Yanni Hufnagel Wants You to Ditch Sports Drinks for Lemon Perfect

Yanni Hufnagel Wants You to Ditch Sports Drinks for Lemon Perfect

As an athlete and former university men’s basketball coach, Yanni Hufnagel, founder and CEO of Lemon Perfect, has a longstanding interest in beverages that can hydrate and replenish lost nutrients to keep athletes in top performance mode. Like any athlete or coach, he’s aware that the role of “thirst quencher” for casual to professional athletes has long been sports drinks. Those unnaturally neon blue, lime green, and bright red drinks from Gatorade and Powerade have become so commonplace on benches and sidelines that they almost seem inevitable.

But Hufnagel wondered if these artificially sweetened and colored sports drinks were really the best choice for people looking to enhance their health. On closer inspection, he realized that these sports drinks being marketed as healthy options for anyone from kids to college athletes were actually loaded with sugar, calories, and artificial dyes. In other words, they were full of unhealthy ingredients that actually contributed to outcomes like weight gain and poor health. With their bright colors and associations with athletes and sports, sports drinks are particularly problematic for kids. A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics noted that: “frequent or excessive intake of caloric sports drinks can substantially increase the risk for overweight or obesity in children and adolescents.”

Hufnagel decided that there had to be a better option. He’d read about the benefits of lemon water for hydrating while boosting electrolytes and Vitamin C, and he started making his own at home. In 2017, Hufnagel left his basketball coaching career to follow a new path as the founder and CEO of Lemon Perfect, maker of lemon water drinks in four refreshing flavors — Just Lemon, Blueberry Acai, Dragon Fruit Mango, and Peach Raspberry — all with zero sugar and just 5 calories. Compare this to a 20-ounce bottle of Gatorade which contains 34 grams of sugar (over 6 teaspoons), and 140 calories. Or a 20-ounce bottle of Powerade which contains 34 grams of sugar and 130 calories.  

Instead of sugar, Lemon Perfect drinks are sweetened with erythritol—an all-natural, low-calorie sweetener found in fruits like grapefruits, peas, and watermelons, as well as with stevia leaf extract—a zero-calorie sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. These alternative sweeteners are used in thousands of foods and drinks on the market and, unlike high fructose corn syrup and the like, they don’t cause blood sugar levels to spike or add to someone’s calorie load.

Athletes of all kinds who are involved in tough training sessions do need to rehydrate. In fact, people can lose as much as one to two quarts of water during an hour of even low-intensity exercise like walking or jogging. This, in turn, can lead to fatigue, injury, and cramping. The more strenuous the training, the more water is lost, and the more serious the consequences. During intense workouts (like running, cycling, or high school or collegiate sports training sessions), athletes can lose three quarts of water in an hour and are at serious risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion. One trainer, Amanda Carlson, who studied college football players, found that 98% were dehydrated as they went into evaluations with NFL scouts. “Just losing 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%,” Carlson said.

It’s crucial, says health professionals, that athletes of all levels drink enough water before and during workouts, using the scale to determine how much water weight has been lost and needs to be replenished (every pound lost should be replaced with 16 to 20 ounces of fluid).

And while sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade like to tout their performance-enhancing electrolytes, achieved with liberal amounts of added salt, Lemon Perfect drinks also replenish electrolytes through the nutritional power of lemons.

Following an intense training session, athletes lose not only water but also electrolytes — the minerals that balance the amount of water in the body and maintain the body’s acid-to-base or pH level. Other important functions of electrolytes are to help move nutrients into and waste out of cells, and to keep organs and nerves functioning properly.

For athletes working at top performance levels, maintaining electrolyte levels is important. One recent study found that athletes can stave off fatigue 37% longer if they drink sports drinks containing electrolytes and carbohydrates. The same study found that these drinks contribute to the athlete’s performance, boosting speed, motor skills, and mental sharpness.

Lemon Perfect’s electrolytes come from a truly healthy and natural source—their hand-picked, cold-pressed, USDA-certified organic, Southern California-grown lemons. 

In addition to boosting electrolytes, Lemon Perfect drinks also provide an essential dose of Vitamin C — an antioxidant that helps protect the body against disease, aids in the absorption of nutrients (particularly iron), and supports collagen production and healthy skin. Each 12-ounce bottle of Lemon Perfect contains 100% of the Food & Drug Administration’s recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. A 20-ounce bottle of Gatorade contains just 5% of the FDA’s recommended daily dose of Vitamin C. Powerade contains none.

