Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Women’s Must Have Fashion Accessories

Helen Lee Schifter has written extensively on the empowering effects of investing in one’s clothing and design on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. As a result, she proceeds to provide advice on essential fashion accessories for ladies.

Accessories are the simplest method to improve an individual’s overall appearance. It is vital to select essential accessories in one’s wardrobe regardless of the place, event, or season. Accessories are becoming more critical daily; they can transform the look of an outfit, and many ladies like the notion of having a flexible wardrobe.

1. Sophisticated Leather Handbags

A leather purse is infallible when it comes to making an impression. No lady should leave home without this indispensable item; bags are what shoes are to men. How else is a lady to transport her daily essentials?

Helen Lee Schifter strongly suggests an essential leather handbag for casual daily usage. This shoulder bag is excellent since it has the right size and form, is large enough to hold various items, including a tablet, and is elegant and stylish. This is the ultimate bag.

It is advisable to invest in tiny clutches for formal occasions. Not only are they convenient to transport, but they also look beautiful. Again, clutches are available in an infinite variety of designs. There are minimalist clutches and edgy decorated clutches. Choose a style that resonates with your aesthetic. Please keep it simple with classic hues like gold, silver, and rose gold, complementing an individual’s very flexible jewelry.

Whichever route you choose, if there is one expert advice to remember, never skimp on quality. A high-quality leather bag not only looks great but also lasts a long time.

2. Bracelet

When one is just standing in front of others, the first accessory that they see is a necklace. This is another incentive to amass a substantial jewelry collection. They are available in bold or thin styles. There are metallic, golden, diamond, and pearl necklaces from which to select. Wear a high-end necklace to complete the look and to emphasize one’s strong sense of style. Certain styles work well with collared garments, while others work best with bare-necked ensembles.

3. Comfy footwear

One may have all the accouterments in the world, but where is one to go without shoes? They are essential accessories. Having the proper shoes will provide an individual with the maximum level of support and comfort while moving. Every woman needs different shoes to suit various occasions and seasons, including stunning stilettos, heels, flat sandals, reliable sneakers, and boots. Even if an individual cannot be an obsessive shoe collector, their ensembles will work with these essential footwear pieces.

A lady is usually spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. New fashion designers enter the market every other day, leaving one with much more than they can ever consume. Once people understand how to combine, mix, and match extra fashion items with their primary ensembles, they will acquire the much-desired confidence to wear anything they want. The best course of action is to be confident in one’s stylistic selection.

2021 Fall Fashion Tips

2021 Fall Fashion Tips

Autumn Trends 2021

As summer comes to an end, so do the summer fashion trends. As we start to look forward to a new season our wardrobe also is due for a cleaning and updating. Fall fashion brings forth many trends and fashionista, Helen Schifter also shows us a few trends to look forward to for this fall season. She is known for her amazing taste and a unique aesthetic. The socialite has written a few articles regarding trends for summer 2021 and other seasons. Let’s prep a fall wardrobe that even she would approve of!

Puffy long sleeves are back! The retro style is sure to make an appearance this season. Look for this in long sleeve blouse styles. They are super comfortable and give you a little bit of breathing room.

Face Masks are the newest form of fashion as well. This pandemic and 2021 are bringing forth a new trend in black face masks. This color goes with everything and does not ruin a great outfit thankfully. Avoid the colorful flashy masks and go for something black and simple, says Helen Schifter.

Solid cord mini skirts are also back in style! History repeats itself because these were in style back In the day as well. These are easy to pair with any style, they should be one single color and unified. They look great with a pair of tights underneath and some tall boots.

Next, well, since it is 2021 and there is a pandemic going on still, sweat suits are in. Loungewear is a big trend amongst the designers this year because they know most people are staying home. A chord set of baggy sweats and a tight top are very in and you can also find matching sets to stay stylish. (Hello Burberry old sweat suits) A bonus: Well it is extremely comfortable and it can be worn out too and still look like a fashionista in a pair of sweatpants.

Can a wardrobe even be complete without a leather jacket this fall? Probably not because that is what’s going to be in style. It is sleek and it is Chic! This is another very versatile trend that can be worn with almost any outfit. This can be dressed up or dressed down and still look fantastic. Pair this with a pair of jeans and a blouse, or even a nice dress to hit the town in. A leather jacket added to any outfit can always make it look extremely trendy. Bonus: This piece is also timeless, it just does not go out of style ever. It can be a staple in your wardrobe essentials.

So, get to cleaning out your closet and getting rid of last summer’s clothing. It is time to start prepping for this season’s new fall trends and fashion. Updating a wardrobe for the next season is always a fun task to do and with these trends, it will be sure to be fashionista approved. Go grab the nearest leather jacket and begin.

