Tips on Self Motivation

Tips on Self Motivation

Get Started! Six High Powered Motivation Tips. Get Going. Stay Going Today.

Agents of self-motivation, goals are capable of launching personal dreams and desires into reality.

When setting out on a goal-centered professional journey, our professional drivers and energies often become elevated, propelling us forward. Nothing can stop us now. Until the following day.

Devoid of ticker-tape parades, goals without the right tools often fall victim to disappointments, setbacks, and the grind of daily routines and demands; all are competing for attention.

Self-motivation becomes essential. Below are six ways to get it and keep it.

Ask Questions

Columnist and Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano believes work must be exciting and gratifying for professional motivation to remain high. This aspect is especially true during stressful and demanding work-based projects. While not advocating for working without compensation, Napolitano suggests asking what parts of professional work would be enjoyable if performed without payment.

Asking for more of the tasks we enjoy performing at work can maintain enthusiasm and motivation on the job while setting us apart from the rest of the pack!

Set An Objective

An objective is not the same as a goal. Goals are essential, but without understanding the result or a clear idea of what the end product should look like, goals often become meaningless.

Beginning with the result in mind, work backward until the objective becomes clear in mind.

Today’s professional environments are highly competitive and global. Recognizing our personal, professional objectives is critical to maintaining self-motivation during possible derailments or setbacks.

Take a Challenge

Andrew Napolitano enjoys a challenge, maintaining the importance of accepting professional challenges relevant to the objective or goal. Challenges must be ambitious but not impossible. While thinking about the end goal and purpose, anticipate challenges along the way, and prepare for them.

Additional and relevant opportunities stretching our comfort zone make excellent professional motivators and resume enhancers at promotion time!

Forget Pay Day!

No, this does not mean work for free; however, consider the benefits provided by the current employment position. These include medical insurance, life insurance, even a take-home car.

Other intrinsic benefits like helping others solve problems and mentoring new team members are examples of benefits that could disappear if the situation changed.

Of course, this does not mean eliminating goals or ambitions beyond a current situation; however, recognizing the benefits of where we are today can sustain motivation to perform to the best of our ability.

Establish Core Values

Choose actions that honor self-worth. Refraining from office gossip, taking no more than the designated hour-long lunch break, for example, while not celebrated or seemingly noticed, contribute to our core values.

Performing work that aligns with how we wish others to see or value us builds on and protects our self-esteem. Avoiding the office rumor mill and committing to avoid life-draining negative talk and gossip facilitates energy, focus, and professional motivation.


Where possible, building flexibility into our workday to take care of personal and professional development can help sustain motivation. The pandemic has created many work-from-home opportunities that professionals are not keen to give up.

Employers, having been forced to embrace work from home technology, are more open to hybrid home and office working arrangements. Staying motivated on the job is easier when employees enjoy flexible working arrangements.

Andrew Napolitano truly believes that getting and staying motivated with the right attitude is not hard. The key is knowing what resonates with our core values, creating choices around them, and gaining a fresh perspective over where we might find ourselves today. Simple steps such as the ones suggested above can prevent us from becoming sidetracked and pulled into energy-sapping negative thinking.

3 Environmentalism Tips for Activists

3 Environmentalism Tips for Activists

Saving the Environment

For the last year the world has seen a great many changes occur including our skies becoming clearer. Less smog and pollution was noticed at the beginning of the Pandemic. Many others have seen this shift, and wonder how they can contribute to this kind of progress. Activist Helen Schifter has been vocal about self care during this past year, giving advice and suggestions while the world was in a lockdown.

Keeping in line with the ideal of self care, the world must also care for the environment we were living in prior to the global pandemic. While in shutdown there were less cars on the road, creating less air pollution from our vehicles. As we have opened back up the traffic has picked back up and we are sliding back. Riding a bike or more carpooling or public transportation use could help cut back on the air pollution being created. Aligning with the self care Helen Schifter recommends, cycling falls into this perfectly and helps our environment.

