7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

If you’re trying to shore up your budget, it’s a good idea to reevaluate every line item. While things like groceries are, of course, necessary, there are always ways that you can reduce the amount you spend at the store. The same is true for utilities like gas and electricity. Read on if you’re looking for some simple ways to save on energy bills.

Buy energy-efficient light bulbs.

One of the most common components of any list of suggestions for how to save on your electric bill is to buy better lightbulbs. Using LED or energy-efficient light bulbs is a surefire way to reduce the amount of energy your bulbs consume each day. Best of all, some LED lightbulbs are designed to last for years, making it easier to save by decreasing the number of times you wind up buying bulbs.

Turn off your lights.

Another easy way to reduce your energy consumption is to turn off the lights when you don’t need them on. If you’ve just left a room, such as a bathroom or your kitchen, make sure to flip the lights off when you leave. You may also want to orient different aspects of your home around windows so that you can make the most of natural light.

Get better windows.

Heating and cooling during the summer and winter are huge culprits when it comes to energy spikes. If you feel like you’re constantly turning the air up in the summer or the heat up in the winter, it may be worth investing in new windows. If your windows are certified energy-efficient and create a better seal, your home will be better insulated, saving you money.

Keep an eye on your thermostat.

Going along with the previous suggestion, it’s a good idea to stay conscious of the temperature you keep your home at. Even adjusting the thermostat down a degree or two in the winter and putting on a pair of socks or a sweater can be effective when it comes to reducing how much money your energy plan charges you. Installing a smart thermostat is another way to help reduce your energy consumption without having to think twice about it.

Use a microwave when possible.

Do you own a microwave? Did you know that if you do, meals that can be prepared in the microwave instead of in an electric oven or stovetop can help you save money, too? Microwaves use a lot less electricity than other, bigger appliances, so when it comes to heating up that soup, maybe you should use the microwave instead of an electric burner.

Insulate your home.

Insulating your home goes beyond getting better windows. Having the proper kinds of insulation in your attic and walls can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a better deal. Especially if you have a higher rate due in the hot summer months and cold winters, it can be a great idea to have your insulation checked. If there are any leaks, or the material is subpar, it may be contributing to the need for your HVAC to work overtime.

Find a new energy provider.

Sometimes, even with the above tips and tricks in mind, you may find that your monthly bill is still a little high. If you’ve determined that your usage level is under control, looking into other energy companies could be the secret to finding a lower rate. Even with an early termination fee, it may be worth switching providers if it means you’ll be saving money by getting the cheapest electricity in any given month. Find cheap electricity plans with iSelect and start comparing your options to see if a new provider could help you save money by changing your rate plan.

What You Should Know About 1-Andro Before Using It

You have probably heard about steroids. People that work out and want to have a fit physical form often use steroids to achieve that. Also, steroids are used to shape and enlarge muscles, mostly in the upper part of the body. The male population is known for using more steroids than the female. However, this doesn’t mean that a female won’t be able to use them.

Moreover, there isn’t just one type of steroids on the market. Read more on this link. There are over thousands of options you can choose from, and new formulas are being invented even as you read this article. This is because a lot of people seem interested in using them and are satisfied with the outcome later on. Just ask any bodybuilder. Their well-defined physique is often achieved through the usage of steroids.

The best thing to do would be to consult with a nutritionist or your personal trainer about what to do. If you have set your mind on a particular steroid, then you should do research about it to find more. Or, if you have been using the same steroid over and over again and want a change, you should also try to learn more online. 

Take 1-Androsterone, for example. There’s been an increase in interest regarding this particular steroid. If you are curious to know more about it, then continue reading this article. Here’s what you should know: 

Why do people use it? 

The function of this particular compound is to increase muscle mass and strength without any fat. In fact, it has become a very popular steroid for muscle building. If you are looking to speed up the process of shaping your muscles, then you should try this steroid. 

Moreover, before you rush into buying it, you should do some research beforehand. There are several websites online that review products like these. Check them out as well. You can also consult with bodybuilders that go to the same gym as you for a recommendation. 