And traditional sports drinks are packed with unnatural and unhealthy ingredients — high fructose corn syrup (in the case of Powerade) or dextrose (in the case of Gatorade), both of which have negative impacts on blood sugar levels and contribute to weight gain. They also contain artificial dyes like Red 40, Blue No. 1, and Yellow No. 5, derived from petroleum and tied to hyperactivity in children and even cancer. And both Gatorade and Powerade contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). 

Meanwhile, Yanni Hufnagel has made environmental commitments a core part of the Lemon Perfect brand — recognizing that personal health and planetary health go hand in hand. There are zero artificial ingredients in Lemon Perfect beverages. The drinks are produced from an eco-friendly pasteurization process, the bottles are made from BPA-free recyclable plastic, and the company contributes at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

About Lemon Perfect
Lemon Perfect is a naturally refreshing, zero sugar cold-pressed lemon water with antioxidants and electrolytes. Certified organic and full of flavor, Lemon Perfect is widely considered by industry insiders to be one of the most scalable, exciting, and innovative emerging beverage concepts in the marketplace.

About Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is the Founder & CEO of Lemon Perfect, a naturally refreshing, zero sugar cold-pressed lemon water with essential antioxidants and hydrating electrolytes. Certified organic and full of flavor, Lemon Perfect – named “Best New Product” at BevNET’s Best of 2019 Awards – is widely considered by industry insiders to be one of the most scalable, exciting and innovative emerging beverage concepts in the marketplace.

Founded in 2017 and backed by an extraordinary team of investors, the company’s mission is to democratize drinkable wellness by making Lemon Perfect accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Before starting Lemon Perfect, Yanni Hufnagel served as an assistant men’s college basketball coach, with stops at Nevada, California, Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Oklahoma. Yanni Hufnagel earned the reputation as one of the most dogged recruiters in America, consistently lauded for signing nationally-ranked recruiting classes. In Yanni Hufnagel’s 10 years coaching college basketball, his teams reached the NCAA Tournament six times.

An Overview of Third-Party Logistics with Freight Hub Group

An Overview of Third-Party Logistics with Freight Hub Group

The use of third-party logistics has become an increasingly important part of the global economy as the world becomes more connected through the use of the internet. This has become especially relevant with the modern explosion in online shopping, which relies on a well-connected network of shipment and storage logistics in order to move goods from manufacturers to customers. To gain a better understanding of this important field, we turned to information from Freight Hub Group, a leader in third-party logistics. Look to the below information to better understand how goods make their way along a typical supply chain.

Order fulfillment

One important part of many supply chains is order fulfillment. Since many goods are housed at warehouses operated by third-party logistics companies, these companies are often involved in the process of delivering goods to customers. Otherwise said, it is not typical for a representative from a company that sells a product to visit a third-party warehouse whenever a customer order is placed. Instead, it is often expected that the warehouse operator will receive the order and handle the process of retrieving the item from storage and passing it along the supply chain to the customer.

This process relies on robust communication between a third-party logistics company and its clients. For instance, when a relationship is first established between these companies, a client will often fill out documentation detailing how goods should be handled and the process that will be used for delivering goods to clients. That way, when an order is placed, there is already an established system for how such an event will be carried out. As such, a warehouse operator can simply follow the pre-established guidelines and work to make a delivery that will be in line with the quality standards expected by both the client and the customer making the order.

Role of technology

Of course, the above process is helped greatly by technological development in the modern era. These types of customer fulfillments are commonly handled automatically thanks to such pieces of technology, which often involve the use of web platforms that are directly accessible by clients. These platforms allow clients to easily set up their preferences for fulfillment processes and make changes when necessary. They also help clients track a myriad of important statistics related to their orders, such as warehouse supply levels, transportation locations, and delivery details.

One of the reasons that Freight Hub Group has been able to excel in its field is its early recognition of the importance of technology in the third-party logistics industry and the need for implementation of such platforms into their business operations. The company’s innovative system, TruckHub, offers its customers direct control over numerous stages of the supply chain. This includes a focus on both communication and automation to ensure orders are handled seamlessly. The goal of the platform is to provide clients with an “Uber-like experience” that provides flexibility and inspires trust that storage and shipping logistics will be handled as expected.

Shipping details

As touched upon above, storage is merely the first part of the fulfillment process. After an order is placed by a customer, and a specific good is retrieved from a warehouse, the next phase of the journey is centered around transporting that good to the customer. This is typically handled through less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping options. LTL shipping is often utilized in last-mile shipping because it is a cost-effective way to ensure goods are delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Since warehouses are often strategically located in a variety of locations to enable short delivery distance at the end of a supply chain, this shipment method can typically be utilized directly from a warehouse.