2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Designer Trends: Old School & New School Fashion Blended

2022 Is going to bring interesting fashion trends into the world. There will be interesting trends in everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends alike. In 2022 we are going to see a whole lot of old high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world. Former fashion editor, Helen Lee Schifter, knows that there will be new trends inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of fashion. In conclusion, we are going to see some very nice-looking old school inspired fashion trends, but with a modern, good looking twist.

One of the new, old school inspired fashion trends that will be present in 2022 is the use of big gold chains. The big gold chains in fashion were first made popular in the 1990’s. In today’s current fashion trends, gold chains are mostly being worn around the neck as a simple piece of jewelry. Of the gold chains that are being worn around the neck, most of these aren’t bigger than 10mm in width. In 2022, the fashion world is going to see the return of the big gold chains worn by hip-hop artists and high fashion models alike of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. These gold chains measure about 30mm in width and are not only worn around the neck. In high fashion, these chains are worn as belts around the waist with the model’s shirt tucked into their pants, so the gold chain can be completely seen. These chains are also worn roped around the neck, and also up and down the body vertically to make a fashion statement.

Another unique fashion statement that will be seen in 2022 is the return of multipurpose denim. I know denim jeans are, and have been, current fashion forever, and that’s not what I mean when I say “the return of denim”. In the high fashion industry denim will be used for many new retro-inspired purposes. We are going to see new trends such as, shirts that will be made like half of the shirt is a regular button-up crew neck shirt of a dark color material, and the other half is completely made of stonewashed-denim material. There will be full denim overalls made with a modernized twist. These overalls are going to be manufactured by high-end fashion brands like Chanel. There will be a 1980’s inspired new trend of denim pants for women. In this new trend, the pants will be high wasted, with a more roomy fit than the slim fitting jeans of right now. These pants will be constructed of designer textured, new school, high-end fashionable denim. In these new styles of pants, many of them will also contain shorter than usual pants lengths. This shortened pants length is designed to showcase the footwear and also to give a futuristic look.

The futuristic look will still be a big part of the 2022 fashion era. The futuristic fashion trend will consist of an outer-space inspired fashion look, such as neon-colored shoes, women’s high waisted pants, large aviator sunglasses, neon colored shirts, Long jackets worn with slim fitting pants, and women’s shorter length but wider cut pants. With the futuristic look we will also see a trend of bright colored leather garments in the high fashion world. These will be a shift from the current dark-colored leather trends of today.
In conclusion, Helen Lee Schifter believes that 2022 is going to bring new fashion styles into the world. There will be interesting trends in the appearance of everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends. In 2022 we are going to see old-school high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world, but with a modern fashion twist. These new trends are inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of clothing. Before we know it, we will be seeing these very interesting old-school, new-school, trends coming from popular designers and clothing brands right before our eyes.

How Fashion influencers Build Brands

How Fashion influencers Build Brands

How Fashion influencers Build Brands

The world of fashions keeps up with the latest trends just like everything else in our society it evolves.The fashion brands that didn’t learn to keep you with the technology have left the scene. There are still some relevant influencers of fashion who make a living by writing about it. Helen Lee Schifter is one of the major fashion socialites in the fashion juggernaut that is New York. The pages she writes about fashion carry weight among the elite and upper echelon social class all over the world.When a company wants to build their brand that now have to keep up with the who’s who of Instagram,SnapChat,FaceBook,Twitter and TikTok.There was once upon a time in fashion where you could just rely on a print magazine and a little buzz from television ads. Alas, that time has morphed into a hybrid way of branding without people realizing that they are being influenced by the influencers of social media. There will always be room for someone like Helen Lee Schifter,but it will eventually slow to a trickle as the other platforms take over.

The Kardashians,Rhianna,Beyonce,Cardi B., or the lastest Hollywood darling of the moment Zendaya all have fan base fashion.

These devoted visitors to name brand spaces are the prime target for marketing ads which have not only become lucrative to the name brand stars,but to others who genuinely share their passion with followers.

People like fashion Instagram blogger Chiara Ferragni,AimeeSong and Alexa Chung all have an enormous following that makes for great brand building if you can get an ad on their page.Many of the fashion blogger or vloggers words carry major weight with their core audience.Right now this is what branding is not just the athletes getting major endorsements ,but socialites,musical artist,actors and actresses inking major deals.It helps as some of the bloggers have actually been apart of the fashion world like Alex Chung as a model on the runway.So she started with the legit credentials to back up her branding.