Another way the environment could be helped is if more recycled. Younger generations grow up learning the importance of recycling in school starting in the first few years of school. Education for all generations on the importance of recycling would benefit the world greatly. Not all areas acknowledge the benefits of recycling and therefore do not require it. Spread the information and continue to remind people it is everyone’s responsibility to care for our world. The world will breathe better and on a personal side, it truly is part of self care knowing those actions will benefit not just themselves but everyone else around them as well.

Together as communities around the world the land and air could be cleaned up and maintained in a healthy status for future generations, and those are the ones we should be working for when it comes to this clean up. Let’s also remind them that cleaning up trash found in waterways is of utmost importance. The amount of trash in our oceans, lakes and rivers is astounding. This affects every creature in those ecosystems as well. And when those are thrown off balance, it affects the entire globe. Ecosystems are sensitive and the slightest shift in the wrong direction could mean disaster.

Lastly, there is one more major and positive action that would greatly benefit everyone. Planting trees, local wildflowers and gardens for whole communities. The concept of having a nice, lush lawn of just green grass is antiquated and provides no benefit to wildlife or humanity. Remove the idea from people that a nice front yard is just a patch of grass and remind them that planting native plants, flowers, trees and crops is far better. Educate the world about the amazing results that would happen if we planted bees, butterflies and birds. This would help stabilize the crops and help feed the entire world, humans and animals alike. It is the responsibility of the world population to take care of where we all live, always.

Fall Cinnamon Dessert Recipes

Fall Cinnamon Dessert Recipes

It’s funny how certain smells and tastes can be associated with a season. For fall, it’s all about warm, spicy, sweet flavors like pumpkin, peppermint, and cinnamon.

 To truly celebrate fall, take time out to make foods that give you that comfy cozy feeling that brings happiness on a brisk day. A cinnamon dessert is the perfect way to do it. 

There are countless desserts you can make with cinnamon. Here are a few great ideas.

6 Fall Cinnamon Dessert Recipes

Cinnamon Apple Tart

Cinnamon and apples are an ideal blend, especially when they are mixed into a sweet, bready tart. A ready-made pie crust makes this recipe easy to put together. Just add apples, apple jelly, cinnamon baking chips, sliced almonds, and a sweet homemade icing for a dessert that will make your tastebuds sing.

Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Pastries

Sweet potato is packed with nutrients making this a healthy dessert choice. To make these, fill crescent rolls with sweet potato, cream cheese, brown sugar, and cinnamon mixture. Pop them in your mouth for a mouthwatering flavor experience.

Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cinnamon Frosting

Pumpkin cake is just the thing for a cool autumn day. You can’t go wrong when you top it with cinnamon frosting. The cake takes a mix of pumpkin, pecans, cinnamon, and other complementary spices while the frosting is a blend of whipping cream, confectioner’s sugar, and, of course, cinnamon. Put it all together and it makes for a dessert that is simply decadent.

Cinnamon Chip Scones

Cinnamon chip scones and hot chocolate make a great fall Sunday breakfast. The scones are made from scratch and sweet cinnamon baking chips are added. Serve warm or cold. They will taste delicious either way.

Honey Cinnamon Rollups

Reminiscent of baklava, this recipe features cinnamon and ground walnuts rolled up in a thawed phyllo dough. It’s topped with a honey syrup for a taste that will warm your body and soul.

Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake

Who could resist the taste of cinnamon and apple combined into a rich, creamy cheesecake? The dessert starts with homemade cinnamon, walnut, and oat crust. The next step is to add the cream cheese and apple juice filling. The topping consists of cinnamon-dusted apples. It all makes for the ultimate deliciousness.

Cinnamon Benefits

We rarely think of desserts as being good for us, but the nice thing about the ones listed here is, they contain cinnamon, a spice that is high in antioxidants. It is known for having antifungal, and anti-bacterial benefits. It can lower blood pressure, blood sugar and it’s beneficial for digestion.

Because cinnamon is so beneficial to health, it’s often taken in supplemental form. If you are looking to add more cinnamon to your diet, New Chapter Cinnamon Force is the perfect way to do it.