LTL shipping stands in contrast to full truckload (FTL) shipping, which is often utilized when a collection of goods is large enough to completely fill a truck bed or other shipping container. It can also be used when a client wants to ship goods by themselves, even though they do not completely fill a shipment method, such as in a case where special considerations must be undertaken during transportation. While FTL is an oft-used shipment method for delivering goods to a warehouse or across long distances, LTL is typically the favored method when a fulfillment process is seeking to deliver goods from a warehouse to a customer.

Company background

The information provided in this piece stems from the extensive background of experience provided by Freight Hub Group as it serves customers from its location in South Florida. The company was founded by CEO Luis Lopez after his own early experience in the third-party logistics industry taught him there was an opportunity for improvement. By utilizing an approach with a strong focus on technology, he’s been able to advance the quality of typical offerings, such as the transportation of hazardous materials. This has helped clients achieve a level of agility and flexibility in their planning that was previously difficult to find.

At present, the company is known for the quality of its offerings through its four main subdivisions, known as Dray Hub, FTL Hub, LTL Hub, and WHSE Hub. With its location near both the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, the company is able to offer these services in a customizable fashion that takes into account its clients’ needs for drayage, storage, and transportation options that work on their own terms. This collection of resources has helped set the company apart as a leader in the field of third-party logistics and a reputable source of related information.

Though the need for adequate storage, transportation, and fulfillment services has become more pronounced with the increased popularity of online shopping, many individuals and organizations still have gaps in their understanding of the field. The above overview, created with information from Freight Hub Group, can help to fill in those gaps and provide a more complete understanding of how a product can move from a manufacturer to its final destination. Utilize this information, along with other resources on the subject, to help improve the quality of your business plan and your ability to deliver goods to customers.

Why is Access to Healthy Foods Important?

Why is Access to Healthy Foods Important?

Healthy foods provide us with the nutrition our bodies need. Without this nutrition, our bodies break down leading to future health issues.

For some of us, eating healthy food is not much of an issue. For others, it can be a matter of life and death.

If you look in your grocery stores, you may notice that healthy foods are often more expensive than “not as healthy” food products. When you compare organic to non-organic, organic will always have a higher price tag. Lower fats and non-fat foods also tend to be more expensive than foods with a high fat content.

Because healthy foods are more expensive, lower income people may not be able to afford them. As a result, grocery stores in lower income neighborhoods may not carry these foods at all.

But the problems don’t stop there.

Data from 2012-2013 shows that the average person lived 2.19 miles from a supermarket. While that is not very far for those who have a car, it is impossible to walk this distance with a week’s worth of groceries, and carrying them on public transportation isn’t much easier.

Then there are the food deserts. Food deserts are areas where food resources are limited which is often the case in low income areas. As a result, convenience stores and small food markets may be the only way for these people to access food. Unfortunately, these smaller businesses tend not to offer a lot of healthy food options.

Why is Access to Healthy Foods Important?

If you are wondering, why is access to healthy foods important, read on to find out.

Those who do not have access to healthy foods are likely to experience health problems in the future. Diabetes and obesity are two health issues that are quite common in low-income neighborhoods where people do not have access to the healthy foods they need.

What is Being Done?

Fortunately, the issue of a lack of access to healthy foods has not gone unnoticed. As a result, several strategies have been implemented to “improve diets by altering food environments.” For instance, Supplemental Nutrition Access Programs have helped low income individuals afford the healthy food they need.

Other strategies include opening supermarkets in underserved neighborhoods, lowering the prices of healthy foods and limiting the number of fast food restaurants in communities.

It Starts with You

Healthy foods are important but to really make sure you are getting the nutrition you need, supplements are recommended.

Garden of Life is a brand that is dedicated to creating a world where obesity and diabetes are a thing of the past. They manufacture whole foods nutritional supplements that they believe will help make that dream a reality. Products like their Omega 3 Fish Oil, their Woman’s Once Daily, and their FucoThin Fat Burner are just some Garden of Life products designed to boost health and wellness.

The question is not really, “Why is access to healthy foods important?” Rather, it’s “What do we need to do to make healthy foods more accessible?” Fortunately, programs are underway to help people get the nutritious foods they need. Hopefully this will make a change in promoting better health throughout the world.

