Dr. Paul D. Corona with The Corona Protocol

Join us for an enlightening interview with Dr. Paul D. Corona, a trailblazer in psychiatry and family medicine from Southern California. Dr. Corona introduces “Mind and Body Healing” in his groundbreaking book, “The Corona Protocol,” challenging traditional mental health treatments and offering innovative solutions for complex societal issues.

Q. What is the core message you want to deliver to the world through your writing/books/stories in your self-help series? 

I want to convey that there is hope. There is a scientific basis for why people suffer with mental and physical illness. These reasons can be easily diagnosed and treated in safe and effective ways that are holistic and get to the core of the problem and cure the person from within. This leads to the feeling of self and feeling of health and wholeness. 

More information is that I want patients and doctors to read my books and to be able to not only help themselves but also others that they know need help, which is an exponential amount of people. There is so much suffering in our society and in the world that can be relieved by applying The Corona Protocol to their lives. 


Q. What makes your book unique?  

My book is unique because The Corona Protocol is my methods and ways of diagnosing and treating. I learned these methods through years of studying and treating patients in order to develop a protocol that works better than any other methods that I have come across. The Corona Protocol has been developed through over 30 years of practice with well over 50,000 hours and well over 150,000 patients’ visits. 

Expanding on what I said a bit further, what makes my protocol different than other methods is that I learned it differently. I learned it as a family doctor studying psychiatry on my own further than what we learned in training about mental illness. Those trained in psychiatry don’t appreciate the role that the physical body plays, thus the term Mind-Body Medicine. During the first 10 years or so of my practice I realized that I was doing things differently than what I was reading about. I decided that I could make a bigger difference in my patients’ lives by branching into this field of medicine rather than being a typical family doctor. Since I did not see other providers offering the same methods, I knew early on that I not only needed to do it but also to teach it, thus leading to the books. The impact that this protocol has on people’s lives is nothing short of astonishing. I have had many patients over the years who have seen many different providers, including psychiatrists, who never provided the results that I am able to provide within a relatively short period of time such as one to three visits. More complex patients may take 4 to 6 visits but that is still much quicker and with more complete results than with other providers who treat based on old paradigms. I love what I do since I see people’s lives changing dramatically in front of my eyes and many have told me that their lives have been saved because of my treatments. As a doctor there is no greater joy than making a difference in so many people’s lives. 

Q. Who/What is your biggest inspiration in your writing?  

My biggest inspiration is my patients. Seeing them suffer and then helping them to turn their lives around gives me great joy and satisfaction. Being aware that there is so much suffering which can be helped drives me to keep writing and to keep in active practice. Since I have also written two books intended to train doctors and other prescribers my greatest desire after this book is released is to put together a training program and release my next two books which are already written. 


Q. When did you decide to write the book and why?  

I decided to write this sixth book since I had already released my first three books’ series years ago and have finished my to teaching books, but then I realized that I needed to write another book and started about five years ago. I set out to write a book of stories. I love fiction and fantasy novels are my favorite genres. I have always wanted to write fiction, and this was my opportunity to share stories of people who struggle, some of them succeeding and some not. The harsh reality is that not all of the stories in this book and in life in general have a happy ending. 


Q. What has been your favorite comment/review so far about your book?  

I have had many positive comments about the book but the one that comes foremost to mind is that this book is a paradigm shift. My book introduces a completely different way of looking at things and doing things. What I write and teach is not found in any other book, whether textbook or otherwise. The paradigm shift introduced in this book is the ability to change the lives of countless people. 


  1. If your book were turned into a film/TV show, who would you tap to play the lead(s)? Why? 

This is a tough question. Then Affleck or Vince Vaughn for me, Jennifer Lopez, or Phoebe Cates for my wife. 


Q. What is something you learned while writing the book?  

What I learned while writing this book is how much I enjoy writing fiction. I enjoy using my imagination, while also drawing on material from real patients that I have seen. I have continued to learn over the last 20 years of writing how much work goes into writing a book. 


Q. Give us the scoop about your next upcoming book.

After writing six books I don’t see myself writing another medical book for a while. I started writing a fantasy novel when I was in middle school, then several years ago I wrote more of it but then put it aside. I wanted to wait until the other books were written before going back to it. I have thought about the story for many years and know what I want to write but have not found the time and energy to devote to it. It will probably become a trilogy. I would like to ideally write it with another author such as a ghostwriter, someone who is better at writing than I am. 


Rapid Fire Questions 

Running or Hiking? – Hiking 

What is your favorite shower song? – When Doves Cry by Prince 

Red Meat or White Meat? – Tough questions since I love both, but I will have to go with red meat, white meat a close second. On further reflection white meat wins. I love chicken, pork and fish which includes my favorite King crab legs as well as lobster. I love steak and hamburgers, but white meat wins. 

Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts? –   Brussell Sprouts 

Tomatoes or Potatoes? – Potatoes  

Baked or Fried? – Fried 

Wine or Beer? – Beer. Easy answer. I have a.keg in a refrigerator in my backyard at my Tiki Bar 

Sky diving or Scuba diving? – Sky Diving though I have never done it either. I have always wanted to skydive. 

Fame or Fortune? – Fame, since I would be able to reach and affect more people in a positive way if me and my protocol were widely known. I want to make as big of a difference as I can and to help as many people as possible. 

Invisibility cloak or sparkling skin? – Invisibility cloak 

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