You should also know that there aren’t any adverse side-effects to using it. It won’t do any harm to your organs, and you’ll be able to achieve your goal. You will be able to encounter it under several different names, as well. So, when you are shopping for steroids, have this in mind as well. This is where research comes in handy. The more you know about the drug, the better.

How does it work? 

The first thing you should pay attention to is the right amount of dosage to intake. With it, you’ll be able to take charge of your cortisol and testosterone levels. As mentioned above, the drug is effective for muscle bulking as well as losing fat. There are several benefits of using this compound. Click on the link to discover more about the prohormone https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/1-andro/.

With the right amount of dosage, you can boost the testosterone levels in your body. Not only that, but the effect of the drug can slightly reduce the estrogen levels in your system. If this is something you are determined to do, then you should give this drug a chance. However, talk to your personal trainer first. They may be able to offer some advice on what to do. 

The compound can help you control the effects of the hormones in your body. Its formula is designed for those that want to gain muscle mass for a faster period. Also, doing just workout won’t be able to give you the desired large muscles you want on your arms and chest. You’ll need this drug if you want to see a difference in your body. 

What’s in its formula? 

The steroid is made from several ingredients. Some, you might know. The first component present in the formula is gelatin. As you can see, the compound is rich in proteins. Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, silica, modified cornstarch, etc. if you are a bodybuilder, then you probably know about these components and their effect on the body.

If not, then you should do some research or consult with a professional trainer on the matter. If this is your first time working out and trying to get fit, then the more you know, the better. A professional trainer can surely point you in the right direction.

Are there any side-effects? 

This is a relatively new drug that is still being tested. For now, there aren’t any adverse side-effects experienced by a particular user. The best thing to do would be to control the dosage you are planning to take. If, by some misfortune, you start to feel unwell, consult with a medical professional immediately.

However, this is not the case with this particular drug, but different bodies react differently. Always remember that.

Get Rid of Your Student Loan Woes – Hire A Student Loan Lawyer

Get Rid of Your Student Loan Woes – Hire A Student Loan Lawyer

Many American students are struggling with student loan debt. Some have switched to an income-driven repayment plan in order to reduce their monthly payment. Others are forced to pause making payments. If you are one of these struggling students, there may be another option. Working with a bankruptcy attorney may allow you to shed off your loan obligations.

How can an attorney help with student loan debts?

A student loan attorney has advanced knowledge regarding all aspects of student loans and will help you deal with complex situations. A student loan attorney will guide you 

  • When you are facing a dispute with a loan service
  • When the loan issued is fraudulent
  • When a debt collection agency is harassing you
  • When you have been sued in court 
  • When you are on the verge of bankruptcy

Hiring the services of an attorney when you aren’t aware of your legal options is enormously helpful. Only an attorney will be able to shed light on which solution will work best for your particular situation. In certain cases you may be able to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.

How do I confirm the proficiency of an attorney?

Look for lawyers who are listed in the National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. You can also check the American Bar Association. Check if the lawyer:

  • Specializes in student loans: Rather than opting for a general practitioner, hire the services of an attorney who specializes in debt relief law as he/she will be more aware of the nuances involved and have experience in handling student loan cases. Even those who specialize in consumer loan debt may not be able to provide good relief options.
  • Has experience solving your specific situation: Every loan issue is different and requires different course of action. The lawyer you select must have experience handling similar cases like yours. You can ask them how they dealt with a similar case and what outcome to expect in your case.

How to find affordable lawyers?

After you have shortlisted a few attorneys, inquire about their fee structure. Try to find an attorney who charges flat rates, as hourly rates tend to spiral out of control very quickly. Flat rates are preferable for services like document preparation, reviewing the case, resolving a student loan default, negotiating pre-trial settlement and for pretrial work.

The legal fees may range anywhere from $500 to $1000. Though it may sound like a lot, getting a lawyer to handle your student loan issues is worth it. The right advice can help you save thousands.  You’ll also be at peace when you have legal assistance.

