frustrated murder. The criminal tried and failed, but the injury would have killed their victim without intervention. 

Proving intent in court varies from case to case, but the distinction between attempted and frustrated  comes from the actions of the criminal. If you are involved in a murder trial, you should speak with your attorney about the difference between the two and how either might pertain to your case.  

What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

What Is Ultrasound Therapy and Is It Right for Your PT Rehab?

Ultrasound technology has been around since the 1940s. And it has started to gain prevalence in recent decades for therapeutic use by physiotherapists.

More research is needed for ultrasound therapy when it comes to treating specific injuries. However, it is considered a safe and effective treatment for some forms of pain relief and tissue repair.  

So what exactly is ultrasound therapy? And is it right for your physiotherapy rehab clinic? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Ultrasound Therapy?

Commonly used in physiotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound is a type of treatment that uses sound waves and deep heating techniques to penetrate the skin’s soft tissue.

Areas of soft tissue most commonly treated by ultrasound therapy are tendons, muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

The treatment is intended to offer pain relief. And to expedite the healing process of damaged tissue. Ultrasound therapy is administered using a transducer head, also known as a sound head or a probe.

The probe is placed directly on the skin of the affected area. It then works in tandem with a transmission coupling gel. The gel is applied either to the head of the probe or directly to the skin.

The gel’s purpose is to control and moderate the sound waves. This ensures even distribution and penetration into the skin. Once the gel is applied, the therapist will slowly circle the probe around a small area, penetrating the skin to various degrees.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a pain-free procedure. Patients might feel a mild vibration or warm sensation during treatment. This is due to the coupling gel. Patients should not feel any type of pain whatsoever during the course of treatment. 

Make sure to do your research and review previous patient testimonials before agreeing to work with any physiotherapist. For those interested in a career in ultrasound therapy, visit the Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute.

How Does It Work?

Inside the ultrasound probe is a small, vibrating crystal. The vibration is initiated by an electrical charge, which produces piezoelectric waves.

These waves are then transmitted as ultrasound waves, which increase blood flow in the area of treatment. The hypothesized benefits of ultrasound therapy are linked to these vibrating ultrasound waves. 

Ultrasound therapy is used to promote tissue healing rates, local blood flow, breakdown of scar tissue, and tissue relaxation. 

Types of Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy is generally used to produce one of two desired effects. Depending on the type of injury being treated, physiotherapists will either administer deep heating or non-thermal treatment. 

Deep heating treatment works by raising the temperature of the soft tissue, which can reduce pain. It also improves blood flow, circulation, and elasticity of muscles. Which some studies have linked to expedited healing.  

This effect is achieved using thermal ultrasound therapy, which is administered by applying continuous sound waves to the affected area. 

Non-thermal treatment, also known as cavitation, works by transmitting energy in the body which produces tiny gas bubbles. This causes soft tissue to expand and contract, which is thought to aid in the recovery of damaged tissue. 

This is achieved by applying the sound waves to the skin in sporadic pulses rather than continuous contact. 

Which Type of Treatment Is Best?

Both deep heating (thermal) and non-thermal (mechanical) treatments are safe and are thought to be effective in treating different types of injuries.

People who suffer from myofascial pain or an unhealed muscle strain or sprain are likely to benefit most from deep heating ultrasound treatment.

Whereas people who suffer from injuries due to swelling or scarring are presumed to benefit more from non-thermal treatment. 

These differences are due to the way the sound waves penetrate the skin. Continuous penetration as seen in thermal treatments are more likely to reduce pain by improving circulation, which can positively impact unhealed strains. 

Pulsing treatment as found in mechanical (non-thermal) treatments are more effective at causing the tissue to expand and contract which can be more beneficial to reduce swelling and promote healing of scar tissue. 

Types of Injuries Treated 

Ultrasound therapy primarily treats injuries related to the body’s soft tissue. People suffering from back and neck pain, ligament tears and muscle sprains can potentially benefit.

Specifically, people with injuries and ailments like tendonitis, carpal tunnel, muscle strains, tendon tears, ligament injuries, and joint contractures might be able to find reprieve with ultrasound therapy. 

What Not to Treat

This type of treatment is only meant for orthopedic injuries, and should never be used over open wounds or lesions, around the eyes or sexual organs. 

Therapeutic ultrasound should never be used on parts of the body with metal implants such as knee or hip replacements, or near a pacemaker. It should also never be used over fractured bones or metastatic lesions. 

Supporting Research

Though ultrasound therapy is a common and safe physiotherapy treatment, research is limited as to its long-term effectiveness in treating chronic pain. 

