Should You Start a Podcast?

Should You Start a Podcast?

Podcasts or as they can also be called video blogs are starting to catch on fire online. It seems that these days podcasts are being done in various subjects, that range from politics, to entertainment, to health, to outdoor life, to dating, you name it odds are a podcast can be found on it. Perhaps you’ve considered creating a podcast of your own yet wonder if these are really worth all the effort? Can someone really be successful at it? Well, the first thing to remember when it comes to a podcast is to always choose to do one on something you’re passionate about.

Take for example Helen Lee Schifter. for anyone who does know who she is, she was a Wall Street as an arbitrage trader before going into journalism. However, it was when she studied Zen Buddhism that she found her true passion. Now she has a highly successful blog podcast on Thrive Global that pertains to health and wellness. So, always find your passion, do the podcast for your passion and rest will follow. Here are some advantages to having a podcast.

A Good Way to Connect with Others

You’d be amazed at how many individuals could share your viewpoints. If your podcasts are instructive you could find those who need the information or advice. We live in the age where we connect with those all over the world. Podcasts are a good way to make that connection in a lasting way.

Good Hobby

Some may think a podcast is a whole lot of work. How can this be called a hobby? True there will be work involved, but there will also be enjoyment remembering you are sharing your passion here. For some of us this is a good way to escape from a hard day or even our problems for a little while by doing a podcast.

Making Money

Alright let’s face it this is one of the main reasons individuals want a podcast, but again it shouldn’t be the main reason. Otherwise you could be doomed to fail from the beginning. The money isn’t going to be there at first. Yes, eventually the monetization will come especially from sponsors and even fan donations, but don’t get your hopes up to be an overnight sensation. Not all of us can be a Helen Lee Schifter. We are staking our own path and have to go on our own journey. We are staking our own path and have to go on our own journey.

Now that we discussed some advantages, how do we get started with making a podcast? Well there are some companies out there that claim to help take the guesswork out of the process. But the best course of action is to always do research on these before signing up, and find out what other customers have said. Also research other podcasts similar to the one you want to start, find out if these are successful. Before long you could have a podcast of your very own.

Types of Oncology Care and Treatment Services to Expect From a Reputable Institution

Types of Oncology Care and Treatment Services to Expect From a Reputable Institution

After proper oncologists’ proper assessment, there is a specific diagnosis that a patient is subjected to. This is meant to help the affected individual recover and manage other conditions related to the type of cancer. The health provider offers these types of treatment depending on the stage of cancer the individual may be in.

Surgery is one of the types of cancer treatment that has been known to cure cancer completely. The oncologists target removing the affected area through the best surgery processes. This is a very delicate treatment that requires the best professionalism, such as oncologist orange county. They have the right surgery equipment as well as procedures. Surgery is best recommended, especially if the cancer is in an early stage. Choosing surgery at an extreme stage would be risky to your health.

Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that is used to cure almost all cancer conditions. The introduction of cancer drugs does this to the body. Oncologists consider different factors when choosing this type of treatment: age, the stage of cancer, and other health conditions they may be having.

Radiotherapy is commonly used to treat breast cancer and prostate cancer. This involves using rays to destroy any traceable growing cancer cells in the body. There are many factors that health professionals consider before administering this type of treatment. Ensure that you consult your health provider before this.

Immunotherapy is the kind of treatment that is done by first assessing and tracing the cancer cells. The treatment is meant to support the immune system to fight the type of cancer. The stronger your immune system is, the speedier the recovery would be. Health professionals also provide a good diet plan. Many oncology centers are offering different types of treatment. Proper assessment of the patient should be done to ensure that the medication is favorable to their health.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

Despite being so young, Alexander Djerassi has curated quite the image for himself. Born and raised in the mountains of California, he grew up surrounded by the beauties of nature but his passions led him away. At the vastly young age of 35, he was already a diplomat, a lawyer, and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. His ability to aim high and end up surpassing his goals is remarkable. Aside from aiding to develop a program to help Space Coast and Central Floridians keep afloat amid a sea of student loan debt, Djerassi has spent a lot of his time as a public servant. He thoroughly enjoys participating in volunteer work and encourages others to invest time to volunteer as well. 

He has a law degree from Yale Law School, and graduated Magna cum laude from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs. He then went on to serve as chief of staff at the US Department of State’s Near East Bureau, a position he climbed to over the course of two long, hard years of work as a special assistant. He’s even received a Meritorious Honor Award in 2010 for his dedication.

