8 Ways to Get More Review for Your Dental Practice

8 Ways to Get More Review for Your Dental Practice

It’s not easy for many people to visit a dentist. In fact, the dental clinic is one of the places people wouldn’t want to be in. Dental services are usually painful, and the pain wouldn’t go away for several days. However, it’s necessary to see a dentist for cleaning services and other dental needs. There will always be potential patients who will seek these services. The problem is that in one area, several dental practitioners are available. They have to compete with these patients and guarantee that they will choose the clinic over other options. Therefore, it’s important to focus on dentist reputation management.

The first thing that people will consider before going into a dental clinic is the person’s reputation doing the job. The dentist should have the necessary license and qualifications. People that want to trust someone who might not give them what they deserve. Dental services could also lead to complications and unsatisfactory results. It’s true, especially for dental aesthetic services. Letting people know that the dental clinic offers quality services will make them feel more confident.

After getting the dentist’s services, the patients must leave positive reviews and ratings. It will inspire others to come to the same clinic if they need help. However, not everyone would think about leaving reviews. Once they finish getting the dental services, they will go ahead with their regular lives. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a way for these people to say something good about the dental clinic.

1. Make it easy to leave a review

The dental software makes it easy for people to set an appointment and visit the dentist. The same software is useful in making it easier to leave a review. Those who want to read the services offered can use the application and get things done quickly. Again, not everyone feels interested in leaving a review. However, if the dental clinic makes it easier for them to do so, they will most likely try it. 

The dental management software should also have a feature that convinces people to leave a review. Others even have means of communicating with the patients we recently received the service. The patient will receive messages or emails that contain instructions on how they can leave the reviews. If the software doesn’t offer the service, there are other third-party applications available.

2. Create a Google review link 

The good thing about leaving reviews through Google is that it can be quick and easy. No one wants to take several steps before finally leaving a review. Creating a Google review link would be helpful. The link should be easy to share across different platforms, especially social media. It can also reach the patients through their email or the platform used to set an appointment. The link should be concise and easy to understand. The custom Google review link generator would also be useful.

3. Use QR codes 

People can also leave reviews even if they’re not yet opening the Internet. They don’t have to find the links. They can go to the company’s business card and find the QR codes. These codes are easy to use and will redirect the users to the page where leaving the reviews is possible. Generating QR codes isn’t difficult, either. Business cards need updates, and the presence of these QR codes will make it easier for people to leave a review or visit the website.

4. Create an email template

There are lots of reasons for sending an email to patients after receiving dental services. The first reason is that the clinic and express gratitude for choosing the services provided. Another reason is that it helps the business promote other services available in the clinic. Finally, the email may contain the link to the page where the patients can leave a review. To make it easier, there should be a template where only the patient’s name and the date get changed. The rest could be the same. It makes it easier to reach out to the patients and convince them to leave reviews.

5. Verbally ask the patients

After receiving the service, the patients might have to wait for a while to receive instructions from the dentist or finalize the payments. While waiting, a representative from the clinic and talk to the patient discuss how to leave a review. It’s better to ask them to review while they’re still inside the clinic. They might be too busy later once they get out of the place. The dental management software can also help automate the process.

6. Improve the services

Perhaps, the best way to convince the patients to leave a positive review is by giving them the services they deserve. If they felt satisfied with what they received, they won’t hesitate to leave a review. It’s their way of showing gratitude to the dentist. Not only will they feel more enticed to leave a review, but it will also most likely be positive.

7. Use social media 

Social media is an excellent platform for reminding patients to leave positive reviews. Since they visit different platforms, it’s easy to reach out to them. Social media tools are also effective for other reasons, and reminding customers to leave reviews is one.

8. Give them an incentive

Giving patients an incentive to leave reviews is an excellent idea. They can receive freebies from the clinic, such as toothpaste, stuffed toys, and dental kits, if they decide to leave a review. It will also make them feel that the clinic cares about them and the dental services given to patients.