Interactive and Social Apps to Get You Through the Isolation of Quarantine

Interactive and Social Apps to Get You Through the Isolation of Quarantine

Do you find yourself nostalgically daydreaming of the camaraderie of your favorite Spin class? Have you started talking to your houseplants as though they were newly created connections made naturally on 80’s night at your local bar? Do you long to fill your afternoons learning a new craft, exacerbated by the desire to share your fledgling successes with like-minded individuals? With boredom, loneliness, isolation, and lack of interpersonal communication plaguing countless individuals throughout quarantine and social distancing measures, you are not alone! To offset these growing feelings of isolation and distance, consider downloading these interactive and social apps to get you moving, sharing, and connecting.


Fitplan: Home Workouts and Gym Training - Apps on Google Play

Though there are multiple apps available on the market for fitness junkies looking to take their workout game digital, or novices looking to embark on a fitness journey during quarantine, Fitplan is highly interactive, social, and communicative. If you’re looking for fitness inspiration, teamwork and camaraderie, and a social community of health conscious members, Fitplan is the app to kickstart your virtual fitness journey in a manner most consistent with in-person group fitness clubs. You can choose from hundreds of bespoke fitness plans, with new home workout plans released each week. Additionally, for personalized care and attention, you can receive one on one instruction from top personal trainers. With tools and markers designed to track progress, you can reach milestones and achieve personal goals easily, sharing your success with a community of over 3 million Fitplan members.

With ample gym workouts available, Fitplan will transition with your evolving needs and preferences as social distancing guidelines change, rendering this app a long-term wellness must-have. If you’re starting out with your first workout plan, and don’t know where to begin, the app features a simple series of questions that help to create a bespoke workout plan to meet your needs, eliminating any guess work that may leave you feeling left out, or otherwise unmotivated. As a bonus, the app integrates with Apple’s Health app to track comprehensive data, making it easier than ever to keep track of your health, progress, and goals.

LinkedIn Learning

File:LinkedIn logo initials.png - Wikimedia Commons

If the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent job insecurity, has left you scrambling to secure occupational stability in the future, look to LinkedIn Learning to develop crucial skills that will help you become proficient in in-demand fields. With lessons taught by industry experts, the app provides courses in leadership, marketing, IT, web design, and after growing industries. You can explore a multitude of courses, work at your own pace, and even share course completion certificates with your network. Whether you’re considering a complete career overhaul, or want to leverage newly perfected skills to become a more competitive candidate for promotion, LinkedIn Learning can provide the infrastructure needed to reach these goals.

As LinkedIn is inherently social in nature, and relies on the concept of digital networking for occupational success, the Learning app features robust communication tools to champion a community spirit, bolster success, and share tips with other learners. Through the app’s “Q & A” section, featured on every course, you can ask pertinent questions to the community, and the course’s instructor. This function champions interactive communication, often resulting in successful social learning experiences.


Zynn (@ZynnApp) | Twitter

This exciting new short-video sharing app is the ultimate community-building tool, encouraging artistic creators to make entertaining video snippets across a variety of categories, and serving up diverse content for all users. If you’re yearning for creative expression and community integration, but are sick of platforms that only champion influencers, and creators with a certain number of followers, Zynn is the innovative app for you. Zynn’s groundbreaking suggestion algorithm creates an equal opportunity for all videos to be seen, regardless of a creator’s follower count, profile characteristics, or popularity. This leads to more inclusive and diverse content being readily visible on Zynn, perfect for users who want to discover interesting content, and be seen as their authentic selves.

With purposeful design that allows for swift sharing of content, viewing of creator profiles, and interaction, the social nature of Zynn is expertly manifested in the app’s design. If you’ve always wanted to create professional quality videos, Zynn has easy-to-use customization tools to transform everyday videos into works of art. With extensive editing capabilities, a soundtrack creator, and the ability to add stickers and magic effects to videos, you can express your personality freely with Zynn. With a constantly growing community of loyal users, Zynn’s commitment to expression, equality, and diversity makes this app truly innovative, forward-thinking, and social.

DIY.org Creative Challenges

DIY.org (@DIY) | Twitter

With more time at your disposal, you may be considering learning a new craft, perfecting a creative skill, or embarking on a quest to ultimately become a skilled photographer. From activities created to keep little minds busy, to learning creative occupational skills, DIY.org is home to thousands of creative challenges to spark creation, innovation, and artistic release. From how-to videos to step-by-step tutorials in art, chemistry, camping, singing, sewing, and a myriad of other topics, DIY.org encourages you to try something new.

Interactive and social, the child-safe community allows you to post your creations, comment on users’ ventures, and discuss the outcomes of projects in a community setting. Tracking your growing skill sets and endeavors, the app allows you to create a bespoke profile, which showcases your creative accomplishments to date. Viewing the accomplishments of community members can be inspirational, and motivate you to get creative, while celebrating the growing skills of like-minded individuals.

