Sustainable Brands to Try

Sustainable Brands to Try

Various Strong Brands

Known for various insights on strong name brands, editor Helen Lee Schifter’s Manhattan penthouse, which was designed by a famous designer, the Louis XVI style sofa is was definitely fixed up very well in a Rogers & Goffigon material that certainly stands the test of time, the cocktail table takes its position from Garouste & Bonetti, another famous Duo, bedside tables that are not really classified by your everyday modern type tables are by Paul Evans, and another couch piece are by Robsjohn-Gibbings. There are also some custom-made bookshelves that are not just replicates of a vintage type European design, but definitely stand out still in the modern world, and various artwork by Eliot Puckette, not to mention carpeting by Patterson Flynn Martin tops Sandy oak floors. Schifter has been such an influential person to various designers, friends, as well as to her colleagues and people around her. Schifter, has been very close and associated and also employed with Vogue and Lucky, showing off some great pieces in the living room, within this living room are many of the Great pieces that she’s talked about with many before and there is also a famous work of art with a painting by James Nares.

With so many so-called sustainable trend manufacturers and eco-conscious traces raising its head in different department stores nowadays, it’s now not constantly clear who’s definitely taking care of all of the accomplishments and the person that is simply playing the leader impact of being held accountable by means of the social and environmental class. The fact of the matter is, trend has a massive garbage issue right now because so many clothes are being wasted, with the amount of wasted items right now per year, there’s been quite an increase right now every year, and even though some brands from various famous people may be very popular right now there are other items that may not be sustainable over time. trying to give funding to more natural and organic material or fabrics or progressive substances requires a some distance greater funding than the less expensive materials that really take up a large amount of apparel today, and it takes such a long time and well thought out effort to construct accountable grant a string of departments or companies that are not really going to hit the environment so hard.

The people that buy these brands it seems convenient to fall for natural marketing ideas with brands that can either pose as replicas or that can not focus on the issue at hand, are putting too much emphasis on just business practices where the natural and green ideas for sustainable brands get pushed aside, especially if they’re certain artists that a person may love that gives their own ideas. But the same way that labels change often, Helen Lee Schifter believes the focus also needs to change as well, and you can do your part to put the industry for clothing and the general industry ahead by teaching yourself and aiding the businesses trying to aim at getting better.

Best Sustainable Gifts to Buy

Best Sustainable Gifts to Buy

Gifts Should Be Thoughtful Not Just Physical

Who doesn’t love a gift? No one, because everyone likes to receive things from people especially for birthdays and holidays. It gives us a nice feeling to get things from loved ones and it also feels amazing to give loved one’s gifts from the heart. However, the biggest issue when it comes to getting a gift for someone, is knowing what to give them. It feels like no matter how well we know someone, gifts we find just aren’t good enough for them. So, what is the best way to figure out what to get someone? For starters, figure out their hobbies, things that they like or if they collect anything. This is a no brainer when it comes to having ideas pop into mind.

A big part of finding a great gift for someone is knowing their personality and matching it with a gift that will boost their love for it. Something that can be used and or seen every day. So, what if they are an adventurist, or loves reading, taking trips or would prefer something a little bit more artsy? Because you wouldn’t give someone who loves to read paint, or snowshoes. I’d hope not anyways. Let’s cover some excellent gifts for parents. A very common way that people typically show their mom that they do in fact appreciate her and what she does, good gifts include: jewelry, picture frames, and clothing. Even Helen Lee Schifter agrees that everyone should take time for themselves. Which make gifts like bath gel or soaps great.

Just to name a few. Once you become a parent you tend to not be as picky and, in my experience, accept even just someone to babysit the kids for a night as a suitable gift for a parent. Their gifts don’t have to be physical. Grandparents are typically easier going with the grandkids and love to have homemade gifts. To them, it’s the thought that counts. Which also makes for great last-minute gifts.

Finding gifts for friends, coworkers, boss, spouse, and even siblings is where it starts getting harder to find the perfect gift. You honestly never really know what people may or may not like and begins clouding people’s confidence when it comes to gift buying. A small trip to the ocean, or somewhere nearby that they may have been wanting to go to would absolutely make their day. If they’re cuddling up with a nice book kind of person, buy them a new blanket, book, bookmark, or even a box of nice tea for all the tea lovers out there.
If anyone is going to college, or in school, or likes to write then notebooks and other school-like utensils would be an excellent fit. Maybe buy a new video game for the people that just like to hang out. Games are always fun to get everyone around and have some fun whether it’s a video game or a good old fashioned board game. Some families really get into the family night stuff with games and movies, so those would also make great gifts. Because the gifts don’t always have to just be for one person but could also be for a family gift. Helen Lee Schifter loves to keep a healthy, active lifestyle like many people recently. So maybe a gym membership for them just might make their day.