It’s important to always focus on dentist reputation management since reputation is everything. When patients read good reviews or see high ratings, they will feel inclined to get the dental clinic’s services. If it’s the other way around, they will feel turned off. If they know that there are other dental clinics in the area, they will most likely choose those options. It could also spread to other people who might want to receive these services. 

How Much Money You Can Save With Fast Paced Gifting Gift Cards

Everyone likes to receive gift cards as presents. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, someone’s birthday, or any other type of celebration, you can never go wrong with this versatile gift. There are a couple of reasons why people love gifting and receiving gift cards.

For gift-givers, it removes the stress of gift hunting. Even after buying a present, people still feel unsure whether the person will like what they picked out. So, with gift cards, the receiver has complete freedom to choose what they want to buy.

Nevertheless, as a gift-giver, you still have the opportunity to show that you know and care for the person by gifting them with a gift card for their favorite retailer or company. Also, with some websites like Fast Paced Gifting, you can save some money.

How Much Money You Can Save

You can save a considerable amount of money when buying or using gift cards. Whether you’re buying the gift cards as a present or for yourself, you can easily track the amount saved while shopping.

With Fast Paced Gifting gift cards, you get €5 for every €250 you spend, which is an excellent deal. If you calculate how much money you spend on gift cards yearly, you’ll see that this deal gives you a very good amount of money back into your wallet.

Besides this, you don’t have to pay any additional costs for gift cards that usually go to third-parties selling them. The gift card’s exact value is the total amount you need to pay, not a penny more. Here again, you can save a couple of dollars after each purchase, which again sums up quite a valuable amount.

Furthermore, there are some expenses we’re not even aware of. Think about the whole process of buying a gift card. Even though it sounds simple and easy, a lot of money is spent without us realizing it. Going to the store, finding a parking spot, waiting in line, and buying a gift card are all actions that cost us money in some way or another.

That’s why with gift cards, you don’t have any of these expenses. You spend the minimum amount of time not only because there are no queues, but also because Fast Paced Gifting has a wide selection of gift cards all in one place, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Besides, you get your code almost instantly, ready for use, all from the comfort of your home.

Other Tips for Saving Money

Even after buying gift cards, people often waste a certain amount of money left on the card. To avoid this from happening and use your card entirely, follow these tips:

  1. Use the entire amount on the gift cards as soon as possible the best way is to spend the whole amount on the gift card upon receiving it. In this way, you eliminate the risk of losing the card or forgetting about it until it expires. So, go to the shop and treat yourself.
  2. Keep all your Fast Paced Gifting gift cards in one place – one of the most common mistakes is that people don’t store their gift cards in one place. So, they very easily lose or misplace them, and therefore forget about them, while there’s still some amount of cash left on the card.
  3. Check the expiry dates on your Fast Paced Gifting gift cards another tip is to check your gift cards’ expiry date to remove the possibility of missing out on the date. It’s also good to check the dates from time to time to remind you to buy something with the remaining money on the gift card.
  4. Regift the unused Fast Paced Gifting gift cards even if you received a gift card that you’re sure you won’t use, it doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. There’s someone out there who will appreciate that gift card more than you can imagine, so make sure to regift the card to the right person. Not only are you making someone happier, but you’re also saving money. 


To sum it up, birthdays and holidays can be overwhelming for many as they come with additional costs. But, this doesn’t have to be the case when using Fast Paced Gifting gift cards. You don’t have to feel guilty after spending money anymore, as you continuously get a piece back.

With a large variety of available gift cards for various amounts of money, you can easily find a perfect present for anyone without much struggle.

Crystallized Ginger Health Benefits

The ginger plant is known for providing several health benefits. It can treat nausea, it may boost weight loss, and it can be useful in the prevention of certain diseases.

Although ginger is good for you, not everyone loves the taste. Fortunately, you can eat it in crystallized form and still be able to take advantage of its wellness boosting characteristics.

This article will talk about crystallized ginger health benefits so you can decide whether you should be adding it to your diet.

What is Crystallized Ginger?