Studies have found that therapeutic ultrasound can demonstrate positive results in decreasing swelling and promoting blood flow, and some patients have reported experiencing reduced pain after receiving treatment. 

Some experts believe that the sound waves emitted by ultrasound therapy are effective in improving tissue elasticity and circulation, which can in some cases result in improved mobility and decreased pain. 

A contrary belief is that the benefits of ultrasound therapy are largely contributed to the placebo effect. However, if those suffering from long term pain experience benefits from this type of therapy, there is no reason not to try it. 

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that more research is needed to prove any long-term effects of ultrasound therapy.

However, the proven effects of ultrasound therapy are increased blood flow, circulation and muscle relaxation. This, in some cases, can be linked to pain relief and faster muscle healing rates. 

Studies are inconclusive to the effectiveness of treating certain chronic pain conditions with therapeutic ultrasound, but some patients have experienced positive results after receiving the treatment. 

Regardless of the lack of research, both thermal and mechanical therapeutic ultrasound treatments are safe and common practices that have helped some patients achieve relief for injuries relating to soft tissue damage. 

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

Keep Bugs Off Your Property: 7 Common Pest Control Methods You Need to Know

The utterance of words like cockroaches, fleas, rats, bedbugs, and ants causes fear in some people. If you’re in this group, then you need information on the pest control methods.

Pests pose a serious threat to human beings and other living organisms. For example, cockroaches carry disease-causing allergens, and rats contaminate and destroy food across the world that could feed 200 million people every year.

There are numerous kinds of pests like; rats, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, squirrels, and fungus. Any living organism that hurts people, the surroundings, food supplies, and stock is considered a pest.

Below are the 7 common pest control methods that you need to know:

1. Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of pests, their lifestyle, and potential threats is crucial in determining the pest control strategy. Mistakes in identifying pests are costly as they lead to wastages of time, effort, and money.

You should also learn about the breeding grounds of the specific pests. Jordan Larson from says that an effective way to get rid of bedbugs is to kill them with a heat treatment, which includes heating your home to between 130 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It will prevent them from growing and eliminate them.

It takes a lot to gain effective knowledge of pests, and some people are not courageous enough to deal with pests. If you’re not able to deal with all these, then you need help from professional pest control companies.

2. Proper Hygiene

Dirty surroundings attract the majority of the pests. So, the best method of preventing the growth and reproduction of pests is by practicing good hygiene at home and also in the office.

Always ensure that you clean the table and kitchen after every meal — secure leftover food and residue in wraps before throwing them in the trash bin. The communal trash should be properly disposed of or recycled.

You should also wash all the dishes and keep the stove, cupboard, and floor clean and dry. Clear all weeds in your garden and drain all holes.

You should also store your food correctly in lid fitted containers. Proper storage of food prevents rodents such as rats from destroying it. It also preserves the food preventing it from decaying and becoming a breeding ground for other pests.

3. Chemical Methods

There are numerous pesticides effective in killing pesticides at home, stores, farms, offices, and other places. But, pesticides contain hazardous chemicals that contaminate the air, food, land, and water.

Pesticides reduce the quality of air leading, thus leading to respiratory diseases. Pesticides sip into the ground damaging the soil and aquifers. Rainwater water also washes the pesticides into water bodies such as rivers and lakes damaging aquatic life.

They kill pests through the oral, respiratory, and dermal entry. They are available in solid, liquid, or spray form. Pesticides are also grouped based on the pests they kill. Herbicides are for plants, insecticides kill insects, and bactericides kill bacteria.

Pesticides can be dangerous for you. Before using them, make sure that you read the label on them. Wear protective clothing the cover food, drinks, and dishes lying around. If you’re not comfortable handling pesticides, then you need professional pest control services.

4. Biological Methods

Biological pest control methods are commonly used in a greenhouse, but they are also effective outdoors.

Biological methods involve the introduction of natural pests’ enemies into the environment to interfere with their breeding ability or infect them with a deadly disease. Enemies of pests include parasites, pathogens, and predators.

For example, insects are used to feed on the pests’ larvae preventing them from growing further. This method controls pests, and it’s also safe for the environment as compared to pesticides. The Australian native fish is also used to feed on mosquito larvae.

The effectiveness of biological methods depends on the use of the correct enemies of the pests and good conditions. You should also control the natural enemies as they may become an issue after killing the pests.

5. Physical Methods

Physical methods are preferred because they kill only the pests preserving the animals and plants in the surroundings. They involve the use of physical and mechanical tools to capture and destroy pests. These tools include predator traps used to catch pets or baits to kill them.