Before taking legal action, try to resolve the issue with your loan servicer and discuss repayment alternatives. If you aren’t able to reach an agreement, legal help will prove beneficial.

How Coconut Oil Changed My Life

How Coconut Oil Changed My Life

There’s no doubt about it. People are becoming more focused on their health. This movement involves using products found in nature for the benefits they provide.

When it comes to natural products, the coconut is a gift that keeps on giving. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, making it effective in reducing the risk of disease and boosting overall health.

People can take advantage of these benefits by eating the coconut itself or by drinking its milk or water. But coconut also produces an oil that can help boost wellness. Read on to find out more about how coconut oil changed my life.

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is an oil that is extracted from coconut kernels. It is tasteless and colorless.

Structurally speaking, coconut oil is full of fatty acids and proteins that are rich in antioxidants. It is also rich in medium chain fatty acids (MFCAs) like caprylic acid, laurel acid, and capric acid. These MFCAs are easily digestible, and they are quickly converted into energy as opposed to fat.

What are the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil?

But if you really want to know how coconut oil changed my life, that would be due to the health benefits it provides. Here are some of the ways it can help improve your wellness.

  • Boosts Good Cholesterol: Adding coconut oil to your diet has been shown to boost good cholesterol levels.
  • Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes: Coconut oil’s ability to boost metabolism and suppress appetite makes it good for weight loss. It also battles insulin resistance. These properties make it recommended in controlling blood sugar and managing diabetes.
  • Fights Alzheimer’s: The MFCAs in coconut oil are effective in improving brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Boosts Liver Health: Coconut oil guards against liver damage and has been known to cure urinary tract infections.
  • Good for Hair and Skin: Coconut oil can be put directly on hair and skin, working as a natural moisturizer and providing anti-aging properties.

Finding the Right Coconut Oil Products

If you are looking to add coconut oil to your meals or use it in your beauty routine, you want to find a product that is as pure and effective as possible. Here are a few we recommend.

Jarrow Formula’s Coconut Oil Organic: The Jarrow Formula company prides itself in offering award-winning products that are tested for their potency and purity. Their organic coconut oil can be used in solid or liquid form for cooking and baking. It is pressed directly from the coconut and it is solvent free.

NOW Foods Coconut Oil Natural: NOW Foods has been around for about 80 years, and they have established a reputation as a leader in whole foods and natural supplements. Their natural coconut oil can be applied directly to the skin or the scalp to condition and moisturize. It has a great fresh scent, and it is a terrific alternative to other cosmetic products that may contain toxic chemicals.

Coconut oil changed my life, and it can change yours too. Try adding it to your diet and your beauty and skin care routines to see how it works to boost your health and wellness. 

The Two Most Popular Online Degree Subjects

The Two Most Popular Online Degree Subjects

So you’ve done your research on the pro’s and con’s of getting an online degree, the benefits of being able to manage time much easier, and the requirement of self motivation and a good work ethic. But now what? There’s not an “intro to online degrees” course! In this article, I’ll give you the 2 most popular online degree subjects, and a little bit of information about each one. 

Business Administration

Business administration is quite possibly the most popular degree subject ever. Period. And there are a lot of reasons for it. But in any case, it’s definitely one of the most popular in terms of online schooling. This is partially to do the sheer amount of degrees available. There are options for everyone, with every ambition. It’s also a very ideal course layout for online schooling. There isn’t a lot of technical math, or hands-on assignments, there’s just a little bit of everything. This allows for a good course to take in the midst of a busy lifestyle, since in many cases, it won’t require too much outside research or help.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is also a very popular degree in general, which is a big part of why it’s on this list. But it’s also another good online option. Of course you could get a masters degree in physics or mathematics online, but that’s a very large time investment, even on your own time. Criminal justice is something that a lot of people already think about, and is a great segway into a career. Whether you want to go into law enforcement as a police officer, or join the FBI or CIA, become a corrections officer, or go into law. Criminal justice is a great option for anyone looking for a job in any of these areas. 