Crystallized ginger is ginger root peeled cut and boiled. It is then cooked in a thick syrup and allowed to dry. The result is a candy with a semi hard shell and a soft chewy center. It can be used to sweeten drinks or garnish desserts.

Although the added syrup means added sugar and calories, you can still take advantage of the many health benefits ginger has to offer.

Crystallized Ginger Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits crystallized ginger provides.

Has Strong Medicinal Properties: Ginger contains the bioactive compound gingerol, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may reduce oxidative stress and minimize the risk of certain diseases.

Treats Nausea: Ginger has been shown to treat nausea. Although more studies are needed to determine whether it can reduce chemotherapy related nausea in cancer patients, it has proven to be effective in reducing morning sickness.

May Boost Weight Loss: Studies show that ginger may be effective in reducing body mass index and blood insulin levels, which are associated with obesity.

Can Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain and Stiffness: Ginger has been shown to improve pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis. The plant was effective when taken orally and when applied topically.  

May Lower Blood Sugar and Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease: Ginger may have the ability to lower blood sugar and improve hemoglobin, a marker for blood sugar levels. This means it may be effective in treating diabetes and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Can Treat Chronic Indigestion: It is believed that chronic indigestion is caused by delayed emptying of the stomach. Studies have shown that ginger can speed the emptying of the stomach making it beneficial to those with indigestion and stomach discomfort.

Buying the Right Crystallized Ginger is Important

If you are looking to enjoy crystallized ginger health benefits, it’s important to buy a product made with all natural ingredients. That way you can feel confident that what you are eating does not contain anything that can negatively affect health and counter the benefits ginger offers.

The NOW Foods brand is known for providing all natural products that make them a leading name in the health food industry. Their Organic Crystallized Ginger Slices are made from natural ginger root. They are non-GMO, organic and contain no preservatives. They are great for baking and candy making.

If you are looking to add ginger to your diet, crystallized ginger may be the way to go. Its sweet taste makes it fun to eat and it offers crystallized ginger health benefits that boost wellness. How will you be adding it to your dishes?

Herbalife Enrichual Reviews

To understand what Enrichual is about, we must first examine the name. Herbalife chose the unique name because it is a combination of “enrich” and “ritual.” These two words are at the heart of this line of products, as they were designed to be used as part of a daily ritual to enrich the skin and improve general wellness. 

Herbalife Reviews: Hemp Relief Balm

The Hemp Relief Balm is produced using plant-based ingredients and centers around the use of broad-spectrum cannabinoids. Where many hemp-based balms are oily and waxy due to how they are mixed, Herbalife specifically designed this balm to be non-greasy and easy on the skin. The company accomplished this with a specific mix of menthol and essential oils, in addition to nurturing ingredients like safflower oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

Herbalife’s Hemp Relief Balm is a must-have product for those who love the smell and moisturizing effect of hemp-based balms but hate that oily residue that some competitor products leave on their skin. Eco-minded buyers will also appreciate that these products are never tested on animals, nor do they contain any sulfates or parabens. 

Herbalife Reviews: Hemp Facial Serum

The Hemp Facial Serum features 250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids that are formulated to absorb quickly into the skin with the aim of moisturizing and leaving smoother, rejuvenated skin. This Enrichual product also has the added benefit of minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

In addition to those broad-spectrum cannabinoids, the Hemp Facial Serum is packed with an exciting mixture of skin-friendly oils and antioxidants. The serum includes vitamins C and E, which assist in neutralizing free radicals and uplifting one’s natural skin radiance. Incorporated lightweight oils include hemp seed oil, argan oil, and squalene oil – all of which have been shown to smooth and rejuvenate the facial skin. 

Invest in Products That You Trust

Now that products containing CBD are becoming more mainstream, there are those who, in looking to make a quick buck, will turn out poorly formulated products that, at best, don’t have any effect and, at worst, leave you with aggravated skin.

The best way to avoid such outcomes and stay away from charlatan products is to choose quality products that are backed by science and quality testing, like those provided by Herbalife.