The major stars in the athletic arena are a select few, LeBron James, Stef Curry, Serena and Lionel Messi. If you want your fashion branding from an influencer in this realm it would make sense. Think about the number of followers they have and all a company has to do is convert x amount of followers into sales. Voila! Just like magic this is the how the influencers help you to get your brand noticed by getting your name tied into someone they being the crowd trust. When companies or an individual builds a brand you have to make sure you chose wisely because a scandal can soon derail the power of the influencer as we have seen innumerable amounts of time. Helen Lee Schifter believes that this trend is only going to get bigger if we come out of the pandemic there will be people looking online to shop for the next thing. When it is all said and done shopping is therapy to Americans. Teen girls and boys will always adore the last musical artist. Mothers will still want to see what the latest Hollywood fashion was on the red carpet on Oscar night.

Fashion Throughout Different Generations

Fashion Throughout Different Generations

Over the years things change including fashion. The clothing items that were popular at one time are no longer popular. Helen Schifter has seen fashion changes over the years. Fashion moves on and evolves. At times some of the trends come back for a brief time. Schifter has seen the fashion trends over the years and how they changed.


This was the time when fashion became a big thing and women began to rebel against certain standards. The flappers had their beaded dresses. Feathers, and relaxed waistline. This was a sign that something was going to change.

The 1930s

Recovering from the Great Depression the movies become a big deal. People wanted to follow the style and glamor that they saw on the screen. Long and lean dressed were popular along with glamorous gowns and suits for the men.

The 1940s

This is the decade when the skin was able to make an appearance. The bikini hit the market. While it did go above the belly button it was a new look. With the end of the war, the designers wanted to play with fabric. Some bright patterns were also on the market along with some colors.

The 1950s

The new look of the silhouette dress has come out. This allowed women to show off their shape. Lighter materials were used. The middle class women wore cinch waist dresses to show off their shape.

The 1960s

While there were a lot of trends that came out at this time the miniskirt is one of the most memorable. Women were showing off their legs and the shorter the skirt the more trendsetting it was. They were controversial at the time. The miniskirt is one of the fashion trends that has not gone away over the years.

The 1970s

The 70s were a time for a change. Heels got taller and there were cool colors all around. Tie-dye was popular. Men had long hair. The longer it was the cooler they were. At this time just about anything was cool. The hippies were in control and they did their own thing.

The 1980s

This was the era of disco. Leggings were popular and both women and men had plenty of clothing made from spandex. At this time it was cool. Off the shoulder, shirts were also popular. Women in professional positions were wearing shoulder pads to make their presence known.

The 1990s

At the beginning of the 90s flannel shirts were big. Baggy clothing was also in. There were some slip dresses and sheer fabrics. It was okay to show the midsection and many famous musicians encouraged fashion trends. There was a big change from the beginning to the end of the 90s as things go revealing.

These are some of the fashion trends that Helen Schifter believes have come and gone over the years. Each decade has its own trend and they have evolved. Now a person can wear what they want for the most part and trends do come and go.

The Impact of Fashion on Other Industries

The Impact of Fashion on Other Industries

The fashion industry may not always be taken seriously. This industry is for more than people that someone would think. Helen Lee Schifter knows that the fashion industry is important and affects more than just the designers. She knows that fashion will affect various industries and will have an impact on all different places. Many industries are impacted by this industry and see work when it is doing well.

There are many industries that are impacted by the fashion industry. There are many professionals that go into making this industry. Marketing is one of the biggest industries that have been aspects of fashion. The fashion has to be able to reach people and there are many different areas. There are social media managers needed to make a social media campaign. They can develop campaigns for sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They need someone to interact with fans and take pictures. If the fashion industry is not doing well then this can harm those involved in marketing. These people will not be able to fulfill their jobs if there is nothing for them to market.

The fashion industry plays a role in engineering. Some material engineers will need to figure out how to bring the design to life. If clothes are not being designed or purchased the people will have no work.

There are other areas that fashion interrupts that most people would not think about. The clothing will need to be made out of material and the material needs to come from somewhere. The cotton farmers will be impacted. They will not have a demand for their cotton if not as many items are being made. This is true for other materials and fibers that go into making clothing. These people will be directly impacted.

Helen Lee Schifter also knows that distribution is impacted by the fashion industry. Fashion comes from all over the world. There are international designs that will send their fashion all over the place. If there is no fashion being shipped or purchased there is no need for shipping, trucking, and other distribution services. This will include pilots, truck drivers, and others that will bring the fashion to home or stores. If no one is purchasing fashion there will be no need for those people to begin to work.

In addition to the shipping services, there are many store employees that will not be working if there is a downside in the fashion industry. The store employees will be there to assist customers and will help check them out. If there is no fashion to put on the shelves all of the store employees from the manager to the cashiers and those there for assistance will be hurting for work.

These are some of the other industries that are impacted by the fashion industry. There is a lot more that goes into fashion than most people would think. There are people from manufacturers to marketers that are impacted by this industry.