Luxury Consignment is the Next Christmas Trend with The RealReal

Are you putting off your holiday shopping until the last minute? If so, you’re not alone.

Nearly 53
% of people
end up putting off shopping for gifts until the last minute.
Not enough time and not enough money are two of the biggest reasons cited for
gift procrastination, and a lot of this has to do with the mindset of holiday

Buying used items was once taboo, but lately has come into vogue. “It’s the thought that counts” has caught on in many different areas of life, including in the items we purchase. This year, you don’t have to put off your shopping due to money constraints. High-end consignment and resale companies like The RealReal are making it easier than ever to purchase unique items in ways that are convenient for the customer. Here are six reasons to consider secondhand shopping for your presents this holiday.

Reason 1: It saves you money.

Think about all the times you’ve spent money on things your
loved ones don’t need — like candles, physical copies of movies, or gag gifts.
of consumers
have admitted to overspending during the holiday season, which
has put a lot of pressure on the national debt average. The pressure to buy
things new has hindered people’s gift-giving in the past, but it doesn’t need
to anymore. Now that you don’t have to worry about putting yourself into debt
buying your loved ones presents, you can focus on buying your loved ones the
things they want or need.

Make a budget and stick to it, then do your shopping. You’ll
find that the more you shop secondhand, the more you can find and the happier
you can make people.

Reason 2: It’s better for the environment.

One of the motivations behind luxury resale companies like The RealReal is to slow down fast fashion’s impact on the environment. In the United States alone, as much as 21 billion pounds of fabric makes up landfills. Unfortunately, fast fashion isn’t slowing down even as landfills are piling up. If consumers were to continue using clothes at the rate they have been and letting them end up in landfills, we would have to further exploit natural areas for landfill space.

Additionally, fast fashion is one of the top contributors to
carbon emissions in the world. Luxury clothing and accessory consignment,
instead, aims to make the sale of apparel cyclical — meaning nothing is

For the RealReal, the process looks like this: consumers
send their item to The RealReal for evaluation, the piece is then
authenticated, marketed, and sold to someone secondhand. The whole process is
multifaceted in its benefits. It prohibits landfills from becoming overrun with
usable fabric, it slows the demand for raw resources related to clothing and
accessory production, and it slows carbon emissions globally. The person who
once owned the item, as well as the platform the used garment is marketed on,
all make a profit. Finally, the new customer receives a quality item at far
less of a cost than it usually would cost.

Reason 3: It helps you focus on what your loved ones want.

Let’s face it — we’ve all been in the situation before
where we’ve been so focused on getting something for our loved ones that we
have lost sight of what they wanted. In other words, we’ve impulse-bought items
in the past. 80%
of Millennial-aged shoppers
admitted to impulse buying this year, and the
pressure to impulse buy during the holidays is even higher. Instead, focus on
making lists (or gathering lists) of things your loved ones want. Then,
incorporate secondhand shops like The RealReal into your shopping routine to
get the most out of your shopping.

Reason 4: Luxury consignment lets you get higher-quality items for your loved ones.

Another symptom of impulse purchases is that you might end
up getting something for lower-quality to save a little money. Knockoff and
department store brands might have cheaper deals on new items, but that does
not mean those products will last. Purchasing luxury items at lower costs, even
pieces that are used, means you are gifting your loved ones quality gifts while
still being able to save a little bit of money.

Reason 5: It is convenient.

If you live in a city, chances are you live near a consignment or thrift store. After all, there are over 25,000 secondhand stores in the United States alone. If you don’t live in or near a city, however, online consignment brands like The RealReal make it easy for consumers to purchase and receive their items quickly. You can even do your shopping while you’re on a break at work — so you have a little more time to yourself during the holidays.

Reason 6: The items you purchase will almost always be unique or hard-to-find.

One of the biggest fears that we face when it comes to
buying presents for our loved ones is the fear that we’ll purchase them
something they already have. Most people have received something that they
already own as a present, and even more, have received duplicates of the same
item. Purchasing an item from a secondhand retailer, like The RealReal, means
that you will likely not be giving the same present to a loved one that someone
else is. High-end fashion items usually are released on a limited basis,
meaning they are harder to find in the first place. If you find a vintage item,
these are not only valuable but useful and unique. Likely, if you’re buying an
object used, the gift recipient will not only like it but will be receiving an
item unlike anything else on their list.

Buying used is not only trendy and fashionable — it makes sense. Now more than ever, there are quality secondhand stores available worldwide that are more than willing and able to bring their customers authentic luxury goods, as well as other secondhand deals that are sure to be a hit this holiday.

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