New Chapter is known for providing vitamins and minerals that have been individually cultured to provide the ultimate nutrient blend. Their Cinnamon Force combines two sources of cinnamon designed to support blood sugar already in the normal range. It is also beneficial to weight management, the cardiovascular system, and healthy joints. 

Cinnamon is great as a dessert ingredient and as a supplement. It tastes delicious and provides optimal health benefits when included in the dietary routine. How will you be using it to boost your wellbeing? 

Tips on flying when you’re scared of flying

 1. First-Time Flying Tips   

First-Time Flying Tips will be required by those who are about to fly for the first time in their lives. When you are preparing for a flight, there are a lot of things to consider before leaving your home to board a plane. First-Time Flying Tips include your attire, your accessories, your baggage, and also the way you will board the plane. You have to check your eligibility for different airlines and make sure that you are informed before your departure. You must make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed such as passport, health insurance card and a contact number for emergency. You must make sure that the information you have is updated since the requirements may vary from airline to airline.

There are a few things that you must bear in mind while packing for your first flight. First-Time flyers need to prepare their suitcases according to the airline’s size and shape. The suitcases are usually delivered to the passengers at the airport. If the flight is operated by a major airline, there would also be specific fitting rooms inside the aircraft and so they are called as primary boarding areas. Your luggage must be placed in these rooms before you leave the airport and you also have to pack them using appropriate packing methods.

Checking the climate when packing for your flight whether it be New York or Los Angeles. Make sure that your clothing and shoes will be comfortable because you might experience varying temperatures while boarding the plane. Also, you have to make sure that your shoes will not cause problems during take-off and landings because they are likely to get wet and maybe even slightly stained. Another thing to consider is the type of food that you want to bring on the plane. There might be certain foods that are prohibited for first-time fliers so be sure to check this out first before packing up. Also, you can choose to bring snacks to the plane or else it might be prohibited as well.

Never leave any essentials behind when packing. These include your prescription medicines, change of clothes, personal items such as cameras, mobile phones, and text books, and your itinerary. A lot of airlines provide luggage tags which can be beneficial when boarding the plane as well. Remember, there are a lot of security measures that you need to follow before flying. If you’re leaving your home on a week-long trip to New York, be sure your home is secure and you have set your AC to a higher temperature so you do not incur a high New York Electricity bill while you are away. After all no one wants to return to a high power bill.

 2. Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying   

People who have a fear of flying have a real problem, but most often the problem is not fully recognized. This can be perilous for the person who is afraid of flying, since if they do not receive the help they need and get the necessary therapy they will never be able to conquer their fear. There are a few tips you can follow that will help you overcome your fear of an airplane.

The first thing you should do is realize that most people have this fear at one time or another. It is not something that is original, since flying has always been around. But these days flying is almost second nature, so don’t expect to have a problem getting on an airplane anytime soon.

Most people assume that once they step on an airplane the fear will go away, but unfortunately that is not true. It’s not that simple, but luckily there are things you can do at home to get over this issue. If you feel uncomfortable going into a flight in the first place, it will be even more of a big deal when you are actually on the airplane.

The first sign you may notice is a feeling of nervousness. It is very likely this nervousness will also come before you even take off. This means that you should relax and try to figure out what triggered the feeling of nervousness. Often this can be determined by reviewing your schedule.

 3. Travel Tips 

Fear of flying is truly one of the most common fears across the globe. Almost everyone is aware of the statistics regarding air accidents, however the fear itself is quite a deep-roasted emotional one and not one based on logic or reasoning. There are many ways to rationalize and avoid flying, however, the most important thing you can do is to know why you fear flying and learn to deal with it appropriately.

What exactly is your fear of flying? Is it because you have never experienced flying before? Perhaps you have. If this is the case, there is no need to wallow in self-pity because you are a afraid of flying. Just like those who suffer from agoraphobia, a fear of flying must be dealt with head-on.

The first step to getting over your fear of flying would be for you to determine exactly why you are afraid of flying. This will allow you to know what causes your fear, as well as prepare you mentally for the experience. After determining why you are afraid, then you are ready to begin your preparation. Here are some tips to help you get ready for flying.

First, it is crucial that you do not procrastinate when preparing for flying. In other words, you should not set aside at least a couple of hours every single day that you will be away from home. Sure, a lot of people love to take long vacations, but if you truly want to get the most out of a flying vacation, then you must make it a priority to get away on at least a yearly basis. The more time and energy you put into preparing for flying, the more prepared and relaxed you will be when it actually happens.  When planning for your trip it is a good idea to do a good cleaning so you can still be in a relaxed state upon your arrival, another good thing to do is to have someone come over an hour or so before your arrival to adjust your thermostat, this way it can be at a comfortable temperature when you return. If you kept the thermostat on that temperature for your entire vacation you may be welcomed back with a extremely high electricity bill.Second, it is important that you have someone with you who is completely confident in your flying abilities. When you are preparing for flying, you will have to deal with a lot of distractions, so make sure that you have a friend or family member with you who can watch your every move and advise you if something goes wrong. Trust me, you don’t want to take any of those terrible airline disasters while you are abroad. A friend or family member can also provide valuable tips and advice about how to keep safe while traveling.

Unfortunate Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Unfortunate Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Getting married can be an exciting event in your life but divorce is never on the minds of two people at the altar. People do change over the course of time and grow too far apart over the course of decades. Others find they might not have anything in common after the children have left the home. Relationships work in a variety of ways between married couples. There are just some people that didn’t know each other enough before getting hitched. Others had a partner seemingly change overnight after they were married. There are signs that a marriage is headed for divorce that impact almost every relationship. The following are the signs your marriage is headed for divorce.

Failure to Communicate At All

Communication is the only thing that keeps couples from constantly fighting. The lack of communication can lead to much larger problems. Having a serious discussion from time to time is important about things that are bothering you. Blowing up once in a while is not healthy as you or your partner could do or say something that cannot be forgiven. Sitting down daily to talk about your day and what has been bothering you for 10 minutes can be perfect. Taking a timeout in the middle of a discussion when things start to deteriorate in terms of tempers is another good strategy. When some people get too angry, they might say thing they don’t mean simply to hurt the other person’s feelings.

Refusal To Seek Marriage Counseling

Getting help for a marriage is sometimes important when trying to reconcile. You shouldn’t have a family member play judge or jury as this is going to lead to divorce due to preferences. Getting an outside look at your marriage is so important as you might be able to see what is going wrong. When you are involved in a marriage where your spouse refuses to get help with you or talk about problems, this could be because they have given up. Not all unhappy people file for divorce as other factors play a role but no good marriage ends in divorce which is something you should take comfort in. Seeking out the help of a New Bern divorce attorney can allow you to know your options if considering divorce. 


Infidelity has been a way that marriages have ended for hundreds of years. Cheating has taken a different form with technology as dating apps are readily available whether you are married or not. There are some couples that can overcome this but for others it ends the marriage immediately. Observing changes in behavior is a way to notice if something is off as most people are creatures of habit. 

Divorce is a tough thing to deal with as it will completely change your life. You could have fallen out of love and just can’t do it anymore. In other situations, you are completely incompatible with the person or they have become abusive. Look for these telltale signs to see if you marriage is headed for divorce.

2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Trends

2022 Fashion Designer Trends: Old School & New School Fashion Blended

2022 Is going to bring interesting fashion trends into the world. There will be interesting trends in everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends alike. In 2022 we are going to see a whole lot of old high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world. Former fashion editor, Helen Lee Schifter, knows that there will be new trends inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of fashion. In conclusion, we are going to see some very nice-looking old school inspired fashion trends, but with a modern, good looking twist.

One of the new, old school inspired fashion trends that will be present in 2022 is the use of big gold chains. The big gold chains in fashion were first made popular in the 1990’s. In today’s current fashion trends, gold chains are mostly being worn around the neck as a simple piece of jewelry. Of the gold chains that are being worn around the neck, most of these aren’t bigger than 10mm in width. In 2022, the fashion world is going to see the return of the big gold chains worn by hip-hop artists and high fashion models alike of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. These gold chains measure about 30mm in width and are not only worn around the neck. In high fashion, these chains are worn as belts around the waist with the model’s shirt tucked into their pants, so the gold chain can be completely seen. These chains are also worn roped around the neck, and also up and down the body vertically to make a fashion statement.

Another unique fashion statement that will be seen in 2022 is the return of multipurpose denim. I know denim jeans are, and have been, current fashion forever, and that’s not what I mean when I say “the return of denim”. In the high fashion industry denim will be used for many new retro-inspired purposes. We are going to see new trends such as, shirts that will be made like half of the shirt is a regular button-up crew neck shirt of a dark color material, and the other half is completely made of stonewashed-denim material. There will be full denim overalls made with a modernized twist. These overalls are going to be manufactured by high-end fashion brands like Chanel. There will be a 1980’s inspired new trend of denim pants for women. In this new trend, the pants will be high wasted, with a more roomy fit than the slim fitting jeans of right now. These pants will be constructed of designer textured, new school, high-end fashionable denim. In these new styles of pants, many of them will also contain shorter than usual pants lengths. This shortened pants length is designed to showcase the footwear and also to give a futuristic look.

The futuristic look will still be a big part of the 2022 fashion era. The futuristic fashion trend will consist of an outer-space inspired fashion look, such as neon-colored shoes, women’s high waisted pants, large aviator sunglasses, neon colored shirts, Long jackets worn with slim fitting pants, and women’s shorter length but wider cut pants. With the futuristic look we will also see a trend of bright colored leather garments in the high fashion world. These will be a shift from the current dark-colored leather trends of today.
In conclusion, Helen Lee Schifter believes that 2022 is going to bring new fashion styles into the world. There will be interesting trends in the appearance of everyday fashion and in high-fashion trends. In 2022 we are going to see old-school high fashion trends returning to the mainstream fashion world, but with a modern fashion twist. These new trends are inspired by the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s eras of clothing. Before we know it, we will be seeing these very interesting old-school, new-school, trends coming from popular designers and clothing brands right before our eyes.

Tears of Change: Spiritual, Uplifting, and Unforgettable

Tears of Change: Spiritual, Uplifting, and Unforgettable

Sometimes your tears say it all! They express a moment of grief, a sense of relief, emotions so deep – that even words aren’t enough. But sometimes, tears can help you find a fresh start. “Tears of Change” by Debbie Monteggia takes you on that new journey. Explore what led her to express her thoughts and experiences through poetry.

Hi Debbie, how do you feel about your book journey so far?

My book journey continues to be encouraging and inspiring!  My interviews are very uplifting and engaging. It’s been exciting discovering new avenues for promoting my book and telling my story. I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to embrace all my interviews with the variety of radio/podcasts and talk show hosts. The feedback I’ve received from my book has been positive and rewarding. It pleases me when I hear how my poetry has helped my readers move through some of their own feelings and emotions.

What is the core purpose of your book?

Debbie Monteggia

To share my story and poetry with the world. Poetry speaks to us all in many ways. My book can be read for pleasure, contemplation, or self-reflection. My poetry touches all our emotions, joy, love, gratitude, and sorrow. I’m sure one can find themselves in one of my poems. We are all connected and share the same or similar feelings. My hope is that one or many of my poems will inspire my reader to take a leap into expressing their own emotions so they can reach a deeper place of love and gratitude within themselves. 

How did you come up with Tears of Change for your book?

My poetry originated from my tears of sadness and despair and moved me to write about my tears of joy, grace, gratitude, and love. The title portrays this transition, “Tears of Change.”

Since you are a designer by profession, did you help with designing the gorgeous book cover? What was your brief to them?

The cover layout was a collaborative design by family members and myself. My husband came up with the title ‘Tears of Change’ and my son came up with the symbolic tree. I created the remaining designs, river, background, mountains, etc. I submitted all these ideas to my cover design company, and they created a beautiful colorful cover. 

When did you first start writing poetry? 

 I have been writing poetry most of my life. My poetry journey began 25 years ago.  

Could you share one touching review or letter you received from one of your fans that made your day?

Available on Amazon

This book is a revelation. Spiritual, uplifting, and unforgettable.  Debbie has taken us gently, lovingly, and courageously by the hand to share poetry that represents her journey toward self-fulfillment and peace. The poetry spans many life passages, from friendship and children to loss and fear, all truthfully and beautifully rendered. I especially enjoyed the context of each of the poems; it was a window into her heart and soul as she expressed her emotions. I felt as if I were with her and experienced her joy and sorrow. The book opened to me how truth, pain and compassion can be transformative. I will not soon forget this book.

What is one of your favorite poems from the book? Could you share a few lines with us?

A Child’s World is one of my favorite poems.

I’m only a child please watch me grow

Teach me the things I need to know

My world is little I can’t yet see

My journey in life, my destiny

Guide me now when I am small

It’s these years that count the most of all…

Let’s do a round of rapid-fire questions. Ready? 

Inspirations on a walk or shower?


Writing in the morning or late at night?


Classical or country music?


Interior Design or Writing

My passion is equal to both

Your favorite poet of all time

Emily Dickenson

What’s the last movie you watched?

Stillwater with Matt Damon

What’s the next project?

2nd edition of my book 

Best Sustainable Gifts to Buy

Best Sustainable Gifts to Buy

Gifts Should Be Thoughtful Not Just Physical

Who doesn’t love a gift? No one, because everyone likes to receive things from people especially for birthdays and holidays. It gives us a nice feeling to get things from loved ones and it also feels amazing to give loved one’s gifts from the heart. However, the biggest issue when it comes to getting a gift for someone, is knowing what to give them. It feels like no matter how well we know someone, gifts we find just aren’t good enough for them. So, what is the best way to figure out what to get someone? For starters, figure out their hobbies, things that they like or if they collect anything. This is a no brainer when it comes to having ideas pop into mind.

A big part of finding a great gift for someone is knowing their personality and matching it with a gift that will boost their love for it. Something that can be used and or seen every day. So, what if they are an adventurist, or loves reading, taking trips or would prefer something a little bit more artsy? Because you wouldn’t give someone who loves to read paint, or snowshoes. I’d hope not anyways. Let’s cover some excellent gifts for parents. A very common way that people typically show their mom that they do in fact appreciate her and what she does, good gifts include: jewelry, picture frames, and clothing. Even Helen Lee Schifter agrees that everyone should take time for themselves. Which make gifts like bath gel or soaps great.

Just to name a few. Once you become a parent you tend to not be as picky and, in my experience, accept even just someone to babysit the kids for a night as a suitable gift for a parent. Their gifts don’t have to be physical. Grandparents are typically easier going with the grandkids and love to have homemade gifts. To them, it’s the thought that counts. Which also makes for great last-minute gifts.

Finding gifts for friends, coworkers, boss, spouse, and even siblings is where it starts getting harder to find the perfect gift. You honestly never really know what people may or may not like and begins clouding people’s confidence when it comes to gift buying. A small trip to the ocean, or somewhere nearby that they may have been wanting to go to would absolutely make their day. If they’re cuddling up with a nice book kind of person, buy them a new blanket, book, bookmark, or even a box of nice tea for all the tea lovers out there.
If anyone is going to college, or in school, or likes to write then notebooks and other school-like utensils would be an excellent fit. Maybe buy a new video game for the people that just like to hang out. Games are always fun to get everyone around and have some fun whether it’s a video game or a good old fashioned board game. Some families really get into the family night stuff with games and movies, so those would also make great gifts. Because the gifts don’t always have to just be for one person but could also be for a family gift. Helen Lee Schifter loves to keep a healthy, active lifestyle like many people recently. So maybe a gym membership for them just might make their day.

Finding Time to Get Things Done

Finding Time to Get Things Done

Finding Time to Get Things Done

Everyone has this overwhelming anxiety with all the things they need to get done versus the time to actually accomplish this goal. There are useful tips for people such as this who struggle with this desire to feel accomplished at the end of the day. What are some of those?