7 In-Demand Xbox Games Bought Through Online Card Box

Xbox consoles support thousands of original and third-party games. So, when it’s time for you to move on to your next gaming adventure, you’ve got quite a few choices in front of you. Especially now, with the release of Xbox series X and it’s almost complete backward compatibility, reaching a decision can be challenging. 

To help you find the game that’s just right for you, Online Card Box has compiled a list of its best-selling Xbox game gift cards. From kid-friendly fantasy adventures to notoriously difficult action RPGs, there’s something here for every gamer. Check it out. 

1. FIFA 20 

FIFA video games have entirely reshaped the gaming industry. Ever since the release of FIFA International Soccer in 1993, the gaming community has been completely mesmerized by the series. 

FIFA 20 quickly became the best-selling game of 2020. Reintroducing the VOLTA mode, enhancing the visuals, improving movement, passing, and making one-on-one matchups more exciting, FIFA 20 truly wowed the audiences. It’s not surprising that FIFA 20 gift cards are the best-selling product at Online Card Box. 

FIFA 21 was released in October 2020, so expect FIFA 21 gift cards on Online Card Box in the near future! 

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Although released back in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the top-sellers on Online Card Box. It has a huge, loyal fanbase, and you won’t go wrong if you start playing it. 

It’s a Western-style survival adventure game that will have you glued to your console for hours on end. The open-world environment is detailed and immersive, the visuals are stunning, and the gameplay is smooth and entertaining. 

You can play Red Dead Redemption 2 in single or multiplayer mode and explore the world as much as you want. Enjoy the thrilling gunfights, exciting characters, and everything this game has to offer. 

3. Halo 5: Guardians 

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, you have to give Halo 5: Guardians a try. Initially released in 2015, it still remains a fan-favorite to this day. 

Thousands of people join the game every single day, so you can enjoy the multiplayer mode to the fullest even if none of your friends are playing. 

Halo 5 has excellent game mechanics, beautiful visuals, exciting weapon choices, and mesmerizing battle styles. You’ll love every second of this FPS. 

4. The Elder Scrolls Online 

This MMORPG is fantastic, to say the least. But, before you start playing it, you might want to commit some time to research and check out the extensive lore. It’s more interesting than it may seem, and if you’re a fan of fantasy novels, you’re bound to enjoy it. 

Today, The Elder Scrolls Online invites over 2.5 million monthly players. The community is wonderful, and the gameplay is completely thrilling. 

You can do virtually anything in-game – craft, explore the massive open world, even get married. The Elder Scrolls Online gift cards are some of the most attractive on Online Card Box. 

5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 

This brutal action-adventure has amassed quite a following since its release in 2019. You’ll get to play a disgraced warrior in 16th century Japan who’s on a quest to take revenge on the samurai clan that attacked him and kidnapped his young lord. 

The combat and boss battles are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll be frustrated by the challenges and be forced to think outside the box – and you’ll love it! 

6. DOOM Eternal 

Hardcore gamers who enjoy intense gameplay and love to be challenged will find themselves at home with DOOM Eternal. 

You get to play the DOOM Slayer, whose goal is to end Hell’s dominion of Earth. You’ll battle horrible demons that are stronger than ever, and you’ll constantly remain on the edge of your seat. 

DOOM Eternal received critical acclaim for its astonishing gameplay, but keep in mind that this game is not for the light of heart. Gore, blood, dismemberment, scary creatures, and other colorful aspects of the game may be too edgy for some.

7. Kingdom Hearts 3 

If the above-mentioned games are a bit too extreme for you, Online Card Box has something that might be more to your liking. Kingdom Hearts 3. 

Although kid-friendly, don’t get the wrong impression – Kingdom Hearts 3 is challenging and exciting, perfect for old and young gamers alike. 

You’ll play the lovable Sora, and you’ll get to join some of Disney’s most cherished characters, including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, and others. Your goal is to defeat the enemy forces and face off against the notorious Master Xehanort. 

It’s a fun game that’ll offer hours of enjoyment for the whole family. 

