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How Fashion influencers Build Brands

How Fashion influencers Build Brands

The world of fashions keeps up with the latest trends just like everything else in our society it evolves.The fashion brands that didn’t learn to keep you with the technology have left the scene. There are still some relevant influencers of fashion who make a living by writing about it. Helen Lee Schifter is one of the major fashion socialites in the fashion juggernaut that is New York. The pages she writes about fashion carry weight among the elite and upper echelon social class all over the world.When a company wants to build their brand that now have to keep up with the who’s who of Instagram,SnapChat,FaceBook,Twitter and TikTok.There was once upon a time in fashion where you could just rely on a print magazine and a little buzz from television ads. Alas, that time has morphed into a hybrid way of branding without people realizing that they are being influenced by the influencers of social media. There will always be room for someone like Helen Lee Schifter,but it will eventually slow to a trickle as the other platforms take over.

The Kardashians,Rhianna,Beyonce,Cardi B., or the lastest Hollywood darling of the moment Zendaya all have fan base fashion.

These devoted visitors to name brand spaces are the prime target for marketing ads which have not only become lucrative to the name brand stars,but to others who genuinely share their passion with followers.

People like fashion Instagram blogger Chiara Ferragni,AimeeSong and Alexa Chung all have an enormous following that makes for great brand building if you can get an ad on their page.Many of the fashion blogger or vloggers words carry major weight with their core audience.Right now this is what branding is not just the athletes getting major endorsements ,but socialites,musical artist,actors and actresses inking major deals.It helps as some of the bloggers have actually been apart of the fashion world like Alex Chung as a model on the runway.So she started with the legit credentials to back up her branding.

The major stars in the athletic arena are a select few, LeBron James, Stef Curry, Serena and Lionel Messi. If you want your fashion branding from an influencer in this realm it would make sense. Think about the number of followers they have and all a company has to do is convert x amount of followers into sales. Voila! Just like magic this is the how the influencers help you to get your brand noticed by getting your name tied into someone they being the crowd trust. When companies or an individual builds a brand you have to make sure you chose wisely because a scandal can soon derail the power of the influencer as we have seen innumerable amounts of time. Helen Lee Schifter believes that this trend is only going to get bigger if we come out of the pandemic there will be people looking online to shop for the next thing. When it is all said and done shopping is therapy to Americans. Teen girls and boys will always adore the last musical artist. Mothers will still want to see what the latest Hollywood fashion was on the red carpet on Oscar night.