As you navigate these unprecedented times, participating in digitally based social endeavors can successfully alleviate feelings of isolation, negativity, boredom, and loneliness. While traditional in-person networking and interactions may be limited for the time being, there are various digitally based alternatives for anyone looking to remain connected, socially engaged, entertained, and motivated. From apps dedicated to personal wellness and physical fitness, to social media platforms dedicated to showcasing diverse content, leading interactive and social apps can get you through quarantine without losing a sense of community, authenticity, and self-expression.

Outsourced Marketing Support Means Professional Work On Demand

Outsourced Marketing Support Means Professional Work On Demand

Flocksy is a professionally managed flat rate creative services and content platform focused on long-term relationships with clients, designers, and partners. Flocksy utilizes only U.S.-based project managers who understand the needs of both clients and on demand teams. Their team is fully vetted and tested, ensuring their clients get top notch results for the projects they desire. Flocksy was founded in 2016 by Sam, George, and Charles Ryan as the first platform of its kind to offer the breadth of services and consistency of teams.

Flocksy’s proprietary platform engages teams, both internally and externally, through their user-friendly platform. Their platform is cost-effective for businesses of all sizes and locations. The monthly cost is at $349, $420, or $995 price points and Flocksy offers video editing and creation, copywriting, design, website development and voiceover services.

The company works with businesses of all sizes that need marketing materials created and agencies. They help their customers with all their marketing projects for a fraction of the price they would pay an inhouse team. Their service replaces the typical full-time designer, video editor, developer or writer and more. 

Flocksy integrates chat functionality and a full dashboard, both of which are focused on consistent, best work practices for every project. Their platform vets and selects only the best creatives from around the world, ensuring work is done correctly and on time. Flocksy was designed so clients get a whole team they are working with and not one person that they may or may not connect with.

Businesses sign up and can create unlimited design, video, development and writing projects. Flocksy then forms a fully vetted team around the customer’s account based on the projects they run, their style, and more. The team then works on all their projects and makes sure to keep their brand and style consistent. Their professional-grade work is work we use ourselves. 

Flocksy has proprietary software that vets creatives who want to join. Once they submit the application and go through an onboarding process, they have a team of experts review the applications that make it through the onboarding process. The experts choose who is finally accepted based on a number of criteria. Once creatives are accepted onto the platform, they start joining teams and work directly with the clients. 

The teams get projects done in 12 hours on average. Since there is always someone available on the team to work on the projects, there are few delays and most projects are done correctly and consistently the first time around. This allows businesses to scale and start as many projects as they need without any bottlenecks. 

Flocksy has consistently beat client expectations for quality of work and work turnaround times from our first day in business. Typically, the Flocksy team is one you build as a consistent, complete outsource team, focused on your core business needs. Flocksy was designed to work with small to mid-sized businesses the way they do business best. And their retainer-based monthly service fee includes all work, licensing, and more.

Clients can do as many projects as they can complete in a given month.  In order to better focus on client work, projects can be located into our dashboard and are completed one at a time.  When you sign off on a project, the next one begins. The dashboard includes recent activity in a client’s account, the team, the client’s active projects and stats on their activity. 

The proprietary portal is very user-friendly. Clients can easily sign up and create projects within minutes. They can easily provide feedback by commenting and tagging designs within a project. Once the client is happy with a project, they can simply close it out and the team starts on the next project in the queue. 

Accounts are each assigned a dedicated Project Manager. The Project Manager is USA based and oversees the client’s team and account. If the client has any questions, issues with the team, concerns about a project or more, they can simply reach out to their Project Manager for a fast response (usually in under an hour). 

With the My Team page clients can see everyone on their team and remove team members they don’t like. The dashboard allows the client to quickly see what is happening in their account.  And the Pending Projects area, allows clients to create unlimited projects and have them queued up. The team works through them as fast as possible. Flocksy enables you to keep your team for the long haul or change them around whenever you want to.  Flocksy’s professional creatives and active team members serve as outsourced members of YOUR team.

4 things you can do in your backyard to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine

4 things you can do in your backyard to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine

The pandemic is impacting individuals differently. One thing is for sure though, that it’s still taking some getting used to. With so many rules and regulations to pay attention to, it’s all enough to make you lose your mind but staying at home is by far the most effective way to flatten the curve.

Although it’s essential, we also acknowledge that being stuck at home might mean that you are more restless, tense, and bored than you have been for a while. And if you have kids, schools may be out for the foreseeable future, which means that there are a lot more hours in between the day to fill up that should be used for entertaining everyone in the household. 