The Bottom Line 

There isn’t a shortage of choices when you’re deciding on the next game to play on Xbox. If you don’t want to waste time on a poor decision, give any of these games a try and improve your gaming experience!

3 New Health Products You May Want To Try Out

3 New Health Products You May Want To Try Out

With so many developments in the medical field it can be hard to keep track of what’s coming to light and what new products may be able to benefit you! If we’re being completely honest, there are so many different products on the market now that there really is something for everyone and something for almost every problem. Research continues and I’m sure after you’re done reading this there will be even more discoveries and implementations of medicine in our society. But, here are 3 new health products that you may find will benefit your life today.

1. CBD oil. 

Lots of people are skeptical of this product because it comes from the Cannabis plant. This is understandable but unwarranted. CBD oil differs from Cannabis in a variety of ways. The first way is in the percentage of THC. THC is the chemical found in Cannabis that promotes intoxication. It is only because of this chemical that recreational users get their high from it. THC is limited in CBD oil and completely nullifies the intoxicating features of Cannabis. So, what’s left? The active agents that are in CBD oil still promote muscle and mind relaxation. Instead of becoming high during this process, you are completely present but still your body and mind relax and muscles destress. If you’ve been feeling wound up, you would benefit from searching for CBD oil for sale.

2. Kratom. 

Many people haven’t heard of Kratom either. Kratom in essence does the exact opposite of CBD oil. Instead of acting as a depressant, it acts as an accelerant. It promotes the body to move faster, act quicker and think smarter. By increasing the synaptic responses in the brain it will actually improve your thinking and processing capabilities. Many students use Kratom in order to give them a boost of energy at night in order to study for exams. Professionals and businessmen use it to beat jet lag once they’re arrived at their destination. Kratom can also be used as a pain reliever and numb the body for a short amount of time. Because of this, athletes will use Kratom before playing in order to give them a burst of energy and help them perform without pain. If you’re looking to buy Kratom, we would recommend trying out Bali Kratom. Essentially they’re all the same, but that’s just what we would recommend if you’ve never tried it before.

3. Essential oils. 

This topic is just as speculated as CBD oil. Many people swear on its validity while others who have used it promise that it’s only a placebo effect. In the end though, if it makes you feel better, it’s worth investing in. There have been a number of different research studies that have gone into the effects of essential oils. In the end, they are helping people all around the world to feel better mentally and physically. Regardless of what anyone may tell you, if they help you feel good, they’re worth investing in.

Best Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you are responsible for making this year’s meal, you’re probably stressing about what you’re going to serve. After all, everyone has different tastes and dietary restrictions. The traditional holiday meal may not cut it.

Take turkey for instance. Turkey is usually the star of the Thanksgiving meal. But people on vegetarian and vegan diets won’t eat it. And then there are a handful of people who just don’t like it.

If you are trying to plan non-turkey Thanksgiving dinners don’t fret. Here are some terrific alternatives.

Non-Turkey Thanksgiving Dinners Ideas

Honey Glazed Ham: Ham has always been a welcome meat at the holiday table. This is a cut that can be served instead of turkey or in addition to turkey. Honey glaze it, roast it in a slow cooker, and it’s likely no one will be thinking about any other meat.

Lasagna: Lasagna can work well as the side or as a main dish. And the nice thing about it is, you can make meat and vegetarian versions. To make it fit the theme of the holiday, try a Thanksgiving inspired lasagna made with roasted pumpkin and butternut squash, nutmeg, and cream sauce.

Salmon: Salmon is a healthy meat that is perfect for the dinner table. Roast it in butter and add the herbs of your choosing to give it a unique flavor. Parsley, chervil, dill, basil, peanut oil, and cilantro are all great seasoning options.

Tofurkey: If you’re inviting vegan and vegetarians to your Thanksgiving meal, tofurkey is an obvious go-to. Made of tofu, it’s a great source of vitamins and minerals. Roast it in olive oil, soy sauce, maple syrup and your choice of herbs, and it’s just as delicious as the real thing.