Finding Balance: One Entrepreneur’s Journey To Success

Finding Balance: One Entrepreneur’s Journey To Success

Entrepreneurs work long hours, have packed schedules, and are under continuous stress. This could lead to poor health. For many employees, it does just that. But studies are starting to show that, for a variety of reasons, entrepreneurs live longer, healthier lives than employees do. These studies are revealing that entrepreneurs are less likely to have hypertension, obesity and diabetes than other workers. However, they are also showing that entrepreneurs suffer from stress-related illnesses at higher than average rates when they don’t incorporate “self-care” into their daily routines. 

Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses to gain freedom and flexibility in their work life. They want to be their own boss, make their own schedules, and have a better work-life balance. Cheril Clarke, an entrepreneur that founded Phenomenal Writing, LLC 5 years ago, says, “Entrepreneurship allows me to design the life I want.” For her, and other entrepreneurs, this includes setting aside time for health. Cheril works out every day, whether that be going to the gym or swinging on a hoop, practicing aerial acrobatics. She made a commitment to herself to do this because good health is part of a good work-life balance to her. 

Perhaps the trait most responsible for these better health outcomes is an entrepreneur’s self-discipline. It takes discipline and tenaciousness to build and grow a business. This attitude seems to carry over to exercise and diet. They also have more flexibility than the average worker, and therefore have more time for exercise and healthy meal planning. Regardless of the reasons, entrepreneurs make fewer visits to the hospital and enjoy higher overall well–being and life satisfaction. They are more likely to exercise and eat fruits and vegetables. A study by Louisiana State University even found that as the number of small businesses grew within an area, the health of the surrounding community improved. Obesity, diabetes, and mortality rates all declined steadily, ranking at less than half the national average.

However, the good news only extends into the mental health arena when we are cognizant of our work-life balance. According to a study by Michael Freeman, a psychiatrist, psychologist and former CEO, entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to report having a mental health condition, with some specific conditions being more prevalent among founders. Seventy-two percent of entrepreneurs surveyed self-reported concerns when not enacting a consistent program of exercise, sleep, and balance. 

In general, entrepreneurs seem most at risk for depression, anxiety, and addiction, both substance and behavioral when they don’t take care of themselves. Increased stress, uncertainty, social isolation, and shame from “impression management” (the idea that for optics they must come across as “having it all together”) all compound to result in irritability, burn-out, low self-worth, sleep disturbances, and even migraines.

Many of these symptoms can be combated with self-care, along with diet and exercise. Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, particularly during periods of stress. Meditation, travel, getting enough sleep, massage, and spending time with loved ones can all be self-care. The act of doing things that are relaxing and fulfilling help de-stress an individual and assist in maintaining connections with non-work activities.

Clarke has made it her mission to practice self-care often, not because she is concerned about issues, but because she knows it makes her a better communicator. Whether that means going to the salon to get her hair and nails done on a consistent basis or getting a massage at the end of a busy week, Ms. Clarke makes a concerted effort to take care of herself. She knows that when she does this, her work is far better than when she doesn’t. Another great trick of Cheril’s: spending time in nature and meditating in order to relax. “Life mastery to me, in one word, means balance.” She finds balance through tending to her physical and mental health as well as dedicating long days to her businesses. You can hear more about Cheril’s balanced approach to work, life, and health on the Life Mastery by Monica Bey podcast and learn more about her businesses at PhenomenalWriting.com and PhenomenalSpeeches.com.

Best Organic Ginger Green Tea

Best Organic Ginger Green Tea

If you are looking to get the very most out of your cup of tea, organic ginger green tea is the way to go.

Tea that is organic is toxin free, ensuring no pollutants or chemicals will build up in your system. Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory benefits that are great for the digestive system, and green tea is full of antioxidants that naturally fight off disease. When all these elements are combined in one drink, it makes for one of the healthiest beverages around.

The health benefits the tea provides become even more enhanced when you’re buying it from a company you trust. Read on to find out more about what makes this tea so healthy and how you can find the best organic ginger green tea on the market.