As you probably already know, entertaining kids is no small feat; it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Sure, you could always let them watch hours of TV because it will buy you a little peace and quiet when you need it. However, giving your kids unlimited screen time is no way to spend time during this quarantine period.

With most spaces only opening up gradually, you’ll find that a lot of the playgrounds, community spaces, and stores that you once loved are still closed. Lucky for you, there are still lots of things that you can do when it comes to keeping yourself and your kids entertained during the quarantine. To prevent you from going stir crazy, here are things that you can do- and you don’t even have to leave your backyard to enjoy them:

1) Set up and backyard ping pong tournament

If you are still doing the responsible thing and staying at home as much as possible, it only makes sense that you want to make full use of your side, front, or back yard. One of the simplest things that you can do outdoors is to organize some lawn games such as a ping pong tournament.

Since you’ll be hosting a game at home, there’s no need to follow all the rules of ping pong. You can have a totally reasonable game with a few paddles, a ping pong table, and a few participants. If you don’t have a ping pong table, simply grab your dining table and create some boundaries and markings.

2) Throw an impromptu Karaoke session

If you are a shower singer or just love music in general, an impromptu Karaoke session can be a great way to spend time with your loved ones in the backyard. When the sun goes down, there is absolutely no reason why the party has to stop. Rather, it’s an opportunity to turn things up with an outdoor Karaoke session.

To throw a successful outdoor session, ensure that you keep your guest list tight; try not to invite more than 10 attendees. If you are thinking about how you can host more people, consider making Karaoke night a weekly thing, that way you will be able to host a different group each time without overcrowding.

If you don’t have enough supplies, request your guests to kindly bring their own blankets or chairs. If there are outsiders that aren’t part of the household, ensure to layout your blankets in the appropriate six feet distance. And don’t forget the hand sanitizer.

You will also need some basic equipment such as a portable projector, a projector screen and some speakers. Make the space as comfortable as possible so that your guests can relax and have fun. Consider setting up some walkway lights or offer your guests inexpensive flashlights to prevent them from accidentally stepping on or tripping over each other.

3) Create a reading nook outdoors

You now have more time than ever to complete those unfinished DIY projects that you have always wanted to try. One of them should be creating an outdoor reading nook where you can retreat to in the quiet of the night or just before sunset to read a book or a magazine.

Don’t have access to a whole ton of books? No problem. Simply get yourself a Kindle and you can read anywhere, anytime. What’s so great about reading on Kindle is that you can read in your backyard without worrying about illumination. Kindles are also mostly waterproof and you can store all your favorite reads and podcasts without worrying about space.

4) Set up an outdoor movie party

Netflix and chilling is great and all, but sometimes you just need to shake things up, which is where an outdoor movie party comes in. With a few supplies and a simple, non-frilly setup, you can create an outdoor theater to beat all outdoor theaters in no time.

First and foremost, you will need to select an outdoor spot with access to electrical outlets. You can’t watch a movie without power, now can you? Also, make sure that the location that you select is quite and where headlights, house lights from nearby houses, or street lights will not make viewing hard.

You also need a retractable projector screen. However, if you cannot afford to buy one straight away, there are plenty of DIY options to try. You will also need a projector, as well as surround sound (regular computer speakers will also work just as fine). Set everything up, grab some popcorn, an outdoor blanket, warm drinks and you’ll be good to go.

Final Thoughts

You may not have as many options as you once did to eat, drink, and get out into the world as you once did pre-quarantine. However, there are still plenty of things that you can try to keep yourself entertained.

Like most people that have been forced to self-isolate or quarantine owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the best thing that you can do is look for alternative ways to make the best of your situation. If you look around, you’ll find that you can do a lot more with the little that you have and still be able to stay safe and sane.

The good news for you is that these tips that we’ve listed above will definitely keep you occupied until the next time you will be able to go out dancing, catch a movie, check out a new restaurant or simply just hug the friends that you miss.

What CBD Salve Can Do For You

When my brother and I were growing up our household had two main ‘treatment’ remedies that were my mother and granny’s ‘go-to’ cure. 

The first one was a red watered down liquid that looked like imitation blood which seemed, as much as it was horrific to look at, to speed up the healing process. 

Cotton wool drenched in the stuff would be smeared all over, and then some, of the emergency area and you walked around looking like you had just come back from war. Let’s just say this went down well with the boys, anything that made a sore look gross and they were all for it. Yuck.

The other was a topical cream, pale pink as if a red shirt had found its way into the white load and smelled like a pureed hospital, old granny’s, and care homes all in one, it’s not something you are likely to forget let me tell you this. 