Pot Roast with Cranberries: You can take your pot roast up a notch by adding cranberries, orange peel, orange juice, sherry vinegar, and a pinch of cayenne. The result will be a holiday-appropriate meat that is sure to delight the senses.

Roast Duck: Make your Thanksgiving easy by serving roast duck. It always comes out amazing and it only requires a few ingredients to taste great. Roast yours with black pepper and soy sauce, and you’ll have a dish that is guaranteed to impress.

Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy but the cold weather and running around can wreak havoc on the immune system. And all the rich foods can make your digestion go south.

Thanksgiving calls for an extra dose of support that can be found in Single Daily Probiotic 30 Billion by Bluebonnet.

Bluebonnet is a family run business that is known for providing high quality, pure and natural supplements. Their Single Daily Probiotic 30 Billion features 20 Pasteur Institute DNA verified strains of friendly bacteria to provide optimal digestive and overall health support. The capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free.

This Thanksgiving, not everyone at your holiday table is going to want to eat turkey. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-turkey Thanksgiving dinners for you to choose from. Which will you be serving your guests?

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

3 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Gaming

With the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles coming out, and with so many people being stuck inside for so long, there has been an influx of gamers that have been roaming the online servers and joining in on avid and experienced gamers. If you’re one of these guys, we welcome you! We also understand that it’s always difficult jumping into a new world where there are people who are more practiced than you.

It seems like an unfair playing field. If you’re looking to increase your gaming skills in a short amount of time, I have some bad news for you. It’s going to take time. Developing a talent simply takes time. However, there are a couple tips and tricks that will help you to catalyze your improvement and excel the learning curve for you. Here are a couple that I’ve personally found to be beneficial.

1.      Kratom. 

If you haven’t heard of this, that’s ok. Kratom is a natural supplement that comes from Malaysia and the surrounding countries. It was used previously by the indigenous people for its healing characteristics. Now, it has become commercialized and is sold world-wide. This supplement acts as an accelerant and helps to speed up your brain activity. It works in the same sense that caffeine does, only Kratom is non addictive. The best form of Kratom is called Maeng da Kratom. This supplement is the purest form of the herb that comes out of Malaysia and has the best effect on the body and mind. However, if you’re not looking for anything concentrated, you can always just google Kratom near me.

2.      Blue light glasses. 

If you’ve never tried these, trust me, they’re worth a shot. Not only will they help your eyes from getting tired and worn out, but it will actually make it easier to focus on the screen and react more quickly to whatever game you’re playing. This is most relevant in first person shooter games, but it can also help in adventure type games or racing games. If we are being honest though, the best part about these glasses is that they prevent headaches that are caused by screen exposure. Tolerance is different for everyone but for the majority of people, the most they can look at a screen without feeling nauseous is between 3-4 hours. If you’re planning to play more than this in a day, you’ll want to invest in a pair of glasses to protect your eyes.

3.      Gaming chair. 

It might seem odd to say, but the more upright your body is, the better it performs in general. This means that if you’re used to playing slumped on the couch, that your game play will significantly increase if you can find a comfortable chair that sits you at just less than a 90 degree angle. This will increase blood flow and reaction time when you’re playing. It might not seem like a big difference, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet.

Can Coffee Make ADHD Worse?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition characterized by hyperactivity, impulsiveness and difficulty paying attention. Fortunately, there are several natural treatments and prescription medicines that make ADHD manageable.

But what about coffee?

The caffeine in coffee is known to improve focus so it can be beneficial in reducing attention deficit, but it can also make you jittery increasing hyperactivity. So what’s the best solution? Read on to find out the answer to the question, can coffee make ADHD worse?

Can Coffee Make ADHD Worse?

How Caffeine Improves Focus

Caffeine is a stimulant. When it enters the body, it boosts dopamine levels which, in turn, improves focus and concentration. In this sense, it is effective in reducing attention deficit issues that many ADHD people deal with.

While this is one way, caffeine benefits ADHD, it also has detrimental effects including the following.