One of the first things is when someone is set to get things done during a certain amount of time, they need to avoid distractions. It’s okay to turn the phone off and focus on the task at hand. Once the task is complete, it’s time to party. In our everyday world, there are plenty of things which can lead to distractions. Find what those are and how they can be alleviated as much as possible. A person will be sure to see the difference when they set about to accomplish goals.

Another wise piece of advice would be to prioritize. make a list of the things that need to be done. Setting a time frame as Alexander Djerassi would suggest in order to divide and organize the time properly. Things of lower importance will go at the bottom of said list. Things needing to be done as soon as possible should be at the top of this list.

Taking breaks is also important. While individuals need to focus, when they focus too much and don’t get up to walk around, this can leave them tired and burned out. Just be sure not to make these breaks too frequent or too long. A person has to find the right balance in order to do this. Even just getting up to walk around for a few minutes and grabbing a cup of coffee can improve work performance greatly.

Mental health care is very important. This means eating healthy meals and maintaining friendships. This also includes the breaks as mentioned above. This too includes getting a decent amount of sleep so they can feel focused. If a person lacks any one of these, their progress isn’t going to be seen. This is why having a set schedule they stick to is of dire importance.

When it comes to prioritizing, something to help this process as Alexander Djerassi would approve of would be to be organized. Too often, people come into work or dive into a task without all the tools they will need. This leads people into trying to find things and forgetting where they were when they come back to the task at hand. Making a checklist here before they begin the work can help immensely as things are at arm’s length. If a person is going to be doing this remotely and aren’t too sure about how electronics work or how to set up the station, they need to be sure all systems are a go.

The more a person puts these practices into motion, the more they will see things unfolding. Goals will be met. Items will be checked off those annoying to do lists. It won’t be easy though. Being on time is the end goal here.

You’ve Been Arrested? Steps To Take After Being Bailed Out

You’ve Been Arrested? Steps To Take After Being Bailed Out

People are arrested on a daily basis even though it can be a traumatizing event. Simply because you have been arrested does not mean that you are guilty. There are so many things that can happen during a traffic stop or when the police show up to your home that can lead to charges getting dropped. The most important thing you can do before you think you will be arrested is to stay quiet. Talking your way out of an arrest is not going to happen as officers are required to arrest people for some charges/allegations. The following are tips to help you after you have been bailed out.

Contact An Attorney Immediately 

Contacting a Raleigh criminal defense attorney immediately is important. A public defender can do a reasonably good job but they likely have a large number of cases. A private attorney is going to be able to spend more time on your case. Make sure that you pick an attorney that is experienced in the local area. The reason for this is having a relationship with a prosecutor can allow for much better plea deals.

Asking about trial experience is going to be very important if you are not willing to accept a plea deal. If you lose a trial, you are likely going to get a stiffer punishment than if you accepted the plea deal. This is something that your attorney will go over with you in detail. 

Take Steps To Show Improvement

You might have been arrested for drug possession or DWI. Going to substance abuse counseling can be a proactive way to help get the charges reduced or dropped. A judge is likely going to be far more lenient with a first-time offender and could offer a diversion program. When you are done with this program, you will get the charges dropped or reduced. Substance abuse wreaks havoc on society and some judges would rather that you get help rather than spend time sitting in a cell. 

Don’t Tell Your Employer Unless Required 

If your arrest does not impact your ability to do your job, telling your employer can be a risk. Most companies do not have rules about getting arrested and having to tell management in their employee handbook. The last thing you want to do is lose your job especially if you have been falsely accused. Your employer is not going to do a background check on you especially if you have been working there for years. If you are convicted or take a plea deal, you are going to want to be employed to pay fees. 

Being arrested can be a scary experience but it is not time to panic. Finding the right attorney can provide you peace of mind as they will help walk you through the process. Attorneys work with so many cases that they have seen one that is very similar to yours. Don’t admit to anything and only talk to law enforcement in the presence of your lawyer.