The funny thing is, and I’m wondering now if it was because it was used so religiously used on us, but I put it onto everything on my kids. It’s ‘magic’ and there isn’t a problem it can’t tackle. This is what I tell them and try to convince myself, of course, splinters to blisters to scratches, ‘get the tube,’ and it hasn’t failed me yet.

For a trip down memory lane on all things grannies used to practice as a self-proclaimed doctor no doubt, click here and see how many relate to your childhood, you’ll be surprised at how many you can remember never mind that you may implement them into your family dynamics now like I do.

When it comes to muscles, on the other hand, you need something that penetrates a little deeper than the surface, one that can be massaged into the muscles and tissues and get to the root of the pain or problem. 

I have always known only one brand left unmentioned but it comes in a red tube and can burn your eyes dry just by getting too close, and even then its results weren’t guaranteed and you have a heated patch on your body for the next 2 hours. 

Thankfully coming across this innovative product and one that has saved my eyeballs a lot of stress is CBD Salve. CBD comes from the cousin of the marijuana family and this flower has a long list of beneficial factors and healing properties, but with all the negatives removed it makes this product that much better.

A CBD story.

People hear CBD or Cannabidiol and immediately jump to an idea of a group of youngsters sitting huddled in a circle surrounded by a cloud of smoke. While this may be true if the THC component, which is responsible for the hallucinogenic and psychoactive reaction, is not fully extracted to a concentration of less than 0.3%.

You can brush up on your insight here on what THC is and how it works in the body, the chemical reactions, and its history of being discovered. 

CBD comes in many forms, oils, edibles, and my new favorite, salve. This has changed the way I perceive pain.

No longer do I dread the onset of a muscle spasm or twinge, I simply reach for my little tub of cream and enjoy the quick effects.

This is of course hidden away from my achy-bones hubby who thinks he is in pain when I just mention loading the dishwasher after dinner, suddenly he needs the kids to do a 15-min massage. Cheeky. 

If you are nodding your head in agreement but don’t have your hands on this ‘miracle’ salve then don’t wait, you may be unsure or overwhelmed by which is best or what is suited to you, browsing products on sites such as Cheefbotanicals.com is a good way to get you started and set off on the right foot.

You can begin your CBD journey with something small and work your way up, the main objective is to use an all-natural product and eliminate chemical-based alternatives. Who knows what toxins are being put on your skin or ingested into the system?

We need to take care of ourselves in the safest way we can, and if CBD is the answer, count me in.

3 Ways That Web Design Relies on Creativity

3 Ways That Web Design Relies on Creativity

When you put together a website for your company or organization, you probably think that the process involves lots of computer coding and other technological skills. While knowing how to code is crucial to designing a professional website, the process also involves the following creative skills.


The heart of every website is its content. If the writing is not original or well-written, people will not trust your information or want to buy your products. Whether you use an SEO reseller or another source, your writers need to use their creativity to develop unique content related to your industry. 

Graphic Design

While your articles must be well-written to generate an audience, they also need to be presented well. This phase of website design is similar to graphic design. Your web designer and administrator pick fonts, images and layouts that best feature your content. Part of this process is scientific, as research has shown where certain widgets should be placed and which styles are most appealing to potential customers. However, your designer still has lots of control over your site’s look.

Customer Outreach

Every website includes information on how to reach its owner. To make yours stand out, get creative with your customer outreach. Ask your web designer to add a joke or funny image to your customer service page, or generate a new message each time a visitor clicks on your chatbox. The more ways that you and your designer can think of to engage customers and show them that you care about their visit, the more likely they are to return.

Many stereotypes are associated with web design, one of which is that it requires advanced technical skills and nothing else. However, without you and your web designer’s creativity, your writing, graphic design and customer outreach cannot compete with other websites.

How to Show Your Significant Other You Appreciate Them Consistently

How to Show Your Significant Other You Appreciate Them Consistently

Relations take work whether you have been together for 6 months or multiple decades. This could be working on communication or talking about some less than pleasant issues that need to be confronted. There could even be a chance that you are spending too much time together especially with social distancing measures in place. Appreciation of your partner is going to be essential as everyone loves to feel valued in a romantic relationship. Below are a few tips to show your partner you appreciate them or just want to do something nice for them.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

Small things matter when it comes to showing that you appreciate your significant other. Flowers after work of a favorite meal prepared when they get home is important. Large gestures are sure to put a smile on the face of your partner while it is the little gestures that count. Taking time out of your busy day to cook a great meal that you can both enjoy can be a great way for you to reduce stress. Plenty of people view cooking as therapeutic as you can forget your problems and become immersed in prepping the food.

