Haley Lickstein Takes the Lead in Energizing Young Voters with Women Candidates Spotlight During Women’s History Month

Article written by Michael Nelson.

This Women’s History Month, Haley Lickstein is spearheading an innovative drive to energize the younger demographic, particularly Gen Z and millennials, who are poised to form the largest voter groups in the upcoming 2024 elections. Through a fresh campaign, Lickstein aims to shine a light on forward-thinking, pro-choice female candidates from various parts of the country, tackling the looming issue of decreased youth voter participation by linking them with relatable narratives of women pursuing local political roles.

The campaign is set to feature a sequence of interviews with 30 aspiring women politicians in March, covering a broad spectrum from U.S. Congress hopefuls to city council contenders. With 22 participants like Joanna Weiss for the California U.S. Congress seat, Rachel Hunt for North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governorship, and Julie Johnson for a Texan U.S. Congress position already on board, this endeavor promises a varied and in-depth look at women progressing in the political field.

At 27, Lickstein is already well-versed in the political landscape, having gained experience through U.S. Senate internships, roles at EMILY’s list, and active campaign involvement. Utilizing her social media presence, she aims to diminish the gap between young individuals and political participation. Lickstein expresses, “By shedding light on the journey and goals of women candidates in local communities, I believe we can stimulate voter engagement. My goal is for individuals to feel a sense of hope and connection with their representatives,” highlighting her dedication to making politics more engaging and approachable for the youth.

Her initiative goes beyond merely promoting candidates; it represents a holistic effort to incite young voters to take an active stance in democracy, starting from the ground up. By backing women who champion progressive reforms, Lickstein is keen on igniting a movement that will enhance voter activity and turnout not just in 2024, but in future elections as well.

Additionally, this campaign acts as an impetus for young voters to delve into understanding the candidates and issues that mirror their ideals and desire for progression. Focusing on pioneers and individuals achieving “firsts” in their areas, Lickstein’s campaign offers these candidates a stage to narrate their stories and foster personal connections with the electorate.

For those keen on this campaign and desiring more information on the showcased candidates, Lickstein’s social media channels are the primary sources for updates and insights. Followers can anticipate a month filled with motivational tales, significant discussions, and a refreshed focus on the crucial role of youth in the political landscape.

Through her initiative, Haley Lickstein is reimagining the way young voters engage with politics, underscoring the influence of personal connections and community involvement in sculpting the democratic future.