Negatively Affects Sleep

Too much caffeine can negatively affect sleep cycles, especially when it’s being consumed in excess or later in the day. A lack of sleep can increase ADHD symptoms like:

·         Forgetfulness

·         Irritability

·         Lack of focus

Reduces Blood Flow to the Brain

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor meaning it makes blood vessels smaller to reduce blood flow to the brain. ADHD medications also make blood vessels smaller. 

Reducing blood flow helps ADHD because it decreases activity in regions of the brain that are overactive. This allows those regions to function better and cooperate with the rest of the brain.

While caffeine provides similar benefits to the medications used to treat ADHD, using them in combination can be dangerous. They will make the treatment more powerful, but they can also increase unwanted side effects.

Other Natural Alternatives

If you are wondering, “Can caffeine make ADHD worse?,” the jury is still out on that one. Health professionals say every case of ADHD is unique and caffeine may affect different people in different ways.

Therefore, it is best to take coffee and other caffeinated products in small doses to determine their effects before incorporating it into your diet.

It should also be noted that there are other ways to reduce ADHD symptoms without side effects including the following.

·         Make Dietary Changes: Allergens, food coloring and preservatives have all been known to increase symptoms. ADHD patients are advised to eliminate them from their dietary routines.

·         Avoid Stress: Yoga classes and walks outside can decrease stress that can trigger ADHD.

·         Try Therapy: EEG biofeedback, behavioral and parental therapy have been shown to be effective in treating ADHD.

Supplements can also work to increase attention span without the unwanted side effects. Focus for Adults by Solaray is an example of a supplement designed to reduce symptoms of ADHD.

Solaray carries a complete line of high quality vitamins, minerals and other specialty products. Their Focus for Adults is a specialized formula that provides nutrients that are beneficial to normal brain function and cerebral circulation. Ingredients like L-tyrosine, GABA, and grape seed extract support neurotransmitter activity to improve concentration.

If you or a loved one has ADHD, you may be wondering, “Can coffee make ADHD worse?” Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that question as it may affect patients in different ways. However, there are supplements, medications and lifestyle changes that can boost quality of life. What solutions do you recommend when it comes to improving focus?

The sweet and tasty food I’m adding to my diet to be healthier

The sweet and tasty food I’m adding to my diet to be healthier

The sweet and tasty food I’m adding to my diet to be healthier!

I spend a lot of my time every day reading and researching health and nutrition.  I really enjoy it.  It’s the whole reason I created Nanohydr8 in the first place.

I try to eat healthy Monday through Friday, but I was realizing that I probably need to add some more fruit to my diet.
I usually avoid a lot of fruit during the week because it can be high in carbohydrates.
I have always had a banana in my post workout shake, but after lots of reading and watching videos, I decided to start eating blueberries as part of my pre-workout meal.

Here’s why!

-Blueberries Are Low in Calories But High in Nutrients

Blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense of all the fruits and vegetables.

A half cup of blueberries only has 42 calories and 7 grams of carbohydrates!

-Blueberries are an amazing Antioxidant

Antioxidants protect us from free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable molecules that we get from foods we eat, and the air we breathe that can damages our cells and contribute to aging and cause diseases like cancer.

Blueberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables.

DNA damage is unavoidable and it happens all day, every day, in every cell in our body.

The high level of antioxidants in blueberries dramatically reduce the damage done to our cells.

The older I get, the more I care about brain health.  In one study of over 16,000 older people, it was found that blueberries and strawberries were linked to delays in mental aging by about about 2.5 years!

The bottom line is that blueberries are super healthy.  They help our heart, our brain, our muscles and almost every other aspect of our body.

The best part is that they are super yummy!

So I’m going to eat a half cup of blueberries with my pre-workout meals.  I had them today, I felt great.

As always, work hard, have fun, drink your Nanohydr8 and maybe try adding some blueberries to your diet!

Ps. The research shows that there are no noticeable differences between organic and the regular blueberries.  So I got the regular ones, because they are half the price. 

Adam Legas
CEO/ Founder Nanohydr8
Discount code “adam”