5 Reasons to Charter a Superyacht for your Next Holiday

We’ve all dreamt
of lounging on the sun deck on a glamorous superyacht, sipping on our favourite
cocktail, and as soon as our lottery numbers come up, that’s one of the first
things we will arrange. Yet when you get together with some of your friends and
share the cost, chartering a superyacht suddenly becomes very affordable. Here
are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a superyacht as your next
holiday experience.

  1. Five
    Star Luxury
    – It doesn’t
    get any better than a luxury superyacht; built for the millionaire lifestyle,
    and with vessels that can accommodate from 10 to 40 people in opulent luxury,
    you will find a superyacht that is ideal for your group. A professional crew
    take care of everything, leaving you to party and enjoy the breath-taking
    scenery on one of the many decks, or chill out in the hot tub in the evenings,
    with champagne on ice. This is luxury at its best, with a professional crew to
    ensure you have everything you need, and with some great water sports toys,
    you’ll have lots of opportunities to play!
  2. Tailored
    – You might, for
    example, fancy exploring the tranquil Andaman Sea, and with affordable yacht charter in Phuket that allows you to make the decisions
    regarding destinations and timelines, you are the boss. There are lots of
    interesting ports in this region, and the skipper knows the waters like the
    back of his hand and can make some recommendations. The Malaysian coast is really
    something, with miles and miles of pristine beaches and with your own yacht,
    you can stop when you wish.
  3. Affordable – As an example, let’s take 7 couples,
    each with their own private cabin and calculate the cost of a 2-3 week package
    in a 5-star resort, which would cost more per person than an all-inclusive
    superyacht charter. Superyacht charter is within everyone’s reach, and with
    vessels that can accommodate 30+ people, large groups are not an issue.
  4. A
    Moving Holiday
    – When you
    charter a yacht, you decide where you go, and as you glide through tropical
    waters, your backdrop is constantly changing. There’s something exciting about
    exploring unknown waters, especially in the experienced hands of the captain,
    who can make a few recommendations for great spots to drop anchor.
  5. Family
    & Friends
    – There’s no
    better way to holiday with those you love than being together on a superyacht,
    and with 5-star luxury and a few toys to keep you amused, you can enjoy each
    other’s company in style.

If you have a
large social circle, start talking to your friends about next year’s holiday
and you can all sit down and explore the potential of an all-inclusive
superyacht charter. Google will take you to the website of an established yacht
charter company where you can browse the vessels that can accommodate between
10-40 people, with every cabin having full en-suite facilities.