2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Designer Trends: Old School & New School Fashion Blended

2022 Is going to bring interesting fashion trends into the world. There will be interesting trends in everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends alike. In 2022 we are going to see a whole lot of old high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world. Former fashion editor, Helen Lee Schifter, knows that there will be new trends inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of fashion. In conclusion, we are going to see some very nice-looking old school inspired fashion trends, but with a modern, good looking twist.

One of the new, old school inspired fashion trends that will be present in 2022 is the use of big gold chains. The big gold chains in fashion were first made popular in the 1990’s. In today’s current fashion trends, gold chains are mostly being worn around the neck as a simple piece of jewelry. Of the gold chains that are being worn around the neck, most of these aren’t bigger than 10mm in width. In 2022, the fashion world is going to see the return of the big gold chains worn by hip-hop artists and high fashion models alike of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. These gold chains measure about 30mm in width and are not only worn around the neck. In high fashion, these chains are worn as belts around the waist with the model’s shirt tucked into their pants, so the gold chain can be completely seen. These chains are also worn roped around the neck, and also up and down the body vertically to make a fashion statement.

Another unique fashion statement that will be seen in 2022 is the return of multipurpose denim. I know denim jeans are, and have been, current fashion forever, and that’s not what I mean when I say “the return of denim”. In the high fashion industry denim will be used for many new retro-inspired purposes. We are going to see new trends such as, shirts that will be made like half of the shirt is a regular button-up crew neck shirt of a dark color material, and the other half is completely made of stonewashed-denim material. There will be full denim overalls made with a modernized twist. These overalls are going to be manufactured by high-end fashion brands like Chanel. There will be a 1980’s inspired new trend of denim pants for women. In this new trend, the pants will be high wasted, with a more roomy fit than the slim fitting jeans of right now. These pants will be constructed of designer textured, new school, high-end fashionable denim. In these new styles of pants, many of them will also contain shorter than usual pants lengths. This shortened pants length is designed to showcase the footwear and also to give a futuristic look.

The futuristic look will still be a big part of the 2022 fashion era. The futuristic fashion trend will consist of an outer-space inspired fashion look, such as neon-colored shoes, women’s high waisted pants, large aviator sunglasses, neon colored shirts, Long jackets worn with slim fitting pants, and women’s shorter length but wider cut pants. With the futuristic look we will also see a trend of bright colored leather garments in the high fashion world. These will be a shift from the current dark-colored leather trends of today.
In conclusion, Helen Lee Schifter believes that 2022 is going to bring new fashion styles into the world. There will be interesting trends in the appearance of everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends. In 2022 we are going to see old-school high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world, but with a modern fashion twist. These new trends are inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of clothing. Before we know it, we will be seeing these very interesting old-school, new-school, trends coming from popular designers and clothing brands right before our eyes.