Benefits of Organic Tea

Organic tea is a clean tea that will reduce the risk of toxins building up in your body. Here are some other benefits it provides.

Improves Gut Health: Tea balances bacteria in the gut to improve function.

Full of Antioxidants: The antioxidants in tea are beneficial to skin and slow the aging process.

Good for Weight Maintenance: Tea is naturally calorie free and has a high water content that is great for managing weight.

Relaxing: Drinking tea is relaxing, so it keeps stress levels low.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for boosting digestive health. Here are some other benefits it can provide.

Reduces Inflammation: Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in fighting inflammation that occurs internally and externally.

Fights Respiratory Problems: Drinking ginger tea can be beneficial if you are trying to fight a cold.

Improves Blood Circulation: The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in ginger boost blood circulation to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea’s high antioxidant content isn’t the only reason why it’s such a healthy drink. Here are some other ways it can boost health.

Improves Brain Function: Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine, which works with the caffeine in the tea to improve brain function.

Kills Bacteria: Green tea’s ability to kill bacteria makes it effective in improving dental health and fighting infection.

May Lower Risk of Diabetes: Studies have shown that green tea can reduce blood sugar levels to lower the risk of diabetes.

Best Organic Ginger Green Tea

If you are sold on the benefits of organic ginger green tea, you’ll want to buy it from a brand you know you can trust.  Here are two we recommend.

Organic India: Organic India is an herbal supplement company that is committed to providing high quality organic products to their customers. The herbs they use are sourced from acres of land tended to by farmers educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. Shop from their wide selection of teas and supplements to find the products that are right for you.

TeaSource: TeaSource is dedicated to offering the best values on high quality teas. They have their own warehouse which they use to import, blend, and sell all their products. Their huge selection includes organic green tea and ginger tea options.

If you enjoy a good tea, make the most of it by drinking the best organic ginger green tea available. Sit back and enjoy a cup today!

5 Best Sports Tv Shows

Sports lovers get icing on the cake if there are some sports shows running online. There is a genre which does not like or prefer drama so we have drafted the below list for those. These shows have made a true sportsman’s heartbeat loud and made them come closer to their sport even more. 

Image result for sports TV shows

One Tree Hill

Yeah, we agree by the end of the season it was all about love but the initial seasons were really happening about basketball. We fell in love with the game all over again and so did the audience. They portrayed basketball in a really different way and everyone kind of enjoyed it. And needless to say, we loved the sweaty actors!

Highway 18

This American reality television show on Golf Channel pitted five teams of two players each against each other in a game of golf. These teams had to compete against each other to win a number of challenges and complete the Clubhouse Challenge. It was hosted by Keri Murphy. Every episode of the show was filled with nail-biting moments, just as you observe while being on Algarve Golf Holidays. The show was so captivating that it did not let the viewer move his eyes from the screen even once.

American Ninja Warrior

This game show made a home in the hearts of many people. The actual reality that this show showed without any drama or pretense made the people connect. The athleticism portrayed on the show made the viewers really feel like they were the part of the show. This show made the audience laugh, cry and pray that the deserving winner should only win. It had some amazing TRP at that time. We must say that this show set the standard of reality shows really high. 


Released and set in the 90s, still, you will never get bored of watching this one sports show. The coach tries to bring together a disrupting soccer team and face the real challenges. The best part of the show was that it has as little drama as it could. The challenges and situations are handled with a hilarious touch and you instantly forget your days; stress if you watch this series. This is the much-needed serial to a sports lover. So, if you are a sports lover, you should watch this series for sure.

Friday Night Lights

This serial if watched by a sports fan will be watched again and again. This is a highly recommended serial for any sports fan that exists. Inspired by a 2004 film, but the twists given in the plot were mind-blowing. The game of football was hair raising like watching a real football match. The TV actors made a home in the hearts of the audience and never left. This is one serial that is praised by every sports fan even today.

So, make time and watch these shows for a truly unmatchable experience. You will view the background of sports with all its highs and lows. You will feel even more connected to the sport and its players.