For example, some people mix baits with biodegradable poison to attract and kill pests. Other examples include; insecticidal soap, oil sprays, and parasitic nematodes.

The main issue with this method is they are not safe for kids. Kids may ingest some of the poisonous kids risking their lives instead of killing the rodents. Make sure that you hide the baits in places where kids cannot reach.

6. Electronic Pest Control Methods

Advances in technology have made it easy to pick up and eliminate pests permanently. The primary electric pest control methods are ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

Ultrasonic produces sound waves to attract and kill pests. Electromagnetic kills insects and rodents by affecting their nervous systems.

Electronic methods kill pests and are not harmful to the environment. They are also best for people with kids. But, they only repel insects and rodents.

7. Professional Services

If you don’t know how to control pests or you don’t’ have the time, then you need the services of a professional. Professional pest control companies have the knowledge, expertise, and tools required to control pests.

They will identify the breeding grounds to kill the young ones and eggs, kill the visible pests, and also eliminate all conditions favoring their existence.

Eliminate Pests Today

There are several methods that you can use to eliminate pests from your home, office, garden, or store. However, each method is suited for specific pests. You need a good understanding of the pests to select the best control method.

Safety first! Before selecting any pest control method, consider the people and other living organisms in the surroundings. Don’t select a method that will put the lives of your kids at risk or harm other living organisms.

Pests are not only unsightly but also harmful. Eliminate pests to avoid the embarrassment and also protect yourself and your kids from diseases.

Please explore our blog for more insightful information on pest control methods.

6 Unbelievably Easy (And Legit) Ways To Make Instant Money Online

6 Unbelievably Easy (And Legit) Ways To Make Instant Money Online

Are you tired of product tests? Well then, there are many ways to make money without a job. In fact, you can do it comfortably at home or a co-working space in Bali or another exotic location. 

The internet is full of opportunities where you can make your own money. By doing so, you can quit the rat race and become your own boss. Want to know how to make instant money online? 

Here are 6 unbelievable easy and legit ways to make instant money online.

1. Transcribe Audio Files

Get started with Transcribe Me and start transcribing audio files. For new transcribers, you get paid $20 per audio hour. The good news is you can start with no prior transcription experience. 

To get started, take a short test, and if you fail the first time, you can retake the test. After working on a few tasks, request for a payout each day once you earn $1.

2. Become a Delivery Driver or Rider

Want to become your own boss and learn how to make money without a job? Become a delivery driver or rider. Several companies allow you to deliver food and drinks. 

For instance, you have UberEats and Deliveroo. If you already drive for Uber, simply increase your income with UberEats. For each delivery, you can make $20 or more a day.

3. Part-Time Job

Learning how to make money as a student allows you to supplement your student loan. Part-time jobs provide a steady flow of income. Not only that, you gain valuable experience, such as how to manage your money and how to deal with customers. 

A great opportunity to get started is to become a virtual assistant. You can schedule appointments, organize a calendar, and book travel for your new boss.

Learn how to complete paid surveys and make money in your spare time.

4. Try Amazon MTurk 

As a task-based site, you can make fast cash online with Amazon MTurk. There are lots of opportunities to choose from. Once you complete the tasks, you can request a payout once you reach $1. 

The funds will reflect in your account after 48 hours of requesting a payout. In a day, you can make $10. All you have to do is dedicate yourself to completing more tasks.

5. How to Make Instant Money Online With Ibotta 

Ibotta is a mobile app which pays you back for items you have bought at the grocery store. Here is how it works. Before you shop, find offers on great products. 

To do this, complete a few tasks. Shop for the products you selected at any supported retailer and retain your receipt. To redeem your offers, take a photo of your receipt and the system will match it with items bought. 

In exchange, Ibotta will deposit your cash back in your Ibotta account in 48 hours.

6. Redeem With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great reward site. Although you get paid in 10 days or less, it’s a great way to earn instant money online. At the time of writing, Swagbucks had already paid over $353 million to its users. 

Here is how it works. Sign up to Swagbucks, earn points for watching entertaining videos or shopping online. Redeem your points for free gift cards. 

How to Make Money Instantly

Learning how to make instant money online comes in handy in several ways. Not only can you use the cash to pay your bills, but you can use it to settle your debts. Remember, there are more ways to make more money. 

For instance, become a freelancing coder, graphics designer, or digital marketer. You can also rent out your spare bedroom on Airbnb or rent your home for TV and film. 

Did you enjoy our post on 6 unbelievably easy (and legit) ways to make instant money online? Check out our website for more awesome content.