Elegance in Every Stitch: The Luli Bebé Story of Luxury, Parenthood, and Ethical Fashion

Article written by Marjorie Blankfort.

Nestled among the sun-kissed avenues and bustling sidewalks of Los Angeles, Luli Bebé Inc. has crafted a narrative that is as enchanting as it is inspirational. It’s a tale of innovation, maternal love, and a relentless pursuit of elegance, all wrapped up in the fabric of a company that has, in a few short years, redefined what it means to merge style with the sanctity of parenthood.

Arpi Khachatryan, CEO and the creative force behind Luli Bebé, speaks with a passion that resonates with every parent’s desire for a fusion of beauty and practicality. The inception of Luli Bebé was more than just a business venture; it was the birth of a vision that sought to embody the joys and challenges of motherhood into every product designed. From the drawing board to the showroom, Khachatryan has poured her personal experiences as a mother into Luli Bebé, creating more than just products, but companions for the journey of parenting.

Khachatryan’s journey began with the birth of her daughter, a life-changing event that spurred her to design a brand that would cater to parents who refuse to compromise on elegance and functionality. The name Luli Bebé, which combines the names of her daughter and niece, Lucy and Lily, is a testament to the brand’s familial roots and its commitment to nurturing the bond between parents and children.

Each product in Luli Bebé’s diverse range is a reflection of Khachatryan’s meticulous attention to detail and her unwavering dedication to quality. “Our bags are iconic,” says Khachatryan. “As a mom myself, I designed them to give all other moms the most comfortable and stylish bag that exudes confidence.” This is evident in the array of choices available to the customer, from the color palette to the innovative features integrated into each bag.

The appeal of Luli Bebé’s diaper bags is manifold. Designed with a mother’s touch, these bags defy expectations with their spacious interiors, capable of holding more than parents might anticipate. The emphasis on comfort, coupled with the stylish silhouette, allows the bags to transcend their utilitarian roots and become a fashion statement in their own right. “The diaper bags especially,” Khachatryan points out, “are designed for comfort and use with style in mind.”

With prices ranging from $79 to $229 and six different styles available in up to seven colors, Luli Bebé ensures that luxury is accessible to all. The brand’s commitment to sustainable luxury is evident in its choice of top-level vegan leather, which rivals the look and feel of premium Italian leather, adhering to ethical fashion standards without sacrificing the aesthetic.

The company’s rise to prominence has been fueled by strategic social media marketing, which has introduced the brand to a global audience. Influencers and customers alike have become ardent ambassadors of the brand, captivated by its allure and versatility. “People love our profile and refer their friends always,” Khachatryan shares. “They love our styles and the brand. Marketing on social media has been a huge help for us. People see us everywhere.”

Distribution channels for Luli Bebé include its primary website and various social media platforms, but also extend to renowned retailers such as Nordstrom, and comprehensive marketplaces like Amazon. Moreover, the brand has found a place in the hearts of expectant parents through baby registry websites, further solidifying its position in the market.

Looking ahead, Luli Bebé stands on the cusp of further growth and expansion. The future, as Khachatryan envisions, is brimming with potential—highlighted by new product lines, collaborations, and a continued dedication to the philosophy that underpins the brand. “If you can imagine it, you can expect it,” she says, suggesting a horizon filled with innovations that will continue to cater to the evolving needs of parents worldwide.

Khachatryan’s mentorship with European designers has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s ethos. These influences, she notes, have “helped me imagine and create exactly what I am looking to do, while keeping it at a modest price point.” Her vision is for Luli Bebé to maintain this delicate balance between high fashion and affordability as the brand moves forward.

Luli Bebé’s story is one of a relentless quest to provide parents with products that are not only functional but also fashionable. The brand, through its commitment to quality and innovation, stands as a paragon of how modern businesses can succeed by deeply understanding and addressing the needs of their customers. With Khachatryan at the helm, Luli Bebé is not just creating bags; it’s crafting a legacy—a promise that style and parenting can indeed walk hand in hand, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.