7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

If you’re trying to shore up your budget, it’s a good idea to reevaluate every line item. While things like groceries are, of course, necessary, there are always ways that you can reduce the amount you spend at the store. Such as changing behaviours at home, replacing high-consumption devices, and stick to suitable electricity providers. For instance, just by searching for Texas energy rates, you will find better plans, and this way, cut your bills by the end of the month dramatically. The same is true for utilities like gas and electricity. Read on if you’re looking for some simple ways to save on energy bills.

Buy energy-efficient light bulbs.

One of the most common components of any list of suggestions for how to save on your electric bill is to buy better lightbulbs. Using LED or energy-efficient light bulbs is a surefire way to reduce the amount of energy your bulbs consume each day. Best of all, some LED lightbulbs are designed to last for years, making it easier to save by decreasing the number of times you wind up buying bulbs.

Turn off your lights.

Another easy way to reduce your energy consumption is to turn off the lights when you don’t need them on. If you’ve just left a room, such as a bathroom or your kitchen, make sure to flip the lights off when you leave. You may also want to orient different aspects of your home around windows so that you can make the most of natural light.

Get better windows.

Heating and cooling during the summer and winter are huge culprits when it comes to energy spikes. If you feel like you’re constantly turning the air up in the summer or the heat up in the winter, it may be worth investing in new windows. If your windows are certified energy-efficient and create a better seal, your home will be better insulated, saving you money.

Keep an eye on your thermostat.

Going along with the previous suggestion, it’s a good idea to stay conscious of the temperature you keep your home at. Even adjusting the thermostat down a degree or two in the winter and putting on a pair of socks or a sweater can be effective when it comes to reducing how much money your energy plan charges you. Installing a smart thermostat is another way to help reduce your energy consumption without having to think twice about it.

Use a microwave when possible.

Do you own a microwave? Did you know that if you do, meals that can be prepared in the microwave instead of in an electric oven or stovetop can help you save money, too? Microwaves use a lot less electricity than other, bigger appliances, so when it comes to heating up that soup, maybe you should use the microwave instead of an electric burner.

Insulate your home.

Insulating your home goes beyond getting better windows. Having the proper kinds of insulation in your attic and walls can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a better deal. Especially if you have a higher rate due in the hot summer months and cold winters, it can be a great idea to have your insulation checked. If there are any leaks, or the material is subpar, it may be contributing to the need for your HVAC to work overtime.

Find a new energy provider.

Sometimes, even with the above tips and tricks in mind, you may find that your monthly bill is still a little high. If you’ve determined that your usage level is under control, looking into other energy companies could be the secret to finding a lower rate. Even with an early termination fee, it may be worth switching providers if it means you’ll be saving money by getting the cheapest electricity in any given month. Find cheap electricity plans with iSelect and start comparing your options to see if a new provider could help you save money by changing your rate plan.