Gifts for Big Accomplishments

A promotion or certification that has taken a long time to achieve needs to be celebrated in a huge way. A promotion that your significant other has worked hard for deserves a gift. Looking into Raleigh jewelers or ones in your area can give you a better idea of what type of budget you should set aside. Booking a trip is far more difficult than it had been but this is a great option as well once the pandemic has subsided. Meaningful gifts can be from the heart but still be luxurious which is something to keep in mind.

Get a Couples Massage or Take a Spa Day

A couples massage or day at the spa together can provide that relaxation you both truly need. Spending a great day together can work wonders for your relationship as small things that were bothering you do not seem as important. Take the time to plan out which treatments you will get at the spa. You might be surprised what a day of relaxation will do for you personally and your partner.

Order in Their Favorite Restaurant by Surprise

More restaurants than ever before are offering takeout or delivery. Having a meal delivered from your partner’s favorite restaurant can be that pick me up they need during a tough week at work. Life has changed due to the pandemic and has reduced the number of things you can do together as a couple. Supporting local businesses during this time is also important as you do not want your favorite restaurant to go out of business.

Showing your significant other how much you mean to them with your actions is important. You do not have to go over the top constantly but make a point of doing something incredibly nice a few times a week.

Molekule Review: Celebrities Are Adding These Devices to Purify Air

Molekule, an air purification system, is changing the way people breathe. The products designed are a new type of air purifier that doesn’t just collect, but destroys pollutants in the air. This includes viruses and VOCs. While it is easy to see the benefits of a product like this, concern for clean air in the home affects a wide range of people – including notable celebrities who are using them. Some of them offered a Molekule review about their experiences with the device

What Is Molekule?

Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini are designed to help purify the air in any given room. Choose one based on the size of the room – with Molekule Air being the ideal for rooms up to 600 square feet and Air Mini working well for up to 250 square feet. The key benefit of these products is just how much they pull out of the air, including pollutants such as tobacco smoke, RNA viruses, dust mites, black mold, and pet dander – as well as much more. This is a scientifically proven device, and perhaps that’s why so many celebrities are offering a Molekule review. Here are a few of them.

Princess Marie-Chantal

Well-respected children’s clothing line designer and author, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, says that the Molekule Air is one of her favorite new additions to her home. She’s known for her affluent taste and careful curation of high-quality products.

Bobby Berk

You may have heard of Bobby Berk from his role on “Queer Eye,” but this self-proclaimed clean freak hates dirt and spends a lot of his time cleaning. One product he notes helps him is the Molekule air purifiers. He notes, “Not only do they clean the air really well, but they’re so beautiful. They’re this stainless-steel cylinder with a nice leather handle, and you can turn them on and off via an app.”

Kate Upton

Whether you know her as a supermodel or a passionate new mom, Kate Upton has some high demands when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She’s the co-founder of Strong4Me Fitness, too. She writes of the Molekule, “Instagram ads get me every time—I found the Molekule Air Purifier that way, and I really love it. It has dual filtration, and it’s made for big rooms, but it’s also super quiet, so you can watch TV with it on. It’s sleek looking, too, and since I have pets, it’s so nice to have it clear the air.”

Beck Bennett

For those who love his comedy or charm, Beck Bennett parodied an Architectural Digest home tour in an SNL skit last year, now viewable on YouTube. This actor and writer has a Molekule Air in his home (a 100-year old historical property).

Kenyan Drake

Known for his power plays on the turf as an NFL player, Kenyan Drake may not seem like the ideal person to offer a review of the Molekule Air, but he loves it. He shared an Instagram post about it, positioned right next to his signed collector’s footballs. He stated, “From pet dander to mold and bacteria, @molekuleair destroys pollutants.”

Savannah Guthrie

For many Americans, waking up to Savannah Guthrie’s appearances on the “Today” show is just routine. She’s also a mom and dedicated to keeping her family healthy and safe. She uses a Molekule Air in her home, too.

Derek Hough

In an article by The Strategist, Derek Hough, known for his heart-stopping performances on “Dancing with the Stars,” shares that he uses a Molekule Air Mini for his home. He has a pet dog and two cats, which shed allergens and dander.. He writes, “So, when I came across the Molekule, it was fantastic, because it cleans up the air in my house tremendously — I noticed a difference right away.My pets sleep in my room. No problems. And the Air Mini is great because I’m able to travel with it.”

There’s no doubt it is a must-have for these celebrities, but even aside from their Molekule reviews, this device is a must-have for all it can do for you.