With all of his awards and degrees, it might seem somewhat surprising that one of his passion projects was launching a Holocaust survivor testimony database. Working alongside his grandmother, a respected scholar of the Holocaust and Jewish-Christian relations, they tirelessly hunted down and secured the whereabouts of unpublished survivor testimonies in the UK. Their work ensures access to those testimonies forever, allowing the survivors’ stories to live on.

Despite his position and status, he believes in working for those less fortunate, putting his powers of negotiation and charm to use for others. Djerassi has a knack for bringing people together that you’d never expect to work and he uses that for the benefits of those less fortunate. Opposing political parties, students and teachers, even protestors and those they’re protesting against, there’s no divide that he hasn’t been able to bridge. One of his passions in life is building relationships across rocky divides, and as we can see from his rap sheet, he’s pretty dang good at it.

One of Djerassi’s more notable projects is, a civic technology company that seeks to help people with college. He was their first official hire and he quickly got to work as the Chief Policy Officer to eliminate gaps that might keep other future young leaders out of college. Mos helps college students lockdown grants or scholarship funds. Tens of thousands of great young minds have benefited from Djerassi’s hard work, especially those considered the first of their families to get a college degree.

Although Alexander Djerassi has an impressive pile of achievements to show the world, the most inspiring thing about him is that as a young child he felt this incredibly strong call to make the world a better place, and he went for it. Nothing seems to be able to stop him in his pursuit of a better world.

Top 5 Education Systems in the U.S.

Top 5 Education Systems in the U.S.

Diego Ruiz Duran is a renowned Mexican defense attorney, educated at Oxford University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Duran has excelled far beyond the average and exceeds the limits of such stereotyping due to his privileged ability to attend higher-ranking schools in high-ranking school systems. For the year 2021, Massachusetts was ranked as the first of the Top 5 School Systems in the United States. The rest of the Top 5 were, in descending order, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, and Vermont. While shifting position year by year, Massachusetts has consistently remained in the top 5 for an admirable length of time. Massachusetts is famous for being the home of the illustriously prestigious Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both of which Duran has attended and to which he credits his success.

Each year, school systems across the Nation are ranked according to population size, retention rate, graduation rate, test scores, and safety of the environment. Schools are also assessed according to various other factors such as quality of resources, the progressiveness of curricula, effectiveness of teaching standards, and, sometimes, even rate of teacher burnout. These factors together are analyzed correlatively as a whole to give an overall score. School system scoring enables teachers seeking employment to determine where best their skills may be utilized. Some educators utilize the school rating system to serve students in underserved communities wherein the school ranks low on the scale. Educators may deliberately seek low-ranking schools to attentively and compassionately serve students who have typically been overlooked in school districts where resources are low in both quantity and quality. Conversely, some teachers may seek higher-ranking schools, feeling their talents and skill level would be best recognized therein.

Diego Ruiz Duran believes that school system scoring enables parents to find cities and towns wherein their children may be best educated. Parents who choose high-ranking school systems intend that their children are given the best possible opportunities to succeed. Schools with higher ranks tend to have the infrastructure with which to provide up-to-date, progressive textbooks, technology, multimedia, and activity resources. Schools with higher ranks also tend to be in safer neighborhoods and more affluent communities where higher incomes contribute to the increase in the quality of resources available to students. Likewise, schools with higher ranks tend to be in neighborhoods where parents are relatively comfortable economically and, thus, have relatively more leisure time with which to direct attention to their children– assisting them with homework, attending PTA meetings, school board hearings, extracurricular activities, and able to afford to transport their children to those extracurricular activities.

In contrast, parents of students in lower-ranking school systems tend to be economically disadvantaged. This disadvantage may contribute to an inability to be as attentive to their child’s needs, due to having to work longer hours or multiple jobs, for instance. A socioeconomically disenfranchised parent may not be able to help their children with homework or pay extra for tutoring available to keep their children on par with the national average. A working-class family may not be able to afford resources that would enable them to stay ahead– including supplemental texts and reading materials, tablets and laptops, as well as memberships to clubs and organizations or extracurricular activities. The economic setbacks of the parents directly affect their children who may remain under-stimulated at home and within a classroom where resources are also limited. In addition, lower-ranking school systems tend to have disproportionate teacher-student ratios. Teachers are often outnumbered by students, overwhelmed and overworked while simultaneously being provided with fewer resources.