How to Prepare an Apartment so Renters Will Fall in Love with It

How to Prepare an Apartment so Renters Will Fall in Love with It

When you’re showing your rental apartments to prospective tenants, you’re presenting them with a picture of their future home. Although renting an apartment means freedom and flexibility, it’s still a big commitment and your potential renter will want to feel at home. That’s why you should prepare the apartment and give it a homey vibe before each visit.

To make the best first impression, make sure you cover all of the main aspects and show a clean, functional, comfortable, and beautiful apartment the renters will love. In particular, here’s what you should focus on:


After your previous tenant has vacated the unit, bring in a cleaning crew to deep clean the apartment. They should be able to remove any stains and odors and freshen up the apartment, in general. If there are more serious issues—such as holes in the walls or other damage—make sure to repair them before showing the apartment to the next prospect. 

Furthermore, if you want to give the rental that new apartment feel, focus on cleaning areas such as windows, corners of rooms and appliances. The kitchen and the bathroom should be spotless, and by polishing the appliances and fixtures, these rooms will shine. 


It’s difficult to know what kind of lifestyle your prospective tenant has and whether the apartment you are showing will suit it. Therefore, emphasize the functionality of the apartment by making sure the appliances, plumbing, lights, windows, and locks are all working properly. If there are any problems, call a specialist to fix them before the showing.

Once those are taken care of, check all potential safety and security concerns, from smoke detectors to wiring and outlets. Also, ensure that there aren’t any faulty or quirky appliances in the apartment, either. For instance, if the microwave only works half the time and the fridge doesn’t always close all the way, replace them with fully functional units. 


Comfort is often difficult to mimic in an uninhabited apartment. However, it’s important to present the rental in its best condition, which means it should be full of light and set to the right temperature, as well as have a pleasant smell. The time of day and/or year may also influence how you show the apartment; for example, you might rely more on natural light during summer by leaving the windows uncovered as opposed to turning on artificial lights in the winter. 

The same goes for temperature, which you should adjust accordingly for a pleasant transition. In the summer, you can even leave the windows open prior to the showing to fill the apartment with fresh air. Conversely, during the winter, brew some hot cinnamon water or hot chocolate to fill the space with a pleasant, homey fragrance. 


This area is very much dependent on whether you’re renting a furnished or unfurnished unit. If the apartment is empty, it might be easier for the tenant to picture bringing their own furniture and styling it according to their personal preferences. However, others may find it easier to imagine living in the apartment if it’s furnished. Either way, consider staging some areas—even with rented furniture—to give them an idea of how the apartment might look with their belongings. 

Additionally, select versatile colors for the unit’s walls and curtains so they will easily integrate with whatever color scheme the tenant chooses. But, don’t add any decorations that are too specific or personal. The entire apartment is the star of the show; the rest of the items are simply there to make it shine. 

Lastly, make sure you know that particular unit and its selling points. Then, highlight the practical amenities that are sure to convince the renter—such as walk-in closets, in-unit laundry, or storage space. Essentially, paint a picture of what it would be like for them to live there by exploring the views from the apartment, showcasing each room, and discussing the neighborhood and what they can do there. You can even ask the prospective tenants what they’re looking for and find a solution inside the apartment.

Each tenant is looking for something different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for most situations. Cover as much as possible, highlight all of the apartment’s best aspects and renters are sure to fall in love with the space. 

About the author: Mihaela Buzec is a passionate reader and writer with an affinity for language and linguistics, as well as the latest technological developments. She discovered her passion for real estate at RENTCafé, and you can read more of her articles on their blog.

Intermittent, Keto, Paleo, and More. The Only Supplement That Works in All of Them

If you were in West Hollywood over the Grammy’s weekend, you may have seen several celebrities drinking out of a small blue shooter bottle.

What is it? and which celebs? you might ask.

Here’s just a handful of the ones you’ll see drinking this new energy shot called Nanohydr8. Most notably: supermodel Donna Feldman, M several grammy nominated musicians, Alexis Knapp from Pitch Perfect 2, Dominic Pace from the Mandalorian, and a host of others: