Chef and Author, David Ruggerio Discusses His Best Recipe for a Horror Novel

Ruggerio is a well-known chef and New York restaurant owner. He mastered his
culinary skills in France at its leading restaurants. At the age of twenty
five, David rose to fame. He received raved reviews as he worked as a chef at
the legendary New York eatery, La Caravels. In 1995, he was recognized as one of
the thirteen best young chefs in America.

Ruggerio is also the author of two cook books. His third book, A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters
will be releasing soon. He gives us the best recipe for the makings of a horror
novel and more.

David Ruggerio

What made you want to become a horror

Though I did
not attend college, and my education was limited, throughout my life, I sought
refuge from a horrific childhood through reading. In the worst of times, I
escaped my surroundings by leaping into the story I was reading at the time.
Now, that I’m no longer working behind the stove, I returned to books, but this
time, I became the storyteller instead of the reader. I don’t consider myself a
true writer, instead, I’m a storyteller in its truest sense.

Did being a famous chef influence
your writing?

My fame as a
chef took me on a tour of the world. I saw cultures, people and food that I
never knew existed. I learned things that later had a great influence on my
storytelling. In addition, hosting a television show hones your ability as a
storyteller, these were great advantages for me when I decided to trade in my
knife for a pen.

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What is the best recipe for a horror
novel? What are some of the twists and turns, scary things, or elements that
you added to yours?

I wish I had
a secret recipe, but my books begin with either a real place, an actual event,
or a nonfictional person. Though fiction, I think using these realities adds a
special flavor to my books.

When I
decided to pick up the pen, I first read Stephen King’s book on writing. I
adopted his formula, I began my first book and allowed the characters within to
take me on a journey. I never planned or anticipated any twist or turn within
it, and because of that, I have great joy writing about them when they occur!

What is your favorite part of this
time of year?

Without a
doubt, autumn. With the change of the leaves, the chill in the air, this season
reminds me of a saying—“Ghost and Goblins come out to play in October’s final

Where did you come up with the idea
to write A Wistful Tale? What
inspired you?

I am a true
horror aficionado and living in New York, one of my favorite places to visit is
Sleepy Hollow. I adored Washington Irvings’ novel and it inspired me. On a trip
upstate, I found the village of Brunswick, and I came upon the towns’ abandoned
cemetery that some say is the most haunted place in America. It didn’t take
much more after that!

What books are you reading this

grandmother left me an original copy of Dracula from 1897. I’m going to enjoy
Bram Stocker’s words in its most wonderful original text!

Stay tuned
for the release of David Ruggerio’s award-winning horror novel—A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters.
It is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Target, and Barnes and Noble, and
will be released on October 31, 2019. You can find and read more about David on
his website.