Unlearning Bad Habits

Unlearning Bad Habits

Everyone has some bad habit that they want to get rid of. Some people may have harmful bad habits such as smoking. Others may have bad habits such as biting their nails. Father George Rutler knows that bad habits are hard to break. He understands a person will need to drastically change their behavior. Rutler has some tips to help a person unlearn a bad habit and replace some of them with good habits.

Accept the Problem

To make some changes a person needs to admit that they have a bad habit. They cannot deny the habit. They also need to realize that it has become a habit. While accepting of the bad habit alone will not stop it, this is the first step. A person will be aware of something that they need to change and then they can look at replacement behaviors.

Learn the Triggers

Father George Rutler believes that to help fix the behavior a person needs to understand their triggers. They may have a stressful event that happens during the day that will engage in the bad habit. Some people may engage in the habit due to stress or boredom. If a person learns why they are doing the habit it may be easier to break the habit.

Replacement Behaviors

It is going to be very hard to stop a bad habit without another behavior to replace it with. A person should take their bad habit and replace it with a positive one. For example, if a person reaches for a cigarette when they are feeling stressed they need to learn some ways to handle the anxiety. They can reach for a stress ball instead. They may also want to go for a walk or take a break from a situation if they are not able to handle it. This will allow them to break the habit of smoking and give the body something else to do and a way to calm down.

Set a Plan

It may take some time to get over these bad habits. It is important to plan ahead for the future. A person needs to learn from their mistakes. If something did not work the first time they need to have a plan so that they can give it another try. It may take a few tries to break the bad habit but if a person does not give it up they can change their behavior.

Take Things Slow

It is going to take time to quit the bad habit. A person may need to slow down and celebrate small accomplishments. They may reduce the number of times they engage in this habit during the day. It is a start and a person can use this to stay motivated.

These are some ways to unlearn a bad habit. These bad habits were not formed overnight and it will take more than a day to break them. By following these tips a person can learn to overcome these bad habits and trade them out for some positive ones.

How To Budget for Opening a Franchise Location

How To Budget for Opening a Franchise Location

Opening a franchise location is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be overwhelming. Many people don’t know what to expect on opening day and end up spending more than they planned.

As we get closer to the first few weeks of your new location being open, you need to start thinking about budgeting for everything that will happen – including all expenses!

Things To Budget For When Opening A Franchise Location

Location: It’s important to know the cost of your location. If you’re planning on purchasing a property, this will be an upfront expense that needs to be budgeted for over time.

Signage and Decorations: You’ll want to have signage up so customers can find their way into your store! Plus, having welcoming decor inside is also important to create a positive atmosphere right when they walk in.

Inventory: When it comes down to opening day, you need enough inventory at hand so that people walking through the door are greeted with something great as soon as they walk through the doors! This includes everything from branded clothing items down to food items for purchase.

Budgeting for Your Franchise Location

We know that it can be a lot to take in, but having the right budgeting plan for your franchise location is an important part of owning one. The first item to set a budget for should be your startup costs for the location. If you’re looking for a general rule, this can be anywhere from $25-30k. This also includes the cost of your franchise agreement and equipment to outfit the store with!

Startup Costs for Your Franchise

To open up a location, you must have some startup costs, such as an initial investment into the property itself. You’ll need things like new furniture, signage, a point-of-sale system, etc., depending on what type of restaurant or retail business you are opening.

The good news is that there are ways to offset these costs by saving money elsewhere (like taking care of marketing yourself!). When it comes down to starting out, we recommend having at least 25K available just in case.

Signage and Decor for Your Franchise

Ultimately, the success of your restaurant or retail business comes down to its appearance. That’s why it’s so important that you invest in a good sign and quality decor for inside – these are one-time costs that will make all the difference when it comes time to opening up for business!

Franchise Inventory

It’s always wise to have a little bit of money set aside for inventory, even if you’re not opening up until the new year. You never want to find yourself scrambling and low on supplies when it comes time for your first batch of customers or clients.

Regardless of whether or not you own other locations in your franchise chain, there are just some items that need to be stocked no matter what – like food!

If you’re on a tight budget, that’s okay! There are ways to get creative and save money.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurs who don’t have much capital:

Utilize the power of social media by getting the word out about your business through Facebook ads or Instagram marketing (these can be relatively cheap!)

Stay within your means when it comes to spending; don’t invest in anything more than what is necessary at this point if you do not have enough cash available.

Look into hiring people locally to help with maintenance tasks before they become too expensive later down the line. You could also offer discounts depending on how often someone visits just as an incentive for them to come back!