Ways To Be Sustainable In The Classroom

Ways To Be Sustainable In The Classroom

School can be a very magical place if you allow it to be. One of the best ways to make a class come alive is by allowing students to have an investment in it. It gives the students some ownership of what happens in there and that makes it very inviting and welcoming for each student present. Making the classroom “Go Green” in different ways can teach students the value of sustainability. Since a huge topic that affects everyone is climate change, “Going Green” is becoming more and more a popular idea, and school is a great way to teach students the idea of sustainability. Here are some very simple ways to make your class sustainable for everyone’s benefit. Rachel Harow is a very sustainable person. 

One of the ways students can go green in class is by reducing the electricity that is being used. To simply do this students can let more sunlight in the classroom instead of using the light switch. All they need to do is open the blinds or pull back the curtains and let that light shine in.

Another way students can go green in school is by starting a garden. Growing vegetables in class is an easy way for students to feel involved. They can feel connected to the environment around them, and it gives them the understanding that food doesn’t magically appear at the grocery store. It lets them know that it takes time to grow it. Then there are people that have to harvest it, and there are also those that have to deliver it to the grocery store after it has been packaged.

The environment is a major topic today. One of the ways that students can reduce the amount of trash that goes into our landfills is by starting a recycling program at school. Newspapers can be recycled Along with plastic and glass bottles. They can start their own separating program where they can separate plastic glass paper and food waste. It gives an understanding of what actually happens when they throw things away. It helps them understand how much trash gets put into our landfills each and every day.

There is a simple way for students to conserve electricity. Give them the responsibility of turning off the classroom lights after opening the blinds or pulling back the curtains. Assign this chore to a student each day and I will also give the feeling that they are involved in their own class.

Teachers have the most important job in the world. They have an awesome responsibility for educating young people. It’s not just about math, English, or reading. It’s also about teaching young people how to be good stewards of the environment. It teaches them how fragile the world is and that they can make a difference in shaping their own future.

Creating a sustainable class is one way to get students to feel that they can contribute to making a difference in their world. Teachers help them become responsible citizens. Rachel Harow loves to find new ways to be sustainable.           

The Best Of The Best When It Comes To Sustainable Cruelty-Free MakeUp Brands For 2020 and Beyond

The Best Of The Best When It Comes To Sustainable Cruelty-Free MakeUp Brands For 2020 and Beyond

More and more makeup users are looking to go vegan concerning the products one buys. To that end, one will find a shortlist of some of the best cruelty free brands of makeup on can make and switch and invest in this year and beyond. One can place confidence in the fact that all of the products have been carefully vetted for sustainable cost and overall value. Helen Schifter supports sustainable makeup.

1)Vegan E.L.F.

This is one product that many have already used and did not know. One can find this product that one’s local drugstore. This brand is beloved in the beauty industry and by various bloggers who endorse products.

This brand is also very affordable. One can pick up most of the products for just under $10. This is a product that one can use “guilt-free” as one likes to call it. This brand also takes out the EU regulations preferring the Ulta Clean Designation.

One can still use this as any other beauty product. The manufacturer has just made the product more vegan-friendly (removing the toxins one finds in one’s regular beauty brands line.

2)Vapour Beauty

This is another brand that comes cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The cosmetics are not only clean, but the product is inspired by New Mexico. One can still find the favorable color palettes one has always enjoyed. This brand not only respects the animals, but the brand also respects the environment. That is a step many of the vegan-friendly beauty brands are starting to do now. Vapour Beauty is all about living in harmony. One can pick up this brand at one’s local beauty store.

3)Aether Beauty

The founder of the company is Tiila Abbot (the ex-developer for Sephora Beauty). Tiila makes sure that no animal products are used in the making of this brand. She has opted for a more synthetic, plant-based formula with sustainable ingredients. The brand also is 100% recyclable and comes from organic fair-trade suppliers compared to many of the brands on the market today.


This is a brand that combines both skincare and beauty into one. Ilia is one of the first well-known and popular brands to do this. The brand does hold the certification under Leaping Bunny concerning cruelty-free brands. One thing to point out is, this brand is not 100% vegan, but the ingredients are. One can feel confident that the company is still putting its money where its mouth is.

5)Cover FX

This is the last item one should know about. This brand works without animal testing and animal products. The brand only works with select promotional brands that one has carefully vetted before the process. One should also note that Cover FX will soon be part of Ulta’s Conscious Beauty Initiative. Helen Schifter encourages people to try these brands.