“Pirdie” is Teeing Off a New Era of Women’s Golf Apparel with Style and Inclusivity

In the game of golf where tradition often trumps innovation, a new company is changing the game for women’s apparel and speaking to an entirely new generation of players. The company, Pirdie, was launched in March 2023 by three dynamic co-founders – Jaimee Newcomer, Kelley Holderman, and Kendra Nash.  Since then, their clothing is taking the women’s golf, tennis and pickleball worlds by storm.

According to the founders, Pirdie is more than just a brand; it’s a movement aiming to reshape the landscape of women’s golf.

“Our diverse backgrounds bring a unique perspective to Pirdie,” shares Kelley, the pragmatic force behind the trio. Jaimee brings a deep understanding of consumer psychology and Kendra, a seasoned interior designer with a keen eye for fashion, completes the founding team. 

Their combined strengths have positioned Pirdie not only as a brand of choice but as a beacon for inclusivity and empowerment in a historically male-dominated sport.

Pirdie’s success lies in its vibrant, comfortable, and functional athletic apparel that seamlessly transitions from the golf course or tennis courts to casual social gatherings. “Our clothes are about feeling good and playing better,” explains Jaimee. “We want to challenge the norms while respecting the rich history of golf.”

Pirdie’s business model is a blend of B2C and B2B, focusing on tactile consumer experiences through pop-ups and trunk shows, alongside a growing e-commerce presence. “We believe in the power of community,” adds Kelley, underscoring the importance of Pirdie’s grassroots connections in expanding their brand. “Yes, we have free returns and exchanges to help mitigate the hesitancy of trying a new brand, but that will never be a substitute for getting out and showing the community our clothing in person.”

What sets Pirdie apart is not just their innovative designs and business acumen but their commitment to creating apparel that resonates with a broad range of women. “We design with every woman in mind, offering clothing that is as flattering as it is functional,” states Kelley. The average cost of their California-made apparel is $120, which strikes a balance between quality and affordability for many.

Pirdie’s innovation shines in the small details. Features such as secure yet unobtrusive pockets, adjustable waistbands, and moisture-wicking liners are carefully integrated into the designs. For pickleball enthusiasts, there are special features like reinforced areas that withstand the unique wear and tear of the sport. In golf apparel, Pirdie introduces sleek, subtle integrations like hidden tee pockets and glove-compatible designs.

Historically, women have faced numerous obstacles in sports, ranging from lack of access and representation to unsuitable apparel. For many women, finding sports apparel that is both functional and feminine has been a struggle. Pirdie’s focus on fashionable, yet athletic designs offer women the confidence to step onto the court or the course, knowing they are well-equipped both in performance and style. This empowerment plays a crucial role in encouraging more women to participate in the game.

The “Pirdie girl,” as the founders call their target customer, is a spirited blend of millennial and Gen X women who value active lifestyles, friendship, and a dash of rebellion against the conventional preppy aesthetics of golf.

“Our brand is designed to help grow the game of golf for women, and cultivating our Pirdie community is a huge part of that,” Jaimee emphasizes. “If our clothing plays a small role in drawing women to try golf for the first time and become what we have coined the ‘casual golfer,’ that is a win for the game as much as it is for our brand. On the flip side, we will always honor and support our female pros and have designed our clothing to marry their performance needs with their aesthetic wishes. Women’s golf is an insane force right now and we will always cheer for these athletes that have trailblazed for female golfers of all levels.”

Looking to the future, Pirdie is poised to maintain its momentum with several strategic moves on the horizon. There is palpable excitement about the upcoming launch of a new collection that will blend state-of-the-art material technology with sustainable practices and set a new benchmark for performance wear.

The company’s trajectory has been one of striking growth, underpinned by an ethos that extends beyond profit to encapsulate the spirit of sport and community. As the brand eyes the future, its plans are not merely a pledge for continued expansion but a continued commitment to redefining the ethos of women’s sports apparel.

While Pirdie is still a nascent brand, its future looks bright as it drives towards making women’s golf apparel synonymous with style, comfort, and inclusivity. As Jaimee puts it, “Golf is now for the girls, and Pirdie is here to dress them for every tee time and sporting occasion.”