How To Properly Paint A Door Frame

How To Properly Paint A Door Frame

If you are like many homeowners, you may be wondering how to paint a door frame properly. Your door is a piece of home furniture that you will likely see when out on your patio or in your living room. The first thing that you should consider before painting is what color of paint you want to use. It is not only nice to have a door that looks great, but it also allows for ease of movement within your home. Knowing how to paint a door frame allows you to choose the right color paint that compliments the look and feel of your door.

Painting a door frame is similar to how you would paint any other surface within your home. The first step is preparation. When you are ready to paint your door, you need to take some time to thoroughly clean the area so that no dirt, dust, or debris will be able to catch on to the paint. This will help you avoid having streaks when the paint dries.

Once you have your surfaces clean, you are ready to prepare the paint. The first thing you should do is prepare the area you are painting with an old t-shirt. You can either wash it to get rid of any stains or just use it as a mask. This area should be arid because anything else that gets into the paint will not be seen once it is wet. In addition, this area will help to keep the paint from dripping onto other areas when you use the brush.

Next, you will need to gather up all the supplies that you will need before painting. A paint sprayer is a must. This tool will allow you to paint quickly and not wait too long between coats. Paint Brushes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and tips. The best ones will be those that are for drying in the shortest amount of time.

Once you have all of your supplies, it is time to paint the door. If you are new to doing this, it is a good idea to practice in an area that does not have much traffic. This will ensure that you do not accidentally paint over an area that you do not want to be painted. It would help if you also considered practicing how to maneuver the tools to know where to put them so that you do not hurt yourself when painting.

You will want to make sure that you paint a door frame that will be flat against the wall. You should also make sure that it is at least one and a half-inch smaller than the door itself. You will need to paint both the outside and inside of the door. It is a good idea to cover the frame with a piece of opaque material so that it will not show up when the paint dries. You can paint the area in an almost finished look if you wish, but you should finish the paint by adding a few accent colors or paint chips.

When you have painted the door frame, you should check to make sure that the trim around the edges of the door is smooth. Smooth edges will help the paint stick better. If you find that there are rough areas that need sanding, take this time to smooth out the area. When you have finished sanding the rough spots, make sure that you give the door a good cleaning before putting the trim back in place.

How to support a loved one going through cancer treatment

How to support a loved one going through cancer treatment

Cancer can be rough on the family and friends of the loved one going through it. However, nobody is going through more pain than the person suffering from cancer. This has led people to wonder how they can support people through cancer treatment.

You’re not going to find a single solution that will work for everyone. Fortunately, you have enough solutions you can use to the point where you’ll be able to find something that will help your loved one get through this tough period of their life. Check out these ways you can support someone currently dealing with cancer.

Showing Up

When someone has to deal with going to the hospital weekly, it can be quite a lonely time for them. From the initial cancer testing to the actual treatments, the whole process can be terrifying and provoke uncertainties. This is due to them maybe getting help at home but not receiving any help when they show up at the hospital. You can help this feeling by showing up during their hospital treatments.

By showing up, you can lend an ear to someone who might want to talk about their treatment or just get distracted talking about something else. This type of relief can make a cancer patient feel a lot more relieved when they show up for their weekly treatment. To make a cancer patient feel more relieved, make sure you show up to their hospital appointments.


During the cancer treatment process, a patient is likely to have a lot of time where they just need to sit in bed. This time can easily become boring without having something to do. To fix this, you should think about giving gifts to cancer patients.

When considering a gift, think about something that would entertain a cancer patient. This could be a new movie, videogame, album, and more. If you have enough income, think about dividing your gifts so that cancer patient can end up receiving something that entertains them every time they go for cancer treatment. Think about gifts you can give to the cancer patient in your life if you want to support them.


These ideas are a great start to finding out how you can help out a cancer patient, but the best way you can help out a cancer patient is by asking what you can do for them. The reason for this is that cancer patients all come in different ages. For example, a kid might be able to get all of the support they need from their parents. This starts to become a lot more difficult when dealing with cancer as an adult.

For example, you might have a cancer patient tell you that they are having trouble getting chores done when they come from the hospital. Think about volunteering to clean up around their place and prepare food so they have something to eat when they come home.

A cancer patient might also need financial help to get them off their feet. This could be due to wanting advanced treatment or just needing money to pay for rent. Make sure you talk to a cancer patient to ask exactly how you can help them.

Should the U.S. Adopt the Four Day Work Week?

Should the U.S. Adopt the Four Day Work Week?

Diego Ruiz Duran, the Mexican criminal lawyer, and constitution lawyer is often called upon for his opinions about various business and social subjects. And one of the most common questions Duran is asked about is his opinion of a 4-day workweek.

Duran, who was extensively educated in the United States, at Harvard, and who obtained a law degree in Cambridge England, is very familiar with the debates, both pro and con about a 4-day workweek in the advanced Western countries.

The 4-day workweek has been experimented with in many countries and according to GQ Magazine, the vast majority of companies that have adopted some form of a 4-day workweek, have seen a 20 to 40 percent improvement in overall efficiency. And over 82 percent of workers want to see a shorter workweek. Meanwhile, a popular HR newsletter reports two big reasons not to adopt a 4-day workweek.

One is that many CEOs and senior execs believe that companies that adopt a 4-day workweek benefits those who do not bow to its whims as they are far more competitive in the market.

The other major argument is that 4-day workweeks are industry-specific, made all the more so by the COVID-19 pandemic where restaurants, hotels, and the like are having to boost wages as it is due to a shortage of workers.

How did we even get to a 40-hour workweek? In 1938, Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act which required employers to pay overtime after 44 hours of work. Two years later, the act was amended to require overtime pay after 40 hours.

So the 40-hour, 5-day workweek was rooted in the factories of the past. However, the vast majority of salaried workers are not included, and one average, for upwards to 47 hours per week.

There is plenty of evidence that working over 40 hours a week does tend to make employees less efficient and also less healthy and alert. But does working less provide positive benefits?

To answer the question, many experts point to happiness surveys of which countries experience the overall highest level of personal happiness.

For the 4th year in a row, Finland came in at the top spot, followed by Denmark at number 2, Iceland at number 4, Norway at number 6 and Sweden at Number 7. The United States barely cracked the top 20 at number 19.

Experts say time and time again, the primary reason the Nordic companies are so happy is that they have very flexible work schedules. Instead of needing to lie to the boss and say they have a dental appointment on Friday they simply tell the boss that me and my kids are going to take up a fishing trip on Friday. No need to lie, because managers have learned that happy employees are productive employees.

In actuality, just like pro athletes, employees involved in office work probably only work efficiently around 5 hours a day. The rest of the time is mostly wasted. But it may take another 50 years for there to be a 25 hour workweek. But Diego Ruiz Duran believes that the time is surely coming when the 40 hour workweek is extinct.

How Do I Find a Career That’s Right for Me?  

How Do I Find a Career That’s Right for Me?  

As we grow older, we sometimes wonder whether or not we’ll find the right career choice. Happiness is an important pathway for every person to strive for, as one of the best ways to do so is by choosing the right career path. Specifically, a career path that one enjoys and will find happiness long-term.

With that said, some who are reading this article may wonder what it takes to find such a career that they want. The truth is there are many ways to find the right career path. Especially when there’s the internet and all the information is available nowadays, there’s a lot to learn in that regard.

First and foremost, one must ask themselves what exact career they are interested in. Professionals like Judge Napolitano believe everyone should find a career choice that aligns with their passion. By doing so is looking through all the possible career choices that will garner a good living for that person. After that, from all those possible career choices that were chosen, choose the one that is doable to succeed in. Many jobs are quite lucrative but require a lot of hard work. Unfortunately for many people, they’re not able to live that lifestyle.

However, the good news is that there are a lot of careers in that regard. These careers provide a good living but also are popular among a vast number of young adults. It’s also important to make sure such desirable careers are available for that interested person.

A lot of college graduates make the mistake of attending school for a specific study thinking that it’s going to lead them to the job they intended for. Only then to realize the specific job market isn’t available to enroll.

It’s important when going for whatever career path, there are several opportunities for enlisting in. Whether that path requires a college education or not, as long as that person can get involved in that career path conveniently. This is why one should search around their area for such job opportunities, figuring whether these opportunities are convenient to attend.

As this article educates readers on tips to find the right path for one’s career, this is where the internet becomes very important to use. Considering that there’s a mass availability of information through the web, one can easily search up all the tips they need on finding the job they’ve always wanted.

Staying patient is also important as finding the right career choice sometimes doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a while for some people to find the motivation needed for a specific path where they want to go.

Utilizing the internet is important in this very procedure. It’s recommended for everyone to not miss out on learning all the facts needed to be one the right path to whatever career one desires.

This article is to motivate readers to find the career path they’ve always dreamed of. Regarding advice from someone, one should listen to the advice